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okay so my friend who wrote the 104th hunger games was banned for being a young user i guess so he asked me to finish his games and i said sure cuz we know each other in irl but we arent typically friends so i joined this sight and am finishing up his games and ill try my best to write good stuff.

name district gender personality score training score
John Wang capitol m 4 2
Kelly Welly capitol f 3 2
Deana Tyrones 1 m
Ruby Lux 1 f
Cadberry 2 m
Raspberry 2 f
Jabin Volts 3 m
Kachang Mindi 3 f
Thoripio Apolist 4 m
Nerissa Claire 4 f
Ryan Greg 5 m
Jeremy Frey 5 f
Lemon 6 m
Apricot 6 f
Dafalil 7 m
Perennial 7 f
Pamline Falcone 8 m
Eyla Zafire 8 f
Eli Dawn 9 m
Quinoa Soal 9 f
Jasper Go 10 m
Georgia Junes 10 f
Ben Witover 11 m
Bayleaf Mangolia 11 f
Shian Linney 12 m
Melanoi Jet 12 f
Battleaxe Ridge 13 m
Freya Gew 13 f

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