52nd Games

This is a story about what could have happened in the games one year. There are no tribute submissions, just reading the story of an action packed year. This is two years after the quarter quell when Haymitch Abernathy became a victor.


District Gender Name Skills
1 M Sun Tabin Sword, Spear
1 F Ruby Petit Throwing Knives
2 M Darius Perkins Strength, Bricks, Rocks
2 F Ana Tso Awl, Strategy, speed
3 M Gary Hunt Wire/electricity
3 F Sabrina McClain Survival, camouflage
4 M Marquis Jensen Trident
4 F Angela Rivers Stealth, speed, daggers
5 M Wally Buchheim Deception, sword
5 F Jeanette Rizzo Survival, Bow and Arrows
6 M Moses Stanton Speed, Self defense
6 F Tara Callahan Martial arts, camouflage, hiding
7 M Hal Sins Throwing spears, axe
7 F Grace Walters Axe, throwing axe
8 M Wes Lidburg Club, Strength, rocks, slingshot
8 F Sue Whittaker Blowgun
9 M Toby Walker Strategy, Climbing, deception
9 F Britney Hartfield Traps, net, spear, knots
10 M Benedict Frist Speed, Strength, Size, Strategy
10 F Clara Hurley Bow and Arrow
11 M Quinton Jones Survival, Speed, Trident
11 F Bianca Moats Fire Weapons, Edible plants
12 M Clever Hawking Knives, Throwing Knives
12 F Cathy Blackwell Axe

Training Scores

District Name Score
1 Sun Tabin 8
1 Ruby Petit 7
2 Darius Perkins 9
2 Ana Tso 10
3 Gary Hunt 6
3 Sabrina McClain 5
4 Marquis Jensen 8
4 Angela Rivers 10
5 Wally Buchheim 7
5 Jeanette Rizzo 3
6 Moses Stanton 5
6 Tara Callahan 6
7 Hal Sins 9
7 Grace Walters 6
8 Wes Lidburg 9
8 Sue Whittaker 7
9 Toby Walker 5
9 Britney Hartfield 7
10 Benedict Frist 8
10 Clara Hurley 9
11 Quinton Jones 7
11 Bianca Moats 8
12 Clever Hawking 6
12 Cathy Blackwell 8

The Arena

The arena is in the ruins of an ancient city. This city has many temples, gathering places, huts, and fields. It is built on the plains with grass. The Head Gamemaker is John Trewing.

Death Chart

Name Killer/Weapon Place
Bionca Moats Angela Rivers/Dagger 24th
Gary Hunt Ana Tso/Awl 23rd
Jeanette Rizzo Sue Whittaker/Blowgun 22nd
Moses Stanton Sun Tabin/Poison Shooter 21st
Toby Walker Sun Tabin/Poison Shooter 20th
Wes Lidburg Ruby Petit/Knife 19th
Sun Tabin Hal Sins/Spear 18th
Darius Perkins Clever Hawking/Poison Shooter 17th
Grace Walters Ruby Petit/Knife 16th
Ana Tso Hal Sins/Axe 15th
Clever Hawking Angela Rivers/Spear 14th
Hal Sins Angela Rivers/Poison Shooter 13th
Angela Rivers Suicide/Forcefield 12th
Sabrina McClain Wally Buchheim/Sword, Blowgun 11th
Benedict Frist Clara Hurley/Arrow, Infection 10th
Cathy Blackwell Wally Buchheim/Sword, Blowgun 9th
Ruby Petit Wally Buchheim/Arrow 8th
Quinton Jones Wally Buchheim,Tara Callahan/Arrow,head Collision 7th
Marquis Jensen Tara Callahan/Knife 6th

The Games

Day One--Bloodbath and Beyond

Angela Rivers' POV

I look around me. This arena is like I've never seen before. The ruins of weird buildings, the lack of food, and everything being in the mouth of the cornucopia. I prepare to sprint and think of which weapons to grab. Hopefully there is a dagger or knife. I look next to me. Before I cath a glimpse, the gong sounds. I lost a second. Now I have to either leave and be excluded by the careers or risk it. I sprint and am second to get there after Ana. We become allies in killing along with the others from 1, 2, and 4. I find a dagger and throw it at that stupid 11 girl right in the heart. BOOM! Ana pins down Gary and puts her awl through his head, heart, and lungs. BOOM! We then regroup with other careers and pick up some supplies.

Sue Whittaker's POV

I knew that I really needed a blowgun to win. So I hid behind a bush until the careers were done killing. They were not done but left quickly to chase after Moses. Everyone else fled from the careers so I stealthily went up to the cornucopia. There was one blowgun and a pack of 15 darts. I took a back back with some water food, and a knife. When I left, I saw Jeanette and decided to not kill her but shut her up. I shot her in her leg and later realized that she may die if the darts have poison. I run toward a calendar room.

