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  • I live in washington and I'm not getting any more ^exact^
  • My occupation is student aka wikia contributer :D
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  • Manner me456

    Ship Games

    January 20, 2013 by Manner me456

    For those of you who don't know a ship is a mixture of 2 users names indicating they are a couple. For example: Manass is a ship of Manner and Cass indicating we are a couple. Anyways my goal of this blog is to keep track of ships. So what i want you guys to do is post a ship and get your other ship partner to say i agree with this ship so then I will post it on this blog. Inspired by Dani.

    1. You cannot have more than 3 ships that you are in.

    2. You cannot post a ship of someone besides you.


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  • Manner me456

    The WIKI Games

    January 14, 2013 by Manner me456

    Okay so. I have always wanted to do one of these

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  • Manner me456


    This is Manner and most people are confused about the connection me and ggamen have.

    EXPLANATION: I am a grade older than ggamen. Ggamen is is in the 7th grade and I am sorta his friend. His brother is my best friend. One day at school i was going to science when anthony (ggamen) ran up too me and started panting about this site. I was innoyed and told him too tell me after school. So after school he found me and explained he was banned from the site for no reason and he wanted me to make an account and finish his games. I was so confused. I later went to his house to hang out with Mark (anthonys brother) and thats were he explained what he wanted me to do and he helped me make this user. I ended up not finishing his games and he was mad…

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  • Manner me456

    The NEW Games

    November 29, 2012 by Manner me456

    Okay so at first i was gonna do sorta of a user games but no one joined this blog so i am starting fresh and this is gonna be a whole new game topic........the topic is..........OLD TRIBUTES. Okay so lets pretend that almost all the tributes that have died have been brought back to life (just imagine lol). I will give a list of tributes that some one can claim.....     READ:the tributes must be in there same district as always and no need to do a tribute template but what you can do is give a little like what your tribute feels like being brought to life and what they weill do to win these games plus say what they did for training sessions,ILL give scores, AND if the tribute is un named you have to name her/him. (Everyone g…

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    105 hunger games

    November 21, 2012 by Manner me456

    okay so my friend who wrote the 104th hunger games was banned for being a young user i guess so he asked me to finish his games and i said sure cuz we know each other in irl but we arent typically friends so i joined this sight and am finishing up his games and ill try my best to write good stuff.

    name district gender personality score training score
    John Wang capitol m 4 2
    Kelly Welly capitol f 3 2
    Deana Tyrones 1 m

    Ruby Lux 1 f

    Cadberry 2 m

    Raspberry 2 f

    Jabin Volts 3 m

    Kachang Mindi 3 f

    Thoripio Apolist 4 m

    Nerissa Claire 4 f

    Ryan Greg 5 m

    Jeremy Frey 5 f

    Lemon 6 m

    Apricot 6 f

    Dafalil 7 m

    Perennial 7 f

    Pamline Falcone 8 m

    Eyla Zafire 8 f

    Eli Dawn 9 m

    Quinoa Soal 9 f

    Jasper Go 10 m

    Georgia Junes 10 f

    Ben Witover 11 m

    Bayleaf Mangolia 11 f

    Shian Linney 12 m


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