This is the 97th Hunger Games! The rebellion has lost, and the hunger games continue! Please create a tribute using the template provided. Once we have twenty four, I will start the games by describing the chariot rides by what you want your costume to be, then giving each tribute their training scores by what you tell me you show the judges, and finally the interviews. Comment with your tribute information! Also, I've changed the rules to allow each profile to add four tributes, so if you have already posted some tributes, you can add more!


  1. Up to Four tributes per profile
  2. No spamming
  3. Us the given templates



Age(at least 12, at the most 18):



Appearance: (lunaii, if you dont add one I will create it for you)


Reaped or volunteered:

Perferred Weapon



Reaction when reaped/volunteered:

Private training(optional but you could get higher score):

If more information is needed later, I will ask.

Tribute Photos





Gender Name Age
District 1 Female Jasmine Faten 18
District 1 Male

Jefferson Golderness

District 2 Female Tristian Ryce 16
District 2 Male Titan Sirus 16
District 3 Female Aquamarina Tide 14
District 3 Male

Trenton Powers

District 4 Female Opaline Cascade 18
District 4 Male

Flick Rivers

District 5 Female Linden Trombash 16
District 5 Male Ryin Fizi 17
District 6 Female Lillian Gardes 15
District 6 Male Jack Gardes 15
District 7 Female Luna Catherous 14
District 7 Male Pappy Tress 17
District 8 Female Jenifer Bolt 16
District 8 Male Nero Pows 14
District 9 Female Claire "Pussum" Clove 15
District 9 Male Josh Wirrer 16
District 10 Female  Electria Bolts 13
District 10 Male Airiest Trainsin 14
District 11 Female Felicity Validus 16
District 11 Male Smile Bloodtooth 14
District 12 Female Candela Calor 17
District 12 Male

Coaltin Miners


Tribute Sponsoring

Tribute Attention from Chariots (1-10) Training Score (1-12)

Interview Attention (1-10)

Odds of Winning  Percent of Fans Cheering for them 

Sponser Money 

Jasmine Faten 3 7 3 - - -
Jefferson Golderness 6 9 6 - - -
Tristian Ryce 6 10 4 12-1 10.87% 900$
Titan Sirus 7 9 7 12-1 11.41% 900$
Aquamarina Tide 8 10 4 - - -

Trenton Powers

7 6 7 - - -
Opaline Cascade 4 8 8 12-1 10.87% 850$
Flick Rivers  7 11 6 8-1 13.04% 850$
Linden Trombash 9 10 7 10-1 14.13% 55$
Ryin Fizi 9 8 7 - - -
Lillian Gardes 3 4 3 - - -
Jack Gardes 3 5 3 - - -
Luna Catherous 3 6 3 - - -
Pappy Tress 5 8 3 - - -
Jenifer Bolt 3 7 3 22-1 7.07% 800$
Nero Pows 6 6 3 - - -
Claire "Pussum" Clove 3 8 3 20-1 7.61% 285$
Josh Wirrer 3 8 3 - - -
Electria Bolts 7 4 3 28-1 7.61% 425$
 Airiest Trainsin 7 5 3 26-1 8.51% 800$
Felicity Validus 7 8 5 - - -
 Smile Bloodtooth 4 11 9 - - -
Candela Calor 6 5 6 26-1 9.24% 800$

Coaltin Miners

6 5 7 - - -
  • Each Kill adds 50$ more sponser money*

Sponser Equipment:


Bread (x1)- 50$

Soup (x1)- 90$ (Get to keep the bowl)

Water (x1)- 100$ (Get to keep the canteen)

Canteen- 70$

Bowl- 30$

Apples (x2)- 100$

Bacon Strips (x3)- 150$

Steak (x5)- 300$

Pretzles (x1)- 65$ (Get to keep the bag they come in)

Chicken (x4)- 270$

Fruit Basket (x4)- 280$ (Get to keep basket)

Feast- (xunlimited)- 900$

  • The (x...) means how many days each package of food will last.*


Short Sword- 275$ 

Great Sword- 350$

Scythe- 250$

Throwing Knives (x4)- 225$ 

Dagger- 100$

Bow and Arrows (X12)- 375$

Two- handed Axe- 300$

One- handed Axe- 250$

Throwing Axes (X4)- 285$

Blowgun and Darts (X12)- 175$

Slingshot- 85$

Trident (X2)- 300$

Net- 90$

Whip- 100$

Swiss Army Knife (Knife, Scissors, Bottle Opener, Can Opener)- 200$

Rocks (X5)- 50$

Spear- 200$

Sickle Sword- 230$

Wire- 150$

Mace- 300$

Switchblade- 90$


Roll of Bandages (Prevents Bleeding Out)- 300$

Instant Heal (Automatically heals any wound)- 500$

Allergy Medication (Prevents from allergic reaction)- 300$

Frosbite Medication (Prevents from freezing to death)- 350$ 

Med Kit (Contains one of every medication)- 900$


Camoflauge Jacket- 375$

Camoflauge Mask- 365$

Camoflauge Boots- 350$

Camoflauge Pants- 365$

Temperature-changing Jacket- 550$

Temperature-changing Mask- 540$

Temperature-changing Boots- 525$

Temperature-changing Pants- 540$

Snow Jacket- 250$

Snow Boots- 225$

Snow Pants- 240$

Snow Mask- 240$

Armor Chestplate- 485$

Armor Boots- 460$

Armor Legs- 475$

Armor Helmet- 475$


Night-vision Goggles- 400$

Matches- 150$

Blanket- 125$

Sleeping Bag- 250$ 

Sunglasses- 150$

Rope- 200$

Backpack- 175$

Bucket- 85$

Plastic Wrap- 30$ 

Set of Camoflauge Paint- 185$

  • If your tribute is at the cornucopia, they have all of this equipment, except for feast, and med kit. If they leave, they can only take some stuff with them because they can't carry everything. If you are there, write what you want to take with you and use for later.*

Chariot Rides

Now that all of the tributes have been posted, we can start the games! First we will start with the chariot rides. Everyone by wednesday post what you want each tribute to wear. Looking beautiful, crazy, or intimidating can increase your attention. TRY TO BE REMEMBERED. If your outfit is not posted by wednesday, your tribute will get an automatic 3 in chariot attention. If everyone posts their outfits earlier, I can write the rides before wednesday, so post soon!

Venice Freemerce and Quantus Winterson smile to the citizens of panem as the anthem plays over the loudspeaker. Every one whose anyone in the capitol is sitting in the grandstands next to the street where the tributes will soon ride down adorned in their extravagant outfits. "Hello people of panem!" says Venice to the camera. "Are you ready to truely see your tributes of the 97th hunger games?"

"I know I sure am Venice, but it'll be hard to beat last year's competition. That live snake really took our breath away!" says Quantus.

"Right you are Quantus! Oh look, President Snow has been wheeled in," (he is in a wheelchair now with an oxygen tank) "and is ready to see the tributes! Alright here comes district one!" The tributes in their different costumes are riden onto the street. "Wow look at those diamonds on Jefferson! Those are beautiful. What an elegant look this year."

"Yes very true Venice. Oh wow here comes the tributes from district two! Tristan is looking amazing in her Greek godess outfit! The gold accents are beautiful and those twigs I would think would make her look a mess, but it actually looks nice."

"Yes but you can't ignore Titan! Look at that stone cold look on his face, I'd be scared to be in the arena with him. And that knife he's carrying... scary! Ahhhh, District 3 is coming!"

"Aquamarina, amazing! They've seemed to glue phones all over her body! Incredible, I've never seen anything like it. Truely unique, props to her stylist. Haha, and look at Trenton. His headress is great. And the lightining bolts on his tux truely look real! The district 3 pair really pulled it off this year!"

"I agree Quantus very much so, and I think the crowd does too. Oh here comes district 4. Well Opaline looks beautiful but... If I'm not mistaken, somewhat plain. I do like her shawl though, the waves are so intricate and lovely. What are your thoughts Quantus?"

"Well it's certainly not what were used to in the capitol. But Flick definitly looks like a true district 4er. He reminds me of a tropical beach with that fun headress he's wearing, and those animals on his suit! Awesome."

