This is a hunger games. It is a quarter quell. This account is a mixture of User: Maybell Rocks!! and User: AW3SOM3 S4MU3L.

The 1st Twist

District 5 will not have a Female.

The 2nd Twist

Someone will die right on the platform before the games but goes straight to his second life.

The 3rd Twist

Note. The tributes dont know about this until they die for the first time. They get told about it before they start there 2nd life.

This is an example of what might happen.

It starts out with 24 tributes one dies on the platform then boom 23 then GONG, 9 people die and it starts at the 2nd life arena while people in the 1st life arena are still dying until 5 tributes are left in the 1st life arena and there are currently 5 in the first arena (The current first arena alive people have been taken out of the arena and have been passed out) 10 in the 2nd and 8 in the third and then one dies in the second and the third starts and then 4 people die in the 2nd arena (All 5 remaining 2nd arena are taken out of the arena and knocked out) and then everyone fights in the third arena until 4 are left. (And all remaing 3rd arena are taken out of the arena and knocked out). Then it starts with 7 two on two matches and then there are 7 tributes left after the two on two matches. Then it becomes When To Give Up. This show will torture the Tribute in 5 different ways. In each stage one person must give up, that person will then be gassed in a glass room while the others watch. At the top two tributes they will have to do one on one on each other.


  1. 2 tributes max
  2. Can only have 2 careers
  3. Dont get mad if your tribute dies

Tributes Completed!!!

District Name Age Gender Weapon Stragy for Bloodbath Allies User
1 Ross Cunnerham 18 Male Sword Grab a weapon and kill Careers  GillyHicks12
1 Cherry Tealer 17 Female Bow Grab a weapon and kill Careers  GillyHicks12
2 Ireshi Takoama 15 Male Bow Protect Hitomi until the end. No questions asked. Careers HeavyRotation

Hitomi Usake

13 Female Slingshot Grab only a few supplies then run Careers HeavyRotation
3 Phillip Runem 12 Male Slingshot Run to a good hiding place and find a lake Sophia (3) GillyHicks12
3 Sophia Jamen 15 Female Spear Grab weapons and some supplies and find Phillip late and hide together Phillip (3) GillyHicks12
4 Blair Quagmire 18 Male Spear/sword To make an alliance with people he trusts, most likely Michelle and then to kill the rest at the final 8. Michelle Tacosalad
4 Michelle Nash 16 Female Bow/arrows, and knives To kill at the cornucopia and make an alliance with some people she trusts, probably Blair. Kill the rest except for Blair at the final 8. Blair Tacosalad
5 Adron Phelon 17 Male Sword Rip off someones head when he gets a chance and then kill KILL KILL. Join the careers and kill them all during the first night watch. Careers HeavyRotation
5 Luna Moon 14 Female Knives Run and get a backpack then weapon Cleo, Matthew Me
6 Brann Clatch 16 Male None None Miley Robin040197
6 Miley Clatch 14 Female Bow None Brann Robin040197
7 Matthew Little 16 Male Sword Grab a sword from the cornucopia and then get away. Kill when needed, but hide most of the games. Cleo Tacosalad
7 Cleo Jones 18 Female Bow and arrow get a bow and arrow and hide. Maybe go with Matthew and hide. Don't kill too many, but kill if needed. Matthew Tacosalad
8 Callam Rung 16 Male Throwing knives Go for the weapons and run Vanity, Phillip, Leena I Dont Know
8 Vanity Glossamer 12 Female Throwing needle None Phillip, Leena, Callam PlasticGlimmer
9 Banak Crane 17 Male Trident Rush to the Cornucopia, grab food and weapons, and try to kill so many as he can. Careers Banak Crane
9 Feline Madire 12 Female Spear None None Robin040197
10 Phillip Violo 13 Male Kama None Vanity, and Leena, Callam



10 Leena Vetech 18 Female Kama None Vanity, and Phillip, Callam



11 Sain Isanto 18 Male Screw driver None None AsherMizzou
11 Lilly Fortess 13 Female Electified slingshot None None CloveEgo
12 Cale Servarado 13 Male Bow None None District12-Tributes
12 Clemintime Lee 15 Female Throwing knives None None CloveEgo


Careers- Cherry (1), Ross (1), Phillip (3), Sophia (3), Adron (5), Banak (9),

District 2- Hitomi (2), Ireshi (2),

District 4- Blair (4), Michelle (4)

District 6- Brann (6), Miley (6)

District 7- Cleo (7) and Matthew (7)

District 8 and 10- Vanity (8), Callam (8), Phillip (10), Leena (10),

The Underdogs- Sain (11), Lilly (11), Clemintime (12), Cale (12),


Head gamemaker-Maybell Rocks!!

Other Head gamemaker-AW3SOM3 S4MU3L

Chariot Ride maker- ??????

I will do chariot rides, training score and reapings.

