Introduction Hi guys. I had a really great idea, so I decided to make another games.

I hope you guys like it, and please read the rules and "The Twist". 

May the odds be ever in your favour!

The Twist

President Sherlock Clyde held up his hand, silencing the crowd. The crowd sat, staring at him, shaking with anticipation. He was about to annouce the twist to the upcoming Hunger Games. They wondered what could it be. Weren't they out of ideas by now? He grabbed a white, folded slip of paper from the bowl, black unitellegible letters were visible to the audience, the Capitol, and they failed to make out anything. He took a deep breath and read:

"For the 100th Quarter Quell, we are reminded that it is partially jealousy that caused the rebellion, and to commemorate that, two reapings are to be held, with no difference than a normal hunger games reaping, only one will be eight weeks before the games, and one as normal. The one that is eight weeks before will be spoiled; trained better so that they'll do better in all senses of the games; while the other pool of tributes will get normal treatment."


To better explain it, there will be two pools of tributes. Both will have twenty four tributes, classic style. One pool will be reaped 8 weeks before the games, and sent to the capitol. There, they will get extra training, more showing off to the capitol (so they get more attached to them than the others,) and more time to have fun in the capitol. The others will have it normal (like the book) style. Afterwards, they will join together and be in an arena all together.

For careers, I was thinking that there wouldn't be one. There would be a public alliance for only Spoiled tributes (it wouldn't be mandatory). Because career districts are not the only good ones now, especially the Jealous ones (the spoiled people in nine may be better than them).

For anti-careers, I was thinking the same thing, but for Jealous. (Also not mandatory.) 


If you've got questions, just ask!

BTW: I will be reffering to the 8 week one as: "The Spoiled Pool", and the regular one as "The Jealous Pool."

The Rules

  1.  Six tributes per person, but you can only have three per pool.
  2. Reservations last 48 hours. :D
  4. You can have links, but I prefer comments, it does make my life easier. Please make sure they have everything from the template below (or they won't get accepted).
  5. If I don't like your tribute, I don't have to accept them. Please make them interesting.
  6. No Wikia Contributors. It's a pain to have to check the IP adress constantly. Trust me, I've done it.
  7. Don't get upset if I kill your tributes. Only one will win!!
  8. STAY ACTIVE. The winning tribute will be someone's who stays active the entire time, and always posts advice.
  9. Only post advice if I ask you to.
  10. Cursing: I will do this, and you can too, but not to hurt anyone in any way. I'm serious, don't.
  11. Please don't post any tributes that have been in a games of mine before, or one that's currently active.
  12. Have fun, don't get stressed. It's all fun and games. :P

The Tribute Template

Name: You must include first and last name. Middle names and nicknames are optional.

Gender: Male or Female. It's simple.

District: Districts 1-12'. Those are the choices.

Age: 12-18, please.

Pool: By this, I mean their reaping. Write spoiled or jealous.

Weapon(s): You must have 1 or 2. Not zero, not three or four.

Personality: Have this be not too long, but not too short. I'd appreciate if they were just adjectives, but an explanation's okay too.

Token: You don't have to have one, just write that they don't. It should make sense to their character, and not be abled to be used as a weapon.

Fears: Have 2 to 3. Make them reasonable, and not hard to connect to the games, and have to do with their strengths, weaknesses, backstory, and personality.

Strengths: Have 2 to 4.

Weaknesses: Have 2 to 4.

Alliance: For this, you can put anything as long as: the person who's tribute it is agrees. For careers and anti-careers, see "The Twist". You can also start a new public alliance. Also, put down if you want leader. You won't be able to later. You can be a loner.

Lunaii: Lunaii's are required. I won't make you one, sorry. Don't steal others, and don't link me one. To make one go to:

Backstory: Make it long, descriptive, and enjoyable. I want drama, but don't make it ridiculously unrealistic. Remember to include volunteer/reaped.

