Let the games begin!

This year two children from the capitol will compete.


D1M - Roman Hamilton

D1F - Maple May

D2M - Tenzin Corison

D2F - Sky Prissilla

D3M - Chester Porter

D3F - Olympia Shock

D4M - Fang Gills

D4F - Angel Coil

D5M - Maddox Zainson

D5F - Princess Daisy

D6M - Brighton Kayson

D6F - Magenta Tegrison

D7M - Dawn Oak

D7F - Charity Brown

D8M - Bishop Skid

D8F - Velvet Dove

D9M - Flax Seed

D9F - Rye Oats

D10M - Tiger Grayson

D10F - Tigeress Grayson

D11M - Storm Mason

D11F - Tuesday Flower

D12M - Cupid Rain

D12F - Rainbow Wilson

CM - Pan Sage

CF - Lux Riccarton

Training Scores

District 1

Roman: 8

Maple: 11

District 2

Tenzin: 8

Sky: 7

District 3

Chester: 3

Olympia: 8

District 4

Fang: 7

Angel: 7

District 5

Maddox: 5

Princess: 6

District 7

Dawn: 9

Charity: 11

District 8

Bishop: 4

Velvet: 7

District 9

Flax: 5

Rye: 8

District 10

Tiger: 10

Tigeress: 10

District 11

Storm: 7

Tuesday: 12

District 12

Cupid: 11

Rainbow: 10


Pan: 12

Lux: 12

The Games

The Arena is a Very Dark Forest with pitch black concrete,a purple sky with pink clouds.Lots of blue & white trees & bushes,and a very long river.

The tributes are launched up into the arena,they see a light blue cornucopia with very colourful weapons,backpacks,water & food supplies,and much more.

'60..59..58..' The sixty second countdown has just started, Rainbow (12) is the fastest runner out of all the tributes,she looks happy because she knows she can get to the cornucopia first,

'45..44..43..42..' Chester (3) is getting very unpatient and even sighing.Maple (1) has an evil smerk on her face and shes ready to run.Lux (C) has a purple backpack right infront of her panel.'5..4..3..2..1..'

The tributes jump off their panels,Lux picks up her purple backpack and then starts running towards the Cornucopia,Rainbow has reached the cornucopia first,she grabs an orange backpack,a load of bread,3 throwing knives,& a bottle of water,as she disappears into the forest the tributes finally start arriving at the cornucopia,Maddox (5) arrives next and picks up a spear and a backpack,he throws the spear and it lands right through Flax's (9) head.He instantly dies. BOOM! Then Maple has arrived,and her district partner Roman (1) has arrived with her,Maple picks up a mace,she swings it at Dawn (7) and it digs into his chest BOOM! Tenzin (2) & Sky (2) have afformed an alliance with Maple,& Roman. Sky picks up a bow and a sheath of arrows,She sees another bow and sheath of arrows,she picks it up & gives it to Angel (4) because she is very good with the bow.Angel loads her arrow and shoots at Velvet (8) It lands on her forehead,she falls to the ground and the arrow makes a hole through her brain BOOM! Tenzin picks up a Flail , he doesn't prefer this weapon.But he still manages to whack Chester (3) in the face,to finish Chester off,Tenzin grabs a knife and slits his throat BOOM! Fang (4) & Angel (4) allign with the careers.While this is happening,Tigeress (10) sneaks up behind Roman and and digs her axe into his hip,he screams and falls to his knees,Maple starts growling,she sprints towards Tigeress,Tigeress sees coming,Tigeress headbutts Maple in the chest and Maple falls to the ground.Tiger (10) then reaches the cornucopia,grabs two throwing axes,a spear & a backpack.while his sister (Tigeress) gets food & water,Sky Grips her bow and arrow,she loads an arrow and shoots at Storm (11) and it goes into his chest.BOOM! Princess (5) Makes an alliance with her district partner Maddox,& Olympia (3) Olympia grabs a dart gun and shoots Bishop (8) in the heart.BOOM! Princess grabs half a dozen throwing knives and throws one towards Rye (9),the blade slits Rye's throat and she falls to the ground with a croak.BOOM! Maddox runs into the forest and Olympia & Princess follow.Pan (C) has formed an alliance with Cupid (12),Lux (C) & Tuesday (11).Tuesday sees the careers,they all run towards them,Tuesday throws her axe and it digs into Fang's head.BOOM! Then the rest of the careers start to chase Tuesday,Pan & Lux get Charity (7) to join to alliance,she agrees and they all run together untill the careers stop.about an hour later the careers stop.

The Fallen

Flax (9)

Dawn (7)

Velvet (8)

Chester (3)

Storm (11)

Bishop (8)

Rye (9)

Fang (4)

Day 4

It's been 2 days since a death has happened,The game-makers find this is a very boring games,so they decide to heat it up a bit.The careers,Roman,Maple,Tenzin,Sky,& Angel. have waken up.They hear a vibration.They all look very puzzled,then the vibration is getting louder,and closer.That's when they start coming.Fireballs the size of soccer balls,They start running as fast as they can,then a fireball comes from the way they are running towards,'DUCK!!!' screams Angel,they all duck,but Sky was in so much shock she just stared at the incoming fireball.The fireball slams into her face and she is screaming,she falls to the ground and her hair is on fire,then a flame drops from the sky and hits Roman.They are both screaming now,then the screaming gets quieter.Maple is bursting out in tears,Angel can bare to look,Then Roman and Sky become still.BOOM!BOOM! The fireballs are stawling.Then they stop.Maple is in shock,her and Roman were very good friends back in District 1.They then carry on to hunt for food.

