It's time for me to forget this site... This site has left me nothing but sadness, I know how everyone thinks of me. It's either I hate him or just die in a hole. Words can strongly affect people! Things will never change no matter what anyone says I won't return to this site it too painful to stay.

I don't like to point fingers but the reason I am leaving is because of certain people:

FoxFace911, Leshawna, Also many others that don't have the nerve to tell me how they feel about me.

This is what I was called by foxface about a few hours ago:

"Mikhail, I have heard abou you and the things you have done but I really didn't think that you were that bad but now I know with all certainty that YOU ARE A FRIKIN ASS. Don't ever talk to me. Leash was an AMAZING user and not a bitch (as she thinks of herself). Just go die in a hole already."



"How awkward... Reverse that and put Leshawna where it says Mikhail. Ther, that's better"

"I mean,for one of the first times ever,I really am sorry if I'm offending anyone,but it just makes you seem like you're faking it for attention"

"I wish TDR and Mikhail would SHUT THE FRONT DOOR"

Nice right?

Leshawna isn't so inocent. And any way I may seem mean in these comments, but i was sticking up for myself. Sorry for that! And foxface911 I didn't know people culd make me or someone eles feel so bad. I never even call Leshawna a bit**. How could you be that mean to call me such a bad thing, then tell me to just die. Maybe I should just leave so all of you can insult me without me being totally hurt in the process. Bye (forever) You got your wish Fox

Wish all of you luck later on in life....Bye



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