Sabrina McClain's POV

I look around because I know I can survive without the supplies in the middle. So I leave. Nearly five minutes later, I'm stunned to hear cannons. Usually, they're fired when the bloodbath is over. I listen. Only two cannons! then I remember that Gary was gonna run in and I know what happened. He is either dead or is being chased. About ten minutes after that, I hear two more booms. This is the least deaths I've seen in a bloodbath. I then see a hovercaft coming towards me and realize that Jeanette is ten yards away from me, dead. So I leave and head for the tallest building around: a giant temple with steps on the side.

Sun Tabin's POV

So I ran to the cornucopia, and I was the fourth to reach it. All of the first 5 were careers. I take a spear but then something catches my eye. It looks like a hose, a taser, and a gun all combined into one weapon. I take it with me. We then see Moses from six and chase him leaving behind all the supplies. I realize the low amount of tributes who went in for the bloodbath. This was probably because we made it here first. Well, they have less supplies but we have less kills. I decide to fire this weird gun at Moses. A white liquid squirts out at him at pretty high pressure, and he falls to the ground. In five seconds, we go up to him. He is nearly dead. Just as we are about to finish him off, two cannons sound. We're not sure if it's him, so we make sure by checking his heart. He's dead. We head back to the cornucopia to find more tributes.

Tara Callahan's POV

I knew I wnated information without getting injured. So I go to the nearest buiding which has three floors and climb all the way up. I see two die, then two more after a pause, and then I see Toby Walker, a nice tribute who I befriended, get squirted at with a poison gun. BOOM! Five dead so far, none of which are careers. They'll be looking for me eventually, so I decide to camouflage myself, make a bow and arrow, and weaken them. It takes me about two hours to camouflage myself, another one to make a bow and finally one more to make five arrows. I then see a battle: The careers are battling an alliance I never would have predicted. This includes Hal, Grace, Wes, Britney, Clever, and Cathy. First Ruby Throws a knife in Wes' heart. BOOM! Then the shock comes: Hal throws a spear at the guy from one. It hits his stomach. Then Clever takes the squirt gun as the career let go. BOOM! The careers now run away. But I come right next to clever and but my bow at his head saying, "allies, right?" He says yes.

Marquis Jensen's POV

I look in the cornucopia with my allies. No trident. Now we chase after some guy and kill him. When we return, there's nobody. Until out of nowhere we see six figures. We kill one. But then they kill Sun, and take our poison gun. This is our best weapon. We're running for our lives. Then I realize that the careers will try to kill me anyways, so I decide to make a shap turn and go into a tall temple. I have a backpack with food, water, and matches and a sword. Before she sees me, I see that blowgun girl from eight. I don't know what to do. I sneak up behind er, take her blowgun, and then ask something I never thought I would: "Allies?" This takes her by surprise. "Only if you tell me why you're not witht the careers. So I do. We overlook the battle and I see three others die: Darius from two is killed by the poison BOOM! Then Grace Walters gets killed by Ruby's Knife BOOM! Then Ana, The fastest career, is killed by Hal throwing an axe BOOM! The others escape and leave all their supplies. It takes me a while to realize That there is a seventh person in that alliance. The careers have only two people left, and there is an alliance with six and another with two. We decide to look for more people.

Quinton Jones' POV

I just run to the streets of this golden city, and enter a huge house next to a temple. I check it for supplies. Oh my god! There is a trident! I hear a total of ten cannons in the first hour. "I wonder how many careers are left," I say aloud. I'm sartled when I hear two peoples voices say the same word: "three". And then they say a different word: "Allies?" Marquis has his sword ready. That eight girl has her blowgun. I have no choice. "Yes." They tell me everything. Who died, how, when, and current statusses. I'm shocked to hear that Bianca died first. Well, we look for Sabrina as an ally.

Ruby Petit's POV

Nothing's gone according to plan. First only three people who weren't careers ran to the concucopia. Then an alliance formed against us. Sun was killed and our ultimate weapon was taken. Marquis bailed. Now it's just me and that girl from 4. She's expecting me to work with her to weaken the other alliance. I think differently. At some point she'll need to die, and she's no help to me. I convince her to battle that alliance if she really wants to weaken them. BOOM! BOOM! Did Angela die, or did she kill someone else? BOOM! Another dead. I am shocked when all of a sudden, there is a sword at my throat. Marquis tells me everything and I join his new alliance. Angela putting a spear in Clever's heart. Her taking the poison gun, squirting it at Hal. Then she ran away, hid the poison shooter, and purposefully ran into the forcefield. We need two things: The poison shooter, and water. Then we'll be golden.