"I agree, District 5 is right behind them! Well there just wearing plain black outfits... oh my lord!" Linden and Ryin are struck by a large flash of lightning. "Oh god, are they ok? Oh wait! That was planned Quantus. Don't worry. But wow! Look at them now! Linden has brilliant blue circuits all around her! And she's glowing. Wow, incredible. And Ryin. His suit is now completely gold. And he looks absolutely amazing!"

"And let's see if district 7 can top them. Pappy looks classic. His brown suit and headress really bring out his district's spirit. And that axe, I hope it's fake after his past!"

"District 8 is on there way. Nero looks fun! Look at those different patches all over! And in his hair too if I'm correct. I love it! Fun, fun, fun!

" And District 10 is right behind them! Livestock district, and they are really representing it! I like the matching! A dog collar, a horse tail, and black spots for cows! And look at those knifes, dangerous and fun! Woah, look at their horse Venice, It's on fire!"

"I can see that Quantus, but it looks amazing! It really adds to their danger factor. District 11 just rode in! Felicity's dress is made out of... leaves... I think. That's pretty awesome! Those fruits hanging from her too. The colors are amazing, it reminds me of fall!"

"Me too Venice, my favorite season! And her partner Smile. Well he looks a lot different from when we saw him at the reapings. His wings are hidden today. That was probably a good call, but his outfit is pretty generic for District 11. He looks like just a plain ol' farmer. And finally district 12 is here!"

" Definitly last but not least. Look at the Candela! She is covered in onyx, and gold! She looks amazing, even though I don't see any make up on her, which I guess isn't everything... Her gloves are so elegant, it was a good choice by the stylist!"

"Yes I agree, Oh and Coaltin too. At first I thought he was wearing all black, but look closely Venice, he has pieces of coal all over him! An interesting choice. And that fire on his head really exentuates his black body, and I believe it really reflects the district!"

"Quantus you are very right! Well that has been all the tributes! It really was amazing! There were some great outfits this year, and I think it topped last year do you agree Quantus?"

"Oh yes yes yes, definitly."

"Alright well we will see you next during the announcments of the training scores! Good night citizens of panem!"

Training Scores 

Make sure your tribute private sessions with the gamemakers are posted by tonight. I will post the training schools later tonight. If you don't post one I will give you a score based only on your backround (which probably won;t be very good). 

They've been posted!


Since the training scores have been posted, its time for the interviews! I'm going to post two questions that you need to answer for your tribute. You can answer only one but that will give you a lower score. If you do not post an answer by saturday, you will be given an automatic 3 in your attention from interviews. You want your answer to be original to your tribute, and to again get attention! After the interviews come the games so post soon!

Question 1: How did you feel when you were reaped (or volunteered) for the games? Were you nervous? Excited? Scared? 

Question 2: Why do you think sponsers should give money to you? Are they going to get their moneys worth if they send you a care package? 

They've been posted and so have the odds and percents! (The odds don't completely add up, but they represent tribute's strength).


  • Where the cornucopia is located.
  • One of the many places located throughout the arena.
  • What the landscape of the arena looks like
  • A map of the arena

All tributes are wearing almost the same outfits they wore in the 74th Hunger Games (Movie). They are wearing a nylon jacket, and a t-shirt that is the same color, khaki cargo pants, and boots. The district colors are D1- Cream White, D2- Rust Red, D3- Mustard Yellow, D4- Resolution Blue, D5- Dark Red, D6- Army Green, D7- Hunter Green,  D8- Goldenrod Yellow, D9- Russet Brown, D10- Foie Gras Grey, D11- Chocolate Brown, D12- Coal Black.

Bloodbath (Day 1)

Aquamarina Tide- District 3

I rise on my platform, literally shaking. The moment has finally come, the moment I have been dreading. I hope my real parents are watching and are proud of me. As my head rises out of the ground, I realize I am almost 150 feet in the air! I look around and after a couple of seconds, I realize were standing on top of an ancient temple. There are stairs leading down the four sides of the it. Many tributes look scared, but a few look determined. I turn and look at the gleaming cornucopia. 

60... 59... 58...  57...

Ryin Fizi- District 5

I can do this, I can do this. I look at the cornucopia and try to find a cleaver I can grab before I get out of here. There is a pack of thick knives that remind me of my cleavers from the butcher. I should just get out of here but, I won't survive without them! What do I do? I look over about six spaces away and see my district partner Linden. I try to flag her down but she doesn't see me. I wanted to ally with her, but I guess I'm on my own.

45... 44... 43... 42...

Nero Pows- District 8

I look around for Pappy, but I can't see him anywhere. He must be behind the cornucopia. Darn it! We can't plan make a plan, like how we wanted too. I guess I'll run around the cornucopia to him, dodging the other tributes, until I find him. Then, we go in grab what we can, and sprint down those stairs. If worse comes to worse, we can get out of here with nothing and steal some weapons from tributes later and kill em'.

31... 30... 29... 28...

Coaltin Miners- District 12

Oh no! I have to make a plan! What did my dad do? He ran right into the cornucopia and killed a ton of people! I can't do that! I guess I'll just leave... But then I won't have any supplies. I guess I can grab that sack of oranges right in front of me, but the girl from district two is eyeing them down, and she looks tough... What do I do? What do I do? I eventually breakdown, and cry. 

15... 14... 13... 12...

Opaline Cascade- District 4

Ha! Look at that loser over there crying! What an idiot! He'll die right away. There's Titan, there's Jefferson, there's Tristian, and there's Flick. Alright were all pretty close to each other. It'll be easy to take this place over. And this location will be a good place to camp! The best part is there is a river right below us, so I can go swimming everyday! Perfect, this will be easy.

4... 3... 2... 1...


Linden Trombash- District 5

I sprint off my platform to a nearby backpack just before the boy from district three grabs it. I smile at him as I run a little further and grab a knife. I turn to get out of the cornucopia but I see the boy from district 2 right in front of me swinging a mace at my face. I dive to the ground and slide through his legs. He seems very confused, which gives me time to get away from him. I run to the steep stairs and get away from the cornucopia but not before seeing the boy from district 3 get smacked in the face by the district two boy's mace. BOOM!

Electria Bolts- District 10

Where is Airiest?!?! I already grabbed a wire and my knife, but just barely. I'm anxiously waiting for him at the edge of the temple, but I can't see him anywhere! BOOM! Airiest? No that was only the girl from seven getting stabbed by the girl from two. BOOM! Was that him? No only the boy from nine getting kirb stomped by the boy from four. "Airiest!" I cry. No response. Uh-oh the careers have seen me. The blue girl is coming at me! Sorry Airiest if your still alive I have to run! I turn and nearly trip down the stairs, but I get far enough away so the girl turned back.

Airiest Trainsin- District 10

I run out of the mouth of the cornucopia, with two spears in my hands. I look around to find Electria, but she is no where to be seen. "Airiest!" I hear. That's Electria. I start to run towards her voice, but am stopped when a hand punches me. I fall to the ground, writhing in pain and dropping my spears. Blood squirts out of my nose like a fountain. I look up and see the boy from two eyeing me up and down like a piece of meat. He raises his mace, and starts to swing down, but I roll out of the way just in time and he misses. I get up on my feet and run to the edge of the cornucopia. I look for Electria one last time, but keeping running, when I see the boy chasing after me. I run down the steps and the boy turns around. I'm not going back there. I can't with the condition I'm in. I think he broke my nose. I don't have any equipment though. The best I can hope for is that I'll find Electria and she'll have something to help me.

Pappy TressDistrict 7

Nero! I found him! Finally! I shout his name but he doesn't hear, he is fighting over a bag with the girl from eight, but the bat thing hears me, I think he's from eleven. He flys at me with his axe, but I duck right as he swings at me. I run for Nero, screaming for help but am tripped by some rope lying on the ground. My foot is tangled! I try to get out but the bat catches me first. He grabs me by the throat and lifts me up. The last thing I see is the inside of his mouth, and my own blood filling it. BOOM!