The Fallen

Sky (2)

Roman (1)

Day 6

There are only 16 Tributes left,The game makers want to eliminate 5 today.

Princess,Maddox & Olympia are walking through the forest,they are so thirsty,they then see a tap a few metres away,they drop everything theyre holding and they run towards the tap,Princess flicks the tap on a the clear water starts running,she puts her mouth under the water but then Maddox kicks her away."What the hell!?!?!" she says."I'm going first,I deserve it the most.Infact,your dead weight,we shouldn't even have you here." Princess loses the plot,she grabs her dart-gun and runs away growling.Maddox then laughs "Now we're strong" he says.He puts his mouth under the water,he drinks for about 5 seconds,then he feels very woozy."Don't drink the-"He then drops to the floor.BOOM! Olympia screams and runs the way Princess was."HE'S DEAD!' she yells,Princess hears the words,she then sees Olympia screaming,"HE'S DEAD! HE'S DEAD! MADDOX IS DEAD" she yells.Then as Olympia is running towards Princess,a rope she gets picked up by a net then starts screaming,then a shower of knives fall from the sky.right on top of her.BOOM! "OLYMPIA!!" screams Princess.She drops to the floor and screams her lungs out.

Rainbow hears this scream.She's up in a tree,she hops out of her tree and follows the scream,she then sees Princess,she sees hundreds of knives on the ground infront of her,Princess hearts footsteps,she takes her dart gun and shoots her arrow into Rainbow's head,Rainbow falls backwards and moans..BOOM! Princess then walks towards the pile of knives,she empties out her backpack,& takes Olympia's.She loads up both backpacks with knives,and she leaves happily,but still shocked by Maddox & Olympia's death.

"Three cannons." says Tiger."I Wonder who" says Tigeress,"Lets go hunt,I'm starving."they walk for about 4 hours,they find nothing."Can we please have some food?" yells Tiger.Then a parachute falls down.They open it and find a packet of grapes,2 fruit bars,2 juice boxes,a packet of crackers,2 oranges, & fresh loaf of bread.They enjoy the loaf of bread and packet of grapes,they keep the rest of the food in their backpack,as their walking they see 3 figures.All female with long blonde hair.Tiger & Tigeress don't think these girls are tributes.and their not.They then realise who they are.In the 100th Hunger Games They took 3 Tributes from districts,Could be a boy or a girl.These three girls were triplets.And bad luck caused all three of them to be reaped.They died though.But the capitol must of kept their corpses and turn them into mutts,Then all three of them start sprinting towards Tiger & Tigeress,after about 20minutes of running,Tigeress cant take it anymore,She stops,Tiger does not notice,But he then hears munching behind him,he takes a look then stops,he sees his sister being eaten by the Triplet Mutts.BOOM! He can't live life without his sister,its all he had left,their Mother & Father died.He runs up to the Triplet Mutts and they start to eat him.BOOM!

The Fallen

Maddox (5)

Olympia (3)

Rainbow (12)

Tigeress (10)

Tiger (10)

Day 8

The remaining careers Maple (1) , Tenzin (2) & Angel (4) are all asleep.It's 2am in the morning.Maple wakes up and looks at Tenzin & Angel.She wants to go home.She realises what she has to do.She crawls over to Tenzin,She picks up his knife,then puts her hand over his mouth.Then slits his throat BOOM! "1 more" she whispers to herself. she then crawls over to Angel and puts her hand on her mouth the same way she did to Tenzin. "I'm so sorry" she whispers in Angel's ear.Then slits her throat.BOOM! Then an axe gets thrown into Maple's head.BOOM! Charity (7), stands above Maples body.And yanks her axe out of Maple's head.Behind Charity stands Pan & Lux (C) , Tuesday (11) & Cupid (12). "How was that guys?" says Charity. "Awesome" says Cupid."Now theres 8 left."

Day 9

Since the Capitol children were entered into the hunger games,The feast will be with the final 8.

"Congratulations Final 8! Today their will be a feast in one hour.When you reach the cornucopia there will be a Throne with your name on it.You shall sit in the throne and wait untill everyone gets there.If you kill anyone,Or if you dont come.There will be hell to pay."

The tributes arrive and take their thrones.Then once everyone has arrived.They are locked in their thrones. "Okay,Welcome tributes,Lets play a Hunger games quiz!,I Will ask you each a question and you need to answer with the correct answer!" Says Claudius Templesmith. "What happens if we Don't answer it correctly?" asks Cupid. "None of your buisness!" Says Claudius."Okay let's begin!" "The first question is for Charity,Charity,Who was the first tribute to die?" "Umm..I think it was Flax?" "Correct! The next question is for Pan,Pan who killed Dawn?" "It was Maple,I think.." "Correct!" "Next question is for Tuesday" Tuesday looks very nervous and her face is red. "What happened to Olympia?" Tuesday doesn't even know who Olympia is.She takes a guess."She was killed by the game-makers?" "Correct!" "Next question is for Brighton,Brighton,Which two tributes were killed by mutts?" "Was it Maddox?" "Sorry,That isn't Correct." A hole opens below Brighton's thrown and water rises to the top,Two wires connect to his throne and he is sent down into the water,while being eletricuted.BOOM! "Princess,the next question is for you.If you answer this question correctly,You can choose a tribute you want to kill and they will be tortured to death like Maddox."

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