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Hey, Meoryou (AKA Eden) here! I was gone for a month, but am now back! With me, I have brought something: a new games! Firstly, I would like to apologize if any aspects of these games have been done before. I am hoping that I'm not so uncreative that all aspects of these games have been done before. So let's see! (BTW, sorry if it's too complicated, but like I really wanted to make it fun.)

The Story

Only a couple decades after the second rebellion, when Katniss Everdeen led the districts to victory, a new threat emerged. His name was Caertou Redwin, who grew up in District 14, as the son of Malta, a shop clerk, and Hery, a traveling clown, Redwin, in a part of the district called Reodle. At the age of six, like all the rest of the children in the districts, he started school. There, he learned of his anscestors, the games, and the rebellion. He was fascinated by the games and wondered who would want them not to exist anymore. No doubt, he thought, that person was very evil. Then he remembered, that all of the people around him didn't want the games. That was when he got the fire in his soul. He began to hate everyone, wanting for history to repeat itself. And at thirteen, he finally got his plan; one that would take many years, but in his eyes, was worth the wait and trouble.

He began working at once, constructing signs, clothes, and other objects vital to his plan. He did so in secret, knowing his parents would never approve. At last, his preparations were complete. He now needed a location to hold his big suprise, but knowing that he could never find a place at his young age, he anxiously counted the days until he was eighteen. And, so, on his eighteenth birthday, he did not celebrate. Instead, he rented an empty patch of land, and used the money his parent's gave him to start his life to build an arena.

He placed signs up everywhere, all vauge, not showing what was really going on. They all depicted this message: Want to see a especially goofy circus show? Come see The Insane Games! Just go to 35 Glorcker Avenue in Reodle, District 14 starting Sunday, May 21st. The show will last two whole weeks, and you can drop by anytime, 24/7! It will begin at 10 O'Clock that day. STAFF NEEDED!

He now had an audience, and it was time to wait for his "staff" to come and apply. Within 72 hours, he had over a hundred applications. He took his time, even with only having a week until the games, to write all their names on slips of paper, seperate them by gender, and then pick their names out from a magician's hat. He called the people who were picked, and they came in for a meeting, all 32 of them. 

"Congratulations," he told them, "You have all been chosen as staff here. The only thing left for you to do before beginning is to sign this contract." And they did, without reading a single thing on the contract, therefore not seeing the following:

By signing this contract, you are forced to work here until Caertou Redwin fires you. In other words, you cannot quit. You may also not sue or complain about this contract or anything else Caertou Redwin says or does, as your boss and as a human being. This includes your work enviorment and how you are treated at work by your boss and your co-workers. You will do anything Caertou Redwin wants you to do, and if you don't, he is allowed to punish you in any way he wants. This includes hurting people you love, and even you. You are allowed to be killed by the things in your workplace, by your boss, or by your co-workers without any consequenses to anyone. This is for accidental and purposeful. The same goes for injuries and any other type of suffering. You will work 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. You will sign any other contracts Caertou Redwin says you should sign. You will be publicly humiliated, naked, and possibly murdered. You will get no privacy. The conditions can be as horrible as Caertou Redwin wants them to. You will get zero payment, unless you are to win; unless Caertou Redwin dosen't want to pay you. Caertou Redwin is allowed to do anything he wants to you. All the things you were promised will not be kept, including all of the rest of the things in the contract except this page.

They found out only a few minutes later what a mistake they had made. But it was too late. They were stuck there by the contract, and there was nothing they could do. So they trained, getting ready for their show.

May 21st finally happened, and the crowds came to see what "The Insane Games" were. They were all buzzing with excitement. 'Redwin stood in front, and explained the games to the crowd. He had thought hard of an idea for a games, different enough to not scream in their minds of the games that came before them. "These games, The Insane Games, will be complicated, so I need your full attention. It will begin with a battle royale, lasting an hour exactly, where the contestants will fight, killing eachother, as many people as possible in that time frame. At the end, the survivors will recieve items to help them out, which will be better and will get more depending on how many people they killed. Once that is over, they will be sent into a landscape, consisting of biomes made and chosen by yours truly, the Watchman. They will have to survive three days, in the conditions given to them, while trying not to be killed by others, and trying to do exactly that to others. After three days, a vote will be held: what three of the remaining contestants should compete in a competition, randomly chosen by spinning a wheel, which will be spun after they are chosen. Who gets to vote? You, the audience, of course! They will compete, and the two losers will be killed and added to the kills the winner has. The winner will continue the game. The three day cycle will begin again, only the landscape will be changed. It will continue until the final three, and the competition will be selected from the special finale wheel. The winner will be the last one standing!"

