The 101st Annual Hunger Games

The story:

Only a few years after the rebellion was won, a tragedy struck. Peeta, unkown to all, even himself, had been brainwashed further to bring back the prevoius way that they had lived when being brainwashed the first time. Peeta had sneakily started a rebellion anonymously (via terrible rumors), and succeeded. Him, his children, Katniss, and many people fighting against the games were killed. And so the games it would be.

Now, 26 hunger games later it was time for another hunger games. Last year was a quater quell, but this year it was just a regular hunger games, just as before. Only this time, the capitol, and district thirteen are joining the games.

The Rules:

1. No fighting in the comments.

2. First come, first serve. (Unless you forget to include something.)

3. Both pre-made and non-premade tributes are allowed. I prefer new tributes, though.

4. DO NOT get angry with me if your tribute dies. I'm sorry, but someone has to die.

5. If you see an error, don't hesitate! Tell me! A spelling error, a female made male, an incorrect thing about the games, anything!

6. Don't yell at me, or demand that I do something. I'm open to suggestions, though.

7. No over powered tributes.

8. Only two tributes per person. (if you wonder why some people have three, it was at one point that way.)


You are welcome to reserve if you want. But, so we can get these games started ASAP they are only held for 24 hours. Only reserve if nessesary, please.


The following are required, it is set up for you:





Appearance: (Please put a Lunaii as well as description)







Reason they want to win:

Game stragedy:

Interveiw stragedy:

The Tributes
Distr./Gend. Tribute Name (and age) User Weapon(s) Person. Fear(s) Streng.+Weakn.
Cap.-Fem. Shimmer Gold, 18 Aerialchinook  Blowgun and darts caring, would do anything to make others happy.  Dying a long Death

Strengths: Very quick and very nice

Weaknesses: can be misunderstood not a great swimmer


Lyssander Ghan, 12

Yoonie Warhammer, swords quiet and calm, serious when needs to be, a bit lazy TBA

Strengths: Speed, intelligence, likeable

Weaknesses: Strength,climbing, survival

D1-Fem. Amanda Selkirk, 18 Biel1458 Throwing knives, sword Happy, teaser, funny, cruel, sometimes depressed Snakes

Strenghts: Manipulation, hand to hand combat, axe throwing

Weaknesses: Holding breath, hiding, hunting

D1-Male Bronze Lucrian, 17 YourFavorite Salmon Spear, Kukri Arrogant, brutish. Typical career. Being Stung To Death

Strength:Strong, accurate w/spear, good  w/traps, 

Weakness:too      heavy to               climb trees

D2-Fem. Hester Solstice. 17 Biel1458 Battle-axe, tomahawk huge ego, big self-confidence, bloodthirsty and rude, and likes to make her enemies suffer. Nice people

Strenghts: Manipulation, hand to hand combat, axe throwing

Weaknesses: Holding breath, hiding, hunting

D2-Male Drayden Hax, 15 Yoonie Mace, longsword calm and easy-going, down to earth, doesn´t believe in any supersticion. tries to stay calm in any situation, lazy, very determined, has a strong will, good listener.


Strength:       Weapons,           strength,       leadership

Weakness:       Trustful,             hunger,                 mercy


Honeysickle Ash, 13 Wiki Contributor Axe, Sickle, Bow and arrows TBA TBA

Strengths: Good killer, can throw knives really well.

Weaknesses: Always a target

D3-Male Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya, 17 Tehblakdeath great sword, throwing knives, trident, dagger tense, awkward, playful TBA

Strengths: very faststrong, and good at swimming.

Weaknesses: can not climb extremely fast. not stealthy or sneaky.

D4-Female Silvia Peck, 16 Rayplayzlol70 Sword strong,overprotective and a little loud Losing Her Brother

Strengths: Defense and carrying heavy objects while running (her brother)

Weaknesses: attacking,hand to hand combat and putting power into weapons

D4-Male Freddie Peck, 12 Rayplayzlol70 Awl, Whip shy,quiet and weak Losing His Sister

Strengths: Accuarcy and aim

Weaknesses: Anger management

D5-Fem. Nichole Peyton, 15 NIby001 knife, dagger friendly, kind, Everyone likes her, family+friends mean everything, smart, charasmatic, manipulative, not so brave, very loyal.  Being alone. Dying.

Strength:                    Bright and         friendly.                   Can easily                trick people.

Weakness:            Small and           neither fast,              nor strong.

D5-Male Lighting Duodecim, 17 Mistfire333 Wire, sword, Spear

frustrated individual,  Being a previous victor makes him a smart individual, but he also tries to rush things and doesn't like to stay in one place a lot. He's also paranoid that everyone is coming after him. However, he is laid back in a way. He doesn't feel intimidated easily, and is definitely not afraid of the careers. A flaw he has however is that he has slight PTSD from being a victor and having a near death victory at that.

His family dying because of him, big alliances

Strengths: He has experience with the games before, and has no problem killing anymore. He has a good reason to fight in the games, and he is also smarter than he was before. Just imagine an upgraded tribute in terms of survival tactics and combat. Lightning also has good judgement, and being and older and healthier tribute, he is also strong.

Weaknesses: He is under pressure and has PTSD from his previous games. He is paranoid and untrusting, and he is sensitive in his stomach area from his games wound. Lightning is also easy to mentally break apart if you taunt him or threaten him in the right ways..

D6-Fem. Bella Steampunke, 14 Mistfire333  Knife, Lead Pipe, Hydraulic Pressure Weapons has a very formal tone, easily offended however, and will secretly hate you. likable as well, due to her intelligent outlook on the games and quick thinking, simple-minded Being caught off guard, the unknown

Strengths: She is very experienced with steam powered weaponry and can craft things from scraps and whatnot, and she is fearless. Cofidence gives her an ego boost as well, and she can easily hide her feelings from her enemies to have an upper hand during the games. She also does not let herself be defeated easily.

Weaknesses: She is actually a bit cocky and easy to be fed up with, and her "unstoppable" attitude can get her into deep trouble when she least expects it. She also doesn't understand the games' new style since she cut herself off from society for a few years.

D6-Male Iggy Coupe, 15 Mistfire333 Traps, Knives, Knife Gloves, "science" Very giggly, optimistic, Nerdy, a trap geek, used to not getting attention, passionate. being ignored, ruining his hair or scratching his glasses.

Strengths: very agile and hard to hit, being very alert. Also very smart with traps and academics. loyal to his friends, but selfish at the right moments as well. his fast attacks act as their own damage amplifier to serve as enough to kill. very positive and hard to put down, and he is very passionate about being alive. Iggy is also unaffected by the thought or act of killing. But deep inside, he is a good person, which serves as the best tool for him.

Weakness: Iggy is easily heartbroken, and can be clingy sometimes. He isn't very used to being physically alone, and should you land a hit on him, he would bruise easily. He can be selfish at the wrong times, and still craves attention. He also has spontaneous insomnia, and can also be jealous.

D7-fem. Zoey Oakley, 14 YourFavorite Salmon

Axe, Battle Axe, Throwing Axe

nice and cheery, very eccentric, always grinning, and loving  Drowning, dying of Flu.

Strength:             skilled with              all the                    types axes,            very fast,        excellent         climber

Weakness:       cannot swim          and will panic if head goes underwater, only good with           axes, not               good with             other weapons.

D7-Male Jayson Huff, 17 NIby001 axe, hatchet. not very smart, only thing knows about is weapons,   bad his social skills, brave.  Losing his axe.

Strength: Strong, Can handle, weapons (especially axes) very well. Can take quite a lot of damage.

Weakness:  Not so                     bright. Slow.    Big target.         Not so good social skills.

D8-Fem. Millie Lakeside, 12 Harvey The Hunter

dependant, timid.can make friends relatively easily, can tolerate a lot of stuppidity andand a very strong psyche, making her tough to break.

Being eaten alive, drowning

Strengths: A very fast runner, knows how to forage for food, being stealthy and has a good sense
of direction. Can tell different berries and plants apart.

Weaknesses: Is very jumpy and can be frightened easily. Not a hunter, more of a gatherer.
Is afraid of pain and torture.

D8-Male Connor Smitherson, 14 HaraiGoshi 345 Scythe, hand to hand combat (If no scythe is available he will be happy with spears or blade sticks) Quiet, can be humorous, kind and friendly. tends to be annoying and irritating at certain times.  Heights

Strength: Hand to hand combat fighting, very fast distance runner             and very quick at slashing in combat.      He can easily          dodge thrown weapons

Weakness: socially awkward and confusing.           Throwing weapons,      he can't throw accurately nor far. 

D9-Fem. Kelly Curt, 14 Biel1458  Slingshot, spear, bow and arrows big teaser,  tough,  kind, innocent and a really nice person with everyone around her. death

Strenghts: Kelly is really good hiding,  a skill that she needed to learn as a thief. She is also good climbing and swimming, but not long distances. She is a fast runner and is really good with a slingshot. She also has reasonable spear throwing skills.

Weaknesses: She is not good fishing or hunting. She also doesn`t know how to make a fire with matches.

D9-Male Jake Locketback, 18 Wiki Contributor Spear, Bow and Arrows TBA Cows TBA

Amy Song, 15


Throwing knives, whip, bow and arrow

Kind, patient, caring, helpful, loves animals, deep down very violent

Turning into a killer, being killed

Strength:                   Very fast,                        good at climbing, skilled with a whip, stealthy

Weakness: Has asthma, bad night vision, physical strength, allergies

D10-Male Jakub Kunnson, 14 HaraiGoshi 345 Sword, studded gloves (If neither available he will be happy with a spear) Friendly at first, but tends to by sly and untrustworthy, will respect anyone that respects him, but can take things over the top if he disagrees with someone. Cats, mice

Strength: Good with combat (escpecially kicking), good speaker, somewhat strong, very skilled at climbing and swimming and sly.

Weakness: Slow, lack of friends, untrustworthy, bad stamina and is not an accurate thrower or in combat.

D11-Female Jenny Cover, 18 Team660 Throwing knives very determined, quiet, and mysterious Her son dying, being raped, fire.

Strengths: Could heal cuts and burns, grew good with throwing knives during training, and fast.

Weaknesses: Combat

D11-Male Rory Wheat, 16 YourFavoriteSalmon Ax, Knives, Throwing Knives Rory is crazy, he loves to cut up people, and even injest their limbs once he kills them. He might rip their throats out with his sharp teeth and he is very loud. Fearless b/c insane

Strengths/skills: Rory is extremely fast, probably faster than everyone else. He has surprising strength, and has a variety of weapon skills.

Weakness(es): Rory is mentally unstable, and is not good at making friends.

D12-Fem. Celicia "Celi" Fen, 15 Pippycat bow+arrows, knife

cautious, fragile, anti-social. hates when others are mean, pureheart, polite, caring, thinks before acting.

anything that will try to hurt her. 

Strength: good survival skills, very intelligent, very stealthy.

Weakness:      physically weaknot good with weapons, would never want to be violent

D12-Male Quentin Pynn, 16 Aerialchinook bow and arrows  stays In The background most of the time and let's others talk for him. He does look out for people who look out for him but doesn't trust very easily starving to death

Strengths: Tracking his prey and going long periods without food.

Weaknesses: Doesn't trust easily, can't swim very well.

D13-Fem. Autumn Nuclear, 14 Pippycat whip, any knife, poison careful, cautious, quiet, bad social skills, sensitive, polite Being Abused

Strengths: Autumn is very intelligent, and is very strategic, and is very resourceful.

Weaknesses: Autumn has a very low pain tollerance, and is physically weak, along with being a bit bad with weapons.

D13-Male Manta Li, 17 Tehblakdeath  

Poison Darts, Sickle, Sword

cruel, charming and cynical liar. ferocious, a little insane and paranoid. Not winning athletically

Strengths/skills: Fighting, strength itself, public speaking.

Weakness(es): Speed, pretty girls.



