hey guys ive been inactive for nine months now so i decided to do another hunger games! THE DEATHS WILL BE BLOODY. No faint hearted i aint paying your medical bills ;) 24 tributes. 12 districts .no wikia contributes only signed in members.


max 3 tributes per person. must meet most requirements (i will add somthing if you forget weapon of choice etc. if you forget to put it down) I WILL PICK THE MOST INTESTING 





age district




weakness weapon of choice (2max) personality



Chardonnay Aude


15 1



spiders swimming spear, baton creative, strives to be best career

Jason Diamond


18 1 killing, running not winning is a little to "creative" in his killings spear, knide brutal, bloody, murderous career
Ashlyn "Ash" Aislin 16 2

good judge of character,

good instincts

being made fun of

lies alot,

temper, easily offended,serious

Mace, sword serious, lies alot. ruthless, focused career

Antony Proxy


16 2 can change peoples emotions, emotionless loseing arrogant, compeditive, over confident knife, sword .Extremely loyal, and aims to accomplish his given task, he extremely silent and solemn man seeming to be whiped clean of emotion, extremely deadpan and nobody expects him to respond when you try to make a conversation with him. on the other hand he is extremely devoted and trustworthy. his seemingly emotionless impression should by no means be taken for granted. deep inside he is imbalanced and extrememly violent to the point where he seems like a different person when he fights, like someone ruthless, insane and deranged. career

Frank ocean


18 4 swimming, can lure people into traps heights climbing trident, net sweet, seductive, kind, caring

Anais Watterson


14 5



water bad at archery





scary,hates the world

careers (if they accept)

Zak Slaughter


16 6

quick thinking,


Mimic dying being away from Mimic



evil,smart Mimic

Mimic Slaughter


16 6

brute force ,


Zak dying

gets angrey quick,

rash thinking,




killing machine

Halloween Smiley 17 7 strong, charming swimming insane, knife,hands insane, nice, aluring nobody

Zanna Vinland


15 7


knowledge of edibile plants

water bad swimmer, doesnt trust people




sweet, funny,sneaky


only someone she trusts

Troy Mattel


17 8 fast + smart spiders afraid of heights, wont kill tributes under 14 knide or any blade Personality: Kind, but cynical. Hates the carrers. Only cares about his friends, and will do anything for them, very loyal anyone useful
Silver `clocky`Clockson 16 9 bloodthirsty,agile people watch lodged in his eye constantly ticks double knives ----------------- bobody

Natacha Leonary


12 9 improvising, climbing drowning scared of dark, cant swim


bow and arrows

Keeps to herself a lot. Kind hearted, and shy.Very loyal, will do anything for her friends. anyone
Axel Jessuah 14 11 running hiding career, drowning swimming, short temper + archery knife, swords Personality: He is headstrong, but quiet. He is kind to most, but if you mess with him or his family and friends, you're in trouble. He is loving, when you get to know him, but keeps a cold exterior, so no-one can get close to him, and hurt him again. He takes things seriously, and doesn't like violence. no-one

Twix Cinders


13 12





wearing clothes

spear quiet, polite, no shame Kikiana

Kikiana Redswerth


13 12

making herbal medicine,


death killling



shy, Twix

any extra info. (Sexual orientation, backstory, favoutite stuff. oppinion on other tributes etc.) goes here. though optional the more extra info the more the chance of winning. Nobdy like boring people

extra info
name district sexual orientation other extra stuff



1 hetrosexual likes the outdoors and trees.
Jason Diamond 1 hetro ---------------------------------
Ashlyn "Ash" Aislin 2 hetro

Backstory: She used to train in private and when she finally went to the actual public training academy, she was bullied because she looked so small, innocent, and vulnerable. She dealt with it for years. She went into depression, but her family had won some kind of lottery and used the money to pay for a special, advanced Capitol treatment. She got over depression, but she hadn't forgotten the bullying like she was supposed, too. Ashlyn's personality had changed and she was the bully. she was no longer, sweet, and innocent. She was the most feared in the academy. She trained 24/7.

