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Mk, well. Um. This is my one-year-anniversary blog type thing! Which you can probably tell from the title.. c:

So uh... Thanks for putting up with me for a whole year, guys <3 Ily

I don't really know how to explain it, gosh. You guys have become a family to me, it's nice to know some people haven't gotten sick of me yet..

You guys are all just so nice to me, and I know I can't even update my games properly, or contribute to a wikia at all, really. But it is really nice to know that I have you guys to talk to, about pretty much anything.

Okay, so now I'm going to start the personal stories...

Queen Alice (aka. Everderp) – Alice was the first person I talked to, and she sort of became my mermaid Queen. I can't really remember how it really happened. But I offered her toast, and I became her loyal toast servant and subject.

Alice is just really, really nice, because well, when I first joined the wiki, everyone was like “Oh, hey! Do you want to enter my games?!” or “Oh, man. Have you checked out my new tribute, I can't wait to use them in someone's upcoming games.” or something like that. And I was just really confused. Like, why are they making games, what new tributes, I thought it was only a trilogy!?! Alice helped explain everything and she introduced me into new people. I really am grateful to Alice for kind of taking me under her wing in a way, and helping me. <3

Oliver! <3 (aka. EvilharriboMadness) – Oliver Oliver Oliver! Oh gosh, when I first met you, you seemed so scary and cool, and I didn't want to talk to you because I felt like I would make a fool of myself and that isn't fun at all! You are really awesome though!

Like, you can lift everyone's mood, and it's just so amazing. I call it the Oliver effect. People are happier and livelier when you're online, and omfg your writing skills are just superb! I am really jealous of your writing techniques, and your personality and your everything you're so perfect! <3

You are the best wiki father I could ask for, so thank you, for adopting me <3

You have actually helped me so much, like, omg. With everything going on with people, you're just so levelheaded about problems but you're still someone I can goof around with!

KIKI BABE<3 (aka. KNKHungerGames) -


Omfg Kiki bby you are the most perf gurl I have ever met! I love youuuu <3

You are so kind and funny and smart and awesome and just perf.

You are not ugly mk

You're just amazing. I don't really know how to explain it, but you brighten my day, just by saying hello! You are so amazing and you're just someone I can talk to about almost anything, and yea, you're cool cx

Stay strong bby

Btw, Vic and Kellin are almost as perf as you ;D




I handed my assessment in btw cx The teacher seemed okay with it P:

Anyways, Miah! Miah Miah Miah!

I still haven't called him! P: I'll do it one day!

Mia was one of the first Mods I met, and well, she seemed pretty chill at first, and now I have realized she is one of the coolest people ever!

Sadly I haven't talked to Mummy as much as I probably could have..

I feel like I annoy people so.. ._.

ERLEND HUSBRO<33 (aka. PumPumPumpkin :3) -


My first and ONLY Hunger Games wiki relationship, WAS WITH MY BROTHER #missingthumbschildren

Well, of course, Oliver made us divorce; I actually had no idea he was my brother until a few days after our penguin wedding in Narnia P:

Erlend is awesome omg

He's so pervy and funny and cool!

Love ya, husbro! <3


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