Hey , i decide to write my first hunger games

So welcome and May the Odds be ever in your favor


1. You may sumbit untill two tributes

2. Don't be mad with me if your tribute die it's hunger games

3. Be active send your tribute steff and advices

Tribute Form








Appearance: .


Strengths: (besides weapon)


Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:



District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
1 Male Jefferson Goldess 16 5'4 Knife , Axe HungerGamesfanatic21
1 Female Peridot Leer 18 5'7 Throwing Knives TheOutsider
2 Male Blake Hatch 17 5'8 Swords , knives Tails918
2 Female Harmony Lyrica 18 5'7 Sword EpicnezzEmily
3 Male Copton Onaway 16 5'9 Spear , Traps LightStone
3 Female Mackenzie Thorn 16 5'6 Axe AxedFox
4 Male Jake Lehouk 15 5'7 Throwing knives Crazytrainftw
4 Female Almary Wintes 17 5'6 Dagger , blowgun Zokab96
5 Male Magnas Velocity 18 6'0 Mace LightStone
5 Female Aqua Duct 16 5'9 Machete dedejacob
6 Male Xavier Woods 17 6'2 Spear Attackcobra
6 Female Helena Seastorm 14 5'6 Katana , Throwing Axes Eleni12
7 Male Harley Fudson 15 5'2 Small axes AronMalik
7 Female Alicia Rivera 15 5'5 Axes , Throwing Knives Eleni12
8 Male John Madrick 17 5'4 Machete Theman77
8 Female Poly Nolan 13 4'11 Dagger The Outsider
9 Male Lucas Rayden 17 5'7 Bow and Arrow , Knife Zokab96
9 Female Juliet Freemood 16 5'6 Bow and Arrow , Dagger Lily1997
10 Male Luigi Williams 15 5'8 Throwing axes Cato'sSon
10 Female Jessie Sherman 14 5'4 Blowgun xx Kaitlyn xx
11 Male Wess Cronstob 17 6'1 Sword , Throwing axes Hungegamesfanatic21
11 Female Tatum Riley 16 5'6 Bow and Arrow xx Kaitlyn xx
12 Male Luke Nealy 16 5'11 Knife , Bow and Arrow Captainsv
12 Female Vikki Gorge 14 5'2 Throwing Knives Ougi-Kan
13 Male Drake Mordan 15 6'2 Sword , Spear, Axe Theman77
13 Female Cassidy Harris 15 5'9 Knife , Baton dedejacob
Capitol Male Keratios Kini 15 5'7 Knife , Spear Sophiedistrict11
Capitol Female Azalia Ray 17 5'6 Physical Violence EpicnezzEmily

Tribute Gallery


Carrers: Peridot Leer (1) , Jefferson Goldless(1) , Harmony Lyrica (2) , Blake Hatch (2) , Mackenzie Thorn (3) , Almary Wintes (4) , Jake Lehouk (4) , Alicia Rivera (7)

5 , 6 , 8 , 9 .C Alliance: Aqua Duct (5), Xavier Woods (6) , Poly Nolan (8) , Juliet Frremood (9) , Azalia Ray(C)

6 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 Alliance: Helena Seastorm (6) , Jessie Sherman (10) , Tatum Riley (11) , Luke Nealy (12) , Cassidy Harris(13)

8 , 13 Alliance : John Madrick (8) , Drake Mordan (13)

Items to send

Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125


Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Each one will start with 600$

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2

Jefferson Goldless(1)


Wess Cornstob (11)

The Outsider

Peridot Leer (1)


Poly Nolan


Blake Hatch (2)


Harmony Lyrica (2)


Azalia Ray (C)



Copton Onaway (3)

Magnas Velocity (5)



Mackenzie Thorn (3)



Jake Lehouk (4)


Almary Wintes (4)


Lucas Rayden (9)



Aqua Duct (5)


Cassidy Harris(13)



Xavier Woods(6)



Helena Seastorm (6)


Alicia Rivera (7)



Harley Fudson (7)


John Madrick (8)

Drake Mordan (13)



Juliet Freemood (9)



Luigi Williams (10)


xx Kaytlin xx

Jessie Sherman (10)


