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The 204th Hunger Games

M'kay, I just felt like making another games. This one will have reapings, interviews, chariot rides, training, and games (SUMMARIES FOR THE FIRST FOUR).A real one, not like my puny Reincarnation Games. (I think you know how it went.)


1. This will have killing, it's the Hunger Games!

2. No reservations this time around

3. If you whine, all your tributes get killed immediately!

4. 3 tributes a user (This may raise to 4)

5. There are all the districts, plus Capitol, 13, and 14. No 0 c:

6. No links please.

7. I'm not going on profiles.

8. I can decline any tributes.


Name: District: Gender: Age:
Emil Grace Capitol Male 16
Alice "Copper" Voclain Capitol Female 18
Ajax Orbit 1 Male 17
Paris Flash 1 Female 16
2 Male
Audrey Landcaster 2 Female 14, 
3 Male
Anais Morrissa 3 Female 16, 
Mitchell Salmon 4 Male 17, 
Amelia "Lia" Williams 4 Female 16
Harvey Free 5 Male
Carmine Morrisa 5 Female 16
6 Male
Viola Schismino 6 Female 12
Samuel Coleman 7 Male 13, 
Sunny Coleman 7 Female 13, 
8 Male
Jem Nightshade 8 Female 16
9 Male
Gwenith Miller 9 Female 15
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
11 Female
12 Male
Aurora Sydney Avrett 12 Female 18 (19 on interview day)
13 Male
Bree Riverbuck 13 Female 18
14 Male
14 Female


Capitol- Emil's POV


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