Okay so at first i was gonna do sorta of a user games but no one joined this blog so i am starting fresh and this is gonna be a whole new game topic........the topic is..........OLD TRIBUTES. Okay so lets pretend that almost all the tributes that have died have been brought back to life (just imagine lol). I will give a list of tributes that some one can claim.....     READ:the tributes must be in there same district as always and no need to do a tribute template but what you can do is give a little like what your tribute feels like being brought to life and what they weill do to win these games plus say what they did for training sessions,ILL give scores, AND if the tribute is un named you have to name her/him. (Everyone gets 3 tributes if they want)

OKAY SO,people keep on asking me:I dont get i will explain it a lil better this time :). Okay so, there is a list of tributes below this post and you can claim one of these dont need to have a tribute template because the tributes personality has been talked about already,BUT you need to post your claimed tributes game plan,what they did fr private sessions AND you must name a tribute if the tribute you claimed was unnamed. If you any more questions plz contact me!

From district 1 CLOSED

Glimmer TAKEN

Marvel TAKEN



From district 2 CLOSED





From district 3 CLOSED

boy from 3(74 hg) UNAVAILBLE

Wiress TAKEN

Beetee TAKEN

From district 4 CLOSED

girl from 4(74 hg) TAKEN


Finnick TAKEN

From district 5 CLOSED

Foxface TAKEN

girl from 5(75 hg) UNAVAILBLE

boy from 5(75 hg) TAKEN

From district 6 CLOSED

Male morphling TAKEN

Female morphling TAKEN

From district 7 CLOSED

Blight TAKEN

Johanna TAKEN

From district 8 CLOSED

girl from 8(74 hg) UNAVAILBLE


Cecelia TAKEN

From district 9 CLOSED

boy from 9(74 hg) TAKEN

some one can create the female ;D TAKEN

From district 10 CLOSED

boy from 10(74 hg)

boy from 10 (75 hg) TAKEN

some one can create female ;D TAKEN

From district 11 CLOSED


Thresh TAKEN



From district 12 CLOSED

Katniss TAKEN


name gender district game plan sponser money left fate user
Glimmer F 1 needed 600 dead AshtonMoioLover
Marvel M 1 needed 200 dead Aaronmalik
Clove F 2 needed 600 alive DedeJacob
Cato M 2 He will use his machete and sword as avantage and stick with careers 600 alive Wiress fan21
Wiress F 3 Ally with Beetee,Johanna,Cecelia and rely and help Beetee with his eletrical trap. 600 alive Wiress fan21
Beetee M 3 Get wires for trap and ally with Johanna. 400 alive HungerGamesFantic
girl from 4(74 hg)/mentor named her Marina F 4 Stick with careers until 2 or 3 remain then go hide. 600 dead district4tribute
Finnick M 4 Career,use trident and nets as advantage. 600 alive HungerGamesFantic
Foxface F 5 Rely on other tributes food and attack tributes from a high tree. 600 alive Glitterday
Boy from 5(75 hg)/mentor has named him Jeff M 5 Ally with morphling or kill himself and avoid painfull death. 600 dead Manner me456
Female Morphling F 6 needed 600 dead EXellent
Male morphling/needs name from creator. M 6 needed 600 dead AshtonMoioLover
Johanna F 7 Ally with Beetee and use her axes as advatage. 350 alive HungerGamesFantic
Blight M 7 needed 600 dead clove is the best
Cecelia F 8 Ally with Beetee,Wiress and Johanna and use her knife skills advatage and she will protect Wiress 450 alive Wiress Fan21
Wolf M 8 Ally with someone who wont betray him 600 dead Ms. FinnickOdair
girl from 9(74 hg) The creator has named her Demetria F 9 needed 600 alive DedeJcob
Boy from 9(74 hg)/mentor has named him Q M 9 Kill Clove and Katniss for it being their fault he is dead. Hopefully with a knife. 600 dead Manner Me456
Girl from 10 (75 hg)/mentor has named her Kelly F 10 Avoid careers 600 dead wiki contributer
Boy from 10(75 hg)/mentor has named him Tauros M 10 Find clear water. 600 dead District10male
Rue F 11 needed 600 dead district4 tribute
Thresh M 11 Show no mercy 450 alive Aaronmalik
Katniss F 12 needed 600 dead AshtonMoioLover
Peeta M 12 Try to protect Katniss 200 alive District2career
name training scores why they got that score
Glimmer 8 For bow and arrow skills
Marvel 8 For spear skills
Clove 10 For scary personality and knife skills
Cato 10 For sword skills and tying skills.
Wiress 2 For lack of knowledge.
Beetee 7 For electric trap,lost points for uncool personality
Marina 8 For snare and axe skills
Finnick 10 Trident skills and nets and wanted personality.
Foxface 6 For plant knowledge but bad choice of weapon but she was good with it
Jeff 3 For lack of agility and balance and control.
Female morphling/needs name/ 6 For camoflauge skills and speed and slingshot skills
Male morphling/needs name/ 5 For camofluage skills
Johanna 8 For axe skills.
Blight 6 For axe skills
Cecelia 6 For knife skills and temper but points were lost due to her lack of agility.
Wolf 7 For strength and knife skills
Demetria 4 For killing trainer but crazy temper boosted her score
Q 5 For speed and strength but lack of attraction.
Kelly 3 For lack of agility
Taurus 6 For nature skills
Rue 5 For  climbing skills but lack of strength
Thresh 10 For strength and sword skills
Katniss 8 For bow and arrow skills
Peeta 9 For knife,camofluage skills and strength