  • Shimmer Gold- Capitol Female
  • Lyssander Ghan- Capitol Male
  • Amanda Selkirk- District 1 Female
  • Bronze Lucrian- District 1 Male
  • Hester Solstice- District 2 Female
  • Drayden Hax- District 2 Male
  • Honeysickle Ash- District 3 Female
  • Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya- District 3 Male
  • Silvia Peck- District 4 Female
  • Freddie Peck- District 4 Male
  • Nichole Peyton- Distrcit 5 Female
  • Lighting Duodecim- District 5 Male
  • Bella Steampunke- District 6 Female
  • Iggy Coupe- District 6 Male
  • Zoey Oakley- District 7 Female
  • Jayson Huff- District 7 Male
  • Millie Lakeside- District 8 Female
  • Connor Smitherson- District 8 Male
  • Kelly Curt- District 9 Female
  • Jake Locketback- District 9 Male
  • Amy Song- District 10 Female
  • Jakub Kunnson- District 10 Male
  • Jenny Cover- District 11 Female
  • Rory Wheat- District 11 Male
  • Celicia Fen- District 12 Female
  • Quentin Pynn- District 12 Male
  • Autumn Nuclear- District 13 Female
  • Manta Li- District 13 Male

I will be Including: 

1. the reapingPreview

2. the training

3. The games (includes cornucopia)


There will be sponsors, here's the rules:

1. You are your own tribute's sponsor

2. Each user gets 1,000 points for each of your tributes; you cannot mix the points if you have more than one tribute

3. I'll be keeping track of your points! So you don't have to.

4. You can only get 3 things per day, but I reccomend less.

Here's the gifts:

Weapons and tools (all are 60 points)

  1. Bow and arrows (15)
  2. Katana
  3. Knife
  4. Pack Of Throwing Knives (15)
  5. Sword
  6. Spear
  7. Trident
  8. Pickaxe
  9. Axe
  10. Shovel
  11. Blowdart Gun and ammo (50 darts)
  12. Gun and ammo (50 bullets)
  13. Well-made Slingshot and marbles (50)
  14. Mace
  15. Kukri
  16. Awl
  17. Hammer
  18. Whip
  19. Dagger
  20. Tomahawk
  21. Pack of Hydraulic Presure Weapons
  22. Lead Pipe
  23. 10 yard wire
  24. Sickle
  25. Scythe

Survival Items (Ranges from 50-65 points)

  1. Large First Aid Kit (65 points)
  2. Medium First Aid Kit (60 points)
  3. Small First Aid Kit (55 points)
  4. Twine (51 points)
  5. Trap Making Kit (60 points)
  6. Rope (55 points)
  7. Matches (35) (50 points)
  8. Iodine (53 points)
  9. Package Of Bandages (15 Bandages for minor wounds, 15 for major) (63 points)
  10. Fishing Net (56 points)
  11. Miccelanious Net (57 points)
  12. Fishing Rod and Bait (45) (50 points)
  13. Package of Fruit (53 points)
  14. Package of Vegetables (53 points)
  15. Package of Food (65 points)
  16. Soup (55 points)
  17. 3 Loafs Of Bread (59 points)

Micellanious Items (Ranges from 30-70 points)

  1. Pair of Sneakers (39 points)
  2. Large Backpack with Random Items (70 points)
  3. Medium Backpack with random items (45 points)
  4. Small Backpack with random items (30 points)
  5. Sunscreen (32 Points)
  6. Bug Spray (32 points)
  7. Empty Reusuable Water Bottle (35 points)
  8. Filled Reusuble Water Bottle (57 points)
  9. Plant Identification Book (65 points)
  10. Sweater (46 points)
  11. Boots (30 Points)
  12. Camoflauge Kit (31 points)
  13. Expert Camoflauge Kit (41 points)
  14. How to work as a team guide (40 points)
  15. Woodland Guide (40 points)
  16. Snowy Landscape Guide (40 points)
  17. Wasteland Guide (40 points)
  18. Beach Guide (40 points)
  19. Ocean Guide (40 points)
  20. The Feast and How To Surive It Guide (40 points)
User (Sponsor) Tribute #1 (Name, district, gender) Points Left Tribute #2 (Name, district, gender) Points Left Tribute #3 (Name, district, gender) Points Left
Aerialchinook Shimmer Gold, Capitol, female 1000 Quentin Pynn, 12, male 1000 None N/A
Yoonie Lyssander Ghan, Capitol, male 1000 Drayden Hax, 2, male 1000 None N/A


Amanda Selkirk, 1, female 1000 Hester Solstice, 2, female 1000 Kelly Curt, 9, female 1000
YourFavoriteSalmon Bronze Lucrian, 1, male 1000 Zoey Oakley, 7, female 1000 Rory Wheat, 11, male 1000
Wiki Contributor Honeysickle Ash, 3, female 700 Jake Locketback, 9, male 1000 None N/A
Tehblakdeath Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya, 3, male 1000 Manta Li, 13, male 1000 None N/A
Rayplayzlol70 Silvia Peck, 4, female 1000 Freddie Peck, 4, male 1000 None N/A
NIby001 Nichole Peyton, 5, female 819 Jayson Huff, 7, male 1000 None N/A
Mistfire333 Lighting Duodecim, 5, male 1000 Bella Steampunke, 6, female 1000 Iggy Coupe, 6, Male 1000
Harvey The Hunter Millie Lakeside, 8, female 1000 None N/A None N/A
HaraiGoshi 345 Connor Smitherson, 8, male 1000 Jakub Kunnson, 10, male 1000 None N/A
Pippycat Amy Song, 10, female 1000 Celicia "Celi" Fen, 12, female 875 Autumn Nuclear, 13, female 1000
Team660 Jenny Cover, 11, Female 1000 None N/A None N/A
Placement Chart
Place Tribute How? Who?
#28 Shimmer Gold, Capitol Spear to the back Bronze Lucrian, 1
#27 Bronze Lucrian, 1 Half of neck ripped off Lyssander Ghan, Capitol
#26 Amy Song, 10 Beheaded by sword Amanda Selkirk, 1
#25 Silvia Peck, 4 Arrow in head Honeysickle Ash, 3
#24 Jakub Kunnson, 10 Neck Snapped Lightning Duodecim, 5
#23 Jake Locketback, 9 Tomahawk to chest Hester Solstice, 2
#22 Millie Lakeside, 8 Tomahawk to head Hester Solstice, 2
#21 Honeysickle Ash, 3 Stabbed reapetedly in the stomach with a sword Manta Li, 13
#20 Lyssander Ghan, Capitol Bled to death from gash in forehead (INDIRECTALLY) Bronze Lucrian, 1
#19 Kelly Curt, 9 Dehydration No one (Her body)
#18 Jayson Huff, 7 Eaten Alive Rory Wheat, 11
#17 Freddie Peck, 4 Crushed to death by huge rock Arena (Trap)
#16 Jenny Cover, 11 Head crushed by falling boulders Arena (Trap)
#15 Amanda Selkirk, 1 Spider Bite Mutt
#14 Zoey Oakley, 7 Tomahawk shoved into her head Hester Solstice, 2
#13 Hester Solstice, 2 Axe through stomach Zoey Oakley, 7
#12 Autumn Nuclear, 13 Skull crushed by mace Drayden Hax, 2
#11 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya, 3 Half of head slashed off Drayden Hax, 2
#10 Drayden Hax, 2 Stabbed in heart with knife Bella Steampunke, 6
#9 Rory Wheat, 11 Stabbed in back with a sword Manta Li, 13
#8 Quentin Pynn, 12 Sword thrown into forehead Manta Li, 13
#7 Manta Li, 13 A throwing knife thrown into each lung Celicia Fen, 12
#6 Iggy Coupe, 6 Fell into Trap (poisoned) (INDIRECTALLY) Jayson Huff, 7
#5 Connor Smitherson, 8 Pushed off mountain Nichole Peyton, 5
#4 Lightning Duodecim, 5 Arrow shot into abdomen Celicia Fen, 12
#3 Nichole Peyton, 5 Beat to death with pipe Bella Steampunke, 6
#2 Bella Steampunke, 6 Arrow stabbed into heart Celicia Fen, 12
#1 (VICTOR) Celicia Fen, 12 Last One Alive None



The arena is an array of many different places. There is a woodsy area with the only drinkable water source besides melted snow, a snowy landscape with a mountain, a barren wasteland, two beaches, and ocean bordering the whole square arena.

The Cornucopia:

The cornucopia is a huge golden bowl, and is filled with all of the good things. Surrounding it is nothing but things that aren't so good, but may be useful. There will be food, supplies, and weapons. The plates for the tributes are made of silver.

Woodsy Area:

This Area surrounds the cornucopia, and has four water sources. A slim river, a wide river, a lake, and a pond. They are drinkable, except for ONE of them. This one has poisonous water even with iodine. There are wolves, bears, and deadly bugs for you to worry about, but the food is plentiful. There are rabbits, deers (however, they are rare,) chipmunks, wild boar (uncommon, but more common than deers,) and wild turkey. The trees are tall, but able to be climbed.

Snowy Landscape:

It is a large area, with at least a few feet of snow everywhere you step, and a huge mountain covered with snow. The mountain’s filled with surprises, both good ones and bad one's, and you never know; your tribute could find either one. The rest of the landscape is filled with predators, polar bears and red foxes, and animals to be eaten, seals and fish (that are under the ice) and even penguins, if you wanted. It may be next to the beach, but the arena allows an invisible temperature border. It can be from just on the able to snow temperature, or the frostbite temperature.

Barren Wasteland:

The barren wasteland is not too hot, but not too cold. It contains many rocks, many extremely large, if cover is needed, but that is the only cover. It is an open space, which is why it's called "barren." It does not have many living things, just aggressive crows as the only danger, but only muskrats as food. It also has dead trees, for wood.

The Beaches:

The beaches are mostly identical, they are basically just flips of each other. It is hot when in them, and there is many shells and rocks. They border either the wasteland or snowy landscape, and an ocean entrance. They have crabs, some predators and some food. They are identical. The predators have poisonous pinches, while the food just have regular ones. You won't know if you're going to die until it's too late. There are many other secrets in the beach.

The ocean:

It is used as the border, and the farther from the beach you go the more dangerous it is. It has been deemed impossible to get to the end. There are many fishes to fish, however. Beware of sharks. It can't be drunk; it's salt water.


Nomal font means normal ally, bold means leader (if any). PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR LEADER OR STATE THAT THERE IS NONE. Crossed out means dead. Underlined means victor.

Careers: Amanda Selkirk(d1), Bronze Lucrian(d1), Hester Solstice(d2), Drayden Hax(d2), Honeysickle Ash(d3), Jake Locketback(d9)Manta Li(d13)

The Big Alliance: Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya(d3), Bella Steampunke(d6), Iggy Coupe(d6), Zoey Oakley (d7), Amy Song(d10), Jakub Kunnson(d10), Quentin Pynn(d12), Autumn Nuclear(D13)

The Friends Alliance: Silvia Peck(d4), Freddie Peck(d4), Connor Smitherson(d8), Jenny Cover(d11)

The Nice People Alliance: Shimmer Gold(capitol), Lyssander Ghan(capitol), Nichole Peyton(d5)

Loners: Lightning Duodecim(d5), Jayson Huff(d7), Millie Lakeside(d8), Kelly Curt(d9), Rory Wheat(D11), Celicia Fen(D12)

The Reapings

The Capitol- Lyssander Ghan

“Wakey, wakey, kiddo!” Marta, my annoying supervisor here at Sunshine Hill Mental Institute for Children said in her babying voice. “Today’s reaping day!!!”

My eyes widen. Already? It’s today. My day of freedom is today. I quickly eat my breakfast, oatmeal and a sugar cookie with a cup of milk, and wait for the Reaptakers to get me. Reaptakers come on reaping day, and they take us to the reaping, hense their name.

We arrive just on time. Kids who are in mental institutes don't have to get their fingers pricked. Instead, we just sign the paper. Some of us sign neatly, carefully, and slowly, but not me. I sign sloppily, carelessly, and quickly. Because, well, whatever.

Us “crazies” get a special spot. It’s in the back, behind the eighteen year olds. I’m not crazy, I’m normal! I should be up there, with the 12 year old boys. Like, I can't see a thing! I’d rather be dead than in that institute. I hate those therapists; why didn’t they just let me be executed? Why?

“Ladies first!” calls our escort, Bellitia Meplate, who’s wearing a huge effing wig; at least the size of my torso. It’s bright green, and so is her skin. I must’ve tuned out the introduction. She walks over and picks a name of a girl. She examines it and calls, rather loudly, “Glow Gold!” A girl, who walks out of the fourteen year old’s section, starts to walk up slowly.

Hurry up, I think. We don’t have all day.

Just as I think that, another girl, from the eighteen year old section, jumps out and yells: “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE FOR THE CAPITOL!”

“Oh, wonderful! A volunteer! Come on up.” Belitia smiles. Once she is up (which she does after kissing the other girl on the forehead) Belitia asks, “What’s your name?”

“Shimmer Gold,” the girl replies. So she volunteered for her sister. How fricken sweet.

“Now, for the boys, everyone!” She grabs a name, and opens it. “Raym-”

“I volunteer!” I yell. “I, Lyssander Ghan volunteer to be the male tribute going to the games!" I see someone’s face flood with relief. He must’ve been the guy who was about to be called, or at least he thought he was.

“Well, come on up, Lyssander.” She says joyfully.

I turn around for a second and see Marta crying. I can’t help but grin.

District 1- Amanda Selkirk

“Bye, dad. I’m off to the reaping.” I kiss him on the cheek.

“Bye, honey. You’ll be home for dinner?” He asks.

“Yeah.” I just lied to him. But he sort of did too. Unless you call stale bread dinner. I arrive a minute early. I get my finger pricked. I flinch. “Ow.” I say.

I wait in my area until the minute is up. “Ladies and Gentlemen of District 1,” our escort booms into the microphone, “Welcome to the reaping of the 101st annual HUNGER GAMES!” The crowd roars with excitement. I must confess, I was one of those people. Ever since Alicia, my cousin, won the games, I have been excited to do so the same. But not just because I’m a career, but because my father needs money, we need money. Alicia gave us some money, but since then it’s been used up. Alicia has volunteered to give more, but my father keeps refusing. But, if I win, I can get us money, and it’ll be his, so he’ll have to use it!

“We will start with the girls.” The escort stuffs her hand in like a cookie jar, and rummages through until she grabs one, and as she starts to unfold the paper, I yell: “I volunteer!”

I rush forward, not stopping for anything. Once I'm up there, I say: "my name is Amanda Selkirk."

"Well, lets have a round of applause for our female tribute, Amanda!"

People clapped, whistled, and someone even started a chant: "AMANDA! AMANDA! AMANDA!" They had to stop, though, because the male tribute still needed to be chosen. Or, knowing this district, needed to volunteer.

