• Miadrew

    Hey everyone! Andy and Mia here making our joint games. This is basically just a spin off of my (Andy's) series because I really can't be bothered continuing it right now. It is NOT cancelled though. This is just a fun break for me. Mia and Andy hope these games will be amazing!

    Just a few rules, considering this game doesn't run the way most games do. 

    • Each user may have at most SEVEN tributes. No more.
    • District 0 through 14 as well as Capitol are competing. District 0's industry is Astrology and District 14's is Mutts. Try and reflect this.
    • Tributes do NOT have to be new, they can be previously used, but they need to have some quality.
    • The way tributes are accepted in this is NOT THE USUAL WAY I DO. It works differently.
    • I do not want advice a…

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