Nero Pows- District 8

I need this backpack if Pappy and I are going to get out of here. Jenifer just won't give up! I am just about to pull the bag out of her clutches when I hear a cry. "Nero! Help!"I turn my head to see Smile pick up Pappy and rip his head off, slowly chewing it. It was disgusting. But my disgust was clouded by my pain. Jenifer has taken the bag from my while I wasn't paying attention, and has smacked me in the face with it. I turn and see her run away with it, down the steps of the cornucopia. I realize I have lost all chance of winning, my ally is dead and my supplies are gone. This infuriates me. I look over and see the dead boy from district nine clutching a knife. I grab it from his bloody hands and scream in anger. I charge at the boy and girl from disctrict 6 who are holding hands, running from the cornucopia with nothing in their hands. I knock him to the ground and stab his stomach and heart about three times. BOOM! The girl screams and starts to run away to the stairs, but I grab her leg and drag her back, performing the same act I did to her brother. BOOM!

Coaltin Miners- District 12

I'm still sitting on my platform deciding what to do. I see that the bag of apples was not taken, and was kicked even closer to me. I crawl off of my platfrom, slowly going towards the bag. I grab the apples, and start to get up to run away, but I'm kicked back down by someone. I turn over and see that it is the boy from district one... a career. He smirks and looks over at his short sword he is carrying. I realize I am going to be killed, and I start to cry again as he brings his sword down on my head. BOOM!

Tristian Ryce- District 2

"Nice one Jeffy!" I shout as he kills the idiot from district 12.

"Don't call me that!" He shouts back jokingly. I look around the cornucopia to see the tributes that are still here. The girl from district one grabbed a bow and a pack of arrows. She tried to join us careers, but we didn't allow it. Opaline said she didn't have potential. Speaking of Oplaine, she bugs me so much. She's so arrogant, and wierd. All she talks about is water... But she is good at killing, so I won't kill her... yet. But the girl turns and runs to the stairs leading away from the cornucopia. I don't allow it. I take one of my throwing knives from my belt, and chuck it at her. It enters her back as she reaches the top of the stairs, and she topples down them. Ten seconds later, I hear BOOM! Yes! Kill number two for me.

Titan Sirus- District 2

Almost all of the tributes that aren't are allies are gone, except for a few tributes. I see the girl from district eleven with a knife. I can take her easily. I sprint to her, but she sees me and runs away from the cornucopia. I stop chasing her and turn back to the fight. I look back and see two more girls, from 3 and 9 I think, run off together. They get away from me just like the other girl. They're all getting away from me! I turn back and see the bat thing flying around everywhere with blood dripping from his mouth, and the boy from eight stabbing a girl on the ground. I'm not going to touch the bat, so I creep up behind the boy from eight. He doesn't notice I'm there because he is so entranced by his violence. I take my mace and smack him across the head, killing his instantly. BOOM!

Flick Rivers- District 4

"Someone kill that thing!" I shout pointing at the boy from 11. As I say this, he turns and looks at me. "Fine I'll do it myself!" I take one of my trident's and prepare to throw it at him. He screeches and flys away, carrying nothing. "I think there all gone!" I shout as he leaves. 

"Yeah that's everyone..." Titan says. Suddenly, the boy from five scampers out of the cornucopia, carrying a backpack and a pack of knives. None of us react fast enough and he gets away. Titan, Tristian, Opaline, Jefferson, and I take stock of the goods left in the cornucopia. We have enough food and water in here to last us for years, and every weapon you could think of. We all grab a weapon of our choice, and make a fire. We are having a feast, full of beans, pork, soup, and bread, when we hear a footstep. We grab our weapons and prepare to fight.

Jenifer Bolt- District 8

"Wait! Don't hurt me! I'm only here to help." I tell them in a calm voice.  "Who are you" One of them shout back at me.

"I'm Jenifer Bolt. I'm from District eight. I came here because I think I can help you guys." I say. The blue girl stands up.

"What can you do for us?" She says suspiciously.

"Back in my district, my dad was an electrician. He tought me how to use wires and electrical currents very well. I could create a barrier around the top of this temple thing, and anyone that would walk on it would get electrocuted to death! Please. You can't stay up here without protection! You'll get attacked by mutts and tributes all the time!"

"She's got a point" The boy from four says. "I like her! Shes got spunk to come up here by herself with no weapons."

"Hold on," The girl from district 4 says. "What if she's lying? Hey girl, show us you actually have skill with that wire." She tosses my a coil of coppe wire. Perfect. In about a minute I've set up a small ring of the stuff. 

"Look I'm going to throw this rock at it. Watch what happens." I toss a rock throw the ring, and it bursts in a shock of brilliant blue, turning to dust.

"Wow!" The district four girl says. "That was pretty good. Alright, you have no reason to be lying to us, and besides you couldn't take on all of us. Haha!" All the careers laugh. "You can stay with us."

"Yes! Thanks! Trust me you won't be dissapointed!" I yell to them. They all smile, and I sit down to join them in their dinner. Suddenly, we hear the Capitol anthem blare. "Oh here are the dead tributes." I say. We all lean back and look up at the sky. 

  • Jasmine Faten District 1
  • Trenton Powers District 3
  • Lillian Gardes District 6
  • Jack Gardes District 6
  • Luna Catherous District 7
  • Pappy Tress District 7
  • Nero Pows District 8
  • Josh Wirrer District 9
  • Coaltin Miners District 12

"What happened to the girl from district 12? I thought she died." Flick asks.

"She was picking up a bag," Tristian says. "and I threw my knife at her but she dodged it and ran off. She's such a brat I'll kill her though, trust me."

"Alright... Whatever you say..." Flick says.

End of Day 1

Day 2

Candela Calor- District 12

I can't believe I made it out of the cornucopia with actual supplies! I've got food and water to last me for a couple days, and not to mention my switchblade. After the bloodbath I decided to go straight to the single mountain. It was the perfect place for me to hide, considering I've lived in mountains for three years. I really hope no one else is up here or is hunting me, cause I don't know if I could take them. Tristian almost murdered me yesterday, and I can't believe I escaped her! Maybe sponsers will think of me as a stronger person now, and I could get a bow or something. I spent all night and most of the morning hiking to the top of this huge mountain. It's way bigger than any mountain I've seen, and I'm from district 12 so thats saying something! I'm incredibly tired and cold when I reach a nice spot to camp for the day, so I set down my bag in a sunny spot and rest my head upon it. I immediatly fall into a deep sleep.

Smile Bloodtooth- District 11

I spent all night flying around the woods hunting for food, aka tributes, but I haven't found one yet! Theses kids are smarter than I thought. At least I have Pappy's head to sustain me for a little while. At around six in the morning, I had to give up my search for tributes because an incredible thirst came over me. I can't live on only blood you know! I desperatly run through the woods hoping for any sign of water, but there is none to be seen. I eventually fall to the ground weak from thirst. I turn over and peer at the sky, telling myself that this could be the end. I barely even got to kill anyone! My eyes start to close when I see something cover the sun. I get confused but my spirits are lifted when I realize it's a parachute! Yes! I hop up despite my thirst, and yank the parachute out of the sky as it's falling. I rip the top off, and peer inside! Oh wow! It's everything I need! A one-handed axe, a canteen full of water, and a loaf of bread! I start to chuckle to myself, and I whisper out "Guess whose back in the games..."

Ryin Fizi- District 5

I awake suddenly from my hiding place atop the tallest tree I could find. Darn it! I told myself I wouldn't sleep tonight. And to make it worse, the sun has already risen, and it looks like its about nine in the morning! Well, at least I'm safe and no one has found me. Also, I have a ton of supplies from yesterday. I'm actually so proud of myself for my bloodbath strategy. Hiding in the cornucopia! I'm a classic Foxface! I should probably keep moving before any tributes come my way. I carefully climb down the tree, and yank out one of my cleavers from my bag the moment I hit the ground. I decide I should leave the woods because there are probably the most dangerous mutts in here and should find a place with more water. I start off with a jog away from the sun, because I know it's the morning so the sun is generally on the east side, and I want to go west, towards the center of the arena. It's a very uneventful jog for about a mile, and then I arrive at the end of the woods. This lifts my spirits and I break out into a sprint. I'm about to step out of the dark forest, when I'm knocked to the ground. Ouch! My chest! I look up and I see what I've been dreading. It's Smile from district 11. I see him grin, as he looks me up and down, blood staining his teeth. In his hand he's holding an axe. Oh no. I take my cleaver in my right hand and slash at his legs, but he sees this coming and flys into the air kicking it out of my grasp. He turns around in midair and dives down at me, axe first. I roll out of the way, but not before he cuts my right shoulder. I screech in pain. Smile is trying to pull his axe out of the ground, so I take out a cleaver, and slash at one of his wings. He tries to move, but it grazes my target. Blood starts to flow out of his wound, and the top of his wing completely falls off. He yanks his axe out of the ground and runs of into the woods, screeching in pain. I doubt he'll be able to fly now! I start to chuckle to myself, but then I remember the pain in my shoulder. I run out of the woods, clutching my shoulder. I see in the distance a structure, about a mile away. The perfect place to recover, but I just hope no other tributes are there.