Tatum Riley (11)


Luke Nealy(12)



Vikky Gorge (12)


Keratios Kini (C)

Sponcor gifts

Day 1

Theman77-John Madrick- Soup,Machete,Sleeping bag-$275

Theman77-Drake Mordan-Soup,Sword,Sleeping bag-$275

Dedejacob-Aqua Duct-Water-$100

Dedejacob-Cassidy Harris-dried fruit-$50

Captainsv-Luke Nealy-bow,quiver of arrows(x12)-$175

Zokab96-Almary Wintes-dagger(x2)-$200

Zokab96-Lucas Rayden- water, bow, quiver of arrows(x12)-$275

Cato'sSon-Luigi Williams- water , soup-$175


District 1 - Peridot Leer's POV

I wake up and I immediatly knew that today was reaping day . This is my last reaping and I am not so sure if am going to volynteer. I had been training for the games for five years . But that is nothing compared to other girls who had been training for like 10 years . So I wear the girliest dress that i found and head down the stairs . Our chef prepared my favorite breakfast , Eggs with ham . While i was eating my mum came and sit right next to me ." Are you going to volynteer " she asked "I don't know mum " I say to her . I finish my breakfast a kissed my mum and my dad and I walked with my best friend Jenn in the Distric 1's center. We take our blood token and we went at the 18 years old section . Our escort Luna immediately stuck her hand in the girl's ball and read out "Jenny Montez" I know her she is my neighbour. She is only 12 years old . She was frightened and she obviously waited someone volynteer for her and I waited to ,but no one did . So i take a deep breath and I shout " I volynteer" .Jenny ran to her parents and Luna said " Well it looks like we have a volynteer tells us your name" .I take the microphone and say "I am Peridot Leer and i will win for district 1" Everyone cheered and clapped then Luna put her hand in the male's bowl . She reads out " Kaine Dawn" . He seems preety poor and he walks slowly to the stage but then a boy shouts " I volynteer" I see him run to the poor boy hug him and run to the stage "I am Jefferson Goldness" he says to the microphone, He has blue hairs and he seems pretty strong we shook hands and we got into the train

District 2- Harmony Lyrica's POV

I wake up and i see the clock .It says 9:00pm Ohh!! I am late to the lesson . I am teaching music to little kids . I hear my mother's voice from the kitchen "It's reaping day . Check out the dress that I made you" It's reaping day !!!I totally forgot it today im going to volynteer so it's my last lesson with the kids for now in the next lesson i will be a victor. I wear the beautiful dress that my mum made me and eat bread with chocolate . It's so tasty !!!! I say goodbue to my parents and they both wish me good luck and tell me that they are sure that i will come back . So i leave my house and i head at the music academy when I see my friend Tori she walk towards to me and she says" Wanna walk with me" "I have to go to the bakery because my mother needs some bread" I said to her hoping that sounds she don't want to came with me in the bakery "Ok then see u later"Phew. I haven't told to anyone beside my parents that i love music . Everyone believe that I am heartless and a very tough girl and I like that . So I arrive at music academy and i enter in the classroom . All themy students say hi with a big smile in their faces . After two hours when and the lesoon finished Claire (one of my student's) says" I learn that you will volynteer please come back" and i say to her " Our next lesson will be in the Victor's Village". She wishes me good luck and she leaves the classroom. I time for the reaping so i go to the District's 2 center when I arrive i see my best friend Destiny and she walks towards me "Are you surefor that " she says me "Yes I have been training for like 8 years for that" I say to her . It's obvious she doesn't want me to volynteer but why?? We take our blood token and we go to the 18 years section Our escort come on stage and she is rediculous . She have blue , pink , puple hair and green skin that Capitol freakish fashion always scared me " Welcome , welcome to the 148th annual hunger games let's our lucky tributes . Before she even can read out the name like 50 girls shout " I volynteer" She points at me and she says "Umm , you" I ran to the stage and i waited for the other tribute again before she can read out thename 50 boys volynteer "Umm , you " she pionts at one boy in the croud. He seems pretty strong and we shake our hands and we walk towards to train .