Sponser items


Trident 250

spear 200

sword 150

machete 150

dagger 100

bow and arrows (12) 300

axe 150

throwing axes (5) 250

throwing knives (5) 250

metal bat 50


water 300

bread 250

dried beef strips (4) 150

small pouch o fruit 100

larger pack o fruit 250

pack o crackers 100

soup 150

chicken 150


large amor 300

small armor 200

water canteen 100

backpack 50

rope 100

net 150

matches 150

tent with blanket 250

large coat 200

portable fan 200


instant heal 300

infection medicine 200

head ache medicine 200

pain medicine 200

sleeping pills 200

(tell me if I should add anything else you think of)


name district how killed killed by
Kelly 10 Throwing knife in back Clove
Blight 7 Throwing knife in head Clove
Q 9 Sword though side Cato
Jeff 5 Trident in chest Finnick
Marina 4 Knife in gut Wolf
Male Morphling 6 Bleed out Cato
Female Morphling 6 Bleed out Cato
Wolf 8 Machete down throat Cato
Taurus 10 Bleed out Cato
Glimmer 1 Knife in chest Clove
Marvel 1 Knife in back Clove
Rue 11 Knife in face Clove
Katniss 12 Sword through body Cato
Cecelia 8 Sword in face Cato
Clove 2 Throat crushed Thresh
Demetria 9 Melted by acid Johanna
Wiress 3 Stabbed in stomach Cato
Foxface 5 Pricked in gut by a dagger Beetee
Beetee 3 Fell off a tree Foxface
Finnick 4 Stabbed in side Cato
Cato 3 Decapitated Johanna
Johanna 7 Skull punctured Thresh
Peeta 12 Sliced in head Thresh

name overveiw
Glimmer DEAD
Marvel DEAD
Clove DEAD
Wiress DEAD
Beetee DEAD
Marina DEAD
Finnick DEAD
Foxface DEAD
Female morphling DEAD
Male morphling DEAD
Blight DEAD
Johanna DEAD
Cecelia DEAD
Demetria DEAD
Kelly DEAD
Taurus DEAD
Katniss DEAD
Peeta DEAD


Okay, so each tribute gets 600 dollars and their mentor spends that money on them while they are in the games....simple :)



The tributes rise from the tubes and find a warm breeze. Peeta glances around and sees the arena. In front lies the cornacorpia with a bunch of weapons at the mouth at the cornacorpia. 12 small orange packs lay on the outskirts. 6 meduim sized brown and purple striped packs lay in the middle of the cornacorpia. 3 huge black bags are at the mouth of the cornacorpia too. From behind is a hill that slopes down and at the bottom of the hill is a huge school.

