Introdruction and Rules

This is my first games I'm making by myself.

Lemme just get this straight:

  1. The "Capitol" in these games is like... A walled off part of the city this is in. The Capitol has decreed these new games.
  2. Pete Jennings (Principle) is very close to high-up people in the government, and often visits them in the Capitol.
  3. The whole thing is taking place in a (boarding) SCHOOL!!! NO DISTRICTS!! They will live in Panem, but it's just another country, and they go to a school. Just a school!! -_-

So, the plan will be to have President Snow's ancestor as the principle of a bording school. He will announce, one day during assembly, that he will be choosing four children, two male and two female, from each year, to participate in a fight to the death, while the other students watch. The battle will take place in the school. The students will be interviewed by the Deputy Headmistress, Miss Hearty, in front of the students of the school, so they will be able to pick their favourite, to root for.

It will be like any other games, although, in a school yard.

I had a reservation date, but, nobody really followed it so.... ( ._.) Just try and get the tributes in as soon as possible? Will that do? Please submit tributes ;-; If you actually read these, say your favourite colour in the comments below c: <3

I love you guys <3

Your gamemaker, Miscy~

Tribute Template


Year (7-12):




Backstory: (Please make it as detailed as possible)





Interview Angle:



The begining. (No-one's P.O.V)

It all began, one morning. Their principle, Mr Jennings, walked onto the stage, smiling wickedly. His thin, grey hair had been combed to one side, and his cheeks looked thinner, his suit jacket hanging on his shoulders looked a few sizes too large, and his eyes had dark rings under them. He turned on the microphone, and spoke softly into it.

"Good morning, children. Welcome back to a new school year. Over the next few weeks, we'll be having some... Changes in the school's curriculum this year." This caused some whispers in the crowds, about new teachers and different school times. "Calm down children. First, I would like to introduce Mrs Maria Watson." A tall, attractive young woman, of around the age of 25, stepped forward on the stage. Her long, wavy blonde hair fell just past her shoulders, and her crystal blue eyes were scanning the crowd, looking at all of her new pupils. She smiled warmly, and adjusted her glasses on her nose. "She will be a new teacher, starting here today. I hope you make her feel welcome here at Hollymare Bording School." There were a few more murmers from the crowd. Mostly "Wow, she's hot." from the older boys, and "Oh, she seems nice. Can't wait to see if she's our teacher." from a lot of younger kids.

Mr Jennings started talking again. "Now, children, I want you to follow teachers to your year meetings, and they will explain there. Go on." He said, before walking calmly down the stairs, and into his office.

When he sat down, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in."

It was the Deputy prinicple. Miss Hearty. She stepped into the room, smoothing down her charcol pencil skirt and brushing a stray strand of her dark brown hair behind her ear. Her green eyes searching the room, landing on Pete Jennings, standing at the window looking down at the courtyard below his office.

"What is it, Lisa?" Asked Mr Jennings, annoyance clear in his voice.

"Well, it's about these... Games. Are you sure about this, Pete?"

"Of course, now go tend to your year group, and start the reaping Lisa!"

Miss Hearty left his office, both scared and confused of what had become of Pete Jennings over the holidays.


Name Weapon of Choice
Year 7 Female Elena Lewis  Stealth 
Year 7 Female Bianca Lewis  Stealth 
Year 7 Male Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte Smoke bombs 
Year 7 Male Kodai Hitigoroshi  Katana 
Year 8 Female Kitty Messina Japanese throwing stars
Year 8 Female Allana Darkbloom Knife gloves
Year 8 Male Shade Spectrus  Crossbow/dagger hybrid 
Year 8 Male Mist Scorchil  Hidden blade 
Year 9 Female Saoirse O'Gallagher Battlefan
Year 9 Female Saguna Isola Pickaxe
Year 9 Male Niall O'Gallagher  Large axe
Year 9 Male Alexander Sapples Crossbow
Year 10 Female Alissa Davyson Scythe
Year 10 Female Alexa Wells  Katana 
Year 10 Male Sasha Dyavol TBA
Year 10 Male Silver Clocky Clockson Double knives
Year 11 Female Marielle Jaffe Daggers
Year 11 Female Abby Kampfers Traps
Year 11 Male Mike O'Gara Throwing knives
Year 11 Male Halloween Smiley Needles
Year 12 Female Justine Collins  Switchblade 
Year 12 Female Isabella Wishroom Katana
Year 12 Male Anthony Proxy Knives
Year  12 Male Thomas "Tommy" Hopkins Spears and knives 


  1. Elena and Bianca Lewis 
  2. Tommy and Alexa 
  3. Alexander, Kodai, Shade, Mist and Blanc 
  4. Saorise and Niall O'Gallagher 

Death Chart

Place Name Year Killed by Day How




Year 7

Elena's P. O. V. 