The Tributes

The Spoiled Pool
District/Gender User Name Age Personality Weapons Token
D1 Male Summer bee 13 Korrey Arlington 17 charmer, cocky, bit of a brat sword, daggers Amulet from mayor
D1 Female Marinalacrosse Alexandrite Bohamia 14 nice girl, would never kill anyone bow and arrows, sword, knife A picture of her sister
D2 Male YourFavoriteSalmon Rift Stonefield 18 confident, likable, social, optimistic, bloodthirsty, brutal sword, spear, machete, kukri Red Amulet
D2 Female YourFavoriteSalmon Alexis Mason 15 adventorous, daring, sobs if brother is mentioned Throwing Knives, Crossbow, Ax Necklace brother gave her
D3 Male Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Onavin Greily 13 naturally happy, loving, inside isn't happy Battle Axe, Tomahawk None
D3 Female Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Allium Arcson 17 equally: kind, funny, mean; typical, good with words, modest Knife A small Necklace
D4 Male Tehblakdeath Diamond Reaperson 17 really nice, caring, will give you stuff for free. Spear, scythe, sickle His hat
D4 Female Mistymolla  Mizu Fall 18 flirty, always happy, nice, optimistic, will avoid killing but will if she has to Trident bracelet made of silver fish scales
D5 Male HaraiGoshi345 Tommy Harns 14 quiet with strangers, happy, cheerful Throwing Knives None
D5 Female HaraiGoshi345 Janine Taylor 14 friendly, gentle, caring, nervous around people, tomboy Slingshot, Blowgun, Knives None
D6 Male Misytmolla Clive Nightshadow 17 loud, confident, rebel, protective, mature, good sense of humor hammer, physical strength None
D6 Female Pippycat Ruby Burn 12 sweet, fragile, kind to everyone, quiet, sort of serious Dagger, Knife Stolen Gold Necklace
D7 Male Tehblakdeath Radiant Tayz 16 used to be: joyous, happy, amazing; now: cold, desolate, insane, angry inside Throwing knives, fists, combat knives, curved knives A pin, with it split showing all of the District logos
D7 Female Sambaroses Acacia Twilight 17 sarcastic, sweet, caring, kind, confident Axes, Blowgun deatailed drawing of her and other in a forest
D8 Male Pippycat Favian Thread 15 shy, quiet   likes being around people. very self-concious, very careful, polite, smart.  double/twin swords, curved sword, spear Quilt
D8 Female Summer bee 13 Bellatrix Slade 15 nice, sassy, manipulative throwing stars, katana, sickle Locket containing a photo of her and Korrey
D9 Male Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Jarcus Pollish 16 outgoing, kind, happy, charming Scythe, sickle A wheat bracelet that he made
D9 Female Misytmolla Amabel Hunter 16 creepy, arrogant, determined spear locket that belonged to her mom
D10 Male Summer bee 13 Tobias Drew 15 Chil, Calm, Collective, Swaggy sickle, wire None
D10 Female Sambaroses Belinda Wren 18 sweet, fun loving, calm, kind, dedicated, hard working, patient, humorous, confident. Most Farming Tools, Throwing Knives A flower
D11 Male Misytmolla Marcus Daystorm 18 kind, soft, hates cowards, brave, trustworthy knife, dagger None
D11 Female Sambaroses Willow Thorn 15 Quiet, meek, sweet, very brave, considerate, open-minded farming tools, blowgun A wooden pendant shaped into a galloping horse (necklace)
D12 Male Pippycat August Rose 18 nice, quiet, violent, cruel, calm, protective mace, axe, bare-hands None
D12 Female Sambaroses Amaryllis Skylark 14 Quiet, serious, calm, collected, mature, down to earth, grounded, honest, kind dagger, throwing knives plain, silver headband
The Jealous Pool
District/Gender User Name Age Personality Weapons Token
D1 Male Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Lucretius Ashbourne 18 mean, cruel, sadistic Bow and Arrow, Long Knives Bracelet from capitol
D1 Female The Symphonic Taco Jem Nightshade 16 daring, adventourous, outgoing, bold throwing daggers, knives a necklace the color of her eyes
D2 Male Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Prewitt Drinore 18 tough, quiet, mysterious, cocky, natural born leader, aggresive Battle Axe, Scythe None
D2 Female Sambaroses Alexis Slate 16 serious, quiet, rebellious, knows what she wants bow and arrows, dagger teardrop shaped earings
D3 Male LivesinDistrict1 Solar Panels 12 arrogant, quiet, intellegent, flashy, bright bombs, land mines, metal gloves lightining tatoos
D3 Female Pippycat Aeralene "Aera" Genesis Ekiert 18 shy, helpful, caring, quick to judge machete, throwing stars, curved sword torn-off piece of fabric from old dress 
D4 Male Pippycat Isaac Blade 16 nice, likes to laugh, protective trident, sword, sickle None
D4 Female Marinalacrosse Ava Zachard 18 rude, manipulative, not reliable, cruel, sociable, intellegent poison darts, manipulation, claws None
D5 Male Sambaroses Huxley Binarie 18 confident, tough, gentle, caring, sensitive, sweet, pa Sword, throwing knives, any types of electricals ring with complicated pattern; from father
D5 Female Summer bee 13 Alex Haines 15 sneaky, not often noticed, convincing poisonus blowgun, throwing knives, bow and arrows necklace with tiny diamond
D6 Male Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Cario Paradox 16 shy, self-sufficent, hard-working Bow and Arrow None
D6 Female Misytmolla Sadia Nightshadow 12