Reapings (Done by AW3SOM3 S4MU3L)

District 1

Cherry Tealer- I wake up to the smell of megenta dimonds. Im very excited to get to volunteer this year. my partner is Ross Cunnerham, Ugh! I hate him. He is so annoying. Well I curl my hair

Training scores (Done by Maybell Rocks!!)

District Name Age

Training score

1 Ross Cunnerham 18 10 1-4
1 Cherry Tealer 17 8 1-6
2 Ireshi Takoama 15 9 1-5
2 Hitomi Usake 13 10 1-4
3 Phillip Runem 12 5 1-18
3 Sophia Jamen 15 4 1-16
4 Blair Quagmire 18 5 1-14
4 Michelle Nash 16 8 1-9
5 Adron Phelon 17 9 1-3
6 Brann Clatch 16 3 1-20
6 Miley Clatch 16 8 1-8
7 Matthew Little 16 7 1-12
7 Cleo Welch 18 12 1-4
8 Callam Rung 16 2 1-17
8 Vanity Glossamer 12 9 1-13
9 Banak Crane 17 7 1-10
9 Feline Madire 12 7 1-15
10 Phillip Viola 13 1 1-23
10 Leena Vetech 18 1 1-24
11 Sain Insanto 18 1 1-60
11 Lilly Fortress 13 11 1-2
12 Cale Servarado 13 12 1-3
12 Clemintime Lee 15 12 1-2


Hitoki: Hey District 12, Adron, Banak and Cleo wanna join the careers we already accepted alot of little people

Cale: No

Clemintime: No

Cleo: Not in my right mind

Adron: Of course

Banak: Heck yea

Hitoki: Ok well see you guys later and District 12 you'll regret that you too little Cleo

Cleo: Shut up

Hitoki: You'll regret that

The careers including Adron and Banak all walk away and Cleo and District 12 like each other and say if the time comes they'll ally.

Chariot rides (Both)

Ceaser Flickerman: Welcome To The Chariot Parades Our Tributes While Arrive Shortly!

Jennifer Quesis: Not Shortly Enough, Here Comes District 1

District 1: Female: Spray Painted Gold With A Lovely Fushia Dress Coverd With Dimonds And Glitter. Male: Spray Painted Gold Too Has His Hair Greased Behind And A Suit With Glitter And Jewelery.

Cearser: Isnt That Eye Grabbing

Jennifer: It Sure Is! Here Comes District 2

District 2: Female: Wearing A Samurai With A Mask Wield A Sword Hair In A Ponytail. Male: Same Thing

Ceaser I Think They Could Have Done Better

Jennifer: I Dissagree This Show Oh Tough They Are

Ceaser: Here Comes District 3

District 3: There wearing gray suits

Ceaser: ..........

Jennifer: ......

District 4: Female Is A Mermaid Sitting On A Rock With A Crown. Male: Posiden Wielding A Trident With A Beard.

Ceaser: Thats Was Cool

Jennifer: Yup!

District 5: Female Is A Power Line Same As The Male

Ceaser : *Yawn*

Jennifer: Terrible

District 6: Female Is A Car Same As Male

Ceaser: Ouch!

Jennifer: .....

District 7: Female: A Dress At The Torso The Dress Is Wavy Like A Pine Cone Tree. Male: Green Suit With The Bottom Being Brown To Simulate A Tree Trunk

Ceaser: Finally Something Good!

Jennifer: Tru Dat!

District 8: Female Mismatch Dress With Different Fabrics On The Dress: Same With Male Execpt Suit

Ceaser: Not my cup of tea

Jennier: Hmm

District 9: Female: Has Her Hair Braided With Wheat Grain Dresses With Grain On It. Male: Suit With Grain On It

Ceaser: Nice!

Jennier Not my favorite

District 10: Female: Wearing A Fur Dress With Cheetah Print Shoes Are Brown With Cheetah Print. Male: Zebra Print Suit

Ceaser: Pretty!

Jennifer: Thats So Stylish but not impressing

District 11: Female: Is a beautiful green dress with a beutiful red pedals abover her head and is squrting out seeds Male Same but a tux

Ceaser: Best yet

Jennifer: I Like It alot!

District 12: All Dressed As Miners but with fire all over them and then they hold hands and raise them up and the line of fire stays there

Ceaser: Cinna has really amazed us this time

Jennifer: I know right

Favorite chariots by fans

District Placing
District 12 1st Advantages
District 11 2nd Advantages

District 4

3rd Advantages
District 7 4th
District 1 Tied for 5th
District 2 Tied for 5th
District 9 7th
District 10 8th
District 8 9rd
District 6 10th
District 5 11th
District 3 12th
The #1 stylist is....... The District 4 stylist

District 12, 11, and 7 also 4 will have the advantage of being 2 yards closer to the cornucopia and getting to bring a backpack full of supplies (Including Water and crackers). And if District 12 makes it there they wont have to do the two on two matches.



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