Name: Age: Gender: District: Weapons: Personality: Advantages and Disadvantages: User:
Un named, dies in bloodbath Male Capitol
Aurora Grace 16 Female Capitol Sambaroses
Sebastian Glaze Male 1 yourfavoritesalmon
Cynthia Sparkla Female 1 YourFavoritesalmon
Uzi Kystrel Male 2
Nicole Hiscotch Female 2 Biel1458
Diamond Reaperson Male 3
Autumn Breakdown Female 3 Biel1458
Tom Loleris Male 4
Cassandra Oracion 15 Female 4 Trident She is quiet and insecure, feeling a lot more safer in the background of things. She doesn't like Attention and publicity, as she is a seer and therefore likes to keep out of the spotlight. She doesn't trust anyone, she thinks people are using her to find out about their future. But even though she's as good as isolated herself, from other humans. All she needs is a friend, because deep deep down she is a nice and cheerful girl. Even though she's very insecure she's not a quitter, and she will fight for her survival.

Advantages: She can wield both tridents and throwing axes with emmence skill.

Disadvantages: She is frail and small, and can't handle too many hits.

PumPumPumpkin :3
Pompey Wattson 18 Male 5 Knive, poison Exceptional, bright, known for his wit and intellect.

Advantages: Intelligent, swift with decisions, great leader.

Disadvantages: Can't swim, 

Hybrid Shadow
Cora Sparks Female 5
Un named tribute, dies in bloodbath  Male 6
Ruby Burn Female 6
Veles Koshikadu Male 7
Dessa Ackley Female 7 Sambaroses
Unnamed, dies in bloodbath Male 8
Twyla Paisley Female 8 Sambaroses
Unnamed, dies in bloodbath Male 9
Bailey Snowbelle 16 Female 9 Sickle Timid, fragile, doubts herself, trusts easily, very weak, loves to learn. Advantages: She learned a lot, knows about nature, very fast and she is good with weapons. PumPumPumpkin :3
Henry Blaké 17 Male 10  yourfavoritesalmon
Clarissa Scar Female 10 Equestria Girl
Unnamed, dies in bloodbath Male 11
Lacey Despin Female 11
Eva Fenrir Female 12
Radiant Tayz Male 13
Aeralene Ekiert Female 13 Pippycat
Name: Dexter Thicke 12 Male                User: Meoryou


1. No wikia contributor

2. Reservations allowed

3. Reservations last 1 day

4. Stay active

5. Lunaiis are required. I can find RL.

6. I'd actually like fresh, new tributes.

7. (not a rule) The twist is that 2 of the favorite tribute will be reincarnated as killers in the final 6.

8. I used random number generator for regular tributes, but chose myself for careers.

Sponsor items are shown here:

Training Scores and Odds

Name and District: Score: Odds:
Unnamed Tribute, Capitol 2 49-1
Aurora Grace, Capitol 7 16-1
Sebastian Glaze, District 1 10 4-1
Cynthia Sparkla, District 1 8 7-1
Uzi Kystrel, District 2 9 6-1
Nicole Hiscotch, District 2 11 3-1
Diamond Reaperson, District 3 5 33-1
Autumn Breakdown, District 3 7 19-1
Tom Loleris, District 4 9 4-1
Cassandra Oracion, District 4 12 2-1
Cora Sparks, District 5 8 6-1
Pompey Wattson, District 5 10 5-1
Unnamed Tribute, District 6 1 100-1

Ruby Burn, District 6

11 4-1
Veles Koshikadu, District 7 4 39-1
Dessa Ackley, District 7 7 15-1
Unnamed Tribute, District 8 1 250-1
Twyla Paisley, District 8 3 50-1
Unnamed Tribute, District 9 1 1,000,000-1
Bailey Snowbelle, District 9 6 20-1
Henry Blaké, District 10 8 14-1
Clarissa Scar, District 10 4 65-1
Unnamed Tribute, District 11 1 10000000-1
Lacey Despin, District 11 5 37-1
Dexter Thicke, District 12 9 10-1
Eva Fenrir, District 12 7 25-1
Radiant Tayz, District 13 10 5-1
Aeralene Ekiert, District 13 12 2-1


Bold- leader. Italics- co leader. 

Careers: Uzi (2), Sebastian (1), Veles (7), Tom (4), Aeralene (13)

Antis: Pompey (5)Autumn (3), Aurora (Cap), Cassandra (4), Dessa (7), Twyla (8), Clarissa (10)

1,5,6,12,13 Alliance: Cynthia (1), Cora (5), Ruby (6), Eva (12), Lacey (11)

Loners: Bailey (9), Dexter (12), Henry (10), Radiant (13), Nicole (2),  Diamond (3)

Bloodbath and Day One


I get lifted up into the tube, bringing me into the arena. I eye a backpack close to the outskirts, but close enough for my liking. The gong sounds and I step off my plate, grabbing the backpack and some throwing knives. I throw four of my throwing knives at the boy from the capitol, the boy from 8, the boy from 11, and the boy from six. They all drop dead. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I then run out, not wanting to risk my life again.