Linden Trombash- District 5

After the bloodbath yesterday, I ran as far away from the cornucopia as possible. I jogged for about two hours non-stop, eventually to find a temple in the middle of no where. I decided to camp there for the day. I've been here since the bloodbath and I've had no action yet, which is great. If the games go on like this, I'll be golden. Now, I wake up at about nine in the morning. It looks like no one else has uncovered my hiding place yet. I splash some water on my face to wake me up, and run around inside. While I'm running I hear a little jingle in the sky. I look up and see a silver package floating down from the sky. Awesome! Some people out there believe I can win! I grab it and rip the top off looking through the inside. I find a bag full of chicken that should last me for about four days, and a beautiful bow with twelve arrows. Wow! This is just what i needed. I continue to jog along the inner wall of the temple. I look to my right as I run and stop in my tracks. I see an altar with a small golden idol sitting on top of it. I don't think I'm suposed to touch it, but it looks so tempting. I sit staring at it for I don't know how long, but I eventually decide I gotta take it, it's so beautiful. I get up and slowly walk closer to it. I'm about to snatch it up when I hear the sounds of movement at the entrance of the temple. I hide behind a nearby wall and peer over at the intruder. Is it a mutt, or a tribute? I look over and I'm very surprised! It's Ryin! He looks hurt. I could probably shoot him right now, and bring me closer to victory, but I think he could actually help me out with fighting, and I'm too close to him to kill him without a thought. I jump out from behind the wall and shout "Ryin!" He turns and smiles as he looks back. "Linden!"  I run to him and we hug. We became very close during the training. "I'm so glad your here." He tells me.

"Your hurt. What happened."

"Oh it was Smile..."

"Smile... Oh no, I hate that kid." I confessed.

"Same but I cut his wing up pretty badly, I don't think he can fly very well anymore."

"Well thats good, but you need something to help that wound."

"It'll probably be fine."

"No it won't you need something to protect it from infection."

"I guess your right, but I don't have any bandages or medicine."

"Me neither, but we'll find something."

"Yeah, we will... but can I stay with you, you know in an alliance?"

"Definitely. We can survive together."

"Alright, looks like you got a pretty nice setup here." He tells me.

"Yeah I haven't seen any other tributes here yet, so it's a pretty safe place. You can sleep here next to me, and you can use your backpack as a pillow."

"I have night vision goggles Linden! We can use it for lookouts."

"Really! That's a rare piece of equipment. But you need some rest, I'll look for something to clean and cover that wound." He lays down on a small patch of grass inside the temple. I go around the temple looking for a makeshift bandage, but I can't find anything. As I run around, I look at the altar and the golden idol again. I decide to wait until tommorrow to tell Ryin.

Felicity Validus- District 11

I can't believe I dropped that knife at the cornucopia. Titan just scared me so much, that when I ran away from it, I dropped it down the stairs, and I didn't think I had time to pick it back up. It's lucky I found this temple by the river. I can get as much water as I want. It's about noon, and I'm starting to get a little thirsty again. I leave the tempple and jog down to the river. As I kneel down and take my first sip, I hear a little jingle and look up into the sky. It's a package from a sponser, great! It falls into my hands, where I throw the lid off of it. Its two beautiful knives. Awesome! I guess this is my mentor telling me how dumb it was of me to drop the first one. I wonder why he's sending me this now, rather than during the night in the temple I was camping at. I pick up one of the knives and look at it gleam in the sun. Beautiful. The metal is so polished, it's almost like a mirror. I can see myself perfectly. As I look at the reflections in the knife, I see a new reflection in the backround. I turn around to see what it is, but all I see is a trident coming into my neck. I fall to the ground unable to breath. Looking back to see who threw it, I see the pack of careers, with Opaline shouting "Yes!" Hatred fills me as I close my eyes one last time. BOOM!

Opaline Cascade- District 4

"Look guys! Opaline got her first kill!" Flick shouts to everybody. Even though I know that he's joking, it still makes me a little angry. 

"Shut up Flick." I say punching him in the arm. Flick, Titan, Jefferson, and I are hunting for tributes this morning, and we finally found are first one. "I wonder how Tristian and Jenifer are doing." I tell everybody.

"They're probably fine." Titan says. "I just hope Jenifer doesn't say anything to make Tristian angry though because we need Jenifer to make us that wire around the cornucopia, or whatever."

"What are we going to do with her after she finishes her job?" Jefferson asks.

"I don't know. I guess we'll see if she's got any skills with weapons and then we can tell if she should join us. Or we could just kill it'd be easier." I answer.

"What if she's really making a trap for us? Maybe she has an alliance with someone else, and she's trying to kill us off to make it easier for her and her partner." Flick says.

"Maybe, but for now we have to trust her. We got no other way to fully protect the cornucopia." Titan states. We all agree with him. I decide to walk over to my recent kill to see what supplies she had. I look down at her bloody, disgusting body, and I actually start to fell bad for her. I think of her family back home, and maybe her boyfriend... But I immediatly stop. I can't afford to think that way if I want to win these games. I see that she had a sponser package lying right behind her, and I run to it. I kneel down and find two fantastic knives, as a hovercraft takes my victim's body away. I shout back to the group. "Hey guys do you want these knives, cuz that's all she has?" They nod a no back to me so I take the knives and chuck them into the nearby river. Oh, that water looks so refreshing right now. I don't even ask the others and I dive right into the gentle flowing waters of the river. "Oh this is so nice!" I say as I come back to the surface.

"Opaline! Come on! We know you love to swim and all, but we have to go!" Jefferson shouts to me.

"Fine..." I say back. I start to swim back to the edge of the river, when I feel a tug at my foot. I look down and start screaming. There's a water snake bitting at my foot, and it's trying to pull me into the water."Guys help!" I shout just before I am pulled under. Wait the snakes are probably just trying to drown me, which won't work for them because lucky for me, I have gills. I smile and look back down at the snake. Oh no! They're not trying to drown me. They're trying to eat me! The snake's mouth is already at my ankle, and my whole foot is in its mouth. Shoot! I left my trident next to the careers. I try to kick the snake away, but I just wont let go. More snakes are coming and starting to bite me. I need a way to get them off of me! I look around the river floor, and I find the knives that I threw into the river earlier, and they're not too far away from me. I struggle swimming over to them, because the snakes are pulling me down. I finally reach them though, when the snake biting my foot is at about my knee. I take the knife and chop the snake in half just below my foot. The swalloing sensation on my leg stops. I start to chop up the other snakes, and eventually the uninjured ones leave me alone. I swim to the surface of the river, and jump out of there as fast as I can. The other careers are standing at the edge with their mothers wide open, looking at me. "Thanks for the help guys..." I tell them as I pull bits of snake off of me. "You could have gotten those snakes off of me easy."

"Sorry Opaline, we didn't know what to do..." Flick says.

"Whatever, it's fine..." I tell them. Deep down, I'm furious with them.

"We should probably get back to the cornucopia to cover those wounds." Titan says.

"Yeah let's go." I agree. 

Tristian Ryce- District 2

"How's it going Jeni?" I shout to Jenifer. She is working on making the wire she put around the cornucopia have enough electricty to kill. I see her smile as she shouts back.

"Pretty good. I'm almost done. It's probably got enough power now to kill a rabbit if it went through, but definitly not enough to kill a person." 

