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  • Mikhail101

    Bye... This time for real

    November 20, 2011 by Mikhail101

    It's time for me to forget this site... This site has left me nothing but sadness, I know how everyone thinks of me. It's either I hate him or just die in a hole. Words can strongly affect people! Things will never change no matter what anyone says I won't return to this site it too painful to stay.

    I don't like to point fingers but the reason I am leaving is because of certain people:

    FoxFace911, Leshawna, Also many others that don't have the nerve to tell me how they feel about me.

    This is what I was called by foxface about a few hours ago:

    "Mikhail, I have heard abou you and the things you have done but I really didn't think that you were that bad but now I know with all certainty that YOU ARE A FRIKIN ASS. Don't ever talk to me. Leash was an…

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