These will be a very funny games by Marina. Credit to The Symphonic Taco for the name.


1. Reservations last six hours.

2. 4 tributes per person.

3. Have fun!

4. No perfect tributes. Here's an example:

Name: 2perf 4u

Age: he doesn't have an age bc he's too perf

gender: way too perf for that

district: too perf

backstory: he's too perf

You get what I mean?


Name: District: Gender: Weapon: User: Name: District: Gender: Weapon: User:
1 Male 1 Female
2 Male 2 Female
3 Male 3 Female
4 Male 4 Female
5 Male 5 Female
6 Male 6 Female
7 Male 7 Female
8 Male 8 Female
9 Male 9 Female
10 Male 10 Female
11 Male 11 Female
12 Male 12 Female
13 Male 13 Female
14 Male 14 Female





Day 1: The "Bloodbath"

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