This is Manner and most people are confused about the connection me and ggamen have.

EXPLANATION: I am a grade older than ggamen. Ggamen is is in the 7th grade and I am sorta his friend. His brother is my best friend. One day at school i was going to science when anthony (ggamen) ran up too me and started panting about this site. I was innoyed and told him too tell me after school. So after school he found me and explained he was banned from the site for no reason and he wanted me to make an account and finish his games. I was so confused. I later went to his house to hang out with Mark (anthonys brother) and thats were he explained what he wanted me to do and he helped me make this user. I ended up not finishing his games and he was mad but i really didnt care. But i do thank anthony for helping me create this account and letting me use his email address. He sometimes get on my account as a wikia contributer and joins my games and what not. SO THATS OUR CONNECTION

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