She picked out a slip, and read the name: "Michael Bore."

All of a sudden, a bunch of boys called out: "I volunteer!" But there was a clear winner.

"You there! Come on up!" Our escort called gleefully. The boy came up and she asked him, "What's your name, hon?"

He replied confidently, "Bronze Lucrian."

District 2- Drayden Hax

Like usual, we had a awkward breakfast. I guess it was partially my fault for running away with Khadra, but it was also partially their's for murdering her. I'm referring to my brothers. My own flesh and blood killed my girlfriend. I am never going to forgive them. But I guess soon it won't matter.

When I arrive at the reaping, everyone else is already there. I take a deep breath and get pricked, then take another and go to the 15 year old male section. Here goes nothing.

I watch the escort (I have no idea what her name is) get on stage. "Hello, everyone! My name is Melissa Blackdrop!" So that's her name. She's obviously a new escort, because I don't recognize her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the district 2 reaping for the 101st annual hunger games. As you know..." As she blabs on about the usual stuff, I start examining her outfit. She has a bob cut, dyed red hair with orange highlights, cat whiskers, magenta eyes, and an obvious boob job. Typical Capitol attire. Oh, they are SO weird.

"Okay, everyone! You know the procedure!!! Ladies, are first!"

Then a firmiliar face walks on stage, and just as the peacekeepers try to get her off, she says the thing we all knew she would say. "I volunteer as tribute."

She is Hester Solstice. The current #1 porn artist. Everyone can't help but stare at her boobs. Especially those who have seen them, well, uncovered.

"Stop staring at my boobs!" She yells.

We all flinch. Her inside isn't as pretty as her out, is it? Or maybe it's just me.

"Time for the boys!" Melissa said, hurt that nobody was staring at her fake boobs. She took a slip, took a deep breath, and... I yell: "I volunteer as tribute! I volunteer!"

"Well, come on up sweet cakes."

District 3- Honeysickle Ash

Endless killing, endless killing hehehehehe.

Once I volunteer I can kill so many people. Then once I win I can pay for people to kill. Oh, what fun! I am currently going to the reaping.  I will volunteer, and my life of fun will begin.

I can't sit still as the escort talks about the rebellion and other crap. I am about to lose it when she says: "let's begin with the ladies!"

She picks out a paper and then says: "Maria Johnson-Brown."

I watch as a frightened girl walks out of the crowd. No one volunteers. No competition? Perfect.

“I volunteer as tribute!” I say, more confident than I have ever been in my entire life.

“Come, come,” she gestures me over.

“Are you her sister?” She asks nicely.

I laugh in her face. “Hell no! I’m not sisters with anything or anyone scared to fight. I’M READY TO WIN AND KILL AND NOTHINGS GOING TO STOP ME!”

“Oh, well. What’s your name?”

“Honeysickle Ash.”

“What a nice name! Time for the gentlemen, lets see who it is."

She stuck her hand in the bowl, and, taking from the bottom, she picked one out. Who will be my puny district partner?

"Akumai Kubaya!" She calls out, looking around. She smirks, and squints with the love of revenge. He is better known as Tenshin, but he and some other people made a very insulting video about the Capitol. Well, it was more insulting to all of Panem, but it mostly targeted the Capitol. I bet it was rigged, the reaping. He walks up in shame, and then our escort tells us to shake hands.

As we shake, I scratch his hand, because in the game of drug dealer that means death.

District 4- Freddie Peck

"Are they making us volunteer?" I ask, as Silvia straightens my bow-tie. "Or rigged reapings?"

"I have no idea, they didn't say."

She is wearing a peach-pink dress that goes to her knees, the metearial is thin and won't make her too hot on this humid and sun filled day in district 4.

For me, I am wearing a short sleeved collared white shirt with a black bow tie and black dress pants that are thankfully thin.

We walk 7 miles to the reaping. By the time we are there I am sweating like a maniac and so is Silvia. We are panting as we stand in our places, seperated. We lock eyes as something strange happens. Instead of the escort coming to the microphone, the mayor does.

"Hello, District 4! This is an unusual reaping because, well, there will be no reaping. Usually, when someone gets a punishment of being a tribute, it's ONE tribute so we can still reap the second tribute. BUT this year we have two people, a brother and sister, who took the life of an unfortunate soul and must pay the price or show themselves worthy of redemption, Ladies and Gentlemen, our District Four Tributes, Fredward and Silvia Peck!"

Fredward? He just called me Fredward! I scowl. I think that's punishment enough.

We walk up the steps and turn to the crowd. We have either stopped people or saved people from being a tribute. This isn't fair! It was self defense...self defense. That's it.

Silvia and I hold hands. As we exit the square, she squeezes it tightly.

District 5- Nichole Peyton

"Have fun at the reapings, sis!" May, my little sister says energetically.

I sigh. May is seven, much younger than me. She doesn't have a single clue what could happen to me. I guess that's good.

I arrive at the reapings early, and so I take pleasure in chatting with my friends, who are also early.

"So, what are you doing Friday night?" My friend Allison asks me.

"Going to the mall."

"What!? With who?"

"You!" I say, and we start cracking up.

"Hey, your not thinking about going without me, are you?" My friend Sandy says, fake hurt.

"Wouldn't count you out for the world." I say, truly and wholeheartedly meaning it.

"Everyone, places! The reapings are beginning." The escort, Zmariah Unkoghong,  says, hurrying us. She takes a deep breath and begins the long and boring speech of how the hunger games came to be. It feels like forever once it's finished.

"With all that being said, lets see who's our female tribute!"

She picks out a slip, and all us girls hold our breath. This is the moment of truth.

"Nichole Peyton!"

I freeze. No! NO! It's me...I'm going to be a tribute.

I start to walk, but then all of a sudden Sandy and Allison both try in unison to volunteer. "I vol-"

I luckily am close enough to cover their mouths  and stop them from volunteering. I shake my head furiously. They hug me tightly, and Allison whispers in my ear, "No matter what happens, you׳ll always be my friend."

A tear rolls down my cheek.

I am up on the stage, and then Zmariah says, "it's time for the males!"

Then, Lightning Duodecim, the latest victor of district 5, get up from his victor's seat, and calls out: "I VOLUNTEER!"

There are whispers.

"Is that allowed?"

"Why would he want to do that?"

"Is he crazy?"

"He's fricken insane."

This all happens as the peacekeepers check the rules. Turns out the rules say that victors are excused and not forced to take part in the games. But it dosen't say that he can't volunteer to go again. Greedy much?

We shake hands, and he's sweating a lot. Why would he volunteer if he's nervous?

District 6- Iggy Coupe

I set down my newest creation, The Vilibinanator 76043, which is terrible. It massages you, makes you any drink you wish, gives you hot towels, cleans your clothes and shoes in a matter of seconds, and gives you compliments. But it's terrible because my parents didn't notice it at all. Didn't notice ME at all. Time for plan B, I guess.

At the reaping I ponder how I am going to say it. I say them aloud so I get the real thing soaked in.

"I volunteer!"

"I volunteer as tribute!"

"I volunteer to be the male tribute going to the hunger games!"

"I, Iggy Coupe, volunteer as tribute!"

ALL OF THEM ARE TERRIBLE. I go into one of those lovely hissy fits, I love them because they help me calm down. Some people slowly move away, but that's okay since it made room for my friends. Their names are Abe and George. We talk for a while before the reaping starts.

"Welcome to the 101st HUNGER GAMES!!!!! My name is Pufferbit Poytot, and I will be your escort this year!"

I crack up. Pufferbit Poytot! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!  "HaHaaHhhhaaaaaAaaa!!!!..."

Even my friends stare, but at least they noticed me.

"Um, time for the girls?" Pufferbutt (I decided to call her that) obviously noticed me laughing.

She picks one out, and calls: "Our female tribute going to the games is... Bella Steampunke!"

The peacekeeper's ears perk up. They turn to the girl section, and there's Bella confidently walking to the stage. The peacekeepers crowd her, but she retaliates, saying: "STOP. The games shall be my stopping point in life. Should  things not be in my favor, let the tributes end me rather than you putrid, degraded pieces of rubbish".

And with that, she escorts herself to the train. Sassy.

"Ummm.... TIME FOR THE BOYS!" She swiftly goes to the bowl, and stands firmly.

"My name is Iggy Coupe, and I volunteer!"

She gestures me to come on stage, but to make a show, I jump and run.


As I hop around, the peacekeepers try to catch me, but I am going to win. I hop on stage. I turn to the audience, looking for my family. They're... talking. Talking like it's a normal day. That's it. I give up. They will never notice nor care about me. I am going to win. But not for them. For my friends. For me.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the district 6 tributes for the 101st hunger games!"

Her expression is fear, all fear. She's afraid to be Bella and I's escort. Should I blame her?

District 7- Zoey Oakley

Jessa and John take turns giving me riddles as we walk to the reapings. Mom and Dad went a half 'n' hour before us, because Jessa woke up late, as usual.

"What walks on four legs, then on two, then on three?"

"A human, John. Jessa told me that one last week."

He gives Jessa the stink eye. She giggles.

He scolds her, "I told you that one, you stole it!"

"So?" She rushes off ahead, laughing.

I roll my eyes. "It was a dumb one anyway, I got it in a minute." He lightly shoves me.

When we arrive at the reaping, so are other people. Tons, actually. We take our places. The escort, who's wearing a pink sparkly magician hat and "fancy" overalls, talks about the usual stuff and until she gets to the actual reaping, I'm not really paying attention.

"Let's start with the women of the district now." She skips annoyingly to the bowl, and picks out two slips, accidentally, so she puts them both back, and chooses another. She clears her throat "Ahem." We wait. "Zoey Oakley."

It takes a little while for me to comprehend it. I am going into the reapings. I start to cry. No! But I have to. No one in my family can volunteer. I dry my tears, and walk up to the podium. I have to be strong. I have to fight the urge to cry.

"Alright, everyone, it's time for the men!"

Jessa is crying, and so is Mom. John is hyperventilating, and Dad is just standing there in shock. Last year I was excused from the reaping because I was sick. This year I was reaped.

I almost miss his name because I'm thinking so hard. Jayson Huff. I had barely heard her say it. But she said it.

He is wearing a golden medallion around his neck. It looks ancient. I wonder where he got it. I am standing next to him and he feels protective of the medallion. Maybe he saw me look at it. He has his arms around the medallion, not letting go of it, even when we shake hands.

He keeps one hand on the medallion, and uses the other to shake.

District 8- Connor Smitherson

I walk my younger brothers, Thomas and Morris, to the reaping. Unfortunately they are impatient and annoying, but I am forced to do this by an all knowing creature called Mom. I sigh. They are playing the "are we there yet?" game.

"Are we there yet?"

"Are we there yet?"

"Are we there yet?"

"Are we there yet?"

I try to ignore them. If I ignore it, it goes away. Well, not if its an infection. I look over at them. Definitely an infection, I think.

We arrive at the reaping, and I listen to the whole speech carefully. I have never done so before, and so I am deciding to now.

"Ladies and gentlemen of District 8, welcome to the 101st hunger games! As you may or may not know, the hunger games originated long ago, even more than 101 years ago because they stopped for a while because two horrible rebels named Katniss and Peeta tried to make them stop, and succeeded, but soon they were overcome and the hunger games continued. How did they begin? Well, Panem was without them once, but then there was a rebellion, and there was so much pain and suffering. District 13 was destroyed. As punishment, the hunger games were created and the districts were forced to participate. After the second rebellion, since some of the Capitol helped the rebellion, they were forced to participate, as well. District 13 was rebuilt and was also forced to participate. With that being said, let us begin with the females!"

She held a slip in her hands a few seconds later, and opened it excitedly. "Millie Lakeside!" She boomed, her voice echoing in the microphone.

Hesitating, Millie walked to where the escort was.

"Come, now! Don't be shy." The escort said, clueless of what could happen to her.

When Millie finally gets on stage, our escort quickly says, "lets do the boys now!"

She picks it out, and I cross my fingers for Thomas, and for Morris, so that they won't get picked.

"Connor Smitherson!" She says happily.

Oh no. I forgot to cross my fingers for myself. No. Nononono!!!

I get up, sweating from fear and nervousness.

I am going to the games.

I am heading to my death.

No. I have to stay optimistic, no. I am going to win.

I am going to the games.

I am heading to victory.

District 9- Kelly Curt

I couldn't sleep last night. I can never sleep the night before the reaping. Victorie left that day. She never came back. Last night, it was even worse. Because I am being forced to volunteer for the games. I am going down like Victorie.

I know thoughts like these gives the people who put me in this situation the satisfaction that they want. I can't let them have it. I won't let them win.

I put my only dress on, a white woolen dress with short sleeves and a bow at the side, that goes to my thighs. It's pretty, but I don't know if the Capitol people will like it.

I get to the reaping, the thing I have been dreading for weeks. Today I woke up at home. Tomorrow I will wake up in the Capitol.

The escort welcomes us nicely and happily, little does she know that we are all dying inside. No one in this district who is sane likes the games. If someone were to volunteer for the games, they would have a good reason.

"And the girl going to the arena is..."

The mayor eyes me demandingly. Well? His expression says. I sigh.

" I volunteer! My name is Kelly Curt!"

"Well, Kelly Curt, come up here."

I do. People are whispering and pointing, but I can't hear what they're saying.   They are probably just glad that I saved them.