The games were a sucsess, and people loved them so much, they became annual, and Redwin was voted president, and Selections were started to pick contestants. The games were back.

(look below for "The New Capitol" it's a continuation.)

A Simpler Explanation

I have made a dictionary for you.

Battle Royale: This is basically a version of the bloodbath, only no one is allowed to leave it until it is over, and it is on a time limit. If you weren't killed, at the end of the hour you will get items. The more people you killed, the more stuff you will get, and the better it will be.

Landscape: This is basically a version of the arena, and it will be where the contestants will reside for three days. It can be anything from a snow biome to a jungle. It will change multiple times during a games.

Watchman: This is basically a version of a gamemaker. In these games, there is only one.

Contestant: This is basically a tribute. It was changed for the sake of making it sound nicer and less scary.

Three-Day Cycle: A period where you spend time in a landscape, either between two competitions, or the battle royale and a competition. Killing will be allowed in this period of time.

Competition: A three way match, with a randomly selected activity, where the winner lives and the other two die. It is scored that the winner killed them.

Competition Wheel: The way they select the activities for the competition.

Finale Wheel: Serves the same purpose as the competition wheel, only for the finale. The activities are more dramatic and are better.

Selections: This is basically the reapings. They are done the same way, two from each district, one boy and one girl, only no bowl, but the magician hat.

Magician's Hat: This is basically the reaping bowl. It holds the papers for the selections. There is one for each gender.

The Districts

The districts' industries changed with the new games, now all about fun and games. The career districts changed too. Here are their industries as well as a description.

Capitol- Baking

Whether it's cookies, cakes, or muffins, the Capitol has a new batch of them. The citizens of the Capitol are 5 star bakers, helping them suceed in competitions such as bake-offs, and eating contests.

District Zero- Facepainting

With the swish of the paintbrush, any person in District Zero can make you look totally different. The citizens of District Zero can facepaint anything on to your face, helping them suceed in camoflauge and other creative competitions.

District One- Sports

Basketball, baseball, football, anything that ends with "ball", the people of District One are good at. The citizens of District One are athletes, and are highly competitive, helping them suceed in anything fitness and athletic related. That means races, sports games such as the three suggested previously, and lifting weights.

District Two- Music

La-di-da! The voices of the citizens of District Two are marvelous. The citizens of District Two have both great voices, and are gifted with instruments, helping them suceed in both singing contests, and instrumental contests. Also, don't count them out from "Name That Singer!"

District Three- Video Games

Pew! Pew! Pew! Video games are what's in in District Three. The citizens of District Three are talented in both making and playing video games. That helps them suceed in video game playing contests, video game making contests, and even fixing up pre-made games.

District Four- Water Fun

Water, that's all there is in this district. The citizens of District Four love water, and more than anything. They are best and are more likely to win water baloon fights, water slide races, swimming contests, and relay races involving water buckets.

District Five- Board Games

Board games aren't boring to these people. The citizens of District Five love board games, and are good at them, as well as being way too competitive about them. They'll rock at board games, from Monopoly to Life, during competitions!

District Six- Amusement Parks

Weeeeeee!!!!! Rolocoasters, spinny-things, cottoncandy, and game booths are seen in these people's daily lives. The citizens of District Six love rides, and hardly ever has there been a case where someone's afraid of them. They will do great at that disgusting competition of whoever dosen't vomit after a rolocoaster, and also the one with whoever eats the most candy.

District Seven- Decorations

Put that there, no, no. THERE! Actually, a little to the left. No, your other left. Yes, perfect. The citizens of District Seven are decoration freaks. Usually also perfectionists. They will do amazing at decorating a room contests.

District Eight- Magic

With a little pizazz, and the word "abracadbra", a magician is on his way! The citizens of District Eight are magic-oriented, and will do great at magic contests, fourtune-telling contests, and anything of that sort.

