Rules and Intro

Welcome to the 300th Hunger games.

Quell Twist 1

This is the 12th quarter quell! for this special edition, there will be no training, chariot rides, interviews or gifts. This is to remind us that most of the rebels were not trained leading to their loss. It's just pure fighting by going immediately to the arena!

Quell Twist 2

Every 100 years there is an extra twist. This twist has to do with the arena instead of something logistical before the games. In the 100th Hunger Games, The arena focused on hunger by having nearly no food. In the 200th, the arena was split into 12 sections each representing a different district. The 300th will be based on the Games part of the Hunger Games.


Other rules are:

  • Do not get mad at me if your tribute gets killed.
  • No bad language
  • Maximum of Four tributes per person
  • No repeating tributes from my other games. You must chose which games the tribute will be in.


Distict/gender Name Weapons User
1M Benny Oakling Throwing Darts Sky time Girl
1F Arianna Roberts Knives, Swords Catnipkatniss
2M Draco Adams Sword, Spear Cato Rocks!
2F Ellie Twist Throwing Knives, Bow+Arrows Cato Rocks!
4M Rackard Relise Speed, Knives, Snares Sky Time Girl
4F Karen Moriharu Bow+arrow, Scythe Finnick forever
5M Shock Mullen Strategy, Knives, Blowgun Mysims
6M Russell Murphey Strength, Knives Skytimegirl
6F Diana Martinez Beauty, Strategy, Speed, survival, Climbing Masterofmutts
7M Johnathan Hunted Sword, Knives, Axe Mysims
8M Ivan Reid Throwing Knives, Wire Finnick Forever
9M Andy Pillars Machete, Spear Finnick Forever
9F Rala Thimpu Strength, speed, strategy Masterofmutts
10F Cathy Rosedain Sword, Throwing Knives, Bow+Arrow Mysims
12F Yerqa Hiju Longsword, Spiked Disk Masterofmutts


This arena's theme is Games. There are six tunnels to to smaller arenas. However these arenas are sports arenas. The six arenas are Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football (American), Tennis (clay), Car Racing (NASCAR). Each One has a different mutt. Hockey: Icefish, Car racing: Car Mutt, Tennis:Stone mutt (whole arena is made of stone), Football: dog mutt, Baseball: Owglefowl, Basketball: Scorpion. The tributes will start off inside a tunnel and they will not able to see more than three other tributes. They will be disoriented and not know about any of these sports. Each stadium has a lot of its sports equipment, souvenirs, food, and mutts. there will be another interesting event which will be revealed when it occurs.


At least 2 of these will be used.

  1. Scorpion Mutt: Scorpion the size of a human with poisonous stinger and damaging pincers
  2. Dog Mutt: Though cute, playful, obedient, and inviting when not a mutt, these will look cute until they sprint up to you and tear a limb off
  3. Owglefowl: Carnivorous bird which pins you down then takes about 4 hours to kill you. Painful death.
  4. Icefish Mutt: Lives In, under, or above ice can sense food which is edible to humans and will poison it by squirting a small amount of clear venom. This is almost invisible. They cannot kill humans unless humans eat sprayed food.
  5. Car Mutt: Basically a regular car that has no damage from crashes and will zoom right to a human. They can only move within a certain boundary.
  6. Stone Mutt: Will sense human activity and find a perfect way to cave them in to make it nearly impossible to leave but still not hurt the tribute. Once the tribute leaves or dies, the stone is reassembled after 15 minutes.

Day 1

Part 1: Bloodbath

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