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  • Memex33

    I had to post the other point because if it was that long nobody would read it.


    So After Rue was killed she cried for like 45 minutes & did all this extra stuff then finally got some flowers that weren’t even bright like they were told to be in the book. OH YEA!!!!!!! There were no hovercrafts for the dead tributes, which highly annoyed me while watching it. Then after she put those weeds on Rue she cried again and then the announcer changed the rules and she ran for peeta and found him like 20 seconds later. He was really scary looking lol and he was like “dont step on me katniss!” instead of something something ‘sweetheart’. and then this part was so chopped it bothered me so bad in like 3 minutes she saw his leg, his face random…

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  • Memex33

    First of all let me state that I love all of the books but…

    This movie SUCKED.

    I’m sorry they cut too much shit out, it was rushed… Oh and

    Spoiler Alert!

    Its a shame because i wanted to see it so bad but it was not good. Ok I’ll compare and contrast the movie and the book. I know it would probably be long but oh well, if its long .. niggas watched Malcolm X in the threatres that shit was long and good. So anyway .. In the beginning Prim is having a nightmare and crying and then Katniss sings a song to Prim to make her feel better and goes to the hub. This didn’t happen in the book but it was trying to show you how Prim and Rue were alike to Katniss because she sings the same song when Rue dies.. Alright, that’s acceptable I guess. But Then She…

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