District Nine- Pranks

Hahahaha, got you! Pranks are everywhere in District Nine, and are even encouraged. You better watch out! The citizens of District Nine love pranks, and you should bet your bottoms that they're good at them too. They'll do great at any competition having to do with that, and anything that isn't there strong suit, they'll just mess everyone else up to win!

District Ten- Pets

Awww, puppy! This district is crawling with cute critters, and no household is without one. You better hope you're not allergic to any animals! The citizens of District Ten are amazing with animals, and will do good in any competitions that involves animals, especially pets.

District Eleven- Suffed Animals

Fluffy! How? Because District Eleven are top-notch at making stuffed animals! The citizens of District Eleven are hard working, with a new teddy bear out every thirty seconds. They do great in competitions were you make them, snuggle them, and even destroy them.

District Twelve- Balloon Art

Pop it and you die!!! District Twelve is filled with people who make the rubber, blow it up, and sell it. The citizens of District Twelve are amazing at what they do, and are suprisingly friendly. They have strong lungs so it's easy to blow up the balloons, and they can make them into animals. Cute, huh? They'll be great at competitions involving balloons, friendliness, and even lungs.' 

District Thirteen- Art

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. In District Thirteen the brushes are always moving. The citizens of District Thirteen are master painters, but don't speak to them, they're oddly grumpy. They can win any creative competition: Sculpting, drawing, painting, poetry, other types of writing, etc.

District Fourteen- Circuses

Why did the clown go to the doctor? Because he was feeling funny! (Haha) The citizens of District Fourteen love circuses, and most work in them. Clowns, acrobats, lion tamers, etc. They are more likely to win in flexibility contests, joke contests, and other circus-related contests.


The careers are now the following: District One, District Nine, and District Fourteen. You must remember that they will volunteer, so I will not accept a tribute from that district who didn't. Any other districts can volunteer, but it is not forced. JUST SAYING: at this point, the districts still like these games as a whole. Maybe a few people don't, but most do. Also, they can like these games but still not volunteer.

The New Capitol

Since the Capitol is now a district, I have put this bit in to tell you about the new capitol.

After becoming president, Redwin knew he needed a new capitol, but didn't want his home district nor the current capitol to be it. And so, he got a new one, close to the old capitol and District Zero. It was lush with green grass and small ponds here and there, and surrounded with better barriers than the old one. He called it Headw'ittle'. It was larger than any other district, and had a hill right in the middle, a perfect home for him. He stuck his original audience and a few others there, the perfect people to vote and to be like the old capitol people.

The Rules

  1. Four tributes per person. (This may change.)
  2. Reservations last 24 hours. :D
  4. I want BRAND NEW tributes and NO LINKS. Please follow the template below (or they won't get accepted).
  5. If I don't like your tribute, I don't have to accept them. Please make them interesting.
  6. No Wikia Contributors. It's a pain to have to check the IP adress constantly. Trust me, I've done it.
  7. Don't get upset if I kill your tributes. Only won will win!!
  8. STAY ACTIVE. The winning tribute will be someone's who stays active the entire time, and always posts advice.
  9. Only post advice if I ask you to.
  10. Cursing: I will do this, and you can too, but not to hurt anyone in any way. I'm serious, don't.
  11. To prove that you're reading this, in the tributes (all of the one's you post) you must have their industry mentioned in their backstory. Don't do it obnouxiously (like, 'his district's industry was Magic'), if you think you are, then do it differently. Have it flow nicely into it.
  12. Have fun, don't get stressed. It's all fun and games. :P

The Tribute Template

Name: You must include first and last name. Middle names and nicknames are optional.

Gender: Male or Female. It's simple.

District: Capitol, Zero-14. Those are the choices.

Age: 12-18, please.

Weapon(s): You must have 1 or 2. Not zero, not three or four. They can be regular Hunger Games weapons, or more towards Insane Games.

Personality: Have this be not too long, but not too short. I'd appreciate if they were just adjectives, but an explanation's okay too.

Fears: Have 2 to 3. Make them reasonable, and not hard to connect to the games, and have to do with their strengths, weaknesses, backstory, and personality.

Strengths/Talents: Have 2 to 4. Have an equal amount (if not three) be reg. hunger games strengths, and another be specialized for these games. If it's three, you choose what gets more, but have at least one for each.

