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  • MarinaTheTenkaiKnight


    This is a minor Hunger Games I'm making, to try and improve my writing skills. (I know I'm a horrible writer, I know. ;-;)

    So this will be written as a full Hunger Games, but from only one POV, Jenera Eiry (Feel free to use it as a name for a tribute from District Zero, I don't mind)

    I wake up to the annoying bleeping of the alarm, alerting me that it was 6:30 am and that I needed to get my ass up for the reapings.

    "FIVE MORE MINUTES!" I yelled into the intercom that ran through the house and slammed the snooze button. I'm a heavy sleeper, no doubt. Nobody wakes up Jenera Eiry without any form of crankiness as a response.


    "SHUT UP!" I screamed at the alarm clock. 

    "Your sister is sl…

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  • MarinaTheTenkaiKnight

    so yeah 


    Blah blah

    Time skip to final 2

    Emilia sacrifices herself for Blake.

    Same as last time. No godmodding, blah blah, the usual.

    There are incarnations of some of the tributes from last games.


    Billybob Joe: incarnation of a flower

    Billpowldkfie Blah: incarnation of a tree


    Tributes made into incarnations:

    Emilia: incarnation of The Doctor

    Eli: incarnation of Marvel

    the rest are revealed later :3

    User: District: Gender: Preferred Weapon:
    1 Male

    2 Female

    3 Male

    4 Female

    5 Male

    6 Female

    7 Female

    8 Male

    9 Male

    10 Female

    11 Male

    12 Female

    13 Female

    14 Female

    15 Male



    Small alliance:

    (insert alliance name here):

    (insert alliance name here):


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  • MarinaTheTenkaiKnight

    chocolate lollipops

    1. 3 tributes per user

    2. Reserves will last six to eight hours depending on how much I trust you to submit stuff in on time

    3. Mentor advice needs to be sent every two days (in real life days)

    4. Please don't make Mary Sue's. I won't accept those.

    5. One career per user, I will make an exception if they are twins or sisters.

    6. I know this is a cheesy rule, but have fun!

    The tributes will have to fight in arenas organized by District.

    First arena will have:

    District One Male

    District Four Female

    District 6 Male

    District 9 Female

    District 11 Female

    District 13 Female

    Second arena will have:

    District Three Female

    District Five Male

    District Seven Female

    District 10 Female

    District 10 Male

    District 12 Female

    District 8 Male

    District 11 Male


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  • MarinaTheTenkaiKnight

    These will be a very funny games by Marina. Credit to The Symphonic Taco for the name.

    1. Reservations last six hours.

    2. 4 tributes per person.

    3. Have fun!

    4. No perfect tributes. Here's an example:

    Name: 2perf 4u

    Age: he doesn't have an age bc he's too perf

    gender: way too perf for that

    district: too perf

    backstory: he's too perf

    You get what I mean?

    Name: District: Gender: Weapon: User: Name: District: Gender: Weapon: User:
    1 Male

    1 Female

    2 Male

    2 Female

    3 Male

    3 Female

    4 Male

    4 Female

    5 Male

    5 Female

    6 Male

    6 Female

    7 Male

    7 Female

    8 Male

    8 Female

    9 Male

    9 Female

    10 Male

    10 Female

    11 Male

    11 Female

    12 Male

    12 Female

    13 Male

    13 Female

    14 Male

    14 Female

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  • MarinaTheTenkaiKnight


    free signatures.

    Just fill this out:




    Date wanted by:


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