This is just a little thing I'm trying out! You are the girl from five in the 76th Hunger Games. You're sixteen and your training score was an eight. The arena is a forest with a Cornucopia clearing. You rise up on the pedestals. Go to Chapter One.

Chapter One

You rise up on your pedestal, looking out into the arena. it's a beautiful forest with lots of lush trees to hide in. The numbers on the clock goes down, and soon the gong rings.

If you go to the mouth of the Cornucopia, go to Chapter Two.

If you grab the bag right in front of you, go to Chapter Three.

If you run away, go to Chapter Four.

Chapter Two

You arrive at the Cornucopia and begin to grab supplies. However, you don't see the girl from District One with a bow as she shoots an arrow into your head.

You have died. Go back to Chapter One.


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