District 3 - Copton Onaway's POV

I wake up from my borthers voices . " Shut up "I yell at them . I am so mad that i have to share my room with them . From my sisters room i hear my little sister Annabela sing . She sing pretty good but i just wanna sleep!!!! So i yell at her " Shut up you little bi***" She immediately stop singing but she start to crying . I put some clothe and go to her room and I apologise she says thanks Then i go to the kitchen and see my mother looking something to cook.When she see me she says " It's reaping day baby so put some good clothes" . I responce " I am not a baby and these is my good clothes and i leave the house. When i arrive at the center i take my blood token and i stand with the other boys . Suddenly our escort comes on stage and yells at the microhone "Quiet!!!!"

"Let's pick our lucky tributes " she says calmly she picks one name and she reads out loudly " Mackenzie Thorn" I very confident girl run at the stage and says " I am your next victor" All the crowd cheer .Then she picks a name from the male's bowl and she read out " Copton Onaway" Ohh Noo!! That is me i walk slowly in the stage and We enter at the train.

District 4 - Almary Winte's POV

Lucy wake me up and she said to me " You are going to volynteer ???" " Yes so we will have a better life" I said to her " I love my life" she says " Whatever you say but I am going to volynteer Lucy you have understand it" " Ok" she says to me with sad eyes " Let's eat something " Lucy says " Ok let's go steal something from the Kaylani's they are so rich " I say to her . After we steal some chocalates we head for the beach where ther reaping will placed this year

We take our blood tokens and we go to the girls section " Let's start our escort" says and she stood her hand at the girls bowl like 20 girls with me shouts I volynteer but the escort make eye contact with me Yeah!!! I am in the Games she picks and another boy Jake is his name he is preety hot but he has to die.

( i will finish the reapings when these games are over sorry =(

Training Scores/ Odds of winning

Name Distirct Training Score Odds of winning
Peridot Leer 1 10 6-1
Jefferson Goldless 1 9 8-1
Harmony Lyrica 2 11 4-1
Blake Hlatch 2 10 5-1
Mackienzie Thorn 3 9 9-1
Copton Onaway 3 6 23-1
Almary Wintes 4 9 7-1
Jake Lehouk 4 10 5-1
Magnas Velocity 5 8 14-1
Aqua Duct 5 7 19-1
Helena Seastorm 6 7 15-1
Harley Fundson 7 6 24-1
Alicia Rivera 7 12 3-1
John Madrick 8 6 24-1
Polly Nolan 8 4 48-1
Lucas Rayden 9 7 17-1
Juliet Freemood 9 8 13-1
Luigi Williams 10 6 27-1
Jessie Sherman 10 5 36-1
Tatum Riley 11 7 17-1
Wess Cornstob 11 3 52-1
Vikky Gorge 12 5 34-1
Luke Nealy 12 8 12-1
Cassidy Harris 13 9 11-1
Drake Mordan 13 7 21-1
Azalia Ray C 5 43-1
Keratios Kini C 8 12-1

Day 1 Bloodbath

Jessie Sherman- District 10

I say goodbye to my stylist and i enter at my launch tube . Then the countdown begins 60...59...58...57 and i rise up in the arena . The Cornucopia is directly in front on my filled with weapons and supplies. All around the cournucopia was a forest . The countdown continued and i make eye contact with Tatum(11)and Helena(6) and Helena(6) mouths at me " I will go for the green backpack". I don't find it a good idea but whatever. 3...2...1.....GONG!!!

Azalia Ray - Capitol

I run immediately away from the bloodbath and i waited for my alliance at the forest . I see Poly(8) and i say to her " Where are the others "

" I don't know " She says . She don't heve anything with her so the others have to find us if we wanna live .

Vikky Gorge - District 12

I try to grab a backpack when i feel a pain in my back i see Luigi (10) try to stab me and we start to fight but he is stronger than me and he brings his knife in my chest . Then the world goes blank BOOM!!!

Alicia Rivera- District 7

I see Peridot and she points to Wess(11) . I am going for him, I grab my axe and i run towards him then before he can even react i bring it down in his head BOOM!!! . Then i see Keratio(C) fight with Juliet(9) . He has join in the Careers so he will kill her. Then i see Juliet stab Keratio(C) in the head BOOM!!! and she runs in the forest with Aqua (5) and Xavier(6).