"Alright. Just tell me when your done." I say as I lean back and stuff some more chicken in my mouth. After about another half hour, I hear a large group of people coming up the stairs. I get up and go over to the rest of the careers as they reach the top of the stairs. "Hey guys! Wait don't walk any closer because of the wire. Hold on..." I turn around and shout to Jenifer. "Hey which way is the safe way to enter?"

"The north entrance." She responds.

"Alright, I'll tell them." I turn around and walk back to the group. "You guys have to go around to the north entrance, it's the safe way to get in." They turn around, and I can tell they look a little annoyed. Once they get to the correct entrance, they walk in and plop down and rest right next to the cornucopia. "You look tired!" I tell them. "And Opaline what happened?" She has blood leaking down her from a couple of places.

"Snake mutts..." She responds as she takes some bandages and covers the wounds.

"How's the wire going." Titan asks.

"I think she's almost done, I'll ask." I tell him. "Jeni! You almost done?"

"I'm done... Now!" She turns and runs over. "Look!" She takes a human-sized practice dummy from the inside of the cornucopia and throws it into the wire. It explodes almost exactly how the rock exploded the other night. "See, isn't that awesome!" I'm actually very shocked when I see this. I thought it would take her forever to finish it.

"That is pretty cool" I say. I look over at the other careers to see their responces. They all look pretty shocked, yet sad at the same time. I don't understand why they're sad, until I see how they're all gripping their weapons pretty tightly. They must have decided to kill her when they were out! "Wait Jenifer, remember what you were telling me about earlier? That sonic thing for Smile? You should tell them about it." 

"Oh well, you know how the boy from district 11 was bitten by that bat mutt. Well he has supersonic hearing probably. So I was thinking, since he's so dangerous, I could make all of us a device that creates a super high pitched sound only he can hear. It would hurt him alot, but no one else. It would be very useful in keeping him away. It might take me awhile to finish all of it though." She explains to everyone. 

"I think that'd be so useful! Right guys?" I think they get my message that we shouldn't kill her. Fine, I admit, I don't want her to die. We became kind of close today. That doesn't mean I won't be able to kill her. I will, if I need to.

"Yeah, I guess that would be. He is kind of dangerous." Flick admits.

"Yeah, you should start right away!" Titan tells her.

"Alright I will! Guys! The careers are doing so well this year!" She turns and walks back to her large roll of wire and begins to work. Titan motions to us to come over and listen. 

"What do we do with her? Tristian it's a good thing you stopped us from killing her. What she's making us is useful. But she thinks she's a full on career with us! Can she help us anymore than these little electronic things?" Titan whispers to us.

"I don't know Titan... Maybe she can kill... Let's give her a shot." I tell him.

"Maybe... We'll see." He responds.

Claire "Pussum" Clove-  District 9

"How are you feeling?" Aquamarina asks me the moment I wake up in the morning. I spent all yesterday night crying because of Josh's death.

"Fine. Better than yesterday." I lie. I really don't feel better, but I know I have to look strong in front of the capitol. I want people to sponser us. Speaking of sponsers, I hear two thuds behind me. At first, I thought it was another tribute, but then I hear the familiar jingle. My heart fills with joy, masking my depression because of Josh. I smile at Aquamarima, and we bolt to the silver parachutes. I open mine, and find a bow with twelve arrows a loaf of bread and a bowl of hot soup. This will last me for about two days, if I conserve it. I look over at Aquamarina's box and see that she's gotten a fruit basket, wire, and a spear! Were really well supplied now! "We should probably go down to the river to get some water." I tell her. I haven't had anything to drink since I entered the arena, and I was pretty thirsty, same for Aqua.

"Yeah that'd be a good idea, I'm getting pretty thirsty." She responds. We grab our new weapons and head down to the river. Aqua and I didn't know each other before the games, which is pretty obvious because we live in different districts, but during training we worked together in a lot of the stations. We really got to know and like each other. I was going to ask her to be in Josh and I's alliance but I never got the chance. Then, when Josh died I saw her running away from the cornucopia and called her name. She saw me and told me to come with her. I'm super glad she did, I'd probably be dead by now if she hadn't. We get to the river and splash water over our faces, and drink a lot of it. It was so refreshing. As I dip my face down into the water, I see something white and shiny move around at the bottom. It's probably a fish, so I go back to drinking Then, it quickly turns toward me and swims straight towards my face. I jump back, as a sea snake dives out of the water, barely missing biting my head. It hits the ground and starts slithering towards me, and I realize that it can breath out of the water also. I take out an arrow and shoot it at the snake. I hit it in the head and it lays there, dead. I take my arrow from its skull and look at Aquamarina. "I guess we know what the mutts are this year." Aquamarina says to me. 

"Yeah, I guess so, I think we got enough water for today..."

"Yeah, I'm good. That thing was scary. I hate snakes!" She confesses. We start to walk back to our temple.

"Me too. It'll be trickier than I thought to get water now, with these mutts around." I tell her. She nods in agreement. We are silent for the rest of the walk. I'm thinking about Josh again, and she's probably thinking about Trenton... He was the first one to die. They weren't that close, but I mean, for the past week they've been getting to know each other. It's hard losing anybody you know. I look at her and see a tear forming in her eye. For the rest of the day we barely talk. Luckily, no other dangers or tributes come today, but tommorrow we need to make a plan to win this. 

Electria Bolts- District 10

All I could think of last night was whether Airiest is okay or not. I know he's not dead because he didn't show up in the sky last night. I have to find him no matter what. I wake up early in the morning to begin my search. This place I found yesterday, and I camped in overnight is perfect! I haven't seen any tributes come here yet, or any dangers. If only Airiest was here with me, we could stay here for a long time. The only thing that sucks is that there is no food or water around. The moment I think this, I hear a faint song being played above me. I look up and see a silver package coming towards me. I hope its food and water because I'm starting to become dehydrated, and I need an energy boost. I take the box and open up the top. Inside is a pack of throwing knives, and a pack of bacon strips. Now I have food for awhile but still no water, and these throwing knives will keep me protected even better than my plain old dagger. I leave my temple with all of my equipment. I decide to go to the lake because, that is where Airiest and I planned, before the games, to meet if things went bad. I hope the careers aren't there because, even with Airiest, we couldn't take them all on. I walk directly south because, standing atop the cornucopia building thing, I could see the lake just to the west of it. If I'm correct my temple is north west of the cornucopia so walking south should lead me there. After about a mile I decide to jog. It will show the capitol how in love with Airiest I am, that I need to get to him so quickly.  About a half a mile after that I hear a cannon fire. I stop in my tracks. This is the first one I've heard since the bloodbath! Oh god! What if it's Arirest. No. I can't afford to think like that. I start to jog again but with a little more speed now. Two and a half miles later, I still can't even see the lake, and it's just barely starting to get dark. I'm pretty tired from my run. also, so I sit down and take a break for a little. What if I'm not even on the right track, and I'm going straight towards the careers? Maybe I should just turn back... I look back towards the direction I was headed, and I see the tips of a mountain. Wait, wasn't there a mountain right next to the lake? Yes there was! I am going the right way. Here I come Airiest!

Airiest Trainsin- District 10

It's about eight at night, and I've been waiting for Electria by the lake all day. It was were we decided to meet if we got split up. God, I hope she didn't forget. And I hope she's not dead! I heard the cannon fire earlier, and I hope more than anything that it's not her. All night I've been disguising myself in a tree close to the lake, and now I'm pretty hard to see. During the night time I also got a sponser package with bacon strips and a spear. Luckily, I've never had to use it because I haven't seen anything dangerous yet. At about eight thirty though, I hear movement close to my tree. I look down and see a tribute in the distance but I can't make out who it is. It looks like a girl, but is it Electria? I don't want to risk getting attention drawn to me by shouting her name. I decide to creep closer to see who it is. I don't make any noise walking over to her, and eventually, I wind up very close to her, yet I still can't tell who it is. I stand there for about twenty seconds deciding what to do, when suddenly I hear the girl say, "Oh Airiest... Where are you?" Here's a moment to make the capitol love me. 

"Turn around." I say to her. She jumps a little and whips her head around. A huge smile comes over her face and she runs to me. She hugs and kisses me the most I've ever been in my entire life.