mysterious, secretive, harmless, shy, likeable (has Hana who is making her dangerous)

spear A small leaf
D7 Male Sambaroses Euan Lorelle 15 cheeky, flirt, smooth, humorous, upbeat, happy axes, knives, throwing knives A bracelet made out of plaited hessian
D7 Female Pippycat Garnet Amaryllis 15 quiet, shy, evasive, good at tricking people, sweet, selfless, kind, obidient spear, bow and arrow, machete Red cloak
D8 Male Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Indigo Rankine 13 mean, strong, smart, sneaky, elusive sword, slingshot special scarf from his district
D8 Female Misytmolla Mara Lionheart 16 brave, loud, confident, center of attention, born leader, opinonated, loyal, independent machete A flower
D9 Male Tehblakdeath Jalso Riveras 15 resistant, a pain, hates being told what to do bow + arrows, machete None
D9 Female Summer bee 13 Ophelia Zigler 16 innocent, sweet, bloodthirsty, isn't scared of killing people to get her way flail, spiked mace, bare hands None
D10 Male YourFavoriteSalmon Eli Winersin 14 like to make everyone laugh, serious during training, in games is grim Ax, Sword Dual Wield, spear, fists Shark tooth
D10 Female Summer bee 13 Irene Watson 17 feirce, kind, intellegent curved sword, butchers knife, throwing knives leather sheath
D11 Male Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Taytus Crem 16 Brave, very social, not scared of many things Sling shot None
D11 Female Misytmolla Cyra Reed 17 reserved, determined, loveable, friendly, brave sickle necklace with locks of hair inside
D12 Male Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Nitro Neutren 16 mean, cruel, troublemaker Pickaxe None
D12 Female Sambaroses Blossom Breeze 15 sweet, shy, demure, intellegent, brainy, charming, humorous, polite throwing knives, blowgun silver heart shaped locket

The Lunaii Gallery

The Spoiled Gallery

The Jealous Gallery

Spoiled Pre-Games

While the actual games will be in 3rd person, the pre-games will be in 1st person.

Spoiled Reapings

District One: Alexandrite Bohamia

I take a deep breath, and walk out the door on this warm morning, much earlier in the year than I usually go to the reapings. Usually, the reapings take place in early July; but right now it's May. I feel the wind in my face just as my dad runs out, saying: "Honey, you forgot your hairclip!" It's not really that special, but I like it because it matches my outfit.

"Thanks, dad!" I say, and rush off to the reaping so I won't be late. The whole district, it seems, has arrived. I get to my place, and dread hits me. It's alright, I tell myself, what are the odds of you being picked twice? But it just makes it worse. Because I don't know the odds.

"Places, everybody!" Our escort, Kimley Kung, whose hair is in a ponytail, with it dyed to do the ombre effect, pink eye contacts, and shoulder pads to make her shoulders look like they're pointy. She's wearing a baby blue ball gown, and glass slippers. She's powdered her face, and put lots of blush over the powder. She clears her throat fakely, and calls, way too excited, "Ladies, as always, are most definetly first!" She scurries over to the bowl and some girls get ready to volunteer.

"Alexandrite Bohamia!" That's me. No one volunteers, and everybody's mouths are open. They're in shock. I've been picked, well, again. I walk up in shame, no one will be there to volunteer for me this time. I am a goner; no doubt. How can I even hope to win with a bunch of people that are willing to kill? I guess I am in the spoiled pool.... Maybe I do have a chance. "It's time, everyone, to find out our spoiled male tribute!" She waddles her way to the bowl, and while still looking at the crowd, she takes a slip of paper using just her pointer finger and thumb. I look at the crowd, getting ready to see one of my district partners, the one I'll be living with for eight weeks. "And, the other tribute entering the arena will be Quently Adamson! Come on up!" He starts to, looking pleased, but then someone calls: "I volunteer!" Wouldn't be a proper District One reaping if someone didn't.

He pushes Quently out of the way, and steps on stage, heading for the microphone. "Hello, my name is Korrey Arlington! But don't get teary, I'll be back!"

District Two: Rift Stonefield

Now that I am on the top of my class, I can feel confident that I will win. I am heading to the reaping at the moment, and people around me, who are also walking to the reaping, are pointing and staring and whispering about me. That's because of how I got to be on the top of my class. I shake off the looks, and keep going.

When I arrive, only a few others have aswell. I get to my place, in the back, and then my excitement goes beserk. I'm going to the games, baby! Once all of the kids ages 12 through 18 have come, the escort comes onto the stage. Her name is Leyua Tounjie, and she has her hair down and smoothed straight, one half being green, the right, and the other purple. She has extremely pale skin, like a vampire, and a flatened nose.

