Hi there! I'm Random/Haley/Hannah! So these are my roleplaying games! I did ask Joan if I could do this and the answer was yes :) I'm really excited about these!


  • No godmodding! This means you can't make a user do something or think something that's not you. (EX: I throw a knife into Marie's leg, knocking her down)
  • I will say if someone dies, is injured, or if a weapon misses.
  • I don't know everybody's name, I only know WesAnnaJoanKekai, Cass, Kaeghan, and Erlend.
  • I'll just need a name, district, gender, and weapon.

The Tributes!

District Name Gender Weapon Name Gender Weapon
1 Female Male
2 Female Sam Male Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow
3 Syanne Female Sword, Throwing Knives Joan Male Traps+Knives
4 Female