Bloodbath Strategy: Kill those who try to run from the bloodbath and then meet with Careers and destroy whoever crosses her path or is within killing distance.

Strategy: Ally with Careers, and kill them all eventually (it doesn't have to be near the end. It just must be when she gets the chance)

Token: A simple black necklace with a mini human skull shaped out of actual human bones on the end.

Antony 2 hetro

Bloodbath: get throwing knives and a sword, then a bag and kill off some tributes.

Strategy: stick with the careers untill they break off and then hunt them down.

Backstory: Raised in an orphanage, Anthony knows nothing of his mother and father or any potential family he might have had. despite there attemts to raise a happy and caring child, they were at loss when the boy seemed void of emotion and kindness for people and animals and was showing signs of imbalance in his psyche. He had ran away from home several times but always seemed to come home a few days later.

Frank Ocean 4 hetro
Anais 5 hetro

Token: A little doll keychain she puts inside her jacket. She calls it "Daisy"

Personality: Cunning, Smart, Uncaring, Scary, Brutal, Ego, Hates the world

Backstory: Anais lives in a boarding school with a roommate. Her parents are gone. Her father, Richard Watterson is taken to a mental hospital. And her mother, Nicole Watterson, is brought to the Capitol to teach school and martial arts class. They left when she was 6. Her brothers, Gumball and Darwin also live in the boarding school. On Fridays she leaves the school to stay with her Granny Jojo. She hates the world and hates everything that has to do with it. Though she loves physics and come to use it a lot in real life. Before her mother was taken she taught her hand-to-hand combat skills and weaponry skills. She also trains in her Granny Jojo's place with Gumball and Darwin. The boarding school also taught a few basic tips on the Games and the weaponry, but didn't tell them in advanced since they live in District 5. She has deep hatred for the Games so does her brothers and her roommate. Because in the boarding school their favourite cartoon was interrupted by a special on the Games. Because of anger she smashed the wall in her dorm and threw a knife right above the window. Because of that she resents, detests, despises, loathes and abhors The Hunger Games. When her name was called in the reaping she punched the escort in the nose and yelled "Fine! I don't care! I'll join your stupid games!" And stomped the floor until it made a dent. The mentor thought that District 5 has finally got a real tribute and she just scowled at him/her. Her brothers and roommate are too scared to do anything because they don't want to die in the arena

Mimic 6 lesbian

Bloodbath Strategy: Find Zak and kill or scare off everyone from the cornucopia then pick from the spoils. If someone tries to kill her or Zak she will go all out to 'Slaughter' the attacker

Games Strategy: Roam the arena in seach for tributes. Kill everyone and win with Zak.

Back-Story: Mimic was trained along with Zak to become suited for the games and to help with the Districts problems. Zak is her twin, Mimic was born 2 minutes after Zak, a fact that she has always hated. She loves her brother and is never far away from him, they are inseparable. And if one is in trouble, the the other will do whatever it takes to help them

Zak 6 Hetro

Bloodbath Strategy: Find Mimic and kill or scare off everyone from the cornucopia then pick from the spoils. If someone tries to kill him or Mimic her will go all out to 'Slaughter' the attacker

Games Strategy: Roam the arena in seach for tributes. Kill everyone and win with Mimic.

Back-Story: Zak was trained along with Mimic to become suited for the games and to help with the Districts problems. Mimic is his twin, Mimic was born 2 minutes after him, a fact that he has always loved to use. He loves his sister and is never far away from her, they are inseparable. And if one is in trouble, the the other will do whatever it takes to help them.

Zanna 7 hetro

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab supplies and weapons close to her and then go straight to her ally, and find a place for camp near water.

Arena Strategy: Hide with ally in her preferred camp. Hunt during the night. Stay near camp. Set traps for tributes when she is heading from the bloodbath to camp (nightlock berries, deep pits, etc.) . Doesn't set traps near her camp.