5...4...3...2...1 GONG


Katniss and Rue flee the bloodbath at a quick pace . Peeta had previously  promised Katniss a bow and arrow. As a result,  he makes a bee line for a silver bow and a sheath of arrows. His steps are heavy, but firm. He reaches the essential the same time as Glimmer. She see’s him, and abruptly shoves him onto the spiky dirty grass and wraps her fingers around the reflective silver of the bow and arrow.  As she about to launch an arrow at Peeta,  a small pebble punctures Glimmer skin of her jugular vein  and she slides too the ground in pain.

Peeta hastily grabs a small pack and flees down the hill to locate Katniss.

Glimmer looks to find the, what the tributes call,  crazy female morphling loading a sharp large rock into her slingshot and  aiming it towards Glimmer head. The morphling shoots two rocks at her but Glimmer dodges both and scrambles behind a large, black crate, which just manages to protect her already exhausted body.

Wiress starts screeching for Beetee to come and retrieve her. Johanna locates terrified Wiress and lifts her over her shoulders and desperately screams for Cecelia, Blight, and Beetee. All three of the victors rejoice with Johanna and Wiress. Cecelia with a medium sized pack over her shoulders and Beetee with a small pack and Blight protected with an axe. They all start to sprint off when when Clove gets involved with the plan.

Clove almost immediately searches through once of the biggest backpack’s and finds several shiny silver knifes. Her heart jumps at the beautiful, yet dangerous sight. She’s edging to use the deadly weapon and  immediately, expertly throws a knife at the district 10 female causing her shoulders to slump down lifeless. Clove turns too see the pack of five trying to flee. She throws 4 knives at there direction all of them finding Blight's skull with brutal force but the others escape with their lives. Just.

 Finnick has a trident in his hand, flung to his lower thigh. His body is comfortable with the weapon. As if it is a natural occurrence to him. He grabs the last two huge packs and fling them over his shoulder, with little difficulty.  A tribute sneaks up on him with great stealth. Finnick turns abruptly at the slight movement to see Cato armed with a sword to his side. They both throw themselves into a deadly battle. Cato swings his sword at the district 9 tribute. Finnick swipes his Trident into the drunk from 5.

Meanwhile. Foxface and the morphlings have teemed up and they flee with 3 small packs together.

Thresh goes insane attacking careers left and right. His strong, built, and extremely dangerous body. Handles the tributes with little difficulty. His body is made to kill.  He grabs the district 4 girl, Marina and throws her on the cornucopia knocking her out. When his logic kicks in, he grabs a medium sized pack and 2 small packs and a huge curved machete and begins walking out of the bloodbath in no rush. His legs move with long strides. Marvel confronts him quickly causing thresh to grapple with the boy.

The girl from 9, Demetria grabs a small dagger and ducks behind a crate to hide until the bloodbath is over. All the while, screaming prays in her mind. This is not her forte. It just so happens to be the same crate Glimmer is behind. Demetria digs her dagger into Glimmers thigh. Without hesitation. She is more deadly, then she realizes.  And then slaps her in the face and starts sprinting away the same time Thresh does. Marvel lies on the ground with multiple injuries. Guess Thresh won.

(Re written By Skye If you need any asstance with writing your games. Drop me a message. =)

The boy from 10 escapes with 1 small pack

Wolf remains hidden in the cornacorpia terrified to move.



wiress: nothing

Beetee: one small pack

Foxface: one small pack

Female morphling: one small pack,slingshot,pack of rocks

Male morphling: one small pack

Johanna: nothing

Cecelia: one meduim pack

wolf: nothing

Demetria: Dagger

Taurus: one small pack

Rue: nothing

Thresh:  one meduim pack,2 small packs, and a curved sword

Peeta: Small pack

Careers: everything left in cornacorpia.

Katniss: nothing

DAY 2!!!!!!!!!

The careers regroup and pile their materials in the middle of the cornacorpia. Wolf remains silent and frozen in a solid black crate. The girls from 1 and 4 chat around wolfs location while everybody else sorts through the packs.