Maybe they think I'm insane.

Maybe they are laughing at me.

"Boys, it's time for one of you to be chosen."

Then a boy walks out into the aisle. "I volunteer! My name is Jake Locketback!"

District 10- Jakub Kunnson

I am running. I am going to be late! I am going to be late! Is all I can think. If I am late to the reapings, I will be severely punished. See, I was staying a night in a barn, owned by a farmer named Daniel Fernted, because I don't have a home since I am extremely poor, and didn't have enough for the rent. So my family and I stay the night in different places every night. This particular barn did a good job keeping light out. We woke up extremely late.

As I am running, my shoelaces become undone, and I trip over them and receive a bad bruise on my left knee. Oops.

I arrive at the reaping, and see that I am the last one there. I sneak in, trying to draw zero attention. I dosen't work. I accidentally step on a girl's foot, who then slaps me in the face, causing me to trip backwards, and bump into a guy, who yells, "Hey!" and pushes me into a girl and her friends, making all three of them fall over, and me too.

So much for that.

I, embarrassed, go to my section, and stand there, feeling stupid.

"Alright, everyone. Let's begin these reapings, shall we?"  Instead of a speech, she prepared a video, because she thinks that it'll make us pay more attention. I decide, out of spite, to pay less attention than I do when they prepare speeches.

Once it finishes, she calls, "Out of tradition, we will start with girls."  She shuffles in the bowl for a paper. And the girl tribute is.... "Amy Song!" She calls, looking around in the crowd.

I look around, and see a girl with straight black hair and tan skin and blue eyes going up to where the escort is.

Then, once she's up there, the escort says, "Boy tribute time!" and goes to grab a paper, which she does, from the top. "Jakub Kunnson!" she yells.

I guess my childhood dream is coming true.

District 11- Jenny Cover

I drop Sammie off at Mrs. Rockford's house. She's the only one nice to me nowadays. She agreed to babysit him while I am at the reapings because he's not allowed to be in the "elligable to be reaped" section. This is my last reaping, I am super duper nervous.

Sammie is my son, his full name is Samuel. I love him more than anything. But, to be honest, he's the only reason why we are poor and why no one likes me but Mrs. Rockford.

I will not elaborate further.

I arrive at the reaping, and get to my place. I wait at least fifteen minutes before it starts, and I'm really bored.

Once it FINALLY starts, I am getting anxious. I took so much tessare, and I'm eighteen... No, I am perfectly fine. The odds are so slim. I am okay. I will not be reaped.

"...and so the hunger games started up again." I yawn once the boring speech finishes.

I have heard it over, and over, and over again. It's exaughsting. I She says that girls go first, like usual, and picks a peice of paper from the round glass bowl. It will not be my name. It will not be my name.

"Jenny Cover!" But it is my name. Out of all those papers, mine was picked. What will happen to Sammie? I wonder if Mrs. Rockford will take care of him, or throw him to the streets. If not the first, hopefully put him into an orphanage at least.

I go up and then she says, "the boy is...."

"I volunteer!" everyone looks towards the voice. It's Rory Wheat. The town cannibal and murderer. Of course he would volunteer.

I turn my head to the right a little, and see Mrs. Rockford holding a sign, probably trying to tell me something. It says, "I will take care of him until you get back." I nod and a chilling thought comes to mind. What if I don't come back?

District 12- Quentin Pynn

I am at the reaping currently. There is a whole crowd of people, young girls and boys just like me. Then there is a crowd of more people, bigger, of people way younger and way older than me. They are safe. Just like my sister, who left me for some Capitol dude. I thought she loved me. Some times you think you know a person, but you really don't. That's what she told me. I couldn't believe my ears, I still can't believe she said that. That was almost a year ago. A year. And it still hurts.

I listen to the speech, my mind wandering off at some points. "Welcome to the 101st annual hunger games, district 12! How did we get to this moment? It all started when the districts, despite...then, when it came to the 74th hunger games Primrose... This caused many districts to rebel, including eight, eleven, twelve, and... Then it was decreed that... And so here we are! Lets begin the reapings!" She took a slip, and yelled, with all her might: "Celicia Fen!"

A girl walked out, and went to the stage, with a sad expression on her face. She quickly got to the boys. It's hot, so she probably doesn't want us to see her sweating.

"Quentin Pynn!"

Of course, of course it's me. I have to take so much tesserae, I had gotten put in there so much slips its not even funny. It's all her fault, it's all Rachael's fault. If she had been there for me, working, getting us money, this would have not had happened.

But I have to go up, so I do. This is not! I think angrily.

Life is not fair, life is hell. Life sucks.

District 13- Autumn Nuclear

Brian and I walk to the reaping, trying to bear the heat.

"Autumn, how much degrees is it?" Brian says, grumpily.

"I don't know, Bri. It's hot."

"But I already know that!" he complains. "I want to know exactly!"

I sigh.

We arrive at the reaping, and it looks like we're not the only ones who are hot. Brian is 12, so he goes to where he's supposed to go, and I'm 14, so I go to my place. I then look around. People are sweating like maniacs, trying to fan themselves with all different kinds of things, and lifting their shirt to show their bellies. I don't blame them one bit.

"Let's begin this reaping!" Said our escort, ummm... What was it? Ah, yes. Meldi Tuerman. She's hot also, so she skips the intro.

She goes straight to the bowl, and picks out a name. She yells, not too loudly, in her squeaky voice: "Autumn Nuclear!"

It's me. I start sobbing. It's me. It's me. It's me.

I wipe my tears, going up, and I find the strength to ignore the giggles and laughs that are obviously directed towards me. Heartless. They are heartless.

I then am up there, on the stage, standing to the left of Meldi, and looking towards the crowd. I see Brian sobbing. He's all alone now. I have to win, for him.

"And our male tribute is..."

"Manta Li!" Says a voice other than Meldi's, and male. Everyone looks towards the direction of the voice, and see a guy, tan and with green hair, walking towards us. He says, "I have volunteered!" one he's up.

Brave, ain't he?

Group Training 

Capitol- Shimmer Gold

"Shimmer! Lyssander! It's time to go to the training!" Belitia, our escort, calls. I am wearing navy green jeans, a plain white short sleeved shirt, and my hair's in a ponytail.

Once we arrive, the head trainer starts explaining the same old stuff. We then spread to where ever we please. I decided to head to the plant booth, because, being from the capitol, I don't know anything about that stuff. As the trainer is explaining how to tell whether a berry is a blueberry or a night lock berry, Lyssander, my district partner comes up and we both listen, and then the trainer has us do an activity together.

Afterwards, we have a talk.

"So, you also know nothing about berries?" he asks me, seeming genuinely interested.

"Yup, I think no one from the Capitol really knows about plant life." I continue with an example, "like, last year, the male tribute died from a night lock berry, and the female died from sniffing a poison powdered flower."

"Yeah, I remember that. Her ally told her not to, but she couldn't help but sniff the beautiful flower." We both crack up at that.

After more talking and laughing, I decide I like Lyssander. "Allies?" I ask.

"You bet."

Later, in the fire-making station, we bump into the girl from 5, what was her name? Ah, yes. Nichole...erm, Peyton. At the very first word she utters I already like her. She is nice, and very shortly after, even though I was trying my hardest to constrain myself, I ask her to join our alliance. She has to think for a moment. That is good, if she said yes immediately, it would be suspicious. Finally, though, she accepts. Our little alliance of three walks around together trying to go to every station. We get to the knife station, and Nichole attempts attacking a dummy with them, She's pretty good, all though it is obvious she is holding back, I guess she doesn't want to be a threat.

District 1- Bronze Lucrian

Us automatic careers who are already allied are at the hand-to-hand combat station. We have already been at the sword, spear, and mace stations. I look around to see all the pathetic losers doing survival training. Pathetic, I think. Drayden goes first, wrestling with a trainer, who's name I don't give crap about. They battle it out, and Drayden wins. My turn.

I get in the ring, feeling pumped. I look at the trainer. He's male, a few inches taller than me, has muscles that he has obviously worked on for years, and looks very ready. But I can beat him. Once the bell rings, I charge, hitting my head into his stomach. But he's ready for that. He grabs my neck, and flips me. I try to get up, but he grabs my arm and twists it. I can't stand here looking pathetic, though. I bite his finger, and he's flinches, and releases my arm. I them push him to the ground, and kick him, over, and over, and over again. I finally stop, and as I exit the ring, the others cheer for me.

District 2- Hester Solstice

After wrestling, we go to the axe station. The station I have been itching for. We all start bashing dummies senseless, and then Bronze suggests a game.

"Here's how you play. We take some berries and write the names of all the other tributes and whoever can get the most points wins. How much is each worth is by district. For example, District 1 is one point and district 13 is 13 points. The Capitol is worth 14 points. Sound good?" We all nod. At the end, Amanda and I tie. It pisses me off. I make note of when the careers are all who are left, which happens most games, she will be the first one I kill.

District 3- Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya

I look around the room. I see the careers nodding at broken dummies, people learning survival skills, and Amy Song from district 10 stepping up onto a table, She calls, " I invite anyone who wants to to join my alliance!"

I go up to her, and so does Iggy Coupe, Zoey Oakley, Autumn Nuclear, Quentin Pynn, and Jakub Kunnson. We are an alliance of seven.

What should I do now? Should I go by myself? Or with someone in my alliance? My question is immediately answered, because Jakub approaches me.

"Hi," he says. He looks nervous.

"Hi," I say.

"Are you... Tenshin?" He asks.


He turns slowly, and once his back is to me, he squeals with delight. Oh, wonderful. A fan. I don't know what's worse. Having him be in my alliance, or the fact that I might need to kill him later on.

District 4- Silvia Peck

Freddie and I wander around, doing stations at random. When we get to the spear station, our first weapon station, though, he gets scared. "It's okay, Freddie. You need to learn to use weapons, other then your awl and whip."

"F-fine." He grumbles. I hold his arm steady as he throws, missing 5 times in a row. The careers are watching, and laugh at him. He gets angry and starts walking over, but in hold him back.

"They're the careers, Freddie! If you dare even look at them funny, they'll eat you alive!" I warn him.

"E-ea-eat m-me" He starts to shiver from fear.

"It was an expression, Freddie. Calm down." I tell him.

We continue on in the spear station, both of us practising this time. We don't go to another until we both have felt like we learned a lot.

We then decide we need an alliance.

We ask around, and then I get Jenny Cover to join, and he gets Connor Smitherson.

District 5- Lightning Duodecim

Kat is re-showing me the basics of sword fighting again. I remember her from last time, I went to her a lot.

"Okay, so now you try." She says, after showing me.

I do, and she crimpes to the ground. She called it the Dead Fly Techinque. It makes the nerves spark, which make all the muscles flinch, making the victim fall. It's a new one, I've never seen it before.

At my request, we then do dodging techniques, because I really need to learn that.

She starts swinging, and so I start dodging.










I don't miss a single one, and she congratulates me.

I then go to the food and water station to see what I can do about those skills.

District 6- Bella Steampunke

I punch the dummy, knocking it backwards. I could smash it's head in, but seeming like a threat does not feel like a very good idea. So I do minor damage, a little, so I don't humilate myself entirely.

As I do so, I look up. I see the big alliance, the one that just recently started up. But I don't know if I should... I gasp.

I see the big alliance practising hand-to-hand combat, and there is guy, punching the bag. He's hot, to be perfectly honest. Orange hair, freckles, tan. Tall. What's his name? The district 3 male, Akumai.

I think I'm joining the big alliance.

District 7- Jayson Huff

I look around the room at people forming alliances. I have no intention of doing so.

I am at the axe station. I have been training there since training started, and have not stopped since.

"Hiii-YAH!" I say, as I bash a dummy's head open. Then another, then another, then another. I must keep going.

Then, another loner who has refused an alliance, Rory Wheat, comes up. "You're good," He says in a hissy, creepy voice.

"You like axes?" I ask.

"Yuh-huh. Love 'um."

"Battle axes? Or just axes?"

"Axes." he says, and walks off. 

There is someting wrong with that kid.

District 8- Kelly Curt

I am working on my bow and arrow skills.

I take a deep breath. Shoot. Miss.

Breath. Shoot. Edge.

Breath. Shoot. Miss.

Breath. Shoot. Middle.

Yes! Got it! I keep going, and going, and going.

District 9- Jake Locketback

Honeysickle Ash is currently trying to impress the careers, so I am too. Now's the time. I come as they nod in approval.

"Hey, I want in." I say, confidently. They all snicker, even Honeysickle, who just went through the same thing I am.

"Show us what you got," Manta Li says.

Drayden then says, "Well, do it already!"

I take a spear, and throw it right down the middle of a heart of a dummy. Then I take another and split the spear as much as possible. The all look at me and say, "You're in."

District 10- Amy Song

I can't believe I started this huge alliance!

But anyways, I am working on my whip skills, because yeah. As I do so, I talk with Zoey, one of my allies.

"Oh my God," she says, "Axes are so much easier than whips."

"That's because you're used to axes." I note.

"This isn't hard for you?" She asks.

"Nope. It's one of my main weapons, I'm just practising. I'm from ten, remember?"

District 11- Rory Wheat







District 12- Celicia "Celi" Fen

I am walking around, looking, spying, on other tribtes, seeing their strengths, their weaknesses. I have something on all of them. I love spying.

