This is a minor Hunger Games I'm making, to try and improve my writing skills. (I know I'm a horrible writer, I know. ;-;)

So this will be written as a full Hunger Games, but from only one POV, Jenera Eiry (Feel free to use it as a name for a tribute from District Zero, I don't mind)

Reaping - District Zero

I wake up to the annoying bleeping of the alarm, alerting me that it was 6:30 am and that I needed to get my ass up for the reapings.

"FIVE MORE MINUTES!" I yelled into the intercom that ran through the house and slammed the snooze button. I'm a heavy sleeper, no doubt. Nobody wakes up Jenera Eiry without any form of crankiness as a response.


"SHUT UP!" I screamed at the alarm clock. 

"Your sister is sleeping!" my dad yells angrily. Yeah, yeah, I hate you too. My sister is only 6, not old enough to be eligible for the reapings yet. Lucky bastard.

I go to my closet and pick out a sweater, jeans, and double socks. It's almost always in the negatives here. It's District Zero! What do you expect?

I then race to the coat closet and get my black parka and uggs out. I then realized there was an hour until I had to be in the square, so I plugged in my headphones and sat on my bed, quietly singing along. Surely enough, the minutes passed by fast, and I had to be in the square in five minutes. Shit. "Bye guys!" I say as I run out the door.

The misty dew from last night's rainfall sinks into my boots, and thankfully it doesn't soak into my socks. I'm surprised that it didn't snow last night, like it almost always does. Everyone here owns some sort of protection from snow.

When I get to the square, they're preparing to play the video. I realize how late I am, and run over to the stand where they prick your finger. 

As they prick my finger, my right index finger's blood is exposed to the bitter winter air, even though it was May, and for a second, a holograph appears that says "Jenera Eiry, age 14, citizen of District Zero". 

I join in the marked area for fourteen year olds, and wait, freezing, as the video finishes.

"So now, we will pick our lucky tributes that will participate in the 59th Hunger Games! Go District Zero!!!!" the escort squeals. God, I hate these kinds of escorts.

"Ladies first!" she screams.

She rummages through a heap of envelopes, three containing my name. 

"Jenera Eireeh!"

I sigh. It's Eiry, stupid woman. I think as I walk up to the stage. Everyone stands silent. "Clap, you idiots!" the escort yells. Nobody claps. "You guys are no fun," she says in a whiny tone. I zone out for the male drawing, as I really don't know anyone except my family here. It's too cold for school here, so everybody here is homeschooled. It kinda sucks.

"Shake hands, you two!" the escort yells at us in a very high voice. Oh yeah. Right.

We shake hands, and the boy is someone who doesn't look like he's from here. He has tanned skin, ashen gray eyes, and a cold smile. I don't think I'll end up being allies with him in the Games.

Right after we finish that thought, Peacekeepers pick us up and carry us into the Justice Building, where we'll board the train.

Train Rides

Chariot Rides




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