Harmony Lyrica- District 2

The only non careers in the Cournucopia is Copton , Magnas and Harley . I throw my knife at Copton and it hit him in the heart BOOM!!!! and Peridot kills Harley BOOM!!!. But then Magna throws his spear at Blake and run in the woods BOOM!!!!. My district partner is dead


We gather our supplies and we talk about the arena and who is gonna die first.

The Aftremath

Juliet Freemood - District 9

We find Azalia(C) and Poly(8) so we start to look for a camp . They don't have anything , Aqua(5) her machete and dried meat , Xavier (6) have one knife, bread and a sleeping bag and I have my bow 20 arrows , water , dried fruits and painkiller

Tatum Riley- District 11

We have camp and we eat quietly when the anthem begin to play we all turn our heads to the sky . The boy from the 2 appears first and I am very surprised then the boy from 3, the boy from 7 then the girl from 12 and in the end the wierd boy from the Capitol, I was surprised because he had joined the Carrers

The Fallen

Vikky Gorge - District 12

Wess Cornstob - District 11

Keratios Kini - Capitol

Copton Onaway - District 3

Harley Fudson- Distirct 7

Blake Hatch-District 2

Day 1 Odds

District Name Odds
1 Peridot Leer 5-1
1 Jefferson Goldless 9-1
2 Harmony Lyrica 4-1
3 Mackenzie Thorn 9-1
4 Almary Wintes 6-1
4 Jake Lehouk 6-1
5 Aqua Duct 16-1
5 Magnas Velocity 14-1
6 Helena Seastorm 13-1
6 Xavier Woods 19-1
7 Alicia Rivera 3-1
8 Poly Nolan 46-1
8 John Madrick 22-1
9 Juliet Freemood 10-1
9 Lucas Rayden 14-1
10 Jessie Sherman 33-1
10 Luigi Williams 28-1
11 Tatum Riley 17-1
12 Luke Nealy 12-1
`13 Cassidy Harris 11-1
13 Drake Mordan 20-1
Capitol Azalia Ray 40-1

Day 2

Almary Wintes-Distict 4

All the Carrers is stell sleeping. So i gather my suppplies and I am ready to stab Jake(4) in the heart when someone say"Do it and you are dead"I turn and I see Alicia(7) .She is holding an axe at her hand and i know that if she decide to throw it I am dead."You thought that you can escape from us?"She steps closer to me and i try to run but i can't then"You thought wrong!!"She say at me I start run and I excpect Alicia(7) to follow me but she never comes.

Helena Seastorm-Distirct 6

We are talking about tactics when we see the John(8) and Drake(13) . I prepare my knifes in case that we have to kill them. Unfortunatly they saw us and John(8) throw his trident at Tatum(11) it hit her in the chest. I throw him one dart and i it hit him in his neck,He fall to the ground and Drake(13) runs awayBOOM!!!. I run at Tatum(11) and try to save her but i know she will die BOOM!!!.I close her eyes take and John's(8) supplies.I take the sleeping bag and i give at Luke(12) the camouflage paints and Cassidy(13) and Jessie(10) share the other supplies

Aqua Duct-Distict 5

I see a silver parachute fly above me and I grab it . My send me some water . I drink some and i feel much better Our alliance is doing great but Poly(8) and Azalia(C) don't have anything. Poly(8) is really annoying she can't shut up her little mouth for one sec. I really hope that she will die soon if I will not kill her.

Jefferson Goldless-District 1

I can't find Almary(4) and we were going to leave the Careers . Anyway all day Alicia(7) is looking at me with a devil smirk in her face. I think that she has understand my plan and I worried about her because she is more bloodthristy than me and she got a 12 at the training . She reminds me of Clove with brown hair and eyes ,she is so selfish and mean and I know she will kill everyone to win.

