Hey This is my first blog post so please dont judge me.This is just a normal hunger games nothing special no District 13 nor The Capitol


1.No fighting with other users if you do your tributes die immediately

2.You can send up to 4 Tributes

3.Sponsoring is free and can sponsor up to 3 things

4.No mentors,escorts or stylists

5.I wont do the P.O.V well im not yet sure if something pops into my little brown head then ill write some P.O.V

6.Dont get mad when your tributes die

7.Dont spam your games

8.Follow this Template as close as you possibly can








Interview Strategy:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Game Strategy:

Appearance:(I accept lunaiis but i dont care if its not a lunaii)



District !:

Jay Nighton's P.O.V.

I begin to go to the reapings and then I see our escort she looks ridiculous wearing a dress with diffrent kinds of jewelry.She goes to the girl's bowl but before she picks a name a girl says "I VOULENTEER!!" a girl walks to the stage then the escort asks her name she says "I am Katharin Seroine and I will be presenting District 1" lots of girls and boys clap I guess they know her and then the escort goes to the boy's bowl she picks out a name then says Tyler then I got shocked my best friend got reaped I raise My hand then I say I VOULENTEER AS TRIBUTE!!.Our Escort have me and Katharin shake hands then we go to the train.

Katharin Seroine's P.O.V.

I go to the reapings in the 17 year old section nobody really knows about me voulenteering but they will expect someone to voulenteer since this is a Career District.Our escort as always goes to the girl's bowl first but before she picks a tribute I say "i VOULENTEER!!" a boy gets picked but I cant hear his name but then another guy says "i VOULENTEER AS TRIBUTE!!". Im not sure if he wants to go to the arena or he just voulenteered for his friend well I dont really care.Our escort does the usual thing to tributes she has us shake hands then we go to the train.

District 2:

Astagon Sentarin's P.O.V.

Im excited for the reapings I see our escort coming he asks "Are you all excited for the games?" Then everybody shouts "YES!!!" including me.I raise my hand but it seems a lot of others raise their hands so he had to pick but he picked me I go to the stage I hear lots of girls shouting for me I find it flattering.But then lots of the girls voulenteer I think some just want to join me but some of them dont even know me and our escort picks someone with red eyes and white skin I heard of her before but all that I know is that she wants to prove to everybody that she is a monster and her name was..... I forgot well Im about to find out anyway she says her name to the crowd then I remembered her name Chimera Sicario.We shake hands then board the train

Chimera Sicario's P.O.V.

Its time for the reapings and its time to voulenteer our escort comes and asks a question Im too far so I cant hear it but I hear everybody say "YES" so I just follow them.A lot of the guys voulenteer not surprising from a career district but he chooses this guy who is very handsome and I get surprised that lots of the girls scream I ask them why? they said "What!! YOU DONT KNOW WHO HE IS!!???" I said "no.." and they just go silent and then I raise my hand but the other girls raise their hands as well but the escort picks me and its time I show them that I am a monster.I go to the train with Astagon he seems nice and very handsome



District 1-Jay Nighton

District 2-Astagon Sentarin

District 3

District 4-Reserved for District1 Obsessed

District 5-Hunter Gray

District 6

District 7-Quineroo Salvix

District 8

District 9 

District 5

District 10

District 11-Lucas Viridian

District 12-Ashton ash Cross


District 1-Katharin Seroine 

District 2-Chimera Sicario

District 3-Hillary Blots

District 4-Adelaide D´eye

District 5-Sylvia Churchill

District 6-Natalie Clark

District 7-Riannah Blue

District 8-Samantha Winters

District 9-Aurora Anderson

District 10

District 11-Reserved for District1 Obsessed

District 12-Auvelina Lorphelin

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