Walking to the undercover basketball courts, and sitting down with my sister, Bianca and our friends, we all talk and laugh loudly. Jackson was pulling funny faces, his mop of black, curly hair reaching down to his neck, while Mason had his head in his hands, laughing so hard he could barely breathe, his short, light brown hair styled up into a faux mohawk this morning. 

"I wonder what this is all about!" Our friend, Emily exclaims loudly, her long dyed red hair flowing slightly in the breaze. 

"It's probably just putting us into our class groups and stuff, explaining the rooster, y'know?" A quiet boy next to us says. We all turn to look at him; I don't know his name. He was small, and had a curly mess of hair, coming down to almost his shoulder. It was a mix of several different shades of brown. He has large, dark brown eyes, and a slightly chubby face despite the rest of him being relatively skinny. "Hi, I'm Blanc, but my friends call me Blanket. This is my friend Kodai," he said, gesturing to a boy, about his age, to his left. 

Kodai, on the other hand, was tall, and looked very strong, and had white hair coming down to his neck. It must have been dyed, because it was black and grey at the tips. It had been styled in a "punk" way, and when he smiled, I saw that he had razor sharp teeth. There was a look in his eyes, that made me think he was slightly deranged. Remind me never to get him angry, I thought to myself. 

Just then, our apparent year advisor stepped in front of our year, which were seated on the cold, hard bitchumen of the basketball court, trying to call everyone's attention to the front. Where I was sitting, I had a clear view of the front, not noticing a table with two glass bowls filled with paper on it earlier. I turned to Bianca and Emily, who were talking with our friends Jackson and Mason, and whisper-yelled, "Do you see those glass bowls? Up the front?" 

Emily quickly whipped around and looked up, "What would they have to do with our classes?!" 

"Children, settle down!" The teacher's voice sounded desperate and exhausted. 

After a few more exchanged whispers here and there, everyone finally settled down. I sat, facing the front, very uncomfortabely on the bitchumen. The odd surface was pricking my legs and bum, making it very uncomfortable, and it will probably make me numb if I sit like this for much longer. 

"Miss, can we place make this quick, my bum is getting numb," I called out, and our year advisor, looking flustered, replied with, "If you would all be quiet, I shall begin." 

She stood at the front of the group, in business attire. Her thick, brown-blonde hair was tied in a bun, behind her head, held in place by what must have been a million bobby pins and a lot of hairspray. From her white blouse and designer suit jacket and skirt, to her black heels, which are probably not appropriate for a school setting, to her stern look on her tired face, you could tell she meant business now. 

"My name is Mrs. Mathers, and I will be your year advisor until you leave Hollymare. If you ever have any difficulties, please come and see me, and we can try and resolve the issues. Okay, now that all that's out of the way, here is the big news our principle was talking about.." She trailed off, biting her ruby red lip slightly. 

"As decreed by the Capitol of Panem, there will be four children from every grade, two boys and two girls, to participate in a fight to the death. The winner will be crowned a victor, and they will receive glory and fame and riches, they will be moved to a special village with their families, where, in time, future victors will live. You may volunteer, if the person you volunteer for is the same gender as you, now, do you have any questions?" 

"So, if Elena got reaped, I could volunteer to protect her?" Bianca asked aloud, to no one in particular. 

"Yes, Miss Lewis." Mrs. Mathers said, walking up to the large glass bowls, which were sitting on a blue embroidered tablecloth. "Boys first then," she said grimly, and plunged her hand into the glass bowl on the left. 

Her long, graceful fingers pulled out a single piece of pristine white paper, unfolding it, and looking at the name. In a loud, clear voice, her voice ringing in the silence, she called out the name. 

"Blanc Bonaparte." 

Blanc stood up and slowly walked to the front of the crowd, his face registering shock. 

I heard a low growl growl coming from Kodai, and I shuffled closer to Bianca. 

"I volunteer!" Kodai shouted angrily, just as Mrs. Mathers was about to read out the other boy's name. 

He stands up straight, marches right up to the front and stands protectively next to Blanc. Blanc and Kodai bow their heads and have a short whispered conversation, while Mrs. Mathers moves on to the next glass bowl. 

Inspired by Kodai, to make a change, I stand up, again before she calls the name, and volunteer. 

"So do I!" Bianca cries, and walks up to the front with me, holding my hand and crying. 

Mrs. Mathers looks at us in shock, and shakes her head slightly. 

"Okay, well, tributes, come with me, and the rest of you, walk back to the hall with Mr Singh. 