'Lucas Rayden-District '9

It's very boring in here i haven't met up with another tribute since the bloodbath and I all day I sit at my tree with my bow in my hands waiting someone . Then i see the alliance that my district partner ,Juliet(9) is part of. She is so pretty all the boys back home had crush one her. I know i can't kill her and i hope that she will not kill me either so i don't attack them and i just let them go

Cassidy Harris-District 13

The anthem begins to play and first appears John from 8 and then Tatum from 11 only two deaths . The capitol must be very bored I think that we will have a feast or something that very soon

Odds of winning

District Name Odds of winning
1 Peridot Leer 5-1
1 Jefferson Goldless 8-1
2 Harmony Lyrica 4-1
3 Mackenzie Thorn 10-1
4 Almary Wintes 7-1
4 Jake Lehouk 6-1
5 Aqua Duct 16-1
5 Magnas Velocity 14-1
6 Helena Seastorm 12-1
6 Xavier Woods 17-1
7 Alicia Rivera 3-1
8 Poly Nolan 46-1
9 Juliet Freemood 10-1
9 Lucas Rayden 13-1
10 Luigi Williams 26-1
10 Jessie Sherman 32-1
12 Luke Nealy 12-1
13 Cassidy Harris 13-1
13 Drake Mordan 19-1
Capitol Azalia Ray 39-1

Day 3

Xavier Woods- District 6

I wake up and i see that only Juliet(9) isn't sleeping. "Why you aren't sleeping"I say to her " I can't " she says. "You haven't sleep since the games strated you must be exhausted" I say " I am but .."she says. She was ready to continue when we saw two parachutes. We grab them and we wake up the others . The one is for Azalia and the other is for Poly

Alicia Rivera-District 7

I want to kill Jefferson(1) so much he is so annoying and he was planning to leave with that little bitch ,Almary(4), but I can't because he is a quite good fighter and we need him for the numbers. Anyway the others decided to make i trap with the supplies . I didn't want to help them because i was bored. So the others left me and Jake(4) at the camp. I don't trust distrct 4 because Almary ditch us and who knows about Jake(4) and when the others left i step closer to him and I say to him " Don't try anything funny because you know that I will not hesitate to kill you" "You can't kill me"he says "Really,Why???"i say " Because i am a career and you are from d7" I boil with anger but I try to calm myself "Let's stop it here alright" i say.

Cassidy Harris-District 13

We were sitting and talking when we heard Claudius Templesmith's voice " Attetion tributes! Our generous gamemakers organised a feast at the Cornucopia! They will be indiviual backpacks for each tribute .Can you afford to go?? Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds be ever in your favor!"

Luigi Williams-District 10

I am doing great in here I don't need anything. Then an arrow fly past to me and Lucas(9) start running towards me i prepare my sword and we start fighting . Lucas(9) have only a knife and a bow and right now the bow is useless so I have the upper hand , i try to stab him but he dodge and he stab me in my neck then the worl goes black BOOM!!!!!!

Peridot Leer-District 1

Harmony(2) and Alicia(7) are getting nasty to kill and another tribute ,I am not. I didn't felt proud of myself when i kill Harley(7) , Jefferson(1) is worried about something and Jake(4) is still furious with Almary(4) because she was ready to kill him. Suddenly Harmony(2) says"Let's go in the forest for tribute hunting". Alicia(7) immediatly gets up and she start to prepare her knives and axes , Jefferson(1) is staring at the ground and Jake(4) says "great idea" .I say to them that I will guard the supplies and they head to the forest.

Azalia Ray- Capitol

We were talking when i knife flew into Poly(8)'s face BOOM!!!! We began panicking and Juliet(9) prepare her bow. Then we saw Harmony(2) and Jake(4) and Juliet(9) shoot at their direction Harmony(2) dodge but the arrow hit Jake(4)'s temple BOOM!!!! and we start to run away expecting for another attack but the Careers don't follow us.

Jefferson Goldless- District 1

I have to leave now . My mentor said to me that Almary(4) is waiting for me. So i sneak out behind Harmony and i stab her in her leg. She screams in pain and Alicia(7) immediately throw her knife at me. It hit my shoulder ,that bitch!!! Then she turns and she put instact relief at Harmony's leg and I start to run as fast i can . Finally I met up with Almary(4) . "What happened she say". " Alicia . That happen" She nod her head and i put some neosporin in my shoulder.

