• Mcrouch12

    The 150th Hunger Games!!!

    October 31, 2010 by Mcrouch12

    Hello fellow Hunger Games fans! Welcome to the 150th Hunger Games! This is the Hunger Games,prepare to be amazed with this Quarter Quell twist!!!!!!!!!

    Tributes should be sent in with......






    Thanks 4 the Tributes!!!!!

    Sparkle Harven - 4

    Justin Weed - 6

    Joy Sagial - 5

    Gabe Sonny - 8

    Luke Jefferson - 7

    Patty Chance - 6

    Johnny Flight - 3

    Fido Finderson - 6

    David Swimmer - 2

    Lindy Jackson - 4

    Kaylee Relluf - 6

    Mark Burjek - 0.5

    Morgan Crouch - 8

    Matt Monahan - 4

    Drew Burjek- 5

    Katelynn Fuller - 7

    Chunk Chessen - 9

    Chelse Prince - 3

    Katie Gown - 7

    Storm Shadow - 9

    Peter Peterson - 8

    Haley Mcfadden - 7

    Nate Zurahoski - 5

    Alexandera Sarslad - 6

    Food- killing one tribute

    Blankets-killing one tribute

    Wood- killing one tribute

    Map of Arena- kil…

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  • Mcrouch12

    The Games Have Began!!!!!

    October 17, 2010 by Mcrouch12

    It's day one and the athem plays The Hunger Games have started. Morgan dashes out to the cornucopia and grabs a golden bow and arrow ,a backpack of supplies and escapes to a forest. Next to realize the games have started is Kateylnn who isn't a fast runner so she just runs in the forest after Morgan. Mark,Drew, and Nate join together and take over the beach. The rest fight amongst themselves for supplies. Among these is Kaylee,Chole.(starting an allince). And the rest one against one. It's a rough day to sort out. The people who died were shown in the bright midnight sky. They were both tributes from distrist 3, Dust Winder from 1,and Enstien Smith. Hopefully the stars will start a brighter tomorrow for the remaining tributes.

    On day two Ka…

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