Token: A black rubber-band that she wears around her wrist.

Halloween 7 ???????

Interview: Dark and mysterious

Bloodbath: Try to get a knife or a bag or surgical supplies and run off not making any kills.

Strategy: he will wait for night time and hunt people, then examine them. once he gets bored he will kill them and steal there stuff, in the day he will hunt for food and move shelters.

Alliance: nobody or 1 person

Troy Mattel 8 hetro

Interview Angle: Funny guys

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab something that may be useful, and run like hell. Get as far away from the carrers as possible, and hide out for a while. Perhaps find some allies.

Token: A charm that belonged to his mother. It has seen him through the tough times, and will hopefully give him strength to make it back home.

Backstory: His Mother was a middle class worker, on low wages, and his father was a gambler. Troy grew up on the streets, because his mother died in child birth, and his father was brutally murdered because of an unpaid debt. He joined a "pack" of children whose parents had also died, and they lived together, sharing everything. Growing up on the streets, he became a master of blending in, and stealing. He is quick and nimble. Troy volounteered as tribute for his "younger brother", Kieran, who was reaped.


Silver Clockson 9 hetro

nterview: bloodthirsty.

Bloodbath: run in and grab a bag and if there are knifes not close to the cornucopia try to get 2 of them, if not its ok so if there are knifes grab 2 of them, if they are too close to the cornucopia dont get them, just a bag.

Strategy: kill people if they find you and try to stay alive as much as you can.



9 hetro

Interview Angle: Sweet and Innocent.

Bloodbath Strategy: Get the hell out of there, and hide. Perhaps grab something when no-one is watching.

Token: Hair pin that her Mother took into the arena. Who knows, it could be lucky.

Backstory: Natacha's Mother was a victor of a previous Hunger Games, and her Father is a Peacekeeper in District 9. She had a sheltered life, growing up. Never really had many friends. Until, one day, she met Saphron, during her martial arts class. They got along well, and have been friends since then. At their first reaping, the girls stood in line, and Saphron's name was called. Natacha voulenteered as tribute, because she couldn't stand to lose such a close friend.

Axel Jessuah 11 hetro

Backstory: Axel grew up an inncoent and loving boy. His parents and friends were his everything. Until one day, when his Father started being abusive. He would yell insults to Axel, and hit his Mother. Axel would train daily with knives and swords, in the hope that he could one day stand up to his Father, and stop the violence. One day, Axel's mother was almost killed, and had to be taken to the local healer. It was that day Axel finally lost it. Axel ran home from the healer's house, to find his Father passed out on the kitchen floor, reeking of alcohol. Axel was so angry, he grabbed a near-by, empty bottle, and smashed it over his Father's head. He continued this, until he had let out all of his anger, and was filled with sadness. Axel now has anger issues.

Height: 5'11

nterview angle: Smart guy.

Bloodbath strategy: Grab something that looks useful, then flee, and try not to get killed.

Token: A charm that belonged to his Father, before Axel killed him.

Kikiana 12 hetro

bloodbath: grab somthing from the outskirts

games: hide

Twix 12 Hetro

Bloodbath Strategy: Don't run straight in, just wonder around the side until everyone leaves then grab a few supplies. But he will just run if the career alliance is bigger then 4.

Games Strategy: Hide out with his alliance member or by himself. He will kill someone if they try to kill him. He won't do anything stupid like just running into a fight, when/if he reaches the final 8, or the feast, he will kill everybody because he has realized that he might be able to win. He won't kill someone younger then him or his alliance member, but if they are the final two, then he will kill them as quick and as painless as possible.