I grab two backpacks and a sword, but when I am getting the sword, that Dexter guy throws his knive at me. He misses me and I pick up the knive. I meet up with my alliance, setting down in a tree. I unzip my backpacks and one has a water bottle and a sleeping bag, and the other has bread, camouflage kit, and socks. We split the supplies. I get a water bottle, a sleeping bag, and the socks; Cynthia gets a knive and a blanket; Cora gets a sword, bread and the camouflage kit; Ruby gets the bow and arrow and a sleeping bag; and Aereline gets a tiny pillow, a jacket, and a water bottle. We decide to give Cynthia and Ruby our extra water bottles because they only got 2 things, and Lacey the throwing knive. I get in my sleeping bag and eat a slice of bread and have a sip of water, and go to sleep.

Alliance: Supplies: Notes: How Hungry they are: Where are they going: 
Careers Cornucopia None Not hungry Hunting tributes
1,5,6,12,11 Alliance

On Cynthia:

Knive, blanket, water bottle.

On Cora:

Sword, bread, camouflage kit.

On Ruby:

Bow and arrow, sleeping bag, Water bottle.

On Eva:

Sleeping Bag, Socks, Bread, water bottle.

On Lacey:

Tiny pillow, jacket, water bottle, throwing knive.

Anti Careers

9 backpacks, 5 packs of 10 bandages, 8 apples, 14 knives, 11 blankets, 7 sleeping bags, 1 full armor.

Loners have one backpack and some bread.

DAY 2 


We got a lot of stuff at the cornucopia, but we know that we have to split it. We each get a backpack, but Pompey and Autumn get 2 because they are leaders, we each get 6 bandages, an apple and the leaders get 2, 2 knives for each except the leaders, who get 3, 2 blankets, but we have to share one of them, one sleeping bag each, with an extra, and the armor we save. I see a person walking towards us. I get my knive ready, but he says, "No guys, I want to join your alliance," he says. "Well, what supplies do you have?" I asked. "This dagger, a spear, and a tent. "Ok, your in," Pompey says. This guy might actually be useful.


I volunteer to take first watch, and then I hear a rustling sound. It must be the careers! I wake up everybody. "GUYS! IT'S THE CAREERS!" I whisper and everyone wakes up. Lacey has her throwing knive in her hand, and when she wakes up, she accidentally stabs me in the side, hard. "Oh god, I'm sorry!" she says. Well, I'll need a sponsor. I then see the world fade around me, then it turns to black. BOOM!

AERALENE (witnessing kill)

I see the Anti Careers, saying "yes!" in my mind. I target that dumb guy, Diamond. I target him and get my bow ready. But I don't have to. The Lacey person killed him instead. Well, everybody dies sometime.

HENRY BLAKÉ (sorry no Spanish accent)

I managed to get a sickle, some bread, and a small backpack at the cornucopia. I unpack my tiny backpack and it contains some diced pears, peaches, and oranges in a small cup, and a thin blanket. I go hunting, and sneak up behind a frog and kill it. I make a fire and cook it, as it will be good meat when I will walk to the cornucopia to get supplies while they are on tributes hunting. 

The Fallen:

Diamond Reaperson, District Three

The un named tributes

A poor frog (xD)

Day 3


I decide to keep watch, because I have the bow. Suddenly, there is chiming. Sponsor gifts, a ton, FLYING IN THE SKY! I grab seventeen big ones, four huge ones, and eleven more. The chiming woke up Cynthia and Cora. They put 6 gifts by everyone quietly and we open ours. Mine has a big salad, some poison, healing cream, an extra quiver, a sword, and some insta-relief. I slowly eat my salad and Cynthia keeps guard for the rest of the night. 


I wake up, and see some sponsor gifts on the floor. Nice! Only 8 though. I hear cannons, there must have been fighting over sponsor gifts. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I see Twyla dead. WHAT? The hovercraft comes, and I wipe a tear. "Bye, Twyla," I sniff. Pompey (5) wakes up next, opening all the gifts. Medium backpack, jacket, 4 pears in a bag, bandages, arrows, lotion, some anti-itch cream, and a thick blanket. "Oh, I know just what to give everyone," he says. He hands Autumn the anti itch cream, Aurora the pears, Cassandra the arrows for her bow, Clarissa the jacket, himself the lotion and the blanket, and I get the backpack. It's light green, and it has a tiny bowl of rice wrapped in foil, a sleeping bag (yay, double sleeping bag), a big pillow, a water bottle, and a big tray of brownies. (NOTE: THE BACKPACK IS BIGGER THAN THE AVERAGE BACKPACK). I go over to Pompey and say, "Look!"  He says, "Oh! COOL!" and wakes everyone else up. "Guys, we got sponsor gifts! Plus Dessa has brownies!" "BROWNIES?" Aurora asks. "Yep," Pompey says. We each take two pieces, but I save mine. "Ok, let's save the rest," Pompey whispers and wraps it back in the foil.



