Day 1

It's day one and the athem plays The Hunger Games have started. Morgan dashes out to the cornucopia and grabs a golden bow and arrow ,a backpack of supplies and escapes to a forest. Next to realize the games have started is Kateylnn who isn't a fast runner so she just runs in the forest after Morgan. Mark,Drew, and Nate join together and take over the beach. The rest fight amongst themselves for supplies. Among these is Kaylee,Chole.(starting an allince). And the rest one against one. It's a rough day to sort out. The people who died were shown in the bright midnight sky. They were both tributes from distrist 3, Dust Winder from 1,and Enstien Smith. Hopefully the stars will start a brighter tomorrow for the remaining tributes.

Day 2

On day two Katelynn catches up with Morgan and so does Chloe and Kaylee. They form an allience and so do the boys mark, Drew, and Nate. At the beach they decie to head into the forest to kill the girls. The others formed a gaint allience. This includes Shane,Dani,Tristan,David,John,Sammy(careers). Yelllow,Pink,Emily,Dawn,Ash, and Jared are fighting at the cornacupia still. Marjoree died early that morning by being stabbed by Dawn witha piosonous dagger. Then Pink turns on Yellow and kills him. Emily Know she was Yellow next target so she used her ax and killed Yellow. Emily and dawn and Ash have decided to join the career pack.

Day 3

Soon the boys fing the girls campground they can smell the pine tea bruing in the pot, clothes drying on a branch,them trying to survive. The boys hide behide a tree and then they are ambushed by the girls. "What do you want said Morgan . They all the boys stared into her blue eyes and saw a leader in her and that she was ugly. " We came to make an allience." " Ok then" said Kaylee. Then boom An exploision came and the groups were separated drew and Kateylnn,Mark and Morgan, and the rest. What will happen next?

Day 4

When Drew and Katelynn escape the fire they head east and find a waterfall and behind it is a cave they rest there for the night."Kateylnn I think I love you "Drew says. "Really when...I oh my gosh.. well what can I say... I don't know it's just ...the Drew cuts her off with a gentle kiss on her lips soon shes kissing him, the kiss they shared made them feel like they could never be separated. It felt as if a dove's soft wings had laned on his lips. The others were fighting to find shelter from the career pack before it was to late. Nate and the two girls made it to the beach and made a hill of wet sand and hid in it it worked well because the career pack went right by them. Mark and Morgan couldn't find a way out and had passed out on the ground. Will they survive or will the career pack destroy them?

Day 5

Morgan and Mark were captured by the career pack and taken hostage. The careers thought they could lure the rest of the tributes by having them as prisoners. Morgan had over heard their conversation so she jumped up and grabbbed a dagger and killed Tristan. Mark got up too. The careers grabbed Mark and said "if you try any funny bussiness he gets it" So Morgan dropped her weapons to save the tribute she barely new and the careers let him go. Morgan ran over to him and helped him to his feet. "Thanks, Morgan." Then they kissed. "Let's get rid of these guys." So one by one they were killed until the only tribute left was Dani. Morgan had somewhat become friends with Dani and now they had to kill each other. Morgan new she was deadly so she put Dani to sleep with a dream poison. And then ran away with her new love. They later ran into Katelynn, Drew, Nate, Chloe, and Kaylee.

Day 6

The gamemakers start to get bored so they start the day off with an explosion. Nate, Kaylee,and Chloe all died. So the only tributes left are Morgan, Drew, Kateylnn, Mark, and Dani. Five left, one winner. Morgan runs into Dani again and the showdown begins Dani takes a quick jab at Morgan but she quickly dogges it. Then Dani runs at Morgan again so Morgan stabs her. So the only people left are, Morgan,Mark,Drew,and Katelynn what will become of them. The Gamemakers announce that a couple can win this confusing game so naturely Drew and Katelynn team up and Morgan knowing Mark was in no condition to fight surrenders to Drew. He and Katelynn are so sad they kill themselves so Morgan and Mark could be together forever. Mark and Morgan jump in tirumph as they are the the 76th Hunger Games Winners!

10 Years Later....

Drew and katelynn imediately got married in a small chapel and now have eight children. There children will never be able to understand the love story behind the Hunger Games or how sweet and beautiful morgan had sacrficed her life and how her siblings watched her die live on televison.Or how others had died because he had lost all hope left for . It was a hard thing being victors but they had grown to exept it.

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