• Masterofmutts

    I will do reapings, Chariots, Training, Private Training, Interviews, and the games in different POVs. PLEASE SUBMIT!!! Please follow the rules:

    • Do not get upset if your tribute loses. I will be chosing semi- randomly based on giving some tributes a higher chance of winning. That way, anyone can win but some have a better chance.
    • No swearing!
    • Up to 5 tributes per person
    • No person can submit 2 tributes from the same district
    • Up to 3 stylists per person
    • Up to 2 mentors per person
    • 1 Announcer and 1 host in total
    • You can self sponsor, And may sponsor up to two tributes
    • I will take reservations up to a certain point
    • Have fun!





    Other Skills:





    Male Chariot:

    Female Chariot:

    Male Interview:

    Female Inte…

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  • Masterofmutts

    Anyone can join, but your points will be reduced. The Second question is up now. You must bold your final answer. Otherwise, I will take your first answer. Answers to the sceond question must be in by July 20 at 6:00 pm Eastern time (New York, East coast). How good your answer is depends on what other people do.

    You are on your plate at the cornucopia. You do which of the following:

    a) Step off early to gain an advantage over the other tributes (-100)

    b) Run away from the bloodbath without getting anything (-20)

    c) Run in for one or two things, then attempt to escape (-10)

    d) Run in, get weapons, attack people (Perfect)

    e) Hide somewhere. When the bloodbath is over, take what remains (No loss, less supplies)


    Heavy Rotation=C


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  • Masterofmutts

    This is the story of Haymitch Abernathy competing in the second Quarter Quell. I will use all of the known details about what happened, while still making up a fun and interesting story.

    D/G Name Place Cause of Death
    1F Carly Ogando

    1F Ruby Henderson

    1M Richie Free 27 Volcano
    1M Emerald Greene 22 Volcano
    2F Emelia Chyten

    2F Jacquelyn Li 21 Volcano
    2M Tyler Blackwell

    2M Kin Furo 19 Volcano
    3F Daren Drew 48 Carly/Axe
    3F Indy Harper 33 Ruby Henderson/Dagger
    3M Cobalt West 46 Tyler/Axe
    3M Xavier Night 32 Emerald Greene/Machete
    4F Evelyn Levee 23 Volcano
    4F Baray Rivers 45 Emelia/Knife
    4M Mario Dodge 24 Volcano
    4M Lamont Vore

    5F Vera Terse 26 Volcano
    5F Tessa Ronalds 47 Carly/Snapped Neck
    5M Gordie Tyrant 25 Volcano
    5M Ben Gee 29 Haymitch/Knife
    6F Mellissa Frye

    6F Ir…

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  • Masterofmutts

    For this, 24 great warriors of the past will be chosen for the Games. Anyone can chose to be a warrior, in which they can tell their warrior what to do and give them gifts. If you have an idea for a warrior please tell me. The Warrior must be real. All warriors will be counted as if they were at their peak of ability. Maximum of three warriors per user. Please say who you would ally with.

    I will do training, Individual training sessions, Interviews, and games of course.

    There is a special change to the games, please read about the twist below.

    Name Skills Empire User
    Genghis Khan Bow and arrow, swords, knives, allies, map making, horse riding Mongol Finnick Forever
    Atilla Curved Bow, Horse riding Hunnic

    Alexander Stategy, Horse riding, Spear, Sar…

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  • Masterofmutts

    This is a story about what could have happened in the games one year. There are no tribute submissions, just reading the story of an action packed year. This is two years after the quarter quell when Haymitch Abernathy became a victor.

    District Gender Name Skills
    1 M Sun Tabin Sword, Spear
    1 F Ruby Petit Throwing Knives
    2 M Darius Perkins Strength, Bricks, Rocks
    2 F Ana Tso Awl, Strategy, speed
    3 M Gary Hunt Wire/electricity
    3 F Sabrina McClain Survival, camouflage
    4 M Marquis Jensen Trident
    4 F Angela Rivers Stealth, speed, daggers
    5 M Wally Buchheim Deception, sword
    5 F Jeanette Rizzo Survival, Bow and Arrows
    6 M Moses Stanton Speed, Self defense
    6 F Tara Callahan Martial arts, camouflage, hiding
    7 M Hal Sins Throwing spears, axe
    7 F Grace Walters Axe, throwing axe
    8 M Wes Lidb…

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