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125th hunger games

name distcrict gender age backstory aperence [don t use a lunaii] percenalaty



1 female 15

Backstory: Growing up,Rosalind was one of the wealthiest family in her district.

Appearance : Long flowing blonde hair, emerald eyes,tall.

Personality: Mean Ruthless Charismatic and Brave.

star 4 female

dimond necklace

comes from a family of past victors first her brown skin amazingly atractive kind and clever

Jane Skye

District 7

female 15

Katrina Edenor

District 12


17 She is just a normal District 12 citizen until the day she got reaped Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes ( A mix of the Merchants area and Seam look) . Katrina's hair is put back in a pony tail.

Personality: Brave, Courageous, Outgoing

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