Weaknesses: Have 2 to 4. Have an equal amount (if not three) be reg. hunger games weaknesses, and another be specialized for these games. If it's three, you choose what gets more, but have at least one for each.

Alliance: For this, you can put anything as long as: the person who's tribute it is agrees. For careers, only people from career districts can join. You can also start a new public alliance. Also, put down if you want leader. You won't be able to later.

Lunaii: Lunaii's are required. I won't make you one, sorry. Don't steal others, and don't link me one. To make one go to:

Backstory: Make it long, descriptive, and enjoyable. I want drama, but don't make it ridiculously unrealistic. Remember to include volunteer/selected. REMEMBER THE POINT OF THESE GAMES. I don't want to see things from reg. Hunger Games. Be sure to include... *Cough, Cough* Rules.

Reason They Want To Win: Be sure to make it interesting, and connect it to the backstory. I want real, creative reasons, not "To get back to their family."


District/Gender User Name Age Personality Weapons Fears
Capitol Male




Macca-Damien Nutt 17 malicious, acts sweet, Nice side= sweet+kind, dark side= heartless+sadistic

Butcher's Knife, Rolling Pin, Frying Pan

death before "getting to work"
Capitol Female Summer bee 13 Caroline "Candy" Bard 17 stubborn, Brave, Helpful Spatula, Sword TBA
D0 Male
D0 Female
D1 Male
D1 Female Daffy yaya Jezebel Rose 17 Quirky, Competitive, Honest, & Clever Nunchucks, & Titanium Throwing Knives Being the underdog, & not dying on her own terms
D2 Male NIby001 Credim Piaformezzo 17 Smart, friendly, cares about others, not easily angered, brave Instruments People from D1, losing his family
D2 Female
D3 Male
D3 Female Blue-Ribbonz Destiny Bluzet 14 Mature, Strong-Willed, Stern, Hard-Concentrater, Creative, a Joker. Lightsaber, spear Being electrecuted
D4 Male Summer bee 13 Miles Harlark 12 Shy, Reserved, Quiet whip, water squirter TBA
D4 Female Summer bee 13 Marina Jones 16 happy, kind, cunning, aggresive water gun, blowgun others hurting her because of evil twin, 
D5 Male
D5 Female
D6 Male
D6 Female Rebecca16008 Vanessa Colsen 16 Fun, Funny, VERY Competitive Spear, Double-sided Axe Blood
D7 Male Kalebj777 Thesil Jacobs 17 kind, selfless In games: selfish, independent, brutal, ruthless, somewhat sick + twisted axe, hammer losing the games, not seeing his family again, drowning 
D7 Female Kalebj777 Ellie Evertz 16 sweet, quiet, goofy, but can also be selfish and ruthless, also had anxiaty  throwing stars, small double sided axe bugs, careers, people talking behide her back
D8 Male
D8 Female Rebecca16008 Rebecca "Firestorm" Lotus 15 fun, funny, friends with anyone, jokester, super imaginative Bow and arrows, dagger Claustrophobia, Arachniphobia
D9 Male
D9 Female Summer bee 13 Allison Montclair 14 sneaky, untrustworthy, sweet, helpful traps (pranks), scythe that her schemes won't work, that she will be killed before killing anyone else
D10 Male Rebecca16008 Caleb Koerner 12 shy, lonely bow and arrows People
D10 Female Rebecca16008 Ellie Hazlet 12 fun, funny, awesome sword, throwing knives Heights, Water (not drinking water! like oceans, rain and stuff)
D11 Male
D11 Female Pippycat Kitty Dove 13 funny, sweet, energetic, has dark side (sadistic and weird) needle, throwing knives stuffed animals, the dark
D12 Male
D12 Female
D13 Male
D13 Female Marinalacrosse Artemis Moonsilver 13 shy, sensitive, can stand to see blood bow + arrow animals getting hurt
D14 Male
D14 Female Blue-Ribbonz Kelsi "BonBon" Auguste 14 sweet, Fast-Talker, Persistant, Innocent, Willing, Friendly, Childish, Funny, Talkative and Rushed Steel rubber chicken and a whip Dying

Lunaii Gallery

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