Since my last ones were a fail, tbh, I'm making a new one!


No whining when you die.

I'm writing these to save time for you guys. 


Name: Gender: Name: Gender:
Connor (CTODURN) Male Eden Female
Blake Male Summer Female
Eli Male Marina Female
Connor (HaraiGoshi) Male Jen Female
Nathaniel (Nlby001) Male Emilia Female



Anti Careers:

Da Perf Alliance: Marina, Blake, Emilia, Eden

The Trio: Jen, Eli, Summer


Training scores & Odds

Name: Gender: Training Score: Odds: Predicted Placing: Name: Gender: Training Score: Odds: Predicted Placing:
Connor (CTODURN) Male 9 13-1 Eden Female 7 6-1
Blake Male 11 16-1 Summer Female 6 15-1
Eli Male 3 18-1 Marina Female 9 28-1
Connor (HaraiGoshi) Male 8 20-1 Jen Female 12 2-1
Nathaniel Male 7 10-1 Emilia Female 10 11-1

Don't complain about your score or odds, it was all randomized by a computer. 


In aphabetical order, also everyone starts out with $250.

Arrows: $50

Blowgun with Poisonous Darts: $30

Blowgun with Regular Darts: $20

Blowgun without Darts: $10

Bow w/o Arrows: $50

Bow with Arrows: $75

Bow with Poisonous Arrows: $100

Bow without Poisonous Arrows: $85

Coffee: $45

Cookies: $5

Crackers: $10

Dagger: $40

Darts (Poisonous): $20

Darts (Non-Poisonous): $10

First Aid Kit: $200

Flowers: $20 

Instant Relief: $150

Mace: $70

Machete: $60

Medical basket (Includes antiseptic, ointment, bandages of different sizes, needles, a cloth towel, and some thread): $350

Weed: $40

Sonic Blaster: $300

Name: Gender: Money: Name: Gender: Money:
Connor1 Male $250 Emilia Female $250
Blake Male $250 Marina Female $250
Eli Male $250 Summer Female $250
Connor2 Male $250 Jen Female $250
Nathaniel Male $250 Eden Female $250

Bloodbath (3rd person)

As the tributes rise into the arena, they are confused. Isn't there 24 tributes, not 10? They shake it off and start getting a look at the arena. Blake eyes a dark brown backpack right next to a spear.

59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50.

Jen can't help but see everyone look at her, since she got the highest training score. Eli is staring at some cooked salmon while Summer is planning to kill at least one tribute.

30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23.

Marina is focusing on a pack of throwing knives, while Eden is getting ready to run.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

GONG! The tributes quickly jump off their plates and Eden picks up a piece of plastic and runs inside the cornucopia. Connor (CTODURN) grabs a light blue small backpack that has victor's crown symbol on it, and Blake snatches the spear and backpack and looks for some food, when a sword hits him from behind and hits him in the ankle. He immediately searches for it's owner and yells "God damn you Connor (HaraiGoshi!)!)!", while Connor (HaraiGoshi) retrieves the sword and runs, then Eli grabs the salmon and runs away with a small blanket also. Jen takes a bow , 2 oranges, and a green sleeping bag, and runs away to Eli and Summer.

Bloodbath 2 (Eli's POV)

A/N: Sorry these are short POV's, I want to make sure everybody knows what happened to them! 2/10 done.


"Attention, attention tributes. Since the bloodbath didn't have any deaths, we are now forcefully pushing you to a second bloodbath. You will be teleported there in about 5 minutes." Oh crap! I only have some cooked salmon and a fleece blanket!

My only thought is I'm screwed! Well, I have no choice now. I take a pocket knive out of my pocket that everyone in the arena got, and start sharpening a few tree branches as fast as I can. "You now have 4 minutes," says the announcer.