"I was so worried about you!" She says to me. "Why didn't you meet me at the cornucopia?"

"Sorry. Titan, you know, the boy from district two, he started fighting me. I got away though without much injury."

"But you did get injured? Where?" She asks.

"I think he broke my nose." I tell her. She gasps a little. "It's fine though. I barely feel the pain now, and the bleedings mostly stopped. It only hurts if you touch it. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. But I spent all day..." She is interupted by the capitol anthem being played overhead. We both look up into the sky to see who the one death was today.

  • Felicity Validus District 11

"I guess she's the one who caused all my worry." I say to her.

"Same, but I spent all day walking to the lake to look for you, and I'm so glad I found you!" She says.

"Me too Electria!" I say back. I take her to the tree I've been resting in, and I help her up. Electrias not the best at climbing... But once I get her up, we snuggle up close telling each other of our supplies, and stories of the previous days.

End of Day 2

Day 3

Ryin Fizi- District 5

I wake up after a deep sleep from last night. My leg feels fine after getting bandages from my sponsers. I look over at Linden and she is practicing shooting her bow. She turns around and sees me. "Oh your awake. Good. There's something I need to show you. Follow me." I see Linden gathering her supplies so I pick up my backpack and cleavers and follow her. 

"What is it?" I ask her.

"You'll see just come on." She leads me around the temple to a section I've never been to before. I see an altar with a golden idol on top. 

"Woah, it's beautiful." I tell her, and it truely is. I feel so tempted to take it for myself. "Should we take it?"

"I don't know that's what I wanted to ask you..." She says. I think long and hard about taking the idol. In the back of my mind I know that it is probably quite foolish of us to even consider taking it, since it won't actually give us food or anything. I want it so badly though, I have no idea why. 

"I'll get it." I tell Linden. I trudge over to the idol through the thick cobwebs. When I eventually get next to the altar, I stare at the gold sitting on top of it. It's so shiny it hurts my eyes. I look over at Linden, who nods a yes to me, meening I should take it now. I look back down, as I reach my hand towards it. I keep it inches from the idol, before I quickly snatch it up. I look back over to Linden, and we both start laughing. We made such a big deal over nothing! I put the idol in my bag. I start to walk back when I feel a rumbling under my feet and behind me. I see Linden's face covered with fear, as she looks behind me. I turn my head around to see the wall behind the altar rising up and a dark figure behind it. When the wall rises high enough, the dark figure steps into the light. It is a three foot tall tarantula! "Run!" I shout to Linden as I pull out two of my cleavers from my belt. I sprint out of the webs as I hear the pounding of eight legs following me closely. Linden is in a state of shock, but she eventually, takes out her bow and pulls back an arrow. She lets it fly, and it narrowly misses my head, hitting the tarantula. It screeches! When I reach her, I grab her and we start to run to the entrance of the temple. When we reach the center we look around but cannot find the spider anywhere. "Come on, it's probably not gone. It's just getting ready to ambush us. Let's go." We cautiously walk towards the entrance, me with a cleaver in both hands, Linden with an arrow slung in her bow. We don't see the tarantula when we reach the way into the temple. There is a long hall  until the archway into the temple that we must go down to leave. 

"C'mon let's go!" Linden says to me as she sprints off down the hallway.

"Linden wait!" I shout to her. She ignores me and keeps running. I run after her. She is getting close to the exit, but suddenly, the tarantula falls right down in front of it. She screams, as the spider races towards her knocking her to the ground, making her let go of her bow. It crawls on top of her, pinning her arms and legs to the ground, and it lowers her pincers to her neck. I pick up one of my cleavers and throw it at its head. It screeches even louder than before and moves off of Linden. She picks up her bow and her bag and runs out of the temple shouting, "Come on Ryin!" I follow her jumping over the writhing tarantula on the ground. We exit the temple. 

"We made it." I say to her panting.

"Wait." She says. She opens up my backpack and takes the idol out. She throws it back into the temple. "We're never going back there."

"That's for sure. Are you ok did the spider bite you?"

"No I think I'm good." She says back, looking at her body to make sure. "We have to find a new place to camp out before nightfall. We can't be in the open like this."

"That's for sure." It's starting to get dark out. "It looks like the only place we can for sure go to for shelter is the forest. The only thing is, Smile is probably in there." I tell her.

"I think it's the only thing we can do. We can probably take him, though, there's two of us and one of him. And besides, it's time for him to go and if anyone's gonna kill him it better be us." She turns and walks to the forest. Wow, she's brave. I run to her and walk along side her, as we head to the forest.

Titan Sirus- District 2

I wake up before any of my allys. Tristian was supposed to keep watch but I guess she dosed off. God everyone here is so annoying, but I gotta stick with them for now if I wanna win this. "Wake up everyone let's go!" I shout to them. They slowly open their eyes and eventually stand up, yawning and stretching. "Alright guys, yesterday we only got one tribute, and we almost lost one... Were better than this, lets go for two today." I yell to them like a drill sergeant. I have to act this way for the capitol so they think I'm tough. "Two of us should stay behind to keep watch, while the rest of us go hunting. I say me, Jefferson, Tristian, and Flick go." 

"Um... Actually, I was thinking I could come with today." Jenifer speaks to the group. "I am pretty good at killing. Trust me, let me show you what I can do. Please!" Oh god. I know I don't want her to come. She'll mess up the entire hunt. 

"Yeah that's a good idea!" Tristian says. 

"What!?!?" Opaline and I say at the same time. 

"Actually, that is a good idea. Come here." Flick says to us, motioning to everyone but Jenifer. We make a circle and he tells us, "It'll work because if she's a good killer, she can help us and kill more tributes, but if she's not she'll probably just get killed right away. It's a win win situation." He smiles as he says that. I guess he is right, and maybe she will get killed. I wish. 

"I agree let's do it." Jefferson says. We walk back to her and tell her the good news. She jumps up and down and runs over to her supplies, grabbing her axe. 

"I'll stay back with Opaline. Don't worry we'll keep a good eye on the supplies." Flick says.

"Alright fine, let's just go." I tell the group. The rest of us grab our weapons and run down the steps leading away from the cornucopia.

Claire "Pussum" Clove- District 9

Aquamarina and I wake up to a bright sunny day. We both nibble on some of our food for breakfast. I look up to the sun and it looks to be about 10 in the morning. "We should probably head down to the river to get some more water, I'm getting pretty thirtsty." I tell her. 

"Yeah, we probably should, my throat is getting pretty dry." She responds. We grab our supplies, and walk down our usual path to the river, and sip some water. We keep a watchful eye out for the sea snakes that fill the water below. We don't talk much as we drink. When we both feel stuffed with water, we decide it's time to head back. By now, it's probably eleven o'clock.  I've been scheming up a plan all night and this morning, and I think it's finally time to tell Aqua. As our ground crunches the moist grass below us, I say, "Aqua, I've been thinking."

"Tell me." She says.

"Well, the careers this year look really scary and tough, don't they?"

"Yeah I guess so." 

"They did kill both of our district partners." Aqua remains silent. I turn to see her look down at the ground in silence. She slowly continues to walk. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up. But, my point was we couldn't take on all of them ourselves could we?"

"No." She replies. We arrive at the entrance to our temple.

"Well if they can get a huge alliance. Why not us?" I tell her. "Let's get some of the other tributes, and wage war on them. If we get enough we can definitly take them on. I was thinking we could..." 

