aka Malliet

  • I live in Wisconsin, US
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is Blogger, Shipper, Lover.
  • I am a person of the female persuasion.
  • MallietDistrict2

    This is no oridiary Games. The Cornucopia Games are where each tribute enters the arena at equal distance away from the Cornucopia which just so happens to be hidden somewhere in the arena. Therefore the tributes have to survive without supplies until they find the Cornucopia where unless they arrive at the same time there will be no Bloodbath making the Games longer. Remember to submit stylists mentors and gamemakers to!





    Strengths (Besides weapons):


    Looks or Pic or Lunaii:



    Name Distict Age Weapon
    Charisma Ginlinson 1 17 Anything, Though she favors spears
    Arran Harthorn 1 16 Sword
    Katelynn Huxley 2 14 Throwing Knives
    Rory Lemner 2 17 Sword, hand-to-hand combat
    Carnie Carrera 3 16 Knives
    Rackard …

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