First of all let me state that I love all of the books but…

This movie SUCKED.

I’m sorry they cut too much shit out, it was rushed… Oh and

Spoiler Alert!

Its a shame because i wanted to see it so bad but it was not good. Ok I’ll compare and contrast the movie and the book. I know it would probably be long but oh well, if its long .. niggas watched Malcolm X in the threatres that shit was long and good. So anyway .. In the beginning Prim is having a nightmare and crying and then Katniss sings a song to Prim to make her feel better and goes to the hub. This didn’t happen in the book but it was trying to show you how Prim and Rue were alike to Katniss because she sings the same song when Rue dies.. Alright, that’s acceptable I guess. But Then She goes to the hub I think and Greasy Sae gives her the mockingjay pin.. NO!!!!!!!!! Madge, you assholes why would they cut her out ? and Greasy Sae had no character whatsoever she was just an old ass lady. Then She goes home and gives it to prim and says it will keep her safe.. No, none of this happened or needed to happen (in the book) Also when she was in the forest Gale comes and scares the deer and laughs about it… Gale never was the joking type if i remember except when he calls her Katnip which I didnt hear them say that either. Oh then they almost put the Avox scene in the forest but didnt and Katniss was like “oh they’ll probably cut my tongue off or something hahaaha” She didn’t even know about Avoxes really until Effie told her on the train or at capitol.. Plus they didn’t even have them in the movie!!!!!!!!!! how they gon take the avoxes out .. i swear..this shit on that Last Airbender level of bad.

Btw, the book started the day before the reaping but that’s ok because I thought that was going to be boring so that is the best change they made in the whole movie. So when reaping is about to start, that was ok minus the whole mockingjay pin thing and they go and get signed in with blood, that wasnt in the book but it’s not bad.. Prim was being too damn dramatic crying every 10 seconds. But whatever, that might help the next movie.. So Haymitch wasn’t there to fall off the stage.. which would show what a drunk he was and I thought he would be fat and bald but okay I cant hate cuz i didnt want to look at a fat bald man for 2 hours anyways. Effie was great, at the reaping.. then again i dont remember the reaping in the book very well. Then she only had 3 minutes to say goodbye.. um actually she had like an Hour or 30 minutes with each person or something. And only her mom and prim and gale came when really.. It was Madge, Gale, Mom&Prim and Peeta’s dad. But this dumb ass movie didn’t even give madge and peeta’s dad a part in the movie. So yea then they get on the train and Katniss says nothing to Peeta like she hates him already when it was really like that. The whole train situation was just stupid. Haymitch didn’t hit peeta but he put his foot on him, gross. The fact that Peeta and Katniss didn’t talk was really dumb. Then they were only on the train for like 5 minutes.. i mean they could’ve gave it 10 minutes and they really didnt communicate. Cinna was the only Person who spoke lines from the book..OMG THE PREP TEAM. They left those muthafuckers out, they had no lines at all and i saw no green fat girls…If they dont talk then we don’t know how terribly superficial capitol people are, if you didnt read the book you didnt get the real feeling of Panem. So they get to capitol and idk what happens but then she ends up on the prep team table, they dont take any special attention to them and Flavius says one thing but his hair damn sure aint no bright orange corkscrew curls. That made me so fucking mad. Then Cinna, well he said just about everything out of the book. So good for him and he was Lennie Kravitz, who is so sexy. The girl on fire outfit didnt look as good as I thought it was and when they were on the Chariot , Peeta tried to hold her hand and she pulled away.. that didnt happen. and peeta talking about some “it will look good” no peeta just wanted to hold her hand. Then i dont really remember .. the training scenes were fine with me. Marvel was one ugly muthafucker . lol & then when it got to the interviews that was too rushed, like the could of done a montage of all the tributes that they talked about in the book, which they kind of did but they made it so we couldnt hear them really.. so stupid. Then Katniss’ dress was pretty.. i think it was white though in the book but idk. it was nice. The questions were off but ok. Peeta’s was alright too. .. oh i forgot the thing with the game makers.. was retarded.. like why change that ? and President Snow had too much part in the movie. He was barely there in the book, we had no idea they were mad at katniss, I think it should have been a little more secretive so when the next movie came out we were like “OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” because that’s how I felt when i read catching fire.

Then after the interviews the conversation on the roof top was just .. cut short, Katniss barely said anything and then she agreed with him instead of saying “No Offense Peeta, but who cares?” I’m really leaning towards the idea that she should’ve narrated the movie too. Then they went to bed and stuff i dont remember from the book or movie happened and then she went in the tube and more inimportant stuff happened. So then the games started and the whole orange book bag and boy from district 9 didn’t go the way i pictured and the knife thing with Clove was different & then 13 or 12 people died on day 1 when it was only 11. The cannon wasn’t loud enough for me, i heard it so much louder when i read the book. that’s petty , lol they dont gotta fix that but im just putting that out there.

Also she never was dehydrating, soon as she ran her ass into the forest she found some water. and then like two seconds later she went to bed, and a fire started. While in the book she was bout to die for like 1 and half days and the fire started after a while. Back to the movie, so then after the fire started she ran away or whatever and got her leg burnt and cried for like two hours about it and then ran to the lake and then the careers come all hype as shit, which i dont think that happened , actually i know that didnt happened so then she ran out the water and they were all hype like “KILL HER CATO!!!’ GO GET HER CATO” and shit like that until he fell down trying to climb up the tree & get her. and peeta said they should just wait and Katniss didnt even look surprised then they all went to sleep and rue was in the trees and told her about the tracker jacker and told her to drop it on them, she didnt do that in the book but ok. So she dropped it on them and only glimmer died instead of some girl from district 4. For some reason they didnt even show Cato fighting with Peeta.. smh ! and then she started having hallucinations with Caesar Flickerman’s willy wonka asss. When she was actually thinking about Prim dying a million different ways.. that shit shoulda been Rated R. Then she passed out & Rue came to her rescue after she was sleep for like two days, thats not exactly how that happened but whatever. So they didnt do anything but talk about how long Katniss was sleep and ask where Peeta was then they just went to sleep and she bombed the careers spot and was deaf for like 40 seconds and then went looking for Rue & she was in the net and for some reason it Katniss got her out and then she got shot by Marvel’s ugly ass

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