Connor (CTODURN) 's POV


I open my backpack as fast as I can to see it's contents. A slingshot, pretzels, a purple sleeping bag, and a half empty water bottle. Really? They couldn't bother to fill it up? I think as I'm teleported to the cornucopia. Eden's POV


There's a nice chiming sound in the air that can only mean one thing; There's a sponsor gift somewhere. Blake sighs and asks "Who's it for?" and I see a small note that says "For Eden". We're already prepared for the second bloodbath, but I quickly open up the two gifts. Crackers and a dagger. Marina quickly looks at the ritz crackers (Marina, Ritz Crackers are basically crackers that are circle shaped and lightly salted) and asks, "Hey Eden, can I have one?" Since I have almost 30 crackers in that, I let her have one. I open it with my dagger and give her one. "Haven't had these since District (#)." she says and smiles. We now have 1 minute until we have the 2nd bloodbath, and I'm ready. My dagger is dipped in poison, and so are Emilia's arrows and her spear. We're ready, and the tributes start to appear in front of us.


As they look at the cornucopia again for the second time, I can tell they're scared. Eden has a dagger, I have a bow with poisonous arrows, and Emilia has a poisonous blowgun. I honestly understand. Blake has a spear with "Da Perfect Alliance" engraved on it, and when the countdown finishes, there's yet another announcement. "Only 9 of you are escaping!" and i gulp. But when everybody runs, I take no time to try out my new bow and aim for Connor (CTODURN). He gets shot in the head, and to be honest I kind of feel bad for him.

"We have killed off 4 tributes automatically to make these games more exciting." an announcement comes. 

"And now, we are throwing you into a feast for more excitement!" he says. Oh god.


I grin. The guy who threw his sword at me was dead! But now we're thrown into a feast. 











GONG! I grab the sonic blaster from Emilia (who was sleeping) and shoot at 3 people. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! It's starting to get dark now, the sky's pink. I can't tell who I killed, I just hope it wasn't someone from our alliance. "2 tributes left," the announcer says. I check the bodies. With one little sliver of light left, I start crying. I killed 2 of my own alliance members.


3rd person

It's Blake and Emilia. Suddenly, a giant TARDIS appears. "OH FUCK YES!" Emilia shouts and runs inside the TARDIS. Blake is unarmed, but he runs into the TARDIS anyway. She reveals a throwing knife. "Don't you dare cut me with that." I said. "I won't," she said, and cut her arm open. "Emilia, what are you doing..." I trailed off. "It's too hard. I can't live without you. Just please, I want you to be victor." she says quietly with one last breath.

Then the worst sound I've heard in my life comes on.


I collapse on the floor and cry. There's nothing else I can do.


Blake's POV (Obviously.)

I read my book, flipped to page 64. I then start reading, as it's the only thing that doesn't remind me of the Games. 

The blood... the dreams...

I quickly shake my head and continue reading. I then shriek in horror as the page shrivels up and burns, and the next page now says,

"Blake, we know what happened in the Games. We're Emilia's parents, and we just wanted to thank you for taking care of her and i'm sure she looks down at you now from heaven."

It's now almost time for the next reaping, why didn't they send this earlier? I think, but still burst into tears thinking about Emilia.

The nightmares...

It's the scars of every victor. Deep inside, every victor is crying at their Victors' Interview. They pretend that it was so fun to kill all those tributes. I had a lot of kills. I think I killed 5 people? I remember Eden and Marina, Nathaniel and the two Connors...

But most of all, I miss Emilia.

Name: Placing: Killer: What day?
Connor (CTODURN) 12th Marina 1 (2nd bloodbath)
Connor (HaraiGoshi) Marina 1 (2nd bloodbath)
Nathaniel Blake 1 (2nd bloodbath)
Jen Blake 1 (2nd bloodbath)
Summer Blake  1 (2nd bloodbath)
Eli Himself (He couldn't take it) 2 (Feast)
Eden Blake 2 (Feast)
Marina Blake 2 (Feast)
Emilia Herself (She loved Blake that much :c) 2 (Final battle)
Blake Victor N/A 4

There will be a sequel to this!

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