The Pictures are shown.

  • There are no more careers
  • Wally, Benedict, Clara and Sabrina are the only tributes not in an alliance
  • 13 tributes are dead;11 remain
  • Districts two and seven have no more tributes
  • Sue Whittaker's Alliance is need of the poison shooter and water
  • Britney's Alliance is in need of food and the poison shooter
  • Wally, Clara, and Benedict the only people who have not been seen by any tributes since the bloodbath.
  • Sabrina is in need of food water, and wire
  • Every district have lost at least one tribute except for district 10.

Day 2--The Announcement

John Trewing's (Head Gamemaker) POV

I'm loving this first day. 13 deaths. Extremely exciting and interesting. But it really needs to amaze audiences. So I decide to do our option for interest. "Jimmy, do you think we could use the option right now?" And he looks back at me with a great smile on his face. "Definitely!" The Cornucopia is replaced with a tall monument. This is like a base four pyramid with a spiral staircase on top of this pryamid. The staircase leads up to a room with food, water, and armor, a map of the arena, and most importantly, the poison shooter. Claudius Templesmith is notified.

Claudius Templesmith's POV

"This year has been interesting. As day two begins, only 11 tributes remain. But something much more interesting has just occured. The cornucopia has been replaced with the tallest building. This has everything needed at the top. Now to tell the tributes...

Tributes! Welcome to the final 11. I would like you to know that the cornucopia will be replaced with a temple Tomorrow just after midnight. Once you climb up the side, you must make it up a staircase of 500 stairs. The first person to reach the top will get food, water, armor, and the missing poison shooter. This is Claudius Templesmith. Good luck and may the odds be ever in you favor."

Wally Buchheim's POV

I've been hiding in this small house for a day. It has everything. Weapons, food, water. I know that everyone is wondering how I'm still alive. Well I need to kill someone before the gamemakers bring me into a fight. I don't need the stuuf at the top, but I now that I am the closest. I have been practicing my blowgun skills as well as my bow and arrow skills. I saw the battle pass right by me. Nobody has seen me. I'm going to wait until Sabrina walks here, because I know she's coming from this street, and kill her with my weapons. If I need to, I can finish her off with my best weapon, a sword. But many may camp near the cornucopia tonight, and I'll be night hunting. There's tension in the air when Sabrina comes. I choose my blowgun, which I'm better at. This hits her in the shoulder and she falls down. I already know that I need poison. I need to finish her off before she screams. I jump on her and stab her heart. BOOM! Mission accomplished.

Benedict Frist's POV

I've been looking for water for a day. I've found three bottles in total. I don't know who died because I was sleeping in a small house. Today I'm going to the marketlace to find food and water. Then I will see if I can join an alliance. As I'm walking there, I see a group of people. They see me. And get ready to strike. They then ask, "Wanna join?" I was relieved to not be killed. I tell them that I was trying to find an alliance. Then Marquis comes up with an idea: They don't know about most of us being allies. I'm going to try to be a double agent along with Quinton. We will join they're ranks and plan a time to turn and have backup in Sue, Ruby, and Marquis. Perfect. We go before sundown and are accepted with ease.


The one picture is shown.

  • Wally is the only tribute not in an alliance
  • No living Tribute has more than two kills
  • All Tributes but Clara are anticipating the replacement of the concucopia
  • Wally and Clara are solo, Benedict and Quinton are double agents, Tara, Britney, and Cathy are in an alliance, and Sue, Marquis, and Ruby are opposing this alliance.

Day Three--The Task

Clara Hurley's POV

From where I am, I can see te cornucopia. It's around midnight and it hasn't been replaced. Then I think up an idea. I will stand from a building nearby and shoot an arrow at anyone I see. I have no idea what this poison gun is, but I bet it is deadly. I get to the building and I see the alliances. I already know all the info, because I've been watching. I release the arrow. It hits Benedict in the shoulder and he falls. Quinton now thinks it's his real alliance and tells his alliance to fight them. Everyone is forgetting about Benedict and he might get infected or bleed to death. But then comes the battle. Quinton has now switched alliances, thinking that he was bait. BOOM! Benedict dies of infection. As they're running over, Cathy is taken down by a dart in her back from Wally. They leave her behind and he finishes her off. BOOM! As they're running for battle, the temple appears. It is grand. They all stop and decide to run up and have the battle inside. I can't see anything else but Wally shooting an arrow at Ruby's chest. BOOM!

