Hello fellow Hunger Games fans! Welcome to the 150th Hunger Games! This is the Hunger Games,prepare to be amazed with this Quarter Quell twist!!!!!!!!!

Tributes should be sent in with......






Thanks 4 the Tributes!!!!!

Training Scores

Sparkle Harven - 4

Justin Weed - 6

Joy Sagial - 5

Gabe Sonny - 8

Luke Jefferson - 7

Patty Chance - 6

Johnny Flight - 3

Fido Finderson - 6

David Swimmer - 2

Lindy Jackson - 4

Kaylee Relluf - 6

Mark Burjek - 0.5

Morgan Crouch - 8

Matt Monahan - 4

Drew Burjek- 5

Katelynn Fuller - 7

Chunk Chessen - 9

Chelse Prince - 3

Katie Gown - 7

Storm Shadow - 9

Peter Peterson - 8

Haley Mcfadden - 7

Nate Zurahoski - 5

Alexandera Sarslad - 6

Sponser Gifts that can be Earned-these gifts can be earned by killing a certain # of tributes

Food- killing one tribute

Blankets-killing one tribute

Wood- killing one tribute

Map of Arena- kiling two tributes

Dagger- killing two tributes

Poison-killing three tributes

Antidote-killing four tributes

Bow and Arrow-killing five tributes

Gun-killing seven tributes

Sword-killing eight tributes

Spear-killing nine tributes

Trident- killing tweleve tributes

Fire thrower- killing fourteen tributes

Sleeping Potion-killing sixteen tributes

District 1

Justin Weed

Sparkle Harven

District 2

Gabe sonny died by Sparkle Harven

Joy Sagial

District 3

Luke Jefferson died by concussion by Storm Shadow

Patty Chance died by bing stabbed by Sparkle Harven

District 4

David Swimmer

Lindy Jackson

District 5

Johnny Flight

Fido Finderson

District 6

Kaylee Relluf died by bomb

Mark Burjek died by bomb

District 7

Morgan Crouch

Matt Monahan

District 8

Katelynn Fuller died by Nate Zurawski

Drew Burjek died by Morgan Crouch

District 9

Chelse Prince

Chunk Chessen

District 10

Katie Gown

Peter Peterson

District 11

Haley Mcfadden died

Nate Zuroawski died

District 12

Storm Shadow

Alexzandera Sarslad died by bomb

Tomorrow I will start the Games and the excitment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 1

Its day one and the Games begin.All of the tributes are spread out around the Arena, this year the tributes are all wearing snowpants,long-sleeved shirts,and jackets with stripes in shades of purple .This year the Arena is a Winter Wonderland with a tall cliff in the middle. The reasons everyone is spread out is because for the Quarter Quell the person that kills the most people is the winner. So it would be a bore if a large tribute killed everyone in about 10 minutes. We start our story with Haley Mcfadden. She is a only child who as was cruelly beaten by her mother. When her name was called at the reaping her mother treated her like a princess because she new Haley would be famous if she won. She started by a lake not far from the Cornacopia.She also wanted to start an allience with some people. When they started she raced to the pine forest and found tribute Morgan. "Want to start an allience",Morgan asked.' Sure" Haley said. so they walked off together. Three cannons went off the cannons of Kaylee Relluf,Mark Burjek,and Alexandera Sarslad. Sadley no one was fighting so the Gamemakers had a bomb go off. The earth shook when they heard a scream but they didn't know which tribute it was. They settled down in a tree for the night cold without anything more than a jacet and snowpants. Will they freeze to death or live to see the next sunrise.

To be continued..................................

Day 2

Haley and Morgan have both survived the brutal night. Snow started to fall and ther only hope of winning was to get to he cave on top of the cliff.As they stated to travel they ran into tributes Katie Gown and Peter Peterson. Katie was a slim girl and beautiful. Her ckeekbones were high she had sholder-length wheat colored hair and sea blue eyes that seemed to glow in the sunlight.And Peter Peterson was as handsome as any boy could get 16, he gray hair and dark eyesthat seemed enless. They started an allience. On the other side of the arena an allience of Nate Z.,Katelynn.F, and Drew Burjek. They were guarding the Cornacopia. Inside was nothing, the Gamemakers had not put anything in it so the tributes would have to kill for survival. Meanwhile Sparkle Harven,Gabe Sonny,Joy Sagial,Luke Jefferson,and Patty Chance were setting up camp by the lake, they were the careers. Sparkle said in her interview her stategy was using her looks for sponsers so she started flirting with Luke Jefferson.Sparkle had long, dark brown hair, seaweed green eyes,and even loads of makeup on. Now Luke was very hansome but he liked Patty so Sparkled killed Patty saying a anther tribute foung her and stabbed her. Patty's cannon went off. That nightSparkle came up Luke saying,"Luke you want to come inside the ttent just you and me'