I decided after I have enough of their baggage, that I should take notice of my well being, and train. I train with both weapons, and survival skills. I gain muscle. Good, good.

District 13- Manta Li

We are trying to decide who leader should be.

Drayden says, "I'm strong, stronger than most all of you."

"No, I'm stronger." says Bronze, and they start arguing about that.

"I should be leader!" says Honeysickle.

We all snicker. Hester says, "Sickie, guys run the show around here. Deal. Sorry, but no, no, no."

"Besides, you aint from a regular career district, so no." Bronze says.

"I'm leader." I announce. I say no arguement for me, or against anyone else. It intimadates them, and there is no arguement. Guess that settles it.

Training Scores

District/Gender Name/Age User Score
Capitol/Female Shimmer Gold, 18 Aerialchinook 6
Capitol/Male Lyssander Ghan, 12 Yoonie 7
D1/Female Amanda Selkirk, 18 Biel1458 8
D1/Male Bronze Lucrian, 17 YourFavoriteSalmon 10
D2/Female Hester Solstice, 17 Biel1458 9
D2/Male Drayden Hax, 15 Yoonie 8
D3/Female Honeysickle Ash, 13 Wiki Contributor 10
D3/Male Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya, 17 Tehblakdeath 6
D4/Female Silvia Peck, 16 Rayplayzlol70 7
D4/Male Freddie Peck, 12 Rayplayzlol70 3
D5/Female Nichole Peyton, 15 NIby001 5
D5/Male Lightining Duodecim, 17 Mistfire333 9
D6/Female Bella Steampunke, 14 Mistfire33 9
D6/Male Iggy Coupe, 15 Mistfire333 10
D7/Female Zoey Oakley, 14 YourFavoriteSalmon 7
D7/Male Jayson Huff, 17 NIby001 8
D8/Female Millie Lakeside, 12 Harvey The Hunter 6
D8/Male Connor Smitherson, 14 HaraiGoshi 345 7
D9/Female Kelly Curt, 14 Biel1485 6
D9/Male Jake Locketback, 18 Wiki Contributor 8
D10/Female Amy Song, 15 Pippycat 8
D10/Male Jakub Kunnson, 14 HaraiGoshi 345 7
D11/Female Jenny Cover, 18 Team660 7
D11/Male Rory Wheat, 16 YourFavoriteSalmon 6
D12/Female Celicia "Celi" Fen, 15 Pippycat 9
D12/Male Quentin Pynn, 16 Aerialchinook 7
D13/Female Autumn Nuclear, 14 Pippycat 8
D13/Male Manta Li, 17 Tehblakdeath 9

The Bloodbath

This will be written in third person view. The rest will be in POV's.

The plates rise up slowly and steadily, and all the tributes look upwards as it rises. The tributes examine. Some the arena, others the people whom they stand next to.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the 101st Annual Hunger Games....BEGIN!"




Amy Song (d10) finds herself in between two careers, Bronze Lucrian (d1) and Amanda Selkirk (d1). All she could think was, Oh, god. I'm screwed. Only time would tell, however.




Unlike Amy, Jakub Kunnson (d10) was looking around at his enviorment. He could see mostly trees, but in the distance he could see white flecks going downwards, and a peak of a snow-topped mountain.




Freddie Peck (d4) looked for his sister. He was in between Lyssander Ghan (capitol) and Millie Lakeside (d8), which calmed him a little because they were both also 12, but he needed to know where she was. He finally saw her. In between Lightining Duodecim (6), and Jenny Cover (11).




Silivia Peck (d4) waved to her brother. She was next to her ally, Jenny, which made her happy.




Kelly Curt (d9) was getting nervous. She was so desperatley scared of dying, and that cornucopia was the meeting place of people who are going to die.




Rory Wheat (d11) looked at the tributes. Fresh meat, to him. He actually didn't mind this punishment.




Hester Solstice (d2) got ready on her plate. She crouched in running position, ready to charge the cornucopia.




Autumn Nuclear (d13) hadn't counted her allies before, but she did now. She then looked at the cornucopia. They had forgotten to make a plan for bloodbath, but whatever. She was sure that it would be fine.




Shimmer Gold (capitol) was trying to calm herself down. She took deep breaths, in and out. In and out. She had to calm down.




Lightining Duodecim (d5) was thinking of his family. He had to win. Had to. He hated Jules.




Time to go kill some punks, Honeysickle Ash (d3) thought to herself.




Celicia Fen (d12) stared at the golden bowl. All the amazing supplies, she was going for it. She was. But maybe just a little.




Drayden Hax (d2) and Manta Li (d13) were looking at eachother, pointing. They formed a litle plan together, with no words at all. They were hoping that there was no miscommunication.




Bella Steampunke (d6) couldn't stop staring at Akumai Kubaya (d3).




Nichole Peyton (d5) wondered what was beyond the woods.




Iggy Coupe (d6) was singing a song to himself, out loud. The people next to him, Zoey Oakley (d7), and Connor Smitherson (d8) looked at him like he was crazy. In their defense, it was true.




Jayson Huff (d7) saw his target. It had a wooden stick, and and a metal blade. An axe.




Quentin Pynn (d12) and Jake Locketback (d9) were both looking at the same bow.




In just a few minutes, maybe moments, children would become murderers. Some can't wait to steal someones life. Some are hoping not to be killed.





The first person to step off is Hester Solstice (d2), who had had herself in ready position. She didn't grab anything on the ground, she was heading staight for the cornucopia. Bella Steampunke (d6) was the last person to get off the plate, from eccsessive staring. She ran straight ahead, catching up with her allies. Nichole Peyton (d5) and Lyssander Ghan (capitol) were looking for their ally, Shimmer Gold (capitol). They spotted her, and she spotted them, and started to run towards her friends. She realized she had gotten absolutely nothing, so she bent down to grab a backpack. Bronze Lucrian (d1), taking advantage of the sitiuation, took the spear in his hand, as her back was turned, and stabbed right through her back. She squealed, and collapsed, dead.

Lyssander had been watching this, and got, very, very angry. He and Shimmer had gotten really close during training. He needed revenge. He charged Bronze, and the career smiled as he began to stab Lyssander, and though Lyssander got a nice gash in his forehead, and was bleeding heavily, he was too crazed and infuriated to notice. He full-on ripped off half of Bronze's neck.

Nichole was in shock. She called him back, now afraid of her own ally. "Lyssander! Let's go!" Lyssander went to his ally, and they rushed off.

Quentin Pynn (d12) realizes just in time that Jake Locketback (d9) is going for the same bow as him, so he just goes back to his alliance.

The Big Alliance was searching for supplies on the ground. Bella was trying to get words to speak to Akumai Kubaya (d3) but sounded like a suttering weirdo. Akumai figured she was yet another fan. Suddenly, an arrow flies to them, and Akumai tackles Bella to the ground. Amy Song (d10) had been trying to find her alliance, and didn't realize that Amanda Selkirk (d1) had been following her. She notices only when the sword is about to hit her, her head seperated from the rest of her body. Her alliance sees this, and leaves. Except for Quentin and Jakub Kunnson (d10), who are left behind together.

Rory Wheat (d11) is standing there waving around his hands, trying to catch nothing, or that's how it seems. He is hallucinating that there is a little girl teasing him. He is so hungry. Not even the careers go over there, he is so weird.

Celicia Fen (d12) has just grabbed a backpack and a knife, and she rushes away.

Honeysickle Ash (d3) tries to climb into the bowl, and once she does, she looks for someone to kill with her amazing bow. She spots Sivia Peck (d4) giving a piggyback ride to Freddie Peck (d4). They are alone, but they are obviously heading towards someone or something. She shoots Silvia straight in the head, and Freddie falls over. She is laughing so hard, she lets Freddie run off.

Quentin and Jakub have both gotten their weapon of choice. Jakub holds out his sword proudy, and Quentin starts moving the string of his bow to see how it moves. Jakub drops his sword. Lightning Duodecim, (d5) has grabbed him. He looks at Quentin and sees his bow. He quickly snaps Jakub's neck, and rushes off. Quentin hears "Quentin!" and sees his alliance gesturing him over from the trees.

Mostly people have left, and it's just the careers. Jake takes his spear and does what he had planned to do. He stabs Hester in the stomach, and the flames in her eyes show that she is furious. He dosen't know what a mistake he's made until she puts a tomahawk in his chest.







Six people died in the bloodbath. The people who listened and killed someone had so much pleasure, and those who lost someone were sadder than they had ever been.

Current Positions
Alliance People In It (These Are Alive) Items Where? Problems

Amanda Selkirk(d1), Hester Solstice(d2), Drayden Hax(d2), Honeysickle Ash(d3), Manta Li (d13)

15 swords, 30 knives, 2 bows and arrows, 11 packs of throwing knives, 9 axes, 4 camoflauge kits, 10 night vision glasses, 7 backpacks (contents yet unknown), 3 gallons of water, 7 huge crates of food. Cornucopia Hester Solstice (d2) is injured, with a deep stab in her stomach
Big Alliance Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya(d3), Bella Steampunke(d6), Iggy Coupe(d6), Zoey Oakley (d7), Quentin Pynn(d12), Autumn Nuclear(D13) 2 Coils of Wire, rope, bow and arrows, sword, 7 knives, 5 backpacks (contents yet unknown), 6 packages of food. In the woods, 2 miles from water source. None
The Nice People Alliance Lyssander Ghan(capitol), Nichole Peyton(d5) backpack (contains: empty water bottle, knife sharpener, sun glasses), 2 knives In woods, sitting by the tallest tree in the woods. Lyssander Ghan (capitol) is injured with a gash in his forehead.
The Friends Alliance Freddie Peck(d4), Connor Smitherson(d8), Jenny Cover(d11) sycthe, 4 coats, 5 knives Snowy Landscape, Heading towards the mountain None
Loner Lightning Duodecim(d5) Umbrella, 3 coils of wire, dagger In the woods, walking towards barren wasteland None
Loner Jayson Huff(d7) Axe, sleeping bag In the woods, on a tree. None
Loner Millie Lakeside(d8) 2 extra shirts In bush near Cornucopia None
Loner Kelly Curt(d9) Nothing In barren wastleland. None
Loner Rory Wheat(D11) Nothing In woods, two miles from cornucopia. Currently having Hallucinations
Loner Celicia Fen(D12) Backpack (contains: sleeping bag, extra socks, sunscreen), Knife In woods, sitting in pond. None

Rest of Day One

Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya (d3)- The Big Alliance

We start sorting through the supplies, and handing it out evenly. We try really hard, but find that it gets argumentive of who should get what. "Alright, we need a leader. Or at least someone to direct this sorting." says Iggy (6), probably the only one in our alliance who is not socially awkward. We all stare. Like I said, no one has any social skills. Well, Zoey (7) is okay with that stuff, but not like Iggy. He grins largely. "Guess I've been elected!"

"But just for this," says Zoey (7). 

Have I proven my point yet?

This is how Iggy (6) sorts it, which is kind of surprising, I thought he'd give himself, like, everything:

For himself: the rope, a coil of wire, a package of food, and one knife.

For me: a sword, a knife, a package of food, and a backpack.

For Bella (6): a knife, a coil of wire,  a package of food, and a backpack. 

For Zoey (7): a knife, a package of food, and a backpack. 

For Quentin (12): the bows and arrows, a package of food, and a backpack. 

For Autumn (13): a knife, a package of food, and a backpack.

"We still have two knives left." I say, after I notice.

Iggy (6) thinks. "Zoey and Autumn get them."

"Why?" Autumn (13) asks.

"You two and Quentin are the only one with three things only, but Quentin got the only bow and arrows, so you two get it." They take it after everyone shrugs with approval.

"What do we do now?" Bella (6) asks, once we're done setting up our things.

"Find water." Quentin (12) says. No one disagrees, so we head off.

Kelly Curt (d9)- Loner

I am in a desert, I think. Though it's not very hot, nor sandy. It's... empty, really. I think it may be a wasteland. If it is, then I'm screwed. I am thirsty, really thirsty. I should have listened to my stylist when he told me to drink before the arena. I wasn't thirsty then, but I am now. I should have not listened to my mentor, though. She told me to not go to the bloodbath, so I didn't. I should stop listening to my instincts.

As I walk through the wasteland, I wonder how big it is. I didn't walk far from the woods, maybe I could walk back to find water. But then I would feel like an idiot if it's shorter to keep going.

I decide finally to keep going.

Honeysickle Ash (d3)- The Careers

Hester (2) jumps back on her feet, yelling at Manta (13) for touching her boobs.

"I thought you were still unconsious!" He had said he'd heal her, which he did, well, with his own sick twist of molesting her, of course.

She slaps him right across the face. "You seem better," Amanda (1) notes. Everyone chuckles except for Hester (2) and Manta (13).

Suddenly, three parachutes come down, right at my feet. "Looks like there for you, Honeysickle." says Drayden (2).

I open them. One has a pack of bandages, one has a trident, and one has matches. "Cool," I shrug. I put the trident in my belt, and the bandages and matches in my bag.

We have a snack, but we hear something in the bushes as we do so. We raise our eyebrows. Ooh, a victim?

We sneakily walk there, hoping not to get noticed. Manta (13) grabs the person in the bush, who turns out to be Millie Lakeside (8).

"Who wants her?" Manta (13) throws her to the ground.

She's trembling. "Please, no. I can join you. Really." Everyone laughs in her face.

