Anyone can join, but your points will be reduced. The Second question is up now. You must bold your final answer. Otherwise, I will take your first answer. Answers to the sceond question must be in by July 20 at 6:00 pm Eastern time (New York, East coast). How good your answer is depends on what other people do.

Question 1

You are on your plate at the cornucopia. You do which of the following:

a) Step off early to gain an advantage over the other tributes (-100)

b) Run away from the bloodbath without getting anything (-20)

c) Run in for one or two things, then attempt to escape (-10)

d) Run in, get weapons, attack people (Perfect)

e) Hide somewhere. When the bloodbath is over, take what remains (No loss, less supplies)



Heavy Rotation=C

Shadow Seer=C




Question 2

You see a career before they see you. You do which of the following:

a) Run away. It's too risky to do anything else

b) Hide to see excactly who they're allied with

c) Attempt to kill him. Shot an arrow dart, rock, or even a knife to kill him

d) Ask if you can join. You'll be protected for now

e) Make a noise and see what he does



Heavy Rotation=

Shadow Seer=





Everyone starts off with 100 health points. Each answer will subtract a certain amount of points from you. Additional points will be subtracted depending on what others do. One answer is perfect, anothter makes you lose no points but makes you worse off in the future, one makes you lose ten points, another makes you lose 20, and another will kill you.

User health

AFTER QUESTION 1 Katelyn.Danita: 100

Heavy Rotation: 90

Shadow Seer: 90

Brynn1999: 100

Jsm13athome: 90

Catnipkatniss: 90

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