I think that Finnick guy is so hot! Exclaims glimmer. Ya he is. You two would be perfect together giggleS the girl from 4,Marina. Glimmer sits on the crate Wolf is in. So what do you think about. Glimmer doesnt get to finish her sentence because Wolf pops out. Glimmer shrieks and Marina calls for Cato. Before anyone can react Wolf takes off. Before he can make it out two knives whizz his deriction, one of them hitting the only pack Wolf had in his hand. He frees the knife and throughs it at Clove then just sprints down the hill and in the school. Clove ducks and the knife buries itself into Marina. BOOM!

Katniss and Peeta roam the halls of the school. Katniss tounge is parched. Peeta looks at his beloved in despair. A sponser gift of a dagger pops beside peeta and he eagerly opens it to find the dagger.

Taurus has found the caferteria and has made himself comfty. He hears feet clamp outside in the halls and he peaks out to see Wolf sprinting down the halls. Taurus does not go into combat but instead stays quiet and goes back to eating some caferteria food.

Foxface has heard noises in front of her. She turns to the morphlings and whispers hush silently. The morphlings have been camoflauging themselves and have been fine. They are actually happy they found the art room. Foxface stills hears noises coming from the closet.

The careers have decided to hunt. Glimmer loads a sword, Clove gets a pack of knives, Marvel guards the cornacorpia with a spear, Cato brings a machete, Finnick has a trident. They split up in the school.  Clove goes north with Glimmer and Finnick heads south with Finnick.

Glimmer opens doubled doors to find a huge room with a gigantic forest inside. The girls check there.

Foxface decides to open the closet where all the noises appear to be coming from. The closet is vast and streched out. She spots Wiress, Beetee, Johanna, and Cecelia unloading two backpacks. Foxface scoops up the female morphling's slingshot then sprints off. The morphlings stare into the eyes of the 4 person alliance. Cato and Finnick then appear from the door connected to the art room.

Get the alliance i got the morphlings! Grunts Cato as he rips his machete through the male morphling's chest and then throw the female morphling on the floor. Finnick looks at Johanna pannicked. Run he says and Johanna and the others dart out of the closet and out of the room. Johanna goes right and the others go left seprating them. Cato drops his machete into the female morphlings chest. He watches the two wiggle in pain on the ground then the male's heart runs out. BOOM. The girl attemps to crawl off but its worthless and all her blood pools the floor. BOOM.

Cato glares at Finnick. Why did you let them get away! He swings his sword towards the guy from 4. Finnick takes off before the blade hits him.

Finnick makes it to the cornacorpia and chucks his trident into Marvel's chest. Marvel collapses on the ground and starts to bleed out.  Finnick packs up most of the supplies and burns the rest.

DAY 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its midnight when Marina, and the morphlings are shined in the dark night sky.

Marvel is bleeding out. He is broken and bloody and death is near for his soul. Just then a spear and instant heal sponser gift lands in his hands. He doesn't get to celebrate because the insane girl from 9 smacks the weapon and medecine out of Marvel's hand. She is armed with a dagger and she uses the handle of the weapon to bang against her enemies head. Marvel plays dead on the ground while Demetria checks for supplies that hasn't been burned. She manages to find infection medicine and 2 bread loaves, She sprints off. Marvel immediantly rubs instant heal all over his body.

Taurus finally looks the small backpack he received in the bloodbath, all it is is a small bottle of instant heal.

Woof is still sprinting the halls looking for some where to stay. His old and fragile feet can only go so far. He pauses for a short rest then goes back at running. He takes a turn and bumps into Cato. Cato grabs Wolves throat and shoves his machete into it. BOOM

Cato locates the caferteria. He munches on a few apples and sips down some water. Taurus pops out of a vinding machine and smacks Cato. Cato chuckles and digs his machete into Taurus' theigh and then elbows him with full power. Cato departs leaving Taurus to suffer.

Peeta and Katniss have lossed hope. They both are dying of starvation. In there small pack was a dol knife and they already have a dagger.

They travel the halls and find huge double doors and open them to find a huge forest. Then a bow and arrow sponser gift lands in Peeta's hand.