I wake up in my triple sleeping bag-triple blanket I made with some needles and yarn I found in the cornucopia. Aeralene is up and looks in the cornucopia for food and backpacks. She finds some chicken in the cornucopia, but it's cold. I make her a fire and attach a stick to the top. She puts the chicken on top of the fire, and asks me if I had a lover back home. "Oh trust me, the girls were all OVER me in the Career camp." I say."But, I do miss ONE person there." But she died last year in the hunger games, but I don't tell her that. I find some vegetables and some fruit in the back of the cornucopia and put it on this board. I chop them up with my regular knife and set them in a bowl. The chicken is done, and I hand Aeralene the salad and let her eat her breakfast while I go for a backpack in there. I find one and it has a trident, a bow and arrow, a sleeping bag, and some water. I then see Henry in the bushes, and he throws his sickle at Aeralene. It hits her in the thigh, and I throw my trident at him. BOOM! I then get some instant relief from the top of the pile  and pour it on her thigh. It mends immediately and I retrieve my trident. We return to eating. I find another thing, but it has a silver case. Inside it has water, a neck rest and a sword. Meh.

CORA SPARKS, DISTRICT FIVE, 1, 5, 6, 12, 11 ALLIANCE (sorry for the six sentences pov)

I'M IN a tree, trying to find an animal to catch us.  I then see Dessa in a bush. She starts attacking me with her dagger. I'm bleeding badly, now I wish I participated in the bloodbath! My world fades to black and I hear one last message, "FOR TWYLA!" and my cannon booms. BOOM!

Contest (CLOSED)

In the next 24 hours, every time you comment, your tributes of choice will get a sponsor gift. NO SPAMMING! (this means you Blake)

Day 5

Aurora Grace, Capitol, Antis

Ding, ding ding! Ding, ding ding! I'm just sitting on a rock, bored. "Hey Aurora, you got 2 sponsor gifts." Cassandra says. "Oh, cool," I say and open them. A Trident and a net. Ooh, like Finnick Odair in his games. He's admired back in the Capitol. I go hunting, but before that I tell them I'm "getting an animal to eat or something,". I'm really hunting for a tribute. I look up and see Radiant up in a tree, smiling with a bottle of poison. "You little bit*h!" I yell and climb up the tree. I take my trident and put it to his face. "Oh, you wanna say goodbye to your little puny family back home before you die?" I say Clove-style. "Well, goodnight!" I say sarcastically and plunge the trident into his face. BOOM!

EVA FENRIR (minor)

I see a sponsor gift floating through the sky. I grab it. It has a bow and 50 arrows, completed with a quiver for the arrows. Nice! Then, I hear an announcement. Attention tributes, there aren't much kills, so we are having knives fall from the sky! Get into a cave or a tree, cornucopia, anything! now! The head gamemaker says. Thank god I'm next to a cave. I wait with my alliance until it ends. I grab a ton of knives, stuffing them into my backpack. But I hear 7 cannons. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 


Final 7 Advice

It is due by tomorrow, or else your tributes have a 100% chance of dying! 


Lacey Despin

I can see the Antis are sleeping. Time to work out my plan! But, uh oh. Cora, the person who killed Twyla, is reincarnated. 

END OF SNEAK PEEK (cliffhanger haha) 

Name: District: Killer: Cause of Death: Placing:
Un named capitol Dexter (12) Throwing knive to head 28th
UN NAMED SIX Dexter (12) Throwing knive to back 27th
unnamed nine Dexter (12) Throwing knive to neck 26th
unnamed eleven Dexter (12) Throwing knives to chest 25th
un named eight Dexter (12) Throwing knive to head  24th
Diamond Reaperson Three Lacey (11) Accidentally stabbed 23rd
Twyla Paisley Eight Cora (5) Sword in back while fighting over sponsor gift 22nd
Bailey Snowbelle Nine Radiant (13) Axe to face while fighting over backpack found in woods 21st
Tom Loleris Four Nicole (2) Blowdart to neck while sleeping 20th
Cora Sparks Five Dessa (7) Multiple hits to heart with dagger 19th
Henry Blaké Ten Uzi (2) Trident to neck (Guys, Henry's death was shortly after Cora's) 18th
Radiant Tayz Thirteen Aurora (Capitol) Trapped in net and trident to face. 17th
Dexter Thicke Twelve Natural Disaster Knive to back. 16th
Nicole Hiscotch Two Natural Disaster Knife to shoulder 15th
Clarissa Scar Ten Natural Disaster Knive to artery 14th
Uzi Kystrel Two Natural disaster Knife to chest 13th
Autumn Breakdown Three natural Disaster knive to face 12th
Cassandra Oracion Four Natural Disaster Knife to leg 11th
Veles Koshikadu Seven Natural Disaster Knife fell through Cornucopia and landed on his head. 10th
N/A N/A Victor!

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