"I wan' her." Hester (2) says. "I deserve it. I got hurt and molested on the same day." We shrug and she takes her tomahawk and smashes her head in with it. BOOM!

We check her, but all she's got is two lousy extra shirts.

Jayson Huff (d7)- Loner

I am up in a tree right now, looking at the arena. I can see absolutely everything from here, except for the top of that mountain. I also can see that this is not the tallest tree in the arena, but it sufices. I set up my sleeping bag, since it is getting dark, by trying it to hold it in place. I don't get in, because then I will fall asleep, and I want to see the dead tributes.

I examine my axe. I am so happy I have this, I know what it would be like without an axe in a woods, and it would not be pleasant. I guess it's time to wait.

Lyssander Ghan (Capitol)- The Nice People Alliance

The gash in my head is starting to feel real bad when Nichole (5) finally comes back. She shakes her head. "Nothing, just fruit." She holds them up. I sigh, and she does too. She went to go find something to pass as medicine, but didn't. I feel bad for her, actually. I am making her work hard when this is my fault. I know that she dosen't want to lose her last ally, though. I miss Shimmer (Capitol). I'm sure Gold does, too.

"So, what're we gonna do?" Nichole (5) asks.

"I have no idea."

"I might have an idea, but it's probably not gonna work." She takes a leaf and put it on my gash, then takes some vines and ties it. It's really bad, but I appreciate her trying. I smile in thanks, and she smiles back.

Current Positions
Alliance People In It (These Are Alive) Items Where? Problems

Amanda Selkirk(d1), Hester Solstice(d2), Drayden Hax(d2), Honeysickle Ash(d3), Manta Li (d13)

15 swords, 30 knives, 2 bows and arrows, 11 packs of throwing knives, 9 axes, 4 camoflauge kits, 10 night vision glasses, 7 backpacks, 3 gallons of water, 7 huge crates of food, 2 extra shirts

On Honeysickle: Trident, pack of bandages, matches

Cornucopia None
Big Alliance Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya(d3), Bella Steampunke(d6), Iggy Coupe(d6), Zoey Oakley (d7), Quentin Pynn(d12), Autumn Nuclear(D13)

On Iggy: rope, a coil of wire, a package of food, and one knife.

On Akumai: a sword, a knife, a package of food, and a backpack.

On Bella: a knife, a coil of wire,  a package of food, and a backpack.

On Zoey: 2 knives, a package of food, and a backpack. 

On Quentin: the bows and arrows, a package of food, and a backpack. 

On Autumn : 2 knives, a package of food, and a backpack.

In the woods, 1 miles from water source. None
The Nice People Alliance Lyssander Ghan(capitol), Nichole Peyton(d5) backpack (contains: empty water bottle, knife sharpener, sun glasses), 2 knives, a bunch of fruit In woods, sitting by the tallest tree in the woods. Lyssander Ghan (capitol) is injured with a gash in his forehead.
The Friends Alliance Freddie Peck(d4), Connor Smitherson(d8), Jenny Cover(d11) sycthe, 4 coats, 5 knives Snowy Landscape, Heading towards the mountain None
Loner Lightning Duodecim(d5) Umbrella, 3 coils of wire, dagger In the woods, walking towards barren wasteland None
Loner Jayson Huff(d7) Axe, sleeping bag In the woods, on a tree. None
Loner Kelly Curt(d9) Nothing In barren wastleland. Feeling Thirsty
Loner Rory Wheat(D11) Nothing In woods, two miles from cornucopia. Currently having Hallucinations
Loner Celicia Fen(D12) Backpack (contains: sleeping bag, extra socks, sunscreen), Knife In woods, sitting in pond. None

Day 2

Freddie Peck (d4)- The Friends Alliance 

My first thought of the day is about Silvia (4). I think of how she died, carrying me. I was slowing her down, maybe she would have been already out of the bloodbath if I wasn't on her back. Maybe if I was dead, she'd be alive. Then one of us would win. I don't see myself winning. Silvia (4), on the other hand, had a good chance. But I ruined it for her.

We get moving immediately once getting up. We are heading to the mountain, particularly the top. It looks to be the highest place you could be in the arena, and so maybe we could spot something important. That's our plan for now.

"Can one of you two tell time from the sun?" Connor (8) asks, obviously exaughsted. He took the longest watch shift.

"I can, sort of." Jenny (11) says. "It looks to be somewhere from seven to nine."

"It feels like midnight." He says, "Except for that it's sunny."

"Midnight sun?" I suggest. We laugh.

"Well, anyways, we should give out the stuff." Jenny (11), who's been carrying it, says. We already each got a coat, though, so we just have to spread out a scythe, 5 knives, and an extra coat that was meant for Silvia (4).

"Connor gets the scythe, since it's his best weapon." I point out, and she hands it to him.

"Right, and you get the coat, since I know Silvia would demand it." Jenny (11) says, as she buttons me up.

"If she were here to demand it, the coat would be hers." I say, almost choking on the words.

"Right, but you know." Jenny (11) rolls her eyes.

"Then Freddie gets a knife, and Jenny, you get the rest to throw them, though they aren't meant for throwing." Connor (8) finishes the handing out, and we continue walking.

It's atleast a few hours before we get there. But we still have to climb all the way up there. Here we go.

Celicia Fen (d12)- Loner

I wake up in the pond, soaking wet. I am completely alert and awake, and I know I have way overslept. To at least midday. I am starving, so I start to look for some fish, I hope there is fish in this pond, so the Capitol doesn't think I am an idiot. As I am, I hear a Sploosh! behind me. I turn and jump at least a few feet behind me, as I said, I am quite alert. It turns out it's a parachute, and there's another one coming down. Sploosh!

In one of them is a pack of throwing knives, and a message from my mentor, which reads: Don't sit in the pond you idiot, just stay around it.

The next one has a package of food. Thank goodness, I think. This message reads: I'm really rooting for you! You go Celicia, win this for me honey! Woot woot!

My mentor is really weird.

I eat enough food to barely stop my stomach from grumbling. I want to save some of the food for later. In the meantime, I should get more. I take my time crafting an eloborate net out of thin twigs and some vines, and place it in the water. Time to wait.

After patiently waiting for a while, a whole bunch of fish swarm into the net.

"Yes!" I say, almost too loudly.

Drayden Hax (d2)- The Careers

Clunk! Clunk!  Honeysickle (3) has recieved yet another double parachute send. This time it's a filled water bottle, and a large backpack.

"Why does she get gifts?" Hester (2) says grugidly.

"Yeah, she shouldn't even be with us." Manta (13) snaps, obviously jealous.

Amanda (1) and I just stay silent.

"Maybe because I'm better than you." Honeysickle (3) counters. This will not end well. Not at all.

"Guys, stop this." Amanda (1) tries to keep them from fighting, and stands in between them, but Manta (13) pushes her away.

"No, the bitch says she's better than me, than she's got to prove it." Manta (13) smirks. Nothing in the world's gonna stop him from killing her. Not even the idea of a fair fight.

Nope, he justs takes his perfectly sharp sword and stabs her again and again in the stomach. BOOM!

"Congrats, dude. You killed her," I say sarcastically.

"That was my aim." He shrugs, and we head off for some victims. Hopefully non-careers victims.

Kelly Curt (d9)- Loner

I am so... not thirsty. Wait a minute. How...? God dammit. My head... I am dehydrated. I haven't gotten up yet. Once I do, I start to feel woozy. I, um, have to...have to....keep going...there has to be water.... water...some, uh, somewhere around here. "Water..." I groan. It's somewhere. It's somewhere. Where? Oh, god.

Jenny Cover (d11)- The Friends Alliance

We are halfway up, and doing good. None of us have complained, and I don't feel like complaining. We have been using snow as our hydration source, and it has worked fine. Freddie's (4) face is puffy, and I try not to stare. He just lost his sister, after all. How can I judge?

"Why's there a whole in the mountain?" Freddie (4) notices before Connor (8) or I do.

"Good eye. It looks to be a cave." I tell them.

"Well, are we going in?" Connor (8) asks. "'Cuz I really wanna."

We have a silent agreement, and go in. Inside, is a stockpile of stuff. Clothes, food, weapons. We're set!

Nichole Peyton (d5)- The Nice People Alliance

"Lyssander, I'm back!" I say, shaking him awake. I went on a hunting trip, because the fruit was running out. "You need to eat."

"Nichole," he starts, once awake. "I think I'm dying."

"No, no. It's okay. You're okay."

He looks at me with sad eyes. "It doesn't matter, nobody cares about me back home."

"I care about you."

"Even if you do, I said back home."

"Lyssander..." I start to say something but am interrupted by the canon. BOOM! It's his canon, because his heat isn't beating. I clear out so they can take the body. I am all alone now.

Zoey Oakley (d7)- The Big Alliance

A few hours ago, we reached water. Now we're just sitting by it, eating. We sort of look like a group of friends having a picnic, only I could kill them all and no one else in the world could judge me without also being a peice of shit themselves.

I am the only one far away from the water, and I can see everyone is itching to ask me about it. No one does, though.

We plan to sit here all day. I wonder if this will be the last happy day some of us will have.

Rory Wheat (d11)- Loner

The little girl finally stopped annoying me.

And the chicken on the unicycle.

And the golden retriever.

And that talking mime.

And my mom.

Now what do I do? Well, I am hungry.

Lightning Duodecim (d5)- Loner

I have finally arrived at the place I was heading, and I have to say that I'm disappointed. It's a barren wastleland. I recognize this terrain from my games, that I won. Guess what this means? I keep going!

Quentin Pynn (d12)- The Big Alliance

"Hey, you know why shes so far away?" Iggy (6) asks me.

"No idea. It's really weird." I answer. We're talking about Zoey (7). I don't let it bother me, though.

"Deer!" Tenshin (3) shouts. We cheer as loudly as we can without attracting attention, and dig in.

We eat until there's half a deer left, and by then the sun's setting.

Current Positions
Alliance People In It (These Are Alive) Items Where? Problems

Amanda Selkirk(d1), Hester Solstice(d2), Drayden Hax(d2), Manta Li (d13)

15 swords, 30 knives, 2 bows and arrows, 11 packs of throwing knives, 9 axes, 4 camoflauge kits, 10 night vision glasses, 7 backpacks, 3 gallons of water, 7 huge crates of food, 2 extra shirts, trident, pack of bandages, matches, large backpack, filled waterbottle

Cornucopia None
Big Alliance Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya(d3), Bella Steampunke(d6), Iggy Coupe(d6), Zoey Oakley (d7), Quentin Pynn(d12), Autumn Nuclear(D13)

On Iggy: rope, a coil of wire, a package of food, and one knife.

On Akumai: a sword, a knife, a package of food, and a backpack.

On Bella: a knife, a coil of wire,  a package of food, and a backpack.

On Zoey: 2 knives, a package of food, and a backpack. 

On Quentin: the bows and arrows, a package of food, and a backpack. 

On Autumn : 2 knives, a package of food, and a backpack.

In the woods, sitting by the lake. None
The Nice People Alliance (Now a Loner) Nichole Peyton(d5) backpack (contains: empty water bottle, knife sharpener, sun glasses), 2 knives, a couple fruit, ten rabbits In woods, sitting by the tallest tree in the woods. None
The Friends Alliance Freddie Peck(d4), Connor Smitherson(d8), Jenny Cover(d11) sycthe, 4 coats, 5 knives, a stockpile of items Snowy Landscape, on the mountain None
Loner Lightning Duodecim(d5) Umbrella, 3 coils of wire, dagger In the barren wasteland, walking towards the beach None
Loner Jayson Huff(d7) Axe, sleeping bag In the woods, on a tree. None
Loner Kelly Curt(d9) Nothing In barren wastleland. Dehydrated
Loner Rory Wheat(D11) Nothing In woods, five miles from cornucopia. None
Loner Celicia Fen(D12) Backpack (contains: sleeping bag, extra socks, sunscreen), Knife, a package of food, a pack of throwing knives In woods, sitting by the pond. None

Day 3

Akumai “Tenshin” Kubaya (d5)- The Big Alliance

I wake up to the smell of something amazing. I look up to see Bella (6) making breakfast. “What are you making?” Autumn (13) asks her, who was just woken up.

“Honey pancakes, I found some honey in the woods, and used the grain in my food package. Want some?”

“Sure!” Autumn (13) says, taking one. She takes a bite. “Wow! That’s great.”

“Akumai? Want some?” Bella (6) asks, excitedly. Akumai? I thought she was a fan, but then why would she call me Akumai?

“Uh, sure.” I say, taking one. It’s actually good. I start taking more bites. She smiles.

We wake everyone else, and we have a nice, cheerful, and chatty breakfast.

At my seventh pancake, Bella (6) drags me over to an isolated spot. Nothing weird about that...

“Did you like the pancakes?” She asks sweetly.

“Yeah, they’re amazing. Where’d you learn how to make them?” I ask.

“My mom.”


“So, do you have a girlfriend, back home?"

“No, why?” She grins widely. I have to admit, it was a stupid question with an obvious answer, but I don’t get it until she kisses me.

Kelly Curt (d9)- Loner

I am slipping away. My heart is racing, like the speed of light, and I can’t control it. I have to keep going, to find water, but I know it’s futile. I am going to die, and in the most pathetic way possible. From dehydration. I will not be killed from the hand of a career, or from a mutt, no. I will die from my own stupidity. I wonder if the mayor is laughing at me, and my dumb “family.” Who am I kidding? Of course they are. They are having the time of their lives watching me suffer. They have won.