Katniss face brightens as she realizes this is her chance to go hunt. They make their way to the woods.

Finnick has entered the cafterteria and eats a entire bucket of mash potatoes. He then realizes he has been stepping over blood. He turns and sees Taurus reaching for a little instant heal bottle. Finnick grabs the instant heal and exits the room with a cooked turkey.

Cato makes it back to the cornacorpia and explains what happened to Finnick to Marvel. Marvel then explains what happened to all the supplies. Marvel rests while Cato swears about the materials being burned.

Glimmer and Clove are completly lost. Clove knew the deriction back to the cornacorpia but Glimmer being the girl that she is insisted that she knew the way more than Clove and has been bratty to her the whole time. The pair are still in the forest. Clove finally speaks up. Just follow me! Well, if you didn't get us lost in the first place i could have got us back at camp, Glimmer spits out. Clove grunts and mutters something smart under breath. Excuse me? Glimmer screeches. Just shut it Clove mutters as she takes the lead.

Glimmer becomes as red as a tomato but she silently follows Clove. But Glimmer doesn't want to be bosses around. She withdraws her sword. Clove turns and faces Glimmer.

Just then two arrows whizz past Glimmer. The careers turn to see Katniss loading another arrow in her bow. Peeta is right behind her with a dagger. Run! shouts Clove. They sprint deep in the woods and loose Katniss.

Clove has guided Glimmer out of the forest and they run into Finnick. Finnick smiles grimly. Finnick screams Glimmer as she clutches onto him. Finnick knows Glimmer likes him to getting her to ally with him and turn on the careers should be a peice of cake.

Hey babe why don't we head back to the camp. Says Finnick in his best sudective voice. Glimmer giggles.

The 3 careers just reach the cornacorpia when Cato sees Finnick.

Traitor! Yells Cato as he withdraws his machete. Marvel grabs his spear. Clove joins the boys and clutches her pack of knives. What the? Glimmer becomes puzzled. Clove doesn't wait. She chucks a knife at Finnick. Finnick blocks the flying knife with his trident and shouts: Who do you want to go with Glimmer? Glimmer panics and grabs her bow and arrows. Clove aims a knife at Finnick's heart but Glimmer gets in front of him. Don't hurt him! Glimmer cries. Cato sprints up to Glimmrt and grabs her by the hair and slams her down to the hard earth. Clove rolls her eyes and kicks her while she is on the ground. Finnick sprints down the hill and their is no way the 3 other careers can catch up.

Johanna looses hope into finding her old allies. A sponser gift of throwing axes land in her hand. Then Wolf shines in the sky.

DAY 4!!!!!


The careers are awkaken by a cannon.....someone died this early?

Wiress looks down at Taurus. His body cold and dead. A shiver runs through Beetee. Cecelia nudges Wiress foward gently. The 3 victors leave the carcass.

Demetria is starving. She has no water no food and no hope. She searches the science room she is in in hope of finding something to fill her hunger. A test tube lies in a cabinet. A green liquid fills the bottle to the top. Demetria is desperate. She grabs the tube and is about to sip it when she looses grip on the bottle,therefor the bottle crashes on her arm. It sends pain through her veins and Demetria's arm inflares and enlargnes and becomes as hard as a rock.

The careers prepare for their hunt tomorrow.

Glimmer does her hair with a stick.

Marvel sharpens his spear.

Cato hurls boulders.

Clove throws knives right at squirrels.

Johanna settles in the woodshop room. She swings her axes around,just to have some practice. Taurus is then flashed on the ceiling.


Thresh wraps his arms around Rue. You promise me you will be back in 5 minutes right? Thresh says as gentle as he can. The couple have been staying in a small cramed bathroom. Every morning They go in the caferteria and sneak some broth. Today Rue is going to get the food.

The 12 uear old departs Thresh continuosly looking back at Thresh.

Just then a sponser gift of chicken lands in front of Thresh.

He saves the legs and wings for Rue.

Katniss and Peeta share a kiss. Katniss is preparing to hunt and Peeta can't come because he is very noisy. This well attract other tributes to their location. Katniss loads her weapon and heads out of the cave.