Back-story: He has had a normal seam life. His dad works in the mines but is still pretty healthy so he taught Twix how to use a Spear, he has also been trained with Knives and a Bow and Arrow. His dad has always been there for him but lives in a different house closer to the mines, so Twix is alone, just how he likes it. He has hated wearing clothes ever since he was 5 because his clothes were set on fire, luckily he wasn't burnt, but he has just hated putting on clothes. So he normally stays naked.

tribute gallery


chardonnay district 1

Jason diamond

jason district 1

Frank ocean

frank ocean district 4


alec district 4



zak district 6


Mimic district 6


twix Cinders district 12


Kikiana Redswerth district 12


each person starts with 500. the get 100 per kill and if you are in an alliance the money goes to your allie if you die

name district money left age decceased/ alive gender
1 500 m
Chardonnay 1 500 15 f
Anthony 2 500 m
Ashlyn 2 500 f
3 500 m
3 500 f
4 500 m
Frank Ocean 4 500 f
5 500 m
Anais 5 500 14 f
Zak 6 500 16 m
Mimic 6 500 16 f
Halloween 7 500 17 m
Zanna 7 500 16 f
Troy Mattel 8 500 17 m
8 500 f
Natacha 9 500 12 m
Silver Clockson 9 500 f
10 500 m
10 500 f
Axel Jessuah 11 500 14 m
11 500 f
Twix 12 500 13 m
Kikiana 12 500 13 f

item used for price restores
apple eating  $10 21% hunger
steak (raw) eating (has to be cooked) $25 -----------
steak (cooked) eating $50 40% hunger
broth(cold) eating/drinking $15 20% hunger
broth (warm) eating/drinking $42 20% hunger 70% warm
sweets eating $30 50% energy (20 minutes) 
fish (raw) eating $35 ----------
fish (cooked) eating $45 60% hunger
fruit eating $30 30% hunger
water (500ml) drinking $40 50% thirst
water (1 liter) drinking $60 90% thirst
juice drinking $30 15% thirst


used for

price restores effects side affects
morphine getting rid of pain 50 --------- less pain sleepyness
burn ointment healing burns 100 skin (100% treated area) healed -----------
wound ointment heals wounds 120 skin (100% treated area) healed itchy skin
herbs healing minor wounds 20 cold (20% chance)

20% chance

healed of cold

antibiotic helps restore immune system and kills colds  155 succes rate (95%) healed addicton (10%)
anti parisitic kills parasites 200 succes rate (77%) --------- strange behavior
hot pill gets rid of fatigue 100 succes rate (70%) ----------

brain hemmorage


the flu (30%)

N.o.c.t  pill gets rid of fatigue 250 succes rate (100%) healed -------------
iodine purifys water in 30 min 100 succes rate (100%) purifyed ----------------
item price in cornucopia? no in cornucopia
throwing axe (6) $80 yes 20
axe $70 yes 3
sword $110 yes 4
ting yang sword $110 no 0
brass knuckles $20 yes 5
emei daggers(5) $40 yes 10
daggers $60 yes 13
pickaxe $70 yes 2
tomahawk (2) $85 yes 8
spear (5) $100 yes 15
throwing knife (10) $80 yes 30
bow $100 yes 1
crosbow $90 yes 1
arrows (10) $50 yes 20
poison dart (20) $30 yes 25




poison $30

blowing tube (for darts) $45 yes 1
Emi daggers

emi daggers

i am updating as you type

the arena

This years arena 

Hunger games map


what is in the cornucopia

weapon number in c.
throwing axe 20
axe 3
sword  4
brass knukles 5
emei dagger 10
dagger 13
pickaxe 2
tomahawk 8
spear 15
throwing knife 30
bow 1
arows 20
crossbow 1
poison darts 25
blow gun 1
mace 4
scyth 3

medical + shelter
item no in c.
morphine 7
burn ointment 2
anti parastic 1
antibiotic 4
hot pill 3
n.o.c.t pill 1
wound ointment 1
iodine 20
painkiller 8
tent 1
plastic sheet 7
warm clothing 5
chestplate 1
herbs 6

tribute odds

tribute training score

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