172nd Hunger Games

This is the 172nd Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor. Mentors will play a huge part in these games as they give gifts.


If you wish to be a tribute, sylist, or mentor, please comment with the following info. Maximum of six entries total per person with only three as tributes. These are the requirements:

Tribute: Name, District, Gender, Age, Appearance, Weapons, Personality/background, Bloodbath philosiphy, allies

Stylist: Name, District, Appearance, Male costume, Female Costume

Mentor: Name, District, Gender, Age, Previous Jobs/achievements, Philosophy


District Name Weapon(s) User
1M Gold Morgan Spear msfinnickodair
1F Cassie Mortimer Bow and Arrow AshtonMoioLover
2M Mickey Mcalister Trident 2legit2quit
2F Thalia Combe Knife, Speed, Bow + Arrows CatnipKatniss
3M Dmitri Bens Trident, Throwing Axe Skytimegirl
3F Clarise Bens Knives, Slingshot Skytimegirl
4M Ryan Barbell Spear Mrweare121
4F Megan Bass Trident Mrweare121
5M Eric Formas Knife, Bow + Arrow District14
5F Marge Ergim Spear, Knives District14
6F Regina Rahilly Bow+Arrow, throwing knives Justafox
7M Keagan Mitchell Axe msfinnickodair
7F Lily Middleton Knives, Stealth FoxfaceRiley
8M Sebastian Klein Spear and throwing knives Justafox
8F Callie Grace Reardon Spear AshtonMoioLover
9M Wyatt Bells Bow+Arrow, throwing knives Divergent7
9F Olympia Willings Physical Strength Skytimegirl
10M Tayson Blue machete msfinnickodair
10F Anaylia Sanders knives msfinnickodair
11M Quincy Williams Spear, sword, axe 2legit2quit
11F Rueana Vines Blowgun and throwing knives lil'rue11


District 1: Cassie Mortimer's POV

It was reaping day and I knew I would volunteer if nobody else did. I've been working so hard for it since I could walk. So we get to the main square and everything is the same as it was last year. Our stupid mayor does his usual speech and our stupid escort finally begins. "Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor. Ladies first". This is it. "Alexandra Mint". Nobody does anything and the anticipation gets the best of me. "I volunteer" I say smugly. Then the boys. "Gold Morgan". I'm happily shocked. Nobody will volunteer because they are savouring the moment. He is a strange unpopular boy. However, Every girl is jealous of his girlfriend, the only girl prettier than me at school. Won't be long until he's dead.

District 2: Mickey McAlister's POV

At school today all the boys told me I should volunteer, and then win to get my dream girl. That's all I want: Fame, and Thalia. Thalia is so much better than me at everything, and so beautiful. But that day when the escort reached into the glass ball, I knew what would happen. A 12 year old gets picked. Thalia Volunteers, and looks at one person with a smile, me. In what seems like one second later, I hear some name and instinctively volunteer. Now I know I've won her over.

District 3: Dmitri Bens' POV

It was reaping day. Our mother made us our favorite meal, which can only be made by using the food machine. We all dressed up in our nicest clothes. The escort made a speech about how amazing district 3 is. I have barely any knowledge of whether or not that is true. But after that speech, she reaches into the glass ball. My grandparents used to tell me the story of someone from three who was picked, won, and picked again later. I'm remembering this story when all of a sudden I see my sister on the stage. Dazed and confused for a second, I realize that she was called. She will never be able to win if she's homesick. She needs someone to protect her life. When they call the name, I immediately volunteer. Clarise is telling me not to, but she'll thank me later. In heaven after she wins.

District 4: Megan Bass' POV

I has somewhat happy when my parents came home two days before the reaping. I saw them for the first time since I was 13. I told them about the golden fish I caught, and they remarkably began to care for me. When reaping day came, I thought to myself: "If I can catch the fish, I can win the games." When the name is called, I immediately volunteer. People doubt me saying that I stole it. They all hate me in school and are jealous. Another name is called. Before he volunteers, I realize the trap I have walked into. Ryan Barbell, a boy who bullies me out of jealousy has volunteered to join a fight to the death with me. He may be younger than me, but he's stronger, can trap me, and can kill with a spear. I'm doomed. He'll probably prevent me from being in the Careers.

District 5: Marge Ergim's POV

I know I'm a career. I think like one, fight like one, and will win like one. I volunteer my shouting at the top of my lungs. If the careers do not accept me, I'll show I can kill by killing Eric, the boy who just called. If they still aren't convinced, then I'll kill them in the bloodbath, and others will die of fear.

District 6: Regina Rahilly's POV

District 7: Keagan Mitchell's POV

Sponsors and Items

All tributes can receive gifts. Mentors can spend money for gifts. All mentors start off with 1000 gift dollars. Every extra day their tribute is alive they receive an extra 250. If your training score is 9-12, you receive an extra 200. Finally, for each kill, you receive 200. This means that mentors should check in each day. Each gift is worth the same amount. On day 1, gifts are worth 200. Weapons are not available until day 5.