All I can think is This is going to be a whirlwind time, and it will not be fun

Year 8

Shade's P. O. V. 

As Mist and I walked towards our year meeting, our friend, Sabrina, walked over to us. 

"Hey Mist, Shade! I haven't seen you guys in a while! Did you enjoy your summer break?" 

I didn't really like Sabrina, but Mist seemed to, so I didn't say anything. It was Mist that answered for me. 

"Our Summer break was great! I bought the newest Assassin's Creed game and Shade came over to play it with me!" Mist's grin was ear to ear, "How was yours?" 

"Not too bad, I just chilled with Madi and Jess, had sleepovers and all that. I did a lot of shopping too," Sabrina blushed slightly. 

Mist chuckled, and I stayed expressionless and blank. I kind of wished she would leave already, but it was obvious she liked Mist and wanted to talk to him some more. Zoning out of the conversation next to me, I looked out of the window on my right, in the corridor. I could see the playground outside the window, the birds loitering near the cricket pitch, orin the trees above the seats. Singing their beautiful melodies.  "Shade, bro, you there?" Mist was looking at me oddly.


"Well, we're here, and Sabrina wanted to know if we would sit with her and her friends," Mist indicated where Sabrina, Madi, Jess and a few others were seated, looking longingly. 

"Sure." I agreed for no particular reason, other than to please Mist. This seems like a very shotty ceremony, all of our grade (there weren't many, about 50 or so, same as most of the other years) ushered into an empty classroom, filled with chairs. 

There was a table up the front, with a simple, white linen cloth on it, and two glass bowls with paper slips in it. 'This certainly didn't seem like any subject selections or timetable changes to me,' I thought, looking over at Mist, but he was so infatuated with Sabrina. She was taking an interest in his Assassin's Creed games, and he was saying how next holidays she should come over and play them with him. 

I take a seat between Mist and the wall, leaning against the cool bricks. I closed my eyes, drowning out the sound of my year, chattering and generally running amuck. Mist was still busy talking to Sabrina, so I took out my iPod and I was about to put in my earphones, when our year advisor, Mrs. Carol, a short, thin, middle aged woman, yelled (in a not very loud voice) for us all to settle down. I sighed, putting my iPod back in my bag, and settling myself in against the wall. Something tells me this will be a long meeting. Mrs. Carol always reminded me of a small bird, with her small frame and brightly coloured clothing, the colour of bird's feathers. 

When Mist and Sabrina finally stopped talking (finally agreeing that in the second week of the next holidays Sabrina would go over to Mist's house, to play Assassin's Creed, because the first week is always spent at her Dad's house with her sisters, Tess and Millie, who are two years ahead of us.) Mrs. Carol started talking.  "Well, children, it's another year, and you know what that means. More school, more homework, new teachers, and new students. But this year will have some changes.." She trailed off, choosing her words very carefully from here. "Mr Jennings, our principal, will be enforcing a new decree by the Capitol or Panem, our great country. The decree states that there will be four children from each grade, two male and two female, to participate in a fight, to the death." Children gasped. "You may volunteer if you are of the same gender as the tribute you wish to volunteer for. 

"Now, the children will be selected from these two glass bowls in front of me. Males first." She dove her hand into the glass bowl on the left, and fished around for a bit, pulling out two pristine white slips. 

"Our male tributes from year eight are," she opened the first slip, "Mist Scorchil, and," she opens the other, "Shade Spectrus." Sabrina gasped and hugged Mist tightly around the waist. She whispered something to him, but I couldn't hear. He nodded and whispered something back, hugging her. 

My body went riged all over and I froze in place. Did she just say my name? I looked around, everyone was staring at Mist and I. I slowly stood up, forcing my legs to move, and walked up to the front of the room, Mist in step behind me. 

Mrs. Carol gave me a sad look, but I just felt so numb inside, I couldn't respond. She then moved onto the next bowl, and dove her hand in again, fishing around for more paper slips. She pulled two more out, reading the names. "Kitty Messina and Allana Darkbloom." A short girl with long brown hair and hazel eyes, and a thin frame, and a tall girl with dark brown hair and teal eyes walked up to the front. 

"Okay, students. Do we have any volunteers?" Kitty had tears in her eyes, and she bit her lip, and Allana's face was hard and cold, Mist was staring out to the crowd, probably at Sabrina. Nobody raised their hands. The room was silent, expect for Sabrina's soft sobs. 

"Children, stay in here until I come back." And with that, Mrs. Carol ushered us out of the room, and down the hall. There were still birds loitering in the playground. But they weren't the cockatoos or budgies from before. They were crows, scuffelling around on the ground. I noticed a few coloured feathers among them, obviously budgies feathers.


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