"Time for the girls!" She calls, her mouth way too close to the microphone. She is about to say who it is, and is inturupted.

"I volunteer!" Someone says from inside the crowd. When up, Leyua asks her name and she replies, "Alexis Mason."

"Okay, congratulations, Alexis!" She looks to the crowd, "As for the boys-"

"I volunteer!" I call, walking out of the crowd, and toward the stage. I'm up, and I say, "My name is Rift Stonefield."

The crowd shows mixed emotions.

"May the odds be ever in your favour!"

District Three: Allium Arcson

"This'll sting a little." The person manning the sign-in booth for the reapings says, just before he pricks me. I flich a little, but then am fine. I stamp the page, and go to my section; the 17 year old girls section.

All around me, people are talking. Like it's a normal day. But really, this could be their final conversation with eachother. They could be reaped; but I guess they're confident they won't. Am I confident that I won't? I mean, luck hasn't been something that I've had in past situations; except for I guess I survived the wolf attack. And to think I wanted to go to District 0. What an idiot.

The escort, Clodla Figgle, walks on stage. She is wearing a green cat costume, has her hair done like Mrs. Frankenstein, and is wearing matching green cat ears, and has surgically added cat whiskers to her face. She has one brown eye (which is her natural color eye since she had that color three years in a row) and one green eye. Maybe she has a cat fetish?

"Everybody, be quiet! We are starting the reapings! Shush!" She yells, loudly, and then the microphone makes it even louder. "Ladies are first, and the lucky lady who will be going to the Capitol is... Allium Arcson!"

Please let this be a dream.

"Come on up!" She says, after waiting a few moments. I don't go until the peacekeepers force me to. This can', it just can't happen. Why does everything bad happen to me? "It's time, everyone, to choose the male!" She grins. "Onavin Greily!"

He walks up, netural faced.

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

District Four: Diamond Reaperson

I look around at all the unfirmiliar faces. I am in the crowd of tributes in District Four. This isn't my home; but it's a long story why I'm here. One I don't feel like explaining right now. Anyway, I feel odd right now, since all the guys next to me are staring at me weirdly. They are probably wondering who I am.

The escort, who's name I don't know, of course, trips on stage. She was walking up the stage, and trips on the last step. It's probably the sea blue ten inch high heels. With them, she's wearing a sea blue mermaid dress, not the creature mermaid, but the type of dress. It's strapless, and has green sparkles in the breast area. Her hair is dyed purple, but her actual hair only goes down to her shoulders; the rest of it, which is up to her knees, is purple hair extentions. She has it curled. She is wearing normal amounts of makeup; except her lips: they are bright red and she put too much on; she sort of has the clown look.

People laugh as she struggles to get back up. She chooses to ignore it, however, and acts like it never happened. "Hello, District Four! I am Heggla Dennesuela! Your escort!" She adjusts the microphone, sending a boom through our ears. We all flinch. "LADIES FIRST!"

"I volunteer!" A girl yells, well, it sounds more like a scream. She marches up on stage, confidence in her eyes, as her blonde hair flows in the wind.

She's up. "What's your name, darling?" Heggla asks.

She responds, "Mizu Fall."

"What a nice name you have!" She says, excitedly, "Now for boys!" And... "Diamond Reaperson!"

No one volunteers for me. They're all probably thinking, Who's that?, and are too distracted to volunteer.

Once I get up, Heggla says: "These are your tributes for spoiled, District Four!"

But they don't cheer; I guess it's since one of them aren't even from Four.

District Five: Janine Taylor

"Oh, come on!" I tell Tommy, who can't decide what to choose for would you rather. "It's easy! Would you rather die by heat or cold?"

He thinks for a moment and then says, "Cold."

"Was it really that hard?" I tease. He rolls his eyes.

We arrive at the reaping, and so we're seperated. The escort, who I recall is named Lawrine Myers, walks up the stairs, and onto the stage. The previous victors sit in chairs silently behind her, waiting to see the tributes. "Hello, District Five!" She takes in the crowd. "Welcome to the spoiled pool reapings!"

We stand in silence.

Her good mood slightly decrease because of the low enthusiasim. "Well, girls are first." She barely wait before calling the name. I am so worried I don't hear it.

"Wait, what'd she say?" Everyone ignores me.

A few seconds pass. "Janine Taylor! Please come up!" Me? I go up, shaking with fear. "Now, the boy is Tommy Harns!"

Tommy. My friend. How am I going to win if he's my opponet? I can't kill him! But maybe I won't have to, that someone else will. I know I won't be able to live with it, either way.

District Six: Coming Soon

District Seven: Coming Soon

District Eight: Coming Soon

District Nine: Coming Soon

District Ten: Coming Soon

District Eleven: Coming Soon

District Twelve: Coming Soon

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