Day Cost 1 200
2 250
3 300
4 350
5 450
6 550
7 675
8 800
9 925
10 1050
11 1200
12 1350
13 1500
14 1700
15 1900
16 2100
17 2325
18 2550
19 2775
20 3000
21 3350
22 3700
23 4050
24 4400

Antibiotics (prevents infection)

Baton (club)



Bug spray
Burn ointment
dart gun
meat stew
pain killer
Sleeping bag
Sleeping syrup
water filter


Special gifts

Gift Amount left of item Original cost
Map of Arena 1 650
Inastant heal 5 400
Special weapon (machete, spiked disk, armor, anything else not listed) 10 total 150 each
Body temperature regulator 1 600
Tribute Locator 1 650

All costs add 100 for each day. It restarts at its original cost times the number of purchases each time someone buys it.


Name District Philosophy Gifts Money remianing
1 1000
2 1000
3 1000
Mrweare121 4 Don't get too attached to allies 1000
DistrictFourteen 5 gifts should be clues to find exactly what the tribute needs and how to behave 1000
6 1000
7 1000
8 1000
9 1000
10 1000
11 1000
12 1000


Name District Male Costume Female Costume
Courtney Lee 1 Red Tuxedo covered in red rubies with red cape Silver dress covered in silver diamonds with silver cape

Drew Waves


He is coverd in nets.has a shark neckless and a green seweed shirt on.

she is dressed up as a clam with a bright pearl on the middle of her shirt.

Jamie Crist 5 wearing a white cape with gold sequins and a white undershirt with a button that makes it turn yellow A white dress with gold sequins and a button that makes it turn yellow
Jackie Shack 8 Dressed in Captail like outfits. The male wears a black suit and a yellow tie with a blue wig. Pink dress with green under it and pink face paint with a red wig


Anyone can be a gamemaker!! Limit of two entries. Say the name and position. Remember that we're trying to make this interesting.

Name and User Position
Micberg1234 Head Gamemaker
Assistant Gamemaker
Snowgirl57 Traps and Mutts Expert
District14 Arena Expert
mrweare121 Training Expert

Chariot ride favorites (temporary)

1. District 5 (Wins 300 Gift Dollars)

2. District 4 (Wins 200 Gift Dollars)

3. District 8 (Wins 50 Gift Dollars)

4. District 1 (Wins 25 Gift Dollars)

5. District 2

6. District 7

7. District 10

8. District 11

9. District 9 (Loses 25 Gift Dollars)

10. District 3 (Loses 50 Gift Dollars)

11. District 6 (Loses 200 Gift Dollars)

12. District 12 (Loses 300 Gift Dollars)

Training Scores

Name District Score
Gold 1 8
Cassie 1 9
Mickey 2 10
Thalia 2 9
Dmitri 3 6
Clarise 3 7
Ryan 4 8
Megan 4 10
Eric 5 7
Marge 5 8
Regina 6 5
Keagan 7 7
Lily 7
Sebastian 8
Callie Grace 8
Wyatt 9
Tayson 10
Anaylia 10
Quincy 11
Rueana 11

Gold Morgan's POV

Being First I knew I needed to impress them and show that I am superior to the other careers. I go in and grab a spear. I throw it at the dummy with so much force, it's arm is nearly detatched. Then the gamemakers tell me I can leave. One weapon only. I wonder If they'll take off points for that.

Score and reason: 8 because he is hopeless if he doesn't get his hands on a spear.

Cassie Mortimer's POV

I knew when I was waiting that I had to impress because I'm only 13. So I show off something most careers don't: I climb the rock wall in the fastest time ever. Once the gamemakers were watching, I needed to show I can kill. I pick up a bow and a quiver of arrows. I fire the first of five arrows at a moving target 20 feet away. Confident, I fire each one at a moving target ten yards farther away from the last. On the last one, I barley mis because my hair gets in the way. When the gamemakers tell me to leave, I feel like I got an okay score.

Score and reason: 9 because She can climb but only uses one weapon and missed once.

Mickey McAlister's POV

I know I have to show I'm better than one. I'll have to kill tham eventually. I need to shock the gamemakers, so I pick up a trident. I go around stabbing dummies with great impact so that I knock limbs off each time. I get the OK to leave.

Score and reason: 10 because he shocked the gamemakers by using a trident

Thalia Combe's POV

I enter feeling like my skills will say everything. I take every weapon on the table, no matter how bad I am at it. I go around to every dummy, killing each one with a different weapon. I have a bit of trouble with the blowgun though. They tell me to leave and I think they know that I'm gonna win.

Score and reason: 9 because She's great with most weapons but can't survive for a day.




Victim How they died Killer


Victor Victor 1st

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