Rules and Info

For this, 24 great warriors of the past will be chosen for the Games. Anyone can chose to be a warrior, in which they can tell their warrior what to do and give them gifts. If you have an idea for a warrior please tell me. The Warrior must be real. All warriors will be counted as if they were at their peak of ability. Maximum of three warriors per user. Please say who you would ally with.

I will do training, Individual training sessions, Interviews, and games of course.

There is a special change to the games, please read about the twist below.


Name Skills Empire User
Genghis Khan Bow and arrow, swords, knives, allies, map making, horse riding Mongol Finnick Forever
Atilla Curved Bow, Horse riding Hunnic
Alexander Stategy, Horse riding, Spear, Sarissa Macedon CallamD97
Hannibal Determination, Strategy, Spear Carthage
Saladin Sword, Horse riding, Determination Arabia District7!
Pericles Speed, Sword, Spear, Strategy Greece
Cyrus Dagger, axe, Spear, sword, Bow Persia District7!
Joan of Arc Sword, Horse riding, determination, strategy France Justafox
Askia Sword, strategy, fire weapons Songhai Finnick Forever
Ramesses Bow, Horse riding, strategy Egypt District7!
Ram Khamhaeng Allies, Strategy, Survival Sukhothai Micberg1234
Achilles Spear, Looks, sword, smarts, strategy, horse riding Greece CallamD97
Tokugawa Sword, Horse riding, strategy, katana, tanto, martial arts Japan Micberg1234
Julius Caesar Strategy, determination, sword, spear, horse riding Rome
Qin Shi Huang Strategy, allies, strength, sword, horse riding, experience China Micberg1234
William Wallace Sword, Strategy, Horse Riding, (throwing) Spear, dagger, war hammer, ball chain Scotland Mysims
Otto Horse riding, allies, strategy, sword Holy Rome
Leonidas Knives, spears, courage, determination, strategy Sparta Finnick Forever
Richard the Lionheart Horse riding, sword, determination, axe, spear England Prezzies Now 9704:)!
Hiawatha Allies, Strategy, Bow, axe Native Americans
Sitting Bull Blowgun, bow, horse riding Native Americans

Simón Bolívar

Sword, Spear, Determination, strategy, horse riding Spain and South America
Ragnar Size, sword, spear, Physical Strength Vikings
Pacal Spear, Strategy Maya


Balkan Alliance: Alexander and Achilles

East Asian Alliance: Ram Khamhaeng, Tokugawa, Qin Shi Huang

Redeeming Alliance: Leonidas and Askia

Middle Eastern Alliance: Cyrus, Saladin, Ramesses

In Need of Allies: Genghis Khan

Twist and gifts


The twist is that each Warrior will be able to bring one thing with them to the cornucopia, regardless of how big it is. The items are below. Each tribute also has 2 gifts. Finally, anyone who receives a ten or higher in training will get an extra gift.



Name Subtypes Amount per gift
Bow Long, Crossbow, Curved, Normal 1
Arrows None 8
Sword Long, Katana, Sickle, Normal 1
Knives Dagger, Tanto, Normal 6
Spear Lance, Pike, Normal, Sarissa 1
Axe Pickaxe, Hatchet, Normal 1
Poison None 1
Trident None 1
Blowgun None 1
Darts None 10

Food and Drink

Name Subtypes
Bread Cinnamon Bun, sweet, sour, salty, whole wheat
Stew Chicken, Vegetable
Fruit Banana, Apple, Berries
Water Clear, flavoured
Spile None
Cheese Parmesan, Mozzarella, Gouda, goat
Fish Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, Herring


Name Uses
Blanket Warmth
Armor Protection
Sweater Warmth
Matches Warmth, Weapon
Tent Warmth, Wind Protection, Rain Protection
Body Temperature Regulator Warmth (Counts as 2 gifts)
Thermometer Survival
Fan Coolind down
Ice Cooling Down


Name Uses
Burn Cream Heals Burn
Antibiotics Pevents infection
Bandage Pevents infection, helps stabilize
Pain Killer Minimizes Pain
Poison Antidote Preventing Poison
Instant Heal Heals any cut, wound, or burn


Name Uses
Map of Arena (Counts as 1 and 1/2 Gifts) Navigation
Mutt Shield (Counts as 2 Gifts) Protection
Backpack Carrying Objects
Canteen Carrying Water
Watch (Counts as 1/2 of a gift) Time Telling
Night Vision Goggles Vision
Rope Climbing, Weapon
Camouflage Paint (Counts as 1/2 of a gift) Camouflage
Net Weapon, Food
Horse (counts as two gifts) Speed
Tribute Finder (counts as 1 and 1/2 gifts) Navigation, Killing


Private Training Sessions



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