This will probably be fuking confusing to you, but it's a user games, but with 12 tributes.

It's the 199th Hunger Games, and this time mentors went into the arena with their tributes. It was almost a quarter quell.

Visual: (These people aren't real people)

Name: Tribute or User: Username:
Bob  User Mr. Bob
Lilia User lol im soo cool27
Sakuria Leoil Tribute


Enter below, with yourself and/or a tribute of yours.


Name: District: Alliance and/or if that alliance is unavailable: Username:
1 Male
Emilia 2 Female Career/Perf Alliance Summer bee 13
Blake 3 Male Perf Alliance/Loner Tehblakdeath
Eden 4 Female Anyone/Loner Meoryou (Did I spell this right?)
5 Male
6 Female
7 Male
8 Female
9 Male
10 Female
11 Male
12 Female


Name: Gender: District: Alliance: User:
Female 1
Guy Shotgun Male 2 ? Meoryou
Female 3
Male 4
Female 5
Welson Dare Male 6 ? Meoryou
Female 7
Male 8
Female 9
Male 10
Female 11


Introducing district 13 to these games! (I don't usually have 13)

Name: Gender: District: Alliance: User:
Radiant Tayz/Taze Male 13 Perf Alliance? Tehblakdeath
Female 13

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