Sue Whittaker's POV

Now that Ruby is dead, it's just me and Marquis against Quinton, Tara, and Britney. But I have a new agenda. It's to kill Clara and Wally, because they are the reason why Ruby and Benedict are dead and Quinton is against us. We decide to pursue Wally and Clara and let the other alliance break up when fighting over who gets the poison gun. The problem is that Clara is now Wally's ally, and they are amazing. So we follow clues until we see them exchanging information. I aim my blowgun, fire, but it misses. I'm now down to three darts, and I can't fire while running. I signal to arquis to split up. They both decide to just keep on going and come back later. I wonder why.

Britney Hartfield's POV

I could kill them both. I am in the front of our alliance pack. Luckily nobody pursued us. I know I want to win. So I keep gaining a bit of distance, until I stealthily run up all the stairs and get to the room. I'm the first one here. A barrier then appears and I get to chosem who comes in. Then I see the poison shooter. Perfect! Soon Tara arrives, with her stick and bow and arrow. She'll be easy to kill. Quinton, however, tries to get my attention and then realizes what's going on. He takes his trident and slams it at the barrier. The trident breaks and starts falling farther and farther down the stairs. Now they stare at me, mad, wanting to kill. But I have the upper hand. I feast on beef, bread, and water, as they turn and leave. It's only a matter of time before there's one person left other than me. I sleep up here in the perfect bed with a matress. I bet they are tired!

Wally Buchheim's POV

We stop chasing Marquis and the blowgun girl because we see Tara and Quinton down on themselves and weaponless. We both shoot arrows. They both hit them in the arm (Mine hit Quinton). The two are running in circlles not knowing what to do. They chash their heads into each other, and I hear a crack. BOOM! Tara looks down at Quinton's body. She killed her only remaining ally. Now she has her wound to deal with and us, too. "Tara, Tara. I could kill you right here. I will unless you tell me what has happened," I say. I'm shocked to hear that Britney got to the top. She's our biggest threat. So I keep my promise and leave Tara alone. We prepare our rope on our bow, and shoot it at the temple. It perfectly catches on the ceiling. We climb up. We'll spend the night directly above Britney. We bang on the ceiling to wake her up a few times.

Tara Callahan's POV

I can barely hear a thing because of the ringing in my ear. I'm so happy when the silver parachute arrives, with bandages, pain killer, and antibiotics. My headache goes down a bit and I can think straight. I need to prevent more attacks. So I head up to the top of the pyramid section of the temple and look through the weapon stack. I grab three knives and attach them to my belt. Then I take a blowgun in my better hand, darts in my belt, a shield in my bad hand, and find full armor and a helmet. Just as I leave to the open air, another silver parachute comes down. I open it, only to find the most important thing: A poison shooter. That drugged mentor is useful! Right when I walk out I see Marquis and Sue. I hide my poison gun and Sue's dart bounces off my armor. Now I make Marquis pay for this by throwing a knife at his throat. BOOM! No more careers! Sue stays until I reveal the poison shooter. I remember that I'll need to kill some more if I wnat to win. So I pursue her in the night.

  • None of the original careers remain
  • We have reached the final five
  • Only one boy remains (Wally)
  • Wally and Clra are just above Britney who is in the Glory Room
  • Tara and Britney have prized poison shooters.
  • All Five tributes are from different districts

Day Four--The Turning of Tables

Sue Whittaker's POV

I know that I must run for my life, because if that poison touches my skin, I'll be dead in minutes. Even worse is that I Can't use a blowgun while running and Tara is using armor. How did she go from being the weakest to the strongest in about an hour? I can't die. I can't die. But my feet are tiring, my body weakening, and I feel the cool green liquid on my skin. I can't die. I can't. I take a knife and cut open my arm. I take all of the skin and throw it in Tara's face. The blood is oozing out, but I think I removed enough of the venom. Now I need to prevent infection. I take leaves and put them on my arm. I tie them to my arm with some vines growing on the side of buildings. Come on Woof, send me a weapon I can use to kill Tara before she sprays me again. Then I notice why Tara has been blushing as she peels off some skin: She's badly sunburnt. If she peels off enough, she could get a cut which could be infected. I take my knife and skim her cheek. That's all that I needed, because I make a run for it as she starts bleeding. Good luck to her.

Britney Hartfield's POV

I had a good night, but there is a loud noise coming from the ceiling. Could it be voices? I think of the booms, and I couldn't see who was killed yesterday. I take my poison shooter and a spear and take the distance vision goggles. I take the goggles and look up there. Wally and Clara. They don't know what to do. Now I take the shooter and after making a hole in the ceiling. I spray, until I don't have it anymore. They took it,and they're making the hole bigger.

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