• Micberg1234

    300th Hunger Games

    June 16, 2012 by Micberg1234

    Welcome to the 300th Hunger games.

    This is the 12th quarter quell! for this special edition, there will be no training, chariot rides, interviews or gifts. This is to remind us that most of the rebels were not trained leading to their loss. It's just pure fighting by going immediately to the arena!

    Every 100 years there is an extra twist. This twist has to do with the arena instead of something logistical before the games. In the 100th Hunger Games, The arena focused on hunger by having nearly no food. In the 200th, the arena was split into 12 sections each representing a different district. The 300th will be based on the Games part of the Hunger Games.

    Other rules are:

    • Do not get mad at me if your tribute gets killed.
    • No bad language
    • Maximum of …

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  • Micberg1234

    This is the 172nd Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor. Mentors will play a huge part in these games as they give gifts.

    If you wish to be a tribute, sylist, or mentor, please comment with the following info. Maximum of six entries total per person with only three as tributes. These are the requirements:

    Tribute: Name, District, Gender, Age, Appearance, Weapons, Personality/background, Bloodbath philosiphy, allies

    Stylist: Name, District, Appearance, Male costume, Female Costume

    Mentor: Name, District, Gender, Age, Previous Jobs/achievements, Philosophy

    District Name Weapon(s) User
    1M Gold Morgan Spear msfinnickodair
    1F Cassie Mortimer Bow and Arrow AshtonMoioLover
    2M Mickey Mcalister Trident 2legit2quit
    2F Thalia Combe Knife, Speed, Bo…

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  • Micberg1234

    It's my first Hunger Games and this one will be memmorable! This is the 142nd Annual Hunger Games. There will be a maximum of three tribute submissions per person. I need the following for tribute submissions:

    Name, District, gender, age, weapons, Appearance (optional), strengths, weaknesses, Personality, allies

    Mentors: Name, district, gender, Philosophy, background

    Stylist: Name, District, Gender, Appearance, Male chariot outfit, FCA

    District Name Weapon


    1F Britney Willow Knives and Spear
    2M Kipp Qeq Spiked Disk
    2F Thalia Combe Knife, Bow and Arrows

    3F Yumi Kishatata Throwing Knives




    6M Quiver Beeneigh Dart Gun, Bow and Arrows
    6F Hartness Writhflow Mace, Axe, Knife, Speed



    8F Luna Snare Blowgun, Hiding



    10F Annie Fox Blo…

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