• Miles731

    ok... i had a good idea... combined with the sposoring idea what if the capitol and district 13 had a hunger games? Here are the rules

    1. Choose 3 tributes

    2. You only have $500 to spend, but you get $100 for each kill your character makes.

    3. If your character dies then you only have 2 tributes left,

    4. Once it starts there can be no more sponsors.

    5. You can re-pick a tribute if you have one alive.

    Here are your options:

    Name Training Score Effie



    Pres. Snow

    Plutarch Heavensbee

    Seneca Crane

    Pres. Coin

    Pres. Paylor





    Ms. Everdeen{Katniss' Mom}

    Mr. Everdeen {Katniss' Dad}




    Greasy Sae

    If I get enough sponsors then we will add more details.

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  • Miles731

    I had a good idea... With the idea of sponsoring your favorite tributes i have added a twist. What if after the rebellion everyone from the capitol and some districts had a final hunger games? Here are the rules

    1. Pick three tributes.

    2. You have only 500 dollars to spend, but you get 100 dollars for each kill your tribute gets.

    3. If your tribute dies you get one spot eliminated.

    4. You can switch tributes anytime.

    Here are your options:

    Name District Score Effie 12

    Cinna 12

    Portia 12

    Pres. Snow C

    Plutarch Heavensbee 13

    Seneca Crane C

    Bonnie 8

    Twill 8

    Gale 12

    Pres. Coin 13

    Pres. Paylor 8

    Katniss' Mom 12

    Boggs 12

    Castor C

    Pollux C

    Lavinia 12/C

    Darius 12/C

    Cressida C

    Mr. Everdeen 12

    If i can get enough people to sign up i will make some more.

    May the odds…

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  • Miles731

    Sponsor Hunger Games

    April 14, 2012 by Miles731
    name 1 2 3

    Dont do this one do this one

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