Johanna!!!!! Finnick has a tight grip on his friend. I have missed you. Says Johanna under breath. Just then a arrows buries into Johanna.

She isnt here!! Grunts Cecelia. Our mentor said she would be here says Beetee,his voice cracking in depression. Wiress' face remains blank. The trio head out the door and into the halls to continue their search.

Johanna slips to the ground. Glimmer shoots her second arrow right into Johanna's abdomen. Glimmer shoves Johanna aside and hugs Finnick. You will be mine. Glimmer's voive firm. Finnick hesitates and then lifts Glimmer off the ground. Her feet dangle. He hits her....hard. A stream of blood tripples down her head. She starts pleading. A low moan escapes Johanna's lips. Finnick drops Glimmer and pulls out his instant heal which he got from Taurus. He coats Johanna in the medicine. The couple run off.

Clove comes into veiw and just stares into Glimmer's eyes. How did they get away?! Glimmer starts to pout. Clove is sickened. She lifts a knife and drops it into Glimmer's chest. BOOM!

Rue is completly lost. She wonders into the forest room. It's now very late and Rue can hardly see. She bumps into a body and immediantly starts pleading. Rue! Katniss says with much joy. Katniss! says Rue. Tears fill their eyes.

Just then a arm comes from behind Rue and wraps around her throat.

Marvel has a tight grip on the 12 year olds neck. He is right behind her. Katniss immediantly shoots 2 arrows at Marvel's head. He ducks and the arrows fly pass him. Rue reacts by biting Marvel's arm then in the slight moment he lets go in pain, kicks his spot. Rue sprints off. Katniss lets her hand fly across Marvel's face then she runs off in hopes of finding Rue or Peeta.

Thresh! Thresh! Screams Rue on the top of her lungs. Thresh hears the agonizing shouts and goes into the forest room desperatly looking for Rue.

Rue is terrified in the forest. She shivers as she runs. Rue bumps into a large male figure. Thresh! Says Rue full of joy. Think again says Marvel as he shoves her onto the ground with much force. Rue screams as she sees the spear in Marvel's hand. Marvel was looking for Cato and Clove but quickly went after Rue as he heard her screams and pleads.

Katniss has heard Rue's screams and is panting to find her. Katniss!!! Can be heard a mile away as Peeta sees his love. You had me worry sick says Peeta with relief. Rue, she is in trouble! Pants Katniss. The couple take off at a dead sprint in hopes of reuniting with Rue.

Marvel lifts the spear and chuckles. BOOM! Marvel flails to the ground with a knife sticking out of his back. The second knife hits Rue in the forehead. BOOM! Clove rips out the knives from the bodies and goes to find Cato.

Katniss and Peeta are running faster after hearing the cannons. Just then Cato pops out in front of the lovers. Cato thrusts his blade through Katniss' body. BOOM! Conflicting emotions across Peeta's face as he chases Cato.

Thresh sees Rue's shriveled corpse and sees Clove running. He makes a beeline for her.

Peeta and Thresh crash into eachother,both men in tears.

The careers make it back to camp.

Foxface looks up in the sky from her tree. Glimmer, Marvel, Rue and Katniss are shown in the sky. O well, Foxface thinks. Less competion.

DAY 6!!!

Peeta has allied with Thresh. They share a lot in common and are really close. Hello fellow tributes! A gamemakers voice booms through the vast arena. Their will be a feast at the cornacorpia and I will be delighted if you attended.

Wiress,Cecelia, and Beetee are making a beeline for the feast. All the tributes surrond the cornacorpia. Watching to see who will go for their districts pack. Cato comes from behind the trio alliance while they are focused on looking at their packs.

Cato wraps his arms around Cecelia and she immediantly punches him causing a bloody nose. He grunts and throws her on the ground and lifts his sword. Cecelia screeches for her partners to flee and they do.

The are still running away from the feast when Cecelia's cannon fires.

Finnick then tackles Cato and they fist fight brutally.