"Ok" he said. They sat down.They started talking but soon Sparkle made her move she started kissing Luke and wouldn't let go of him, unftil he pulled away."I like that"said Luke smiling."Me too" said Sparkle so they started kissing again.They really did fall in love then Gabe came in and told them keep up the kissing because they got a gift from sponsers. Saying that now the Gamemakers will drive a tribute for them to kill for there gift. this is the way this Hunger Games will work. The tributes name was on the paper it was Storm Shadow,district 12,he was now just outside the tent. Luke ran out and hit him with a log but Storm grabbed it and killed Luke. The cannon went off. Sparkle tied up Storm and when Gabewas about to kill him Sparkle said "No, he could be some use to us." Gabe said he would be back with the gift Storm would get for killing Luke. Soon now it was Storm and Sparkle in the tent. She started her cue. "You know Storm went I first saw you I fell in love". "Yeah right." said Storm. "No really I love your black hair,your gray eyes,your tan skin. I really love you". So she started kissing him he pulled away as soon as possible so she slapped him. It was the first time she was turned down. Now only nineteen tributes are left. What will happen next.

To be continued.................................

Day 3

Its day three and the tributes start with a big problem. The Gamemakers are having hail fall out of the sky as big as volleyballs. The tributes take cover. Haley and Morgan are on the run until they find Drew and Katelynn together so they start a bigger allience. The gamemakers announe you can recieve gifts by killing tributes so drew stabbes Morgan and she strikes back with a dagger and kills him then she races off to collect her gift. The showdown between Katelynn and Haley begins by Haley screaming and katelynn grabbing a stick and hitting her on the head Haley dies. Her fellow tribute Nate races up he kisses her and goes after Katelynn he grabbes a rope from his side probualy from taking it from the careers since they have killed 2 already. He took Katelynns leg and arm and tied them together then she hopped into a tree with spikes as needles and died the cannons went off for katelynn and Drew. Morgan has made it to the mountain to find none other than Justin Weed sitting at the top she knew he would kill her but when she was about to attack she passed out. The careers were tired of being a team so gabe and Sparkle fought and Sparkle won. when she came back into the tent to leave Storm was gone them he stabbed her from behind"Thats how you do it" said Storm. Then he recived his gift a basket of food and he feasted. Will Morgan be killed by Justin, what will Storm do, where are the other tributes find out soon.

Day 4

It's day four and Morgan Finds herself in a cave. Justin hasn't killed her so they start an allience hoping to find others to join them. Morgan's gift lands in front of her it's a basket of wood so they start a fire it glows brightly in the night. Storm ran into Nate and have started an allience. they ran up the mountain and jioned with Morgan and Justin.Today was basiclly just starting alliences.

-Morgan C. and Justin W. and Nate Z. and Storm S.

-Joy Sagial

- Katie Gown and Peter Peterson

- Johhny Flight and Fido Finderson

-Chunk c. and Chelse P.

-Matt M.

-David S. and Lindy Jackson

what will happen next?

Day 5

Morgan,Justin,Nate, and Storm soon find Matt who joins there group. Joy was killed early that morning by Matt who recieved a map of the arena for killing her. David and Lindy attack them Nate stabbes David with a knife. And Justin hits Lindy with a rock on the head. Only 12 tributes left.Chunk and Chelse run into them as well Chunk manages to use his strength to kill Nate. And Chelse kills Justin who was just stareing at her the whole time. Storm grabbes Nate's knife from the ground and kills Chunk.But Chelse mainages to excape.Now only 9 remain. Storm,Morgan and Matt run off to find more tributes. Johnlny and Fido are still asleep but then Morgan kills them with a poisonous weed she found that if you breath it it will stop your heart.7 tributes left. They are Chelse, Sparkle, Peter,Katie,Morgan,Matt, and Storm. Sparkle and Chelse have combined forces.Peter and Katie have also started an allience.Morgan ,Matt,and Storm have found Chelse and Sparkle in the forest . The pine trees are covered with snow and the tributes fingers are purple from the cold.They were not expecting an attack and wre killed with ease. Only 5 tributes are left. Night falls and Morgan's allience falls asleep and Peter and Katie attack them Morgan ,Matt as they are dying say one last goodbye and die. Storm dies as well and it,s down to Katie vs. Peter. Katie just kill me and you can win said Peter. Peter i cant let you Katie grabbed Peter's sword and she died. No sreamed Peter. Peter had won but lost the person that loved him most,Katie.


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