Manta Li (13)- The Careers


"Wonder who that was," Amanda (1) says, glum faced. Not because of the death, but because we've been searching for victims for hours with no luck.

"Well, they're a lucky bastard ‘cuz they escaped us." Hester (2) says, frustrated. A few minutes ago she got mad and said that I was just leading them in circles.

Amanda (1) screeches loudly, and we all look over at her. A huge spider has gotten on her, and it leaves, but not without leaving a mark. “I’m okay. I think it was just sucking my blood or something.”

“If you say so,” Drayden (2) shrugs.

“Well, where to next, Captain Career?” Hester (2) asks, sarcastically.

“Let’s go... thataway.” I point, and they go.

Jayson Huff (d7)- Loner

I have decided to set a trap. I will cut down a tree, using my axe, and then stand on it, and challenge anyone who comes to a duel, but when they try to come to me, they will fall into a whole, because the only way to get to me is through one, since I will sorround myself with duisguised wholes! Brilliant, right?

I set to work immediatley, filling the wholes I make with poison thorns I found. No one will live through these. I have to be careful, that means. I sucsessfully do it without getting pricked, and start to cut the tree down. Cruck! Crouck! Crooke! Cruuu-uck! "Ah, almost there..." I say to myself. Cruuuuuckk... BAM! The tree falls, and I am not disapointed. Rory Wheat (11) comes marching over.

"Hey, you. I challenge you to a duel." I raise my eyebrow.

"I....acccceeepppptttt....." He hisses, delighted. He start walking over, and I almost squeal with delight, but he jumps right over my trap. How did he know?

Rory Wheat (d11)- Loner

I charge the meat, grabing his head and banging it on the floor, making him unconisious. I rip him peice by peice, eating him. "Y-ugmh-yuuuh...gooood...." BOOM! The canon dosen't stop me from eating, however.

Quentin Pynn (d12)- The Big Alliance

The two lovebrids over there have been kissing and cuddling... All. Day. Long. It's getting annoying. Iggy (6) thinks so to, obviously, and suggests we move camp. There are no arguments, as the newest couple hasn't tried holding hands, and want to. Ugh.

It's not long before we find a clear spacing in the woods for Akumai and Bella, or as we've called it, Bellkumai, to sit down and continue their puppy love. It's a suprise they haven't recieved a whole mountain of sponsor parachutes.

Connor Smitherson (d8)- The Friends Alliance

It took a while to get all our supplies on us and still be able to move, but we did it. We are three quarters of the way to the top of the mountain, and we are all bubbling with excitement. Then we come to another cave. We all grin. The last cave we went into gave us a whole load of supplies. We rush in, a there's a rope hanging to the ceiling. Freddie (4) doesn't hesitate to pull the rope.

"Freddie, don't-" Jenny (11) starts to say, but it's too late. He pulls it, and a huge rock flies down and crushes him. BOOM! The ceiling starts to shake furiously, and we know somethings going to collapse.

"We've got to get out of here!" I yell, and start to run out. Jenny (11) starts to follow me, but at the openinga bunch of boulders fall, and she just misses safety. The boulders crush her head. BOOM! Blood splatters in my face. I start crying. What should I do now? Continue the plan, or head back?

Celicia Fen (d12)- Loner

I am eating currently, I have just cooked up a fine fish, and it's really tasty. I look around me, guarding myself because there's no one else to do it. It looks to be six or seven, so I guess it's time to get ready to sleep. Though there was four deaths today, so I should see who's died. And, besides, I need to keep watch so I'm not murdered in my sleep.

Drayden Hax (d2)- Careers

That spider did more than suck Amanda's (1) blood. She has contracted a fever, and is sweating profusely. She can't walk since all her joints are swollen. Her bite has a lump the size of a lemon. She cries from the pain. Hester (2) has been trying to help, with no luck.

Nichole Peyton (d5)- The Nice People Alliance/Loner

I sob myself to sleep. I dream of my friends, and what I should have been doing right now. We were supposed to go to the mall together, I wonder if they went anyway. I hope they did. Allison has been needing a pair of shoes, and Sandy loves the mall.

Current Positions
Alliance People In It (These Are Alive) Items Where? Problems

Amanda Selkirk(d1), Hester Solstice(d2), Drayden Hax(d2), Manta Li (d13)

15 swords, 30 knives, 2 bows and arrows, 11 packs of throwing knives, 9 axes, 4 camoflauge kits, 10 night vision glasses, 7 backpacks, 3 gallons of water, 7 huge crates of food, 2 extra shirts, trident, pack of bandages, matches, large backpack, filled waterbottle

Cornucopia Amanda (1) has a spider bite, resulting in a fever and walking issues
Big Alliance Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya(d3), Bella Steampunke(d6), Iggy Coupe(d6), Zoey Oakley (d7), Quentin Pynn(d12), Autumn Nuclear(D13)

On Iggy: rope, a coil of wire, a package of food, and one knife.

On Akumai: a sword, a knife, a package of food, and a backpack.

On Bella: a knife, a coil of wire,  a package of food (half empty), a backpack, some honey.

On Zoey: 2 knives, a package of food, and a backpack. 

On Quentin: the bows and arrows, a package of food, and a backpack. 

On Autumn : 2 knives, a package of food, and a backpack.

In the woods, sitting in clearing. None
The Nice People Alliance (Now a Loner) Nichole Peyton(d5) backpack (contains: empty water bottle, knife sharpener, sun glasses), 2 knives, seven rabbits In woods, sitting by the tallest tree in the woods. None
The Friends Alliance (Now a Loner) Connor Smitherson(d8) sycthe, 4 coats, 5 knives, a third of a stockpile of items Snowy Landscape, on the mountain, camping while three quaters of the way there. Pending to go up or down. None
Loner Lightning Duodecim(d5) Umbrella, 3 coils of wire, dagger In the barren wasteland, walking towards the beach None
Loner Rory Wheat(D11) Leftover Jayson, an axe, a sleeping bag In woods, by a cut-down tree and sorrounded by traps None
Loner Celicia Fen(D12) Backpack (contains: sleeping bag, extra socks, sunscreen), Knife, a package of food, a pack of throwing knives, a few fish In woods, sitting by the pond. None

Day 4

Hester Solstice (d2)- The Careers

Amanda (1) isn't doing too well. Her temperature has gone from 102 degrees fahrenheit, to 106 in a half an hour. She is shivering despite her hot forehead and that she is sweating a lot, and non-stop. Her spider bite is now swelled to the size of an apple, and she won't respond to anything we say. She is paler than the moon, which seems like a dumb old metaphor, but she actually is. 

She is going to die, I know. But I have to try. She is the only girl left in our alliance besides me, and I can't be left with that rapist Manta (13) and Drayden (2) who wouldn't do anything, I bet he'd even watch.

"Come on, Amanda. Can you hear me? Please say something." I beg her, but she doesn't respond.

"Looks like the bitch has a heart." Manta (13) snickers.

"She's decent, unlike you." I snap.

I turn back to her, just in time to see her eyes roll back into her head. BOOM! "Amanda... It was someone else, right? It's gotta be..." I stand up.

"I know what will make us feel better," Manta (13) says. "Let's go destroy the big alliance."

Connor Smitherson (d8)- The Friends Alliance/Loner

I’ve decided to go up. The mountain, I mean. That was our original plan, and so Freddie (4) and Jenny's (11) deaths will not be in vain, I will continue. I un-make the camp I set, and continue up.

On the way, I come across 5 caves. So far. I go into none, because while one we went into was good, another was bad, and I can't be sure what these will hold. So I don't.

Bella Steampunke (d6)- The Big Alliance

I have to confess, I didn't think sex with Akumai (3) would be that good. Then again, I lost my virginity to a rapist. We did it last night, while everyone was asleep. But anyways, we're eating right now. He found a wild turkey, so that's our meal. Poor turkey, though.

It's a bright and sunny day, and all is good. We laugh, talk, and it's all cheery.

Nichole Peyton (d5)- The Nice People Alliance/Loner

I gather my stuff, because I've been in this place for 4 days, and a move is called for, or else the gamemakers will find a way to make me. Besides, this is where Lyssander (capitol) died. I can't stand to look at this tree anymore. I am headed to the mountain, I think.

Autumn Nuclear (d13)- The Big Alliance

Chaos. That is the only word for this. As they try to kill us,  the careers, with our mouths still full, we know what to do. We must run. This has created this word, chaos, and it is extremely frightening, and as I run, I trip over some logs, but I can't stop until my allies' shrieks cannot be heard. I look over my shoulders as I run, to make sure that I am not being followed, which I am not.

Rory Wheat (d11)- Loner

I look through the trees at an amazing sight. Hester (2) and Zoey (7) are fighting. Well, more like Hester's (2) chasing Zoey (7). I do not intervene, however, since they will kill eachother, or at least one of them will die, and give me my food, with me doing absolutely nothing. The perfect way to get something!

Zoey (7) runs, runs for her life. But stops when the only way out is to jump into the slim river. Why'd she do that? I'm not complaining, but it's common sense. JUMP! Duh.

Hester (2) also thinks it's weird. "What the hell is wrong with you? Only an idiot wouldn't jump." She snarls. "Whatever. Makes it easier for me to kill you."

Zoey (7) gulps. Wait a minute... is she afraid of water? Can't swim? Both? So it's the water, or a career, huh? Hester (2) grins as Zoey (7) backs away as much as she can without falling in. "Ready to die?" Hester (2) charges her, and Zoey (7) moves to the side, which helps nothing. Hester (2) shoves a tomahawk into her head, but Zoey (7) dosen't go down until she puts an axe into her stomach. BOOM! Zoey (7) falls into a heap on the ground, and Hester (2) falls to her knees, coughing blood. She then fully falls. BOOM!

Dinner, is served. And dessert too, which is the porn artist, of course.

Manta Li(d13)- The Careers

I have found no tributes, but it sounds like Hester (2) and/or Drayden (2) have found some. It's so... FRUSTURATING!!!!!

Drayden Hax(d2)- The Careers

I walk up behind her, the girl from 13, Manta's (13) district partner. She's nothing like him. I saw her, and got her, and while at the moment she thinks she's safe, she's totally not.

"Hello," I say, in my threatening-styled voice.

She screeches, and turns around. Her eyes turn bigger than when I said "Hello," when she sees me.

"Please, you-" I bang my mace to her face. BOOM!

Iggy Coupe (d6)- The Big Alliance

We meet up, the big alliance, but Zoey (7) and Autumn (13) are gone, nowhere to be seen.

"There were three cannons," Quentin (12) says glumly. "Two of them could have been them. I don't know about the last one."

We'll know tonight.

Lightning Duodecim (d5)- Loner 

Just as the sun sets, I find myself at the beach. It's warm, and beautiful, because of the sun set. I find that I'm actually happy, and let the sight drift me to sleep.

Current Positions
Alliance People In It (These Are Alive) Items Where? Problems

Drayden Hax(d2), Manta Li (d13)

15 swords, 30 knives, 2 bows and arrows, 11 packs of throwing knives, 9 axes, 4 camoflauge kits, 10 night vision glasses, 7 backpacks, 3 gallons of water, 7 huge crates of food, 2 extra shirts, trident, pack of bandages, matches, large backpack, filled waterbottle


Drayden: In small clearing in woods

Manta: Walking, lost, in woods


2. Manta is lost

Big Alliance Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya(d3), Bella Steampunke(d6), Iggy Coupe(d6), Quentin Pynn(d12)

On Iggy: rope, a coil of wire, a package of food, and one knife.

On Akumai: a sword, a knife, a package of food, and a backpack.

On Bella: a knife, a coil of wire,  a package of food (half empty), a backpack, some honey.

On Quentin: the bows and arrows, a package of food, and a backpack. 

In the woods, sitting in clearing. None
The Nice People Alliance (Now a Loner) Nichole Peyton(d5) backpack (contains: empty water bottle, knife sharpener, sun glasses), 2 knives, seven rabbits In woods, heading to the the snowy mountain None
The Friends Alliance (Now a Loner) Connor Smitherson(d8) sycthe, 4 coats, 5 knives, a third of a stockpile of items Snowy Landscape, on the mountain, heading upwards None
Loner Lightning Duodecim(d5) Umbrella, 3 coils of wire, dagger In the beach next to the barren wasteland None
Loner Rory Wheat(D11) Leftover Jayson, an axe, a sleeping bag, leftover Zoey, leftover Hester In woods, by the slim river None
Loner Celicia Fen(D12) Backpack (contains: sleeping bag, extra socks, sunscreen), Knife, a package of food, a pack of throwing knives, a few fish In woods, sitting by the pond. None

The Announcement

"Attention, tributes!" The announcer called, loudly, "A feast will be held tomorrow at noon at the cornucopia! All who wish to attend and will, will recieve an amazing mystery present you will want and need if escaping alive. You can't just go in and out, however, there will be a HUGE battle royale including those attending, and the getting out present is worth while indeed. Only five will die! However, once at the cornucopia, you cannot leave, since there is an invisible border, until the feast ends. Don't worry about dying after the battle, you will get a potion sprayed on you until out of the cornucopia that makes you invincible! We encourage you to come!!!"

Day Five (Feast)

This will be in 3rd person.