Meanwhile Foxface runs for her district 5 pack. She reaches it when Demetria and Johanna do. They all stare at eachother when Johanna swings her axe at Foxface but she doges. Demetria has escaped with her district 9 pack and then Clove runs for the packs. Johanna sees the career and flees the feast without her pack. She races down the hill and into the school. She stops in the science room to take a breath. Demetrius is also their,hidden.

Clove chucks a knife at Foxface which prices her shoulder blade and she flings to the ground, moaning. Clove is just gonna flee when Thresh comes. Clove throws a knife at his derection but Thresh dodges the weapon with ease. He then dodges the next 3 that came his way.

Foxfaxe crawls off with her pack.

Thresh grabs Clove by the throat for she is Rues killer. He crushes his hands toget her breaking Cloves neck. BOOM!

He walks off with Peetas pack and his own.

Finnick has been fighting Cato. Both careers are broken and very bloody. Finnick punches his enemy in the face then races down the hill to find Johanna.

The feast is lifted away before Cato could get his pack.

Demetria throws Johanna across the room,her rock arm acting as a weapon.  Johanna panicks and crawls under a table. Demetria lifts the table with her monstrous arm and chucks it across the room, shattering the legs. Johanna stumbles up but Demetria quickly shoves Johanna back down. A crack noise fills the room as Johanna's arm snaps. A glass shattering scream hitches from her throat. Demetria chuckles as she lifts up a test tube labeled acid. Johanna quickly stands and rips the tube out of her hand. Johanna then throws the tube of acid in Demetria's face and watches as her face melts like acid. BOOM!

Johanna searches Demetria's pack to find instant heal, and a long sharp sword.

Thresh and Peeta find two full sets of armor in their packs.

Foxface searches through her pack up in a tree. She finds several bread loaves and several throwing knives. She then veiws Clove's and Demetria's dead faces on the roof.

Day 7!!!!!

Cato is furious of Clove's death. He leaves the camp to go hunt tributes. It's not long before he finds the district 3 tributes in the math room. He withdraws his machete. Wiress screeches as Beetee remains sicked and stiffend. Wiress drops to her knees muttering plead remarks. Beetee hoists his partner up and whispers run and the district 3 tributes attemp to flee the room but Cato blocks the door.

Cato grabs Wiress by the hand and snaps her wrist. Before she can react Cato thrusts his machete in her gut and twists it. BOOM!

Beetee kicks Cato in the knee cap before slipping out of the room and out of harm.

Finnick frantically searches for Johanna.

Beetee wonders in the forest room and begins to climb a tree for protection. He crawls onto a branch hidden behind leaves. Foxface notices that Beetee is in her tree but Beetee isnt doesn't see her. Foxface shoves him and veiws Beetee as he flails down the tree and smacks on the ground., but no cannon goes off. Foxface climbs down the tree with ease. She veiws Beetee before she lifts her sword. Beetee twirls with the dagger that has remained in his pocket since the bloodbath. He sticks it in Foxfaces' stomach. BOOM! Beetee remains stun. He slowly drifts off from the pain of the drop. BOOM!

Thresh listens to a gamemakers announcement. Hello tributes! His voice annoying and over bubbly. Their is gonna be a black pearl in the cornacorpia. First tributes to get it is the VICTOR!!!

The tributes surrond the cornacorpia.

The pearl remains on a pedastal in the center of the cornacorpia.

Finnick makes the first move and goes at a full sprint for the black pearl. Johanna and Cato do the same a moment later. Cato realizes Finnick is to close for comfort so he swings his machete towards him but the attack is easly dodged by the victor career. Johanna is about to reach the pearl and Finnick realizes that and even though she is his friend, Finnick wants to win. He sends his trident over at her derictrion and it hits her arm detaching it. She drops to the ground bleeding heavenly. Cato slips behind Finnick and drops his machete in his side. BOOM! Johanna quickly throws her axe Cato's deriction but Cato wasnt ready for it and it sweeps his head clean off. BOOM! Peeta and Thresh then go for the pearl. Thresh sticks his sword in Johanna's head while making his way to the pearl. BOOM! Thresh and Peeta reach the pearl at the same time. Thresh says sorry as he sticks his sword in Peeta's forhead and grabs the pearl. THRESH IS VICTOR!!!!!

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