"Gugh..." I hear from Aqua behind. I feel warm liquid splash the back of my neck. I whip my head around to see the pack of careers, and the blond one from eight jamming her axe into Aqua's back. I didn't know she was a career, but my confusion is masked by my fear and rage. The girl rips the axe from her back. Aqua lets out a small yelp, as she keels over and smacks the ground. BOOM! The blond girl smiles and kicks Aqua in the head. Two of the careers watch her and nod their head, impressed, but the girl from two is watching me and takes a knife out of her belt and chucks it at me. I jump out of the way and run. It's a good thing we grabbed all of our supplies before we left. I get about twenty feet from them, when the rest of the careers see me running and chase me. I think they are faster than I am, but it turns out we are about equal. For a long time, we are running. I am getting extremely tired, but when I look back they don't look tired at all, which pushes me to run faster. After a long time of running and fear, I hear the sound of waves crashing into the shore, and I look ahead to see the lake. I perk up and sprint to it. I enter the trees that surround the sides of the lake, and run towards the water. About halfway in, I trip on a root sticking up out of the ground. I smack my face onto the grassy floor. I try to push myself back up, but I'm so weak from running I physically can't. I just manage to turn myself over, looking up at the evening sky above. I prepare myself to die. I hear footsteps coming closer and closer from behind me. I hear the sound of a weapon flying through the air, and I get ready for the pain, but it never hits me. I hear a girl scream, and shout out, "Jefferson!!!" I feel a thud on the ground close to me. BOOM! I barely lift my head up, and I can see three of the careers running away from the lake. I hear two sets of footsteps coming closer to me from behind, and the sound of a weapon coming out of a body. I can't keep my eyes open, and I eventually pass out from exhastion.

Airiest Trainsin- District 10

"What do we do with her?" Electria asks me. I look down at the passed out girl lying in front of me, as the hovercraft picks up my kill. 

"I don't know should we just kill her?" I say to her. 

"No... I mean... I couldn't kill her like this. She barely escaped the careers. Do you remember who she is and what her training score was?" 

I try to think back to the training days. Yes, now I remember. I watched her on the agility course and she did pretty well. "Yeah, I know who she is. Her names Claire, I think, and she's from district 9. I'm pretty sure she got an eight or something. That's pretty good I guess."

Electria looks up at me, with a look of shock on her face. "An eight. From her! Wow, she's better than she looks. Airiest we could ally with her..." 

"What!" I shout to her. "You want to risk an alliance with someone else!?! I thought are plan was to pull through this thing just the two of us."

"I know but you saw the careers. We were lucky they ran after the first kill because they could have killed both of us in a instant. This will be their game unless we can get enough strength to stop them." Electria says. She looks at me with a pleading face. I think about what she's saying for awhile.

"I mean... I guess your right. But we still don't know if we can trust her."

Electria looks at me and smiles. "I thought of a plan. How about this; We take her weapons away, and when she wakes up you ask her if she wants to ally. I'll be hiding behind that tree with a knife ready. If she says no, then I'll throw it at her, if she says yes, I'll come out and introduce myself." She laughs, which annoys me. "We'll give her a day to prove herself worthy. If we don't think she can be trusted then we'll kill her."

"Alright, I guess that is a pretty good plan. C'mon we should take her weapons." We walk over and look at what Claire has. There is a bowl with a lid over strapped to her belt, I'm guessing it's some soup, and a bow with a quiver filled with 12 arrows strapped to her back. I detach the soup from her side while Electria takes her weapons. The moment Electria takes off Claire's quiver, she stirs on the ground. "Go! Get behind that tree!" I whisper to Electria. She grabs the soup from my hands and runs off behind the nearest tree. She pulls out a knife along the way. I turn and look at the girl on the ground. I take out my spear and point it at her, as she rolls over and mumbles, "Wh... Where am I?"

"You're at the lake. Electria and I saved your life." I tell her. Her eyes suddenly shoot open. She looks up at me.

"I remember now. You killed one of the careers chasing me. It was the boy from one right?" She says to me.

"Yes it was." 

"Oh wow. Thank you so much!" She says to me.

"Hold on there." I say as I point my spear back at her. "Your not safe yet. I could kill you right now if I wanted to, but I have other plans in mind." Her smile fades away. "We would like it if you joined are alliance." The smile instantly comes back.

"Oh yes! I would love too! Thank you so much. I was planning on asking you to join our alliance anyway!"

"Our?" I ask her.

Her face turns white. She looks down. "Oh... I mean mine..." I see a tear form in her eye as she turns away. 

"Electria you can come out!" I shout to the tree she's standing behind. She pops her head out and runs forward. 

"Hi! I'm Electria!" She reaches her hand out to shake Claire's but I stop her. 

"I think the canon we heard earlier today was her old ally... She's pretty upset." I whisper to Electria. 

"Oh..." She says back. We spent the rest of the day talking to Claire after she felt up to talk, and it was her partner that died earlier. We get a drink from the lake, and Claire tells us about the snake mutts which freaks us out a little. When it gets dark, we decide to go to sleep up in a tree. Electria and I secretly make a plan to switch watches on Claire in the night. We'll see in the morning whether or not we can trust her. 

Candela Calor- District 12

I wake up and open my eyes to a bright sun. I sit up and stare off into space. I've been pretty bored lately because I haven't seen anyone or had anything to do, but I'm not saying thats a bad thing... I'd rather be bored than dead after all. I stand up and jog around a bit to wake myself up. I look in my bag to see how much food I have left and I'm shocked at what I find. I only have enough to last me about one more day. That means I'll either have to find some food up on this frozen peak which is nearly impossible or go down tommorrow. I guess I don't really have a choice. Tommorrow I'm going back down the mountain.

Smile BloodTooth- District 11

I spent all day running around the woods trying to hunt for tributes and animals but I couldn't find much because of my wing. I'm not used to walking so much so my footsteps are loud and scare everything away. My spirits were lifted when I heard two cannons today. My mouth watered just thinking of their bloodi draining from their bodies. I want to kill someone so badly. As I trudged around the dark forest looking for any blood to eat, a new smell entered my nostrils. A familiar smell. I can't make out what it is really at first, but eventually I realize it's a tribute. Maybe even two. Yes! Finally, I can get some blood to eat. I run in the direction of the scent and as I get closer I realize which tribute it is. Ryin... from district five. The one who slashed my wing and stopped me from flying. Anger fills me and I sprint off towards him. After about 20 feet I stop myself. I need to sneak up on him if I plan to kill him because he's a surprisingly good fighter. I speed walk off towards him trying not to make a sound as the capitol anthem starts to blare. I stop and look up into the sky to see who the two deaths were.

  • Jefferson Golderness District 1
  • Aquamarina Tide District 3

Oh. A career boy. That's good. Less power to deal with when I have to take on the careers. I find which direction the scent is in now, and I walk off towards it again.

End of Day 3

Day 4

Linden Trombash- District 5

"Come on Ryin!" I say back to him. He's slouching on a tree tired from all of the walking we did today. It's probably about two in the morning.

He turns and looks at me as he says, "Can we just camp here. Were far enough in I think." He doesn't wait for me to respond and sits down under the tree and starts to to unpack his bag. I sigh and go to sit next to him. We both take out some food and start to chow down. Were both so hungry that we don't talk for awhile as we eat and when we look up at each other again we laugh. Ryin has really made me feel better about these games. I feel stronger with him and I'm light hearted. He finishes his food and takes out his night-vision goggles. "You keep eating, I'll keep a look out."

"Alright thanks." I tell him. He gets up and starts to walk around the general area, not going to far. He doesn't see anything, so he comes back just as I finish my dinner. I stand up and stick my hand out. "Here, give me those. I'll keep watch for awhile. You go to sleep okay?"

"No you need to sleep it's fine I'll keep watch."

"Seriously Ryin! Hand em' ov-" I don't finish my sentence because Ryin shoves me to the ground hard. "Ow! Ryin what are you doing?" I look up and see him lying on the ground with a mass thrashing around on top of him. "No Ryin!" I stand up and see blood spraying out of the two masses in every direction. I look around me and see one of Ryin's cleavers lying nearby. I sprint towards it and reach down to pick it up but I'm shoved over and I hit the ground hard. I look up to see Smile staring at me, covered in blood. He grins at me, blood staining his teeth.

"And now for you..." He says. He lifts his axe, but I kick him in his chest before he can swing at me. He stumbles backwards coughing up a storm of either his or Ryin's blood. I flip over and grab Ryin's cleaver and begin to stand up but Smile comes back. 

