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    August 2, 2013 by Miscellaneous2

    Mk, well. Um. This is my one-year-anniversary blog type thing! Which you can probably tell from the title.. c:

    So uh... Thanks for putting up with me for a whole year, guys

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    This is my first games I'm making by myself.

    Lemme just get this straight:

    1. The "Capitol" in these games is like... A walled off part of the city this is in. The Capitol has decreed these new games.
    2. Pete Jennings (Principle) is very close to high-up people in the government, and often visits them in the Capitol.
    3. The whole thing is taking place in a (boarding) SCHOOL!!! NO DISTRICTS!! They will live in Panem, but it's just another country, and they go to a school. Just a school!! -_-

    So, the plan will be to have President Snow's ancestor as the principle of a bording school. He will announce, one day during assembly, that he will be choosing four children, two male and two female, from each year, to participate in a fight to the death, while the …

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    Okay, don't get me wrong, but Peeta is a pretty useless character. He is unable to survive without Katniss, the girl he can't talk to until he has to kill ('Cause that's normal XD), and he puts the girl he loves at risk, countless times.

    In the third book, Mockingjay, he literally tried to kill Katniss.

    If you ask me, Peeta should have died in the place of Finnick...); Poor Finnick....

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