• MissBee

    1st Annual Hunger Games Hello and welcome to my very first annual Hunger Games! I'm going to try my hardest to make it good! So here's what to do...

    1st-Go to the section titled 'Tributes' and create either one or two tributes. They cannot be from the same District unless there is no other available spots.

    2nd-Create your very own outfit for the chariot ride! Make sure it has something to do with your District.

    3rd-Distribute your training points wisely in the 'Training Center' section.

    4th-RPG your skill showing session.

    5th-Answer the questions under 'Tribute Interviews'. Make the crowd LOVE you!

    6th-Check out the other areas, such as... 'Arena', 'Sponsorship Gifts', 'Ending Interview', and the 'Tributes' section to learn more about your opponeā€¦

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