chocolate lollipops


1. 3 tributes per user

2. Reserves will last six to eight hours depending on how much I trust you to submit stuff in on time

3. Mentor advice needs to be sent every two days (in real life days)

4. Please don't make Mary Sue's. I won't accept those.

5. One career per user, I will make an exception if they are twins or sisters.

6. I know this is a cheesy rule, but have fun!


The tributes will have to fight in arenas organized by District.

First arena will have:

District One Male

District Four Female

District 6 Male

District 9 Female

District 11 Female

District 13 Female

Second arena will have:

District Three Female

District Five Male

District Seven Female

District 10 Female

District 10 Male

District 12 Female

District 8 Male

District 11 Male

Third arena will have:

District One Female

District Two Female

District Three Male

District 5 Female

District 6 Female

District 13 Male

District 12 Male

The fourth arena will have:

District Two Male

District Four Male

District 7 Male

District 8 Female

District 9 Male

District 14 Male

District 14 Female


Name: Gender: District: Alliance: User:
Male 1
Caspin Shimmer Female 1 Careers Pippycat
Male 2
Female 2
Male 3
Alluria Nexus Female 3 Any open alliance or Electra Harrt if Bee puts her in for 5 female :3  Pippycat
Male 4
Emilia Oswald Female 4 Careers Summer bee 13
Male 5
Reserved Female 5 for Pippycat 3 days left
Male 6
Female 6
Male 7
Acacia Spruce Female 7 Anyone who requests Yourfavoritesalmon
Male 8

Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld

Female 8 Anti-Careers Summer bee 13
Male 9
Female 9
Male 10
Female 10
Male 11
Female 11
Male 12
Female 12
Reserved Male 13 for Yourfavoritesalmon 7 hours left
Ophelia Zigler Female 13 Careers, loners (bounces around) Summer bee 13
Male 14
Reserved Female 14 for Yourfavoritesalmon 7 hours left

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