This is no oridiary Games. The Cornucopia Games are where each tribute enters the arena at equal distance away from the Cornucopia which just so happens to be hidden somewhere in the arena. Therefore the tributes have to survive without supplies until they find the Cornucopia where unless they arrive at the same time there will be no Bloodbath making the Games longer. Remember to submit stylists mentors and gamemakers to!

Format For Tribute





Strengths (Besides weapons):


Looks or Pic or Lunaii:




Name Distict Age Weapon
Charisma Ginlinson 1 17 Anything, Though she favors spears
Arran Harthorn 1 16 Sword
Katelynn Huxley 2 14 Throwing Knives
Rory Lemner 2 17 Sword, hand-to-hand combat
Carnie Carrera 3 16 Knives
Rackard Relise 3 18 Snares and Knives
Halo Zee 4 18 Trident, nets, knives
Nicholas Davenport 4 17 Sword, Maces, Trident
Aria Camelliston 5 16 Bow and Arrows
Caleb Yates 5 16 Knifes (Thrown or Not), Traps
Rei Moromaki 6 17 Sword and Throwing Knives
Navy Wonders 6 16 Sword, Axe, Spear
Misty Andromache 7 14 Axe
Ryker Zayn 7 16 Swords, Knives, Bow and Arrows
Luna Snare 8 15 Blowgun
Navy 'Mars' Io 8 17 Tridnets, spears, mini throwing axes.
Marjorie Kavanwoode 9 18 Mace, Club
Aiden Camelliston 9 18 Knives, Triton, rope, bows and arrows
Abital Zertofi 10 15 Whip
Brundon Acres 10 16 Rock, Throwing Axe
Lauren Hil 11 12 Knives, Spears
Timothy Gardner 11 14 Blowgun
Timinthia Talia 12 17 Throwing Knives, Bow & Arrows, Mace
Richter Moses 12 18 Sickle, Sword


Name District Cares about their tributes?
Alpha Centari 1 Yes

2- Leena Vertech


Has so much hope, knows they can win as they are amazing.

Meha Close 3 Not at all

4- Pheonix Junder


- Loves his tributes, knows they can win

Malliet Westmore 5 YES! Very much so!
Ryder Stone 6

Yes but he tries not to get attatched to them knowing they will most likely die

Pamline Falcone 7 no.... as drunk as Haymitch.
Aero Cel 8 Yes
Allianna Whittle 9 YES
Caleb Stoll 10 .......
11- Liir Fluor - Has given up on his tributes 11 - Has given up on his tributes

12- Scarlett Dawn -

12 Cares about her tributes a lot


Name District Chariot Outfit

District 1- They are wearing suits covered in gems

Annabelle Hopkins 2 TBD

District 3- They are wearing suits covered in lights that flash on and off

Gold Shine 4

Both tributes are wearing neon blue, her in a floor length gown, Him in a blue suit. She has a fish purse, and her hair is in a high ponytail. His shoes are fish, and he carries a fish. The audience hates it. The chariot itself is shaped like a fish. Then, they turn the fish towards eachother. They're water guns! Her clothes fall off, revialing a poofy knee length dress that is ocean blue. The bottom layer has fish on it. Her shoes are wrapped in sea weed. His suit melts away, showing a suit of the same matirial as her dress. Now the audience cheers and throws down flowers!

Maxine Charge 5 Its a Surprise!!!!

District 6- They are dressed as mechanics

FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne 7 Long flowing dress/ suit that is made of leaves. They change colour to represent the seasons. Green to Dark Green to Orange to Brown to No Leaves/ basically naked to green. It looks awesome

District 8- They are wearing dressed/suits made of patchwork quilts, and there are needles automatically finishing the dress and suit

Azora Ambersea 9 TBD

District 10- They are dressed as deer, with furs draped across there body, and antlers protuding out of the folds.


District 11- They are entwined in vines, with apples on the vines. The vines reveal much skin


District 12- They are covered in coal dust, that half way through all burns off leaving them engulfed in flames


Name User Position
Jackleen Propinspark MallietDistict2 Head Gamemaker
Italica Ferri GlimmerandSparkle Co-Head Gamemaker
Inia Scarlet Pendillumna Head of Mutts
Jacob Woods Cato rocks! Head of Feast

Games Will Start Soon!!!!!!!!

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