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  • Maybell is AW3OM3

    This is the same games as Maybell_is_AW3OM3/The_150th_Hunger_Games, but this blog has the games on it.

    District Name Age Who by District How

    The victor is .......... ............... ........

    District _ vs District _

    District _ vs District _

    District _ vs District _

    District 12 vs Nobody.


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  • Maybell is AW3OM3

    This is a hunger games. It is a quarter quell. This account is a mixture of User: Maybell Rocks!! and User: AW3SOM3 S4MU3L.

    District 5 will not have a Female.

    Someone will die right on the platform before the games but goes straight to his second life.

    Note. The tributes dont know about this until they die for the first time. They get told about it before they start there 2nd life.

    It starts out with 24 tributes one dies on the platform then boom 23 then GONG, 9 people die and it starts at the 2nd life arena while people in the 1st life arena are still dying until 5 tributes are left in the 1st life arena and there are currently 5 in the first arena (The current first arena alive people have been taken out of the arena and have been passed out…

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