"No you don't! I won't be ended by weak girl like you!" He lifts me up and throws me to the ground. Ryin's cleaver cuts my thigh as I hit the forest floor. He sits on top of me, pinning my feet to the ground this time. "Your time has come girl. You look so delicious. I think I'm going to have fun with this..." He puts his axe aside and opens his mouth wide. I turn my head not able to look at what is soon going to happen to me. A few foot away from me, where Ryin used to be lying, I see a trail of blood leading over to my supplies. Ryin is sitting up, covered in blood, holding my bow and drawing back an arrow. I close my eyes preparing for pain, but all I feel is warm liquid spray my body. I open my eyes to see Smile looking down at a protruding arrow coming out of his chest. He looks up at me and for the first time I've ever seen he looks generally scared. I shove him off of me and run to Ryin. I kneel down next to him and examine his wounds. Much of his skin has been ripped off, and I can see his intestines hanging out of his stomach. I realize that he is not going to survive. 

"How do I look? Haha" Ryin says to me, laughing. The smile quickly leaves his face and he winces. 

"Ryin... You saved me..." I tell him, tears starting to fill my eyes. He smiles and grabs my hand.

"Linden. I know you can do this. You can win. For district five... No for us..." He gasps in pain.

"Ryin please stay with me!"

"You know I won't be able to do that, I'm really sorry Linden. You can win these by yourself and get out of here alive. That's all I want." He coughs horribly, and shouts in pain. I look up at his head just as his eyes close. "Goodbye Linden..." BOOM!

"No Ryin!" Tears pour down my face. "Ryin! Please come back." I shake him but he doesn't respond. I stand up and scream. I turn my head over to Smile and see him trying to crawl away his wings flapping recklessly. Anger fills my body and I reach down and pick up one of Ryin's cleavers. I sprint over to Smile, kneel down, grab his and yank his head up. He shouts, "Please!" but I don't listen. I take the knife and slit his throat. BOOM! I jump up and run to my supplies. I pack up all my gear, and Smile and Ryin's gear, in my bag, and quickly bandage my throbbing leg. Immediatly after I finish, I sprint away from our campspot, not knowing which direction I'm going. I vow to never go back to that spot.

Jenifer Bolt- District 8

Two cannons woke me from my sleep last night. Maybe it was good because I was supposed to be on watch, but I fell asleep. I awaken a third time to Flick shaking me. "What is it?" I say.

"It's time to get up. Come on." Flick tells me with a blank face. Ever since Jefferson was killed yesterday he's become a lot more serious. I think it hit him the hardest. He never truly thought about how kids get gruesomely get killed in these games until one of us was killed. He thought we had it in the bag until then. 

I ease myself up to see Titan, Tristian, and Opaline sitting in a circle near the cornucopia. I walk over to them and hear them talking. "I think they were from District 10... maybe... I don't really know though." Opaline says. 

"Yeah I think you're right." Titan responds.

"We didn't hear a another cannon fire after Jefferson's, so maybe the girl we were chasing alied with them." Tristian says.

"That could be true." I tell them. "I remember hearing the girl saying she wanted to make a big alliance to take us down right before we killed her ally. Maybe those two agreed with her."

"It'd be stupid of them if they didn't." Titan says. "They don't stand a chance against all of us." 

"Well what do we do know?" Opaline asks. "If they're making a big alliance to fight us, shouldn't we be preparing? I mean we can obviously take them..." She nervously laughs.

"If you haven't forgotten, I built the electric shield around this place!"I remind the group. "It'd be almost immposible for them to figure out how to get through it, unless they have training with it like me..."

"She's right..." Flick says.

"Then what we do is wait here for the pathetic imbusals to come fight us. We have the advantage up here. It'll be a piece of cake." Titan says.

"He's right." I say.

"But what if they're stronger than we think?" Tristian says. Titan gives her a look of disgust.

"You really think those losers will be able to take us down? We've been training for this moment our entire lives. They were chosen by chance."

"But I mean, they made it this far..." Opaline says.

"Who cares!?!? They still suck!" Titan yells. Everyone remains silent. "Then it's a plan, we wait here for them." I think we should probably make a plan for when they get here, but none of the careers will listen to me. Also, Titan's starting to scare me so I don't want to upset him...

Candela Calor- District 12

I awaken to a beautiful day. Unfortunatley, I'm too afraid to notice. I have to climb back down the mountain today and look for food. If that means allying with someone, I'll do it. If it means killing someone... I'll do it. I move to the edge of the mountain and look down. If I slip up, it's a death drop... As I'm looking down for a good foothold, I hear growling behind me. I stop dead in my tracks. I slowly turn around to see an enormous mountain lion. Bigger than the ones I occasionally see in my district. It paces back and forth keeping its huge yellow eyes on me. I start to back up, cautiously being sure I don't fall off the mountain. The mountain lion slowly inches forward and starts to get ready to pounce. I take my leg and move it down the sound of the mountain, feeling for a foothold. Suddenly, the mountain lion jumps forward at me. I push back off the cliff just as it swipes at my face, missing. I reach my hands around for anything to hold onto. It doesn't look like I'm going to grab anything, but at the last second before I pick up too much speed, my hands feel a sturdy section of rock. I desperatly grab for it. One hand succeeds and I dangle off the over the mountain. I quickly reach my other hand up and hold onto the rock. I eventually find footholds as well. I spend a good five minutes hyperventalating and trying to calm down after my near-death experience. 


Living Tributes Status

Tribute District Location Equiptment Needs Alliance Injuries
Tristian Ryce 2 Cornucopia Food, Water, Throwing Knives (X12) Nothing Careers None
Titan Sirus 2 Cornucopia Food, Water, Mace Nothing Careers None
Opaline Cascade 4 Cornucopia Food, Water, Trident and Net Nothing Careers Snake Bites (Bandaged)
Flick Rivers 4 Cornucopia Food, Water, Spear (X2)  Nothing Careers None
Linden Trombash 5 Forest Knife (X2), Cleavers (X2), One-Handed Axe, Backpack (Food (X3), Rope, Night Vision Goggles) Chicken (x4), Bow, Arrows (x11) Bandages, Water (X1) Nothing None

Cut in Thigh


Jenifer Bolt 8 Cornucopia Food, Water, Wire, Bow and Arrows (X12), Two-Handed Axe Nothing Careers None
Claire "Pussum" Clove 9 Lake Water,(Bow and Arrows (x12)) Hidden Food

(Airiest Trainsin)

(Electria Bolts)

Electria Bolts 10 Temple 3 Wire, Dagger, Throwing Knives (x4), Bacon Strips (x1), Water Nothing

Airiest Trainsin

(Claire "Pussum" Clove)

Airiest Trainsin 10 Lake Water, Spear, Bacon Strips (x1) Nothing

Electria Bolts

(Claire "Pussum" Clove"

Broken Nose (Healed)
Candela Calor 12 Mountain Backpack (Water (X1), Switchblade) Food (Better weapon) Solo None
  • All careers, at the moment, have every type of supplies, including ropes, night vision goggles etc. I didn't write it because it would take up too much room. This will change later. If you are at the cornucopia at the moment, and you want something, but I did not write it, ask me for it in the comments. 
  • For food and water the (x...) means how many days it will last it will go down by one each day. If there is not a (x...) next to the food or water it means that they have unlimited amounts provided by their location.
  • At the end of each day, I will take off one water and one food from the tributes that have a limited amount. I have done this for the end of day 2. If a tribute does not have any food or water by the end of a day, they become very weak and easy to kill. If they do not have the food or water by the end of another day, they die.

Death Chart

Place Tribute District Killed By Method
24th Trenton Powers 3 Titan Sirus Mace in the face
23rd Luna Catherous 7 Tristain Ryce Stabbed
22nd Josh Wirrer 9 Flick Rivers Kirbstomped
21st Pappy Tress 7 Smile Bloodtooth Head was bitten off
20th Jack Gardes 6 Nero Pows  Stabbed 
19th Lillian Gardes  6 Nero Pows Stabbed 
18th Coaltin Miners 12 Jefferson Golderness Stabbed in the face
17th Jasmine Faten 1 Tristian Ryce Throwing knife, fell down stairs
16th Nero Pows 8 Titan Sirus Mace to head
15th Felicity Validus 11 Opaline Cascade Trident to Neck
14th Aquamarina Tide 3 Jenifer Bolt Axe in Back
13th Jefferson Golderness 1 Airiest Trainsin Spear in Neck
12th Ryin Fizi 5 Smile Bloodtooth Ripped apart by Teeth
11th Smile Bloodtooth 11 Linden Trombash Cleaver slits Throat

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