Cassidy Harris- District 13

Today we don't see anybody and we were a little bored . But i don't want to die or my remaining allies die and tommorow is the feast the capitol will have their action tommorow. Suddenly the anthem begins and first appears Jake(4) from four then Poly from 8 then Luigi from 10 . Wow one more carrer is down

Day 4

Drake Mordan-District 13

Today is the feast i don't know if i will go because i don't need anything but is a good opportunity to kill people. What one second . I see one alliance yay I prepare my sword and John(8)'s machete and i sneak up to them. Then i hit a girl with my sword but then i knife enter to my knife and the only that i can think is how idiot i am BOOM!! BOOM!!!

Alicia Rivera-District 7

Jefferson(1) ditch us and he is going to pay today is the feast .I don't need anything since i am a Careers but i will go to kill and kill. Then we hear Claudius Templesmith's voice" Good morning tribute's today is the feast but also we have a rule change . Our gamemakers decide to have 4 victors and i suggest you to come on the feast or...". The feast will be so intresting!!!!

The Feast

Aqua Duct - District 5

We will go to the feast because if won't we will propably die. We go to the cornucopia and we hide then a earthquake begin . Oh my god lava start to pour from the small mountain in the forest BOOM!!! Someone died we run to the center of the Cornucopia

Death Chart

Place Name District Killed How Killed by
28th Vikky Gorge 12 knife in chest Luigi Williams
27th Wess Cornstob 11 axe in head Alicia Rivera
26th Keratos Kini C knife in head Juliet Freemood
25th Copton Onaway 3 knife in heart Harmony Lyrica
24th Harley Fudson 7 sword in back Peridot Leer
23th Blake Hatch 2 spear in stomach Magnas Velocity
22th John Madrick 8 dart at neck Helena Seastorm
21th Tatum Riley 11 trident at chest John Madrick
20th Luigi Williams 10 knife in neck Lucas Rayden
19th Poly Nolan 8 knife in face Harmony Lyrica
18th Jake Lehouk 4 arrow in temple Juliet Freemood
17th Cassidy Harris 13 sword in back Drake Mordan
16th Drake Mordan 13 knife in eye Luke Nealy

Current Status

District Name Supplies Location Needs Allies
1 Peridot Leer 3x knives , dried fruit meat , bread, night-vision glasses sleeping bag water, burn cream Cornucopia Nothing ,Harmony , Mackenzie, , Alicia
1 Jefferson Goldless camouflage paints , axe , water , bread , neosporin forest Nothing Almary
2 Harmony Lyrica throwing knives (6x) sword burncream instant relief soup , night vision glasses , water bread , Cornucopia Nothing Peridot Mackenzie, Alicia
3 Mackenzie Thorn Axe , bread,water sleeping bag Cornucopia Nothing Peridot, Harmony,Alicia
4 Almary Wintes

trident , blowgun , darts(20x), camouflage paints,water,poison bread,dagger(x2)

Forest Nothing


5 Aqua Duct bread , camouflage paints , machet Forest Xavier,Poly Juliet, Azalia
5 Magnas Velocity mace , axe , water , dried meat , night vision glasses Forest nothing No one
6 Helena Seastorm two galons of water , one empty backpack , knives(x5),dried fruits,blowgun,darts(x10) Forest nothing Jessie, Luke,
6 Xavier Woods rope , wire , bread Forest water Aqua,Juliet,Azalia
7 Alicia Rivera instant relief , pain killer, bread , dried meat , night -vision glasses , sleeping bag , knives(8x) axes(4x) Cornucopia nothing Peridot,Jefferson Harmony, Mackenzie
9 Juliet Freemood painkiller,bow,bread, quiver of arrows(x15) Forest nothing Aqua,Xavier, ,Azalia
9 Lucas Rayden bread,knife,empty backpack,bow,quiver of arrows(x12),water,poison Forest no one
10 Jessie Sherman Wire,water,bread Forest Helena,Luke,
10 Luigi Williams Sword , wire,soup,water Forest No one
12 Luke Nealy knife,water,sleeping bag,bow,quiver of arrows(x12),water Forest Helena,Jessie
Capitol Azalia Ray water,soup Forest nothing Aqua,Xavier Juliet

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