I had to post the other point because if it was that long nobody would read it.


So After Rue was killed she cried for like 45 minutes & did all this extra stuff then finally got some flowers that weren’t even bright like they were told to be in the book. OH YEA!!!!!!! There were no hovercrafts for the dead tributes, which highly annoyed me while watching it. Then after she put those weeds on Rue she cried again and then the announcer changed the rules and she ran for peeta and found him like 20 seconds later. He was really scary looking lol and he was like “dont step on me katniss!” instead of something something ‘sweetheart’. and then this part was so chopped it bothered me so bad in like 3 minutes she saw his leg, his face randomly didnt look like a rock anymore and she was walking with him to the cave. which was more of a hole. Oh let me tell you how them flashbacks had the nerve to be the same actors playing them at 16. Like wtf when she was talking about the bread the were the same age, that was so annoying!!!!!!!! Would it be the expensive to get a extra to play them !?? But if you read the book you could see how they was trying fit everything in at once, like soon as they got into the cave Peeta started telling every story .. except the one about his dad liking her mother.. hes like “you had two braids in your hair instead of one ..” ” i gave you that bread” “im going to die, go on without me katniss” blah blah blah then she kissed him and Gale had the salty face in a kitchen when forreal he was in the mines somewhere. For some reason that made everyone in the theatre laugh. Then like the man says there will be a feast and they argue for like a milisecond and then he just goes to sleep.. like really ? Why cut out the sleeping syrup thing ? it made sense, a lot more than someone trying to stop someone from leaving going right to sleep. So then she goes and gets the bag then clove just attacks her with that little ass cut when blood was suppose to be gushing blood is just a paper cut on her forehead. then Clove got her for a little while before Thresh comes and snatches her and throws her against the wall then she dies. No block to smash her head in and Cato doesn’t even come at all. Smh , then they got Thresh sounded like a illiterate when he was like DIS WON TIME!! FOR DA LIL GURL! but he did that in the book too. then she ran away with bag which was supposed to be small and orange but it was grey & black. She ran away but Cato wasn’t coming ? So then she comes back and Peeta’s mad but idk why cuz she is just fine. .. She was supposed to pass out but i guess they figured our butts were sore and they should end it they just rubbed the stuff on their heads and legs and went to sleep and this part was the mostANNOYING so they wake up and it is so damn cheesy … Peeta’s like “OH MY GOD KATNISS YOUR HEAD , ITS HEALED!! XDDDDDDD” & Katniss is like “Oh My God , Peeta your Leg is fixed !!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD” I was embarassed, for everyone in the book. Katniss isn’t even that type of girl. So then they just get up and hunt and the berries kill foxface (no hovercraft -.-) then thresh dies and they go to the corncoupia and they show them making the dogs……………

This Pissed me off so bad, they were not MADE OF THE TRIBUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were just some ugly pitbull looking dogs, One didn’t have blonde hair, and green eyes like Glimmer… nothing. They all looked the same. I swear to God that was the scariest thing about the dogs. I was so disappointed why couldnt they do that ? That was so irritating, I mean you should’ve been there when i read that in the book, i almost wanted to put it down cuz that was too creepy for me. So then in about 5 minutes they fight with Cato who wasn’t running from the Muttations , and then he has peeta in headlock she shoots him and he falls down and they watch him suffer for 4 seconds and look at eachother without speech and Katniss shoots him then the dogs runaway and the rules get changed again. First of all, what are they against words? Why the fuck dont they talk to eachother ? So they get on the floor some way and they are about to eat the berries and then they win. Instead of going home however they did they went on their victory tour and were doing interviews and stuff which is things from Catching Fire… They were supposed to get they ass back on the train and Katniss was going to make Peeta mad by telling him she was acting or didnt know if she was. Then he would hold her hand and say “One more time for the Cameras” and they’d go back into District 12 and then it would end which was a great cliff hanger. But this was all extra, now the thing with Seneca Crane was good, I really liked that. But when they started doing all the Catching Fire stuff.. that was extra.

The Book was just so well written.. this shit no

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