The first person there is Celicia (12), who immediatley hides away in the trees. She is fairly well hidden. Manta (13) arrives shortly after, followed by Drayden (2). They high five and wait for the battle royale to start. Quentin (12) and Bella (6) and Akumai (3), all being from the same alliance, arrive together. Their last ally, Iggy (6) refused to come. Rory (11) comes last, ready to feed on people.

"Contestants of the battle royale, it begins... NOW!!!!" The announcer calls.

The whole cornucopia area rises up, suprising the tributes, and they watched the ground disapear, all except Drayden (2), who saw this as the perfect oppurtunity to kill some people. He went over to Akumai (3) and slashed the top of his head off, starting from the bottom of the forehead. Manta (13) realizes what's happening and calls, "Drayden, stop!" But it's too late. BOOM! Bella (6) sees him fall, and, instead of sobbing like she really wanted to, she forced her emotions to come out as rage. She charged Drayden (2) angrily, stabbing him in the heart. BOOM! Rory (11) sees the bodies and is delighted, rushing to grab the prizes. Manta (13) sees him trying to eat his former ally, and stabs him in the back with a sword. BOOM! He then proceeds to throwing the sword in the direction of Quentin (12) who was trying to find a place to hide. It hits perfectly in the forehead. BOOM! There are three people left, and Manta (13) plans to be one of them, as well as Bella (6), since she was the girlfriend of Akumai (3), who Manta (13) was a fan of. That meant his target was none other than Celicia (12). He saw her, just barely, hiding in the trees. He tried sneakily coming to her, but she saw him. Celicia (12) pulled her throwing knives out and threw them into Manta's (13) chest, a lot of them, the life-ending one, or the two life ending ones, hit his lungs. BOOM!

"Congratulations, Bella Steampunke and Celicia Fen, the surviors of the Feast!" The annoucer called, joyfully.

Gifts Recieved:

Bella: Bella recieved a whole pack full of Hydraulic Pressure weapons that can never die out and are very powerful

Celicia: Celicia recieved bows and arrows, that are indestructable and 99% accurate

Current Positions
Alliance People In It (These Are Alive) Items Where? Problems
Big Alliance Bella Steampunke(d6), Iggy Coupe(d6)

On Iggy: rope, a coil of wire, a package of food, and one knife.

On Bella: a knife, a coil of wire,  a package of food (half empty), a backpack, hydraulic pressure weapons (++)

Iggy: In woods, in clearing

Bella: In woods, heading to clearing

The Nice People Alliance (Now a Loner) Nichole Peyton(d5) backpack (contains: empty water bottle, knife sharpener, sun glasses), 2 knives, seven rabbits In snowy landscape, on mountain, just beginning upwards None
The Friends Alliance (Now a Loner) Connor Smitherson(d8) sycthe, 4 coats, 5 knives, a third of a stockpile of items Snowy Landscape, on the mountain, heading upwards None
Loner Lightning Duodecim(d5) Umbrella, 3 coils of wire, dagger In the beach next to the barren wasteland None
Loner Celicia Fen(D12) Backpack (contains: sleeping bag, extra socks, sunscreen), Knife, a package of food, a pack of throwing knives, a few fish, bow and arrows (++) Running away from cornucopia (In woods) None

Day 6

Lightning Duodecim (d5)- Loner

I'm sick of this beach. I have almost gotten pinched seven times trying to get food. Luckily, the crabs are slower than me. I have tried swimming in the water, but the current is so strong, and it keeps pulling me back.

So I have decided to head to the woods. There, you're food dosen't pinch you and the water isn't salty.

Connor Smitherson (d8)- The Friends Alliance/Loner

I am staring at the beautiful view. We did it, guys. Our plan worked. I think, saying to the deceased Freddie (4) and Jenny (11). The sky is blue, and the clouds are white and puffy. The sun is shining bright, and I could stay here all day, with the wind blowing in my face. I can hardly feel the cold air, and I am happy. I sigh with releif. You don't get this view in district 8, so I need to enjoy it. But maybe once I win, which I need to for Freddie (4) and Jenny (11), I will buy green screens to look at the view fakely, and maybe hovercrafts to fly into the sky. Oh, how wonderful that will be. Oh, yes.

Iggy Coupe (d6)- The Big Alliance

"Iggy! I'm back!" I turn, to see Bella (6), my district partner and ally, running to me. "Thank goodness you didn't move somewhere else, speaking of which, we should do that now."

"Right." I nod. "Hey, you know, we're the last alliance."

"Yup, it's a great honor."

We decide to head north. We walk for a half an hour or so before coming across something strange. I tree cut down by a human.

Bella Steampunke (d6)- The Big Alliance

"I'm going to check it out." Iggy (6) says.

"No, Iggy, don't." I say, because it's odd, and when something's odd in the hunger games, you shouldn't mess with it.

He shrugs my warning off, and starts walking towards it, but is interrupted when he falls down a whole. "Augh!" He yells, "There's thorns down here....Oh god. Oh god no. BELLA THEY'RE POISONOU-" BOOM!

Oh my freaking god.

Nichole Peyton (d5)- The Nice People Alliance/Loner

I have been climbing this mountain all night. I am rewarded with getting to the top of the mountain!!!! Finally, I think, gleefully. But when I look up I see Connor Smitherson (8) looking at the sky. I grin. He hasn't noticed me yet, so here's my chance to kill him without a fight. I sneak up behind him quietly, and push him off the mountain. I hear him scream, and then a crashing noise. BOOM! Yes!

Celicia Fen (d12)- Loner

I am going to go the opposite way of the mountain, because as I was looking on a tree, I saw someone fall and die. Weird. I want to get as far from that as possible.

Bella Steampunke (d6)- The Big Alliance

I can't believe that happened, the thing with Iggy (6). He never seemed like the type to listen, so I know why he didn't care for my warning. I also know why he wanted to look so badly, because he was a bit odd, and he thought it was an arena contraption, probably. But it wasn't, it was a trap, made by who cares. They got him. And if there was a trap, that means I should get away from here.

Nichole Peyton (d5)- The Nice People Alliance/Loner

I am going down now, because there is nothing here. Just the amazing view Connor (8) was looking at. No wonder he didn't notice me, it's an amazing sight, and he must've been lost in it. But I can't afford that. I must leave now. I guess the climb was worth it, since I got a kill. I hope downwards will be better than up.

Lightning Duodecim (d5)- Loner 

I am almost out of breath. I have been walking all day, but I need to find a good, secluded place to rest. I keep walking, despite my tortured muscles, taking heavy breaths.

Celicia Fen (d12)- Loner

I see him, Lightning (5). He is a victor, and by the seems of it, he is so close to winning again. That would be annoying, to the districts, because more people deserve to win. By him winning, he would steal a newbie's chance. I can't let that happen, nor can I let him see me and kill me. I aim at him, his stomach, hoping to puncture his abdomen, with my special new bow and arrows I got from the feast. It does exactly what I was hoping for it to do. His moans in agony, and falls to his knees. He gets a chance to look at me with his angry eyes and cough up some blood before he dies. BOOM!

Current Positions
Alliance People In It (These Are Alive) Items Where? Problems
Big Alliance (Now a Loner) Bella Steampunke(d6)

a knife, a coil of wire,  a package of food (half empty), a backpack, hydraulic pressure weapons (++)

In woods, finding a place to camp

The Nice People Alliance (Now a Loner) Nichole Peyton(d5) backpack (contains: empty water bottle, knife sharpener, sun glasses), 2 knives, three rabbits In snowy landscape, on mountain, heading down None
Loner Celicia Fen(D12) Backpack (contains: sleeping bag, extra socks, sunscreen), Knife, a package of food, a pack of throwing knives, a few fish, bow and arrows (++), Umbrella, 3 coils of wire, dagger In the woods, heading away from the mountain None

First Half Of Day 7

Bella Steampunke (d6)- The Big Alliance/Loner

It's a beautiful morning, and I can't wait to find someone and kill them. Yeah, I'm on a hunt for blood. I pack up my things, and head on. I kill a turkey on the way, and cook it up. I eat most of it, pack some, and just eat a leg as I walk. I make up a song as I go, which I only sing in my head, not aloud, because, one, I would sound insane to the people watching, and two, it would give away my posistion.

Nichole Peyton (d5)- The Nice People Alliance/Loner

It's only females left, and that means the victor this year is definitely a girl. Girl power, I guess? I am so glad I am in the final three. It's a dream come true. I know my friends are exstatic, I sure am. I am doing well. It's wonderful!

All of a sudden, a parachute flies down. Then another, and another. It's two large backpacks and an expert camo kit. I haven't been forgotten.

Celicia Fen (d12)- Loner

I am sitting by the pond, drinking. I want to take some moments to rest, and get ready for whatever is to come. I am so scared, more than I have ever been in my entire life. This is it. I am in the final three, and I have never been more scared in my entire life. I take a deep breath. I am safe for now, I am okay.

Bella Steampunke (d6)- The Big Alliance/Loner

We bump into eachother, Nichole (5) and I. Her eyes are wide, with fear. She was probably looking down as she was walking, like me. This is it. One of us will go to the finale, one of us will not. This is it. She lifts up two knives and is about to stab me, but I am quicker. I take a pipe and hit her head with it, knocking her out. I then keep on smashing it and smashing it against her. BOOM! I have made it to the final two.

Celicia Fen (d12)- Loner

The canon takes me by suprise. Who died? It matters because that is the person whom I will be facing to see who is victor. Oh my god. I did it! I am so close. Will I get to see my family again? Oh my... I hope I win. I do. I am nervous, more than I have ever been in my entire life.

Current Positions
Alliance People In It (These Are Alive) Items Where? Problems
Big Alliance (Now a Loner) Bella Steampunke(d6)

a knife, a coil of wire,  a package of food (half empty), a backpack, hydraulic pressure weapons (++), backpack (contains: empty water bottle, knife sharpener, sun glasses), 2 knives, three rabbits, 2 large backpacks, an expert camo kit

In woods, next to tree

Loner Celicia Fen(D12) Backpack (contains: sleeping bag, extra socks, sunscreen), Knife, a package of food, a pack of throwing knives, a few fish, bow and arrows (++), Umbrella, 3 coils of wire, dagger In the woods, next to the pond None

Yet Another Announcement

"Attention, Bella Steampunke and Celicia Fen, it is required that you go to the cornucopia for the final battle. If you don't, there shall be serious consequences. Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

The Rest Of Day 7 (The Final Battle)

The girls arrive almost simultanestly, and Bella goes straight to the bowl, but Celicia stays farther back. The ground shakes, and there is a loud buzzing noise. A crystal colored force field dome appears, blocking them from exiting. It keeps them in the clearing with the cornucopia, ending at the trees. This takes a hit to the plan of Bella, who wanted Celicia to recieve major consequenses by tricking her. This was impossible now. Nextly, a huge hovercraft with a gigantic vacum took away all of their stuff except the feast prizes they recieved. They are lastly frozen in place, paralyzed by a beam the hovercraft shot out.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the final battle of the 101st Annual Hunger Games... BEGIN!"




Celicia took a deep breath, she couldn't move anything else but her mouth and eyes, and since she was nervous and needed to move something, she moved those.




Bella was eyeing the hovercraft as best as she could, longing for her stuff back. She couldn't make that chest plate as good as it could've been without that knife sharpener. Then again, there was no time to make it.




Celicia was reviewing her plan, and also was trying to remember what she noticed in training that was Bella's weakness. It then hit her. Perfect!




Bella was staying calm, confident that she could beat Celicia. She reviewed the plan multiple times, but found no flaws. She could do this.




Bella and Celicia were looking to see if they could spot eachother, but could not. It made one feel better than the other.




This was it. One would win, one would die.




Bella ran around looking for Celicia, flustered, but then calmed herself. She had a plan. Celicia stayed in place, waiting for Bella to come close and in view so she could shoot her dead. Bella took a tool with a light mechanizism, and started putting light at the dark spots in the area. She was finding her shadow. Celicia, who was in a tiny whole, heard Bella's footsteps. She readied her bow. Bella's plan worked, finding Celicia's shadow rather quickly. She grabbed Celicia by suprise. It made her drop her bow, but she managed to hold on to one arrow, which she hid in her shirt. Bella tackled her to the ground, sitting on her to stop her from moving.

Celicia was scared, but not enough to say something so out of place in the moment. "You don't have a chance at winning this. I will win."

"I am going to win! Do you see where you are? I AM ON TOP OF YOU! You have no weapon! You are going to die, just admit it!" She said, confidently. She began stabbing her deeply in the stomach with her tools, showing her pain, so she would realize how vunerable she was, and how she was losing so utterly terribly, there was no way she could turn this around.

But Celicia expected this. Bella was cocky, she had noticed this in training. This was her weakness. As Bella took a second to laugh, chuckle even, loudly and arrogantly, putting her head back and her eyes closed, Celicia took the arrow from underneath her shirt. She smirked.

Just as she began to open her eyes, Celicia stabbed the arrow into her heart. Bella's eyes widened, gasping, as their eyes met. She coughed blood into her face, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry." Celicia said, feeling slightly guilty. Her stomach hurt a lot, but she would live. Bella gasped a breath of air, her last. BOOM!

"Congratulations, Celicia Fen of District Twelve, the victor of the 101st Annual Hunger Games!"

The hovercraft appeared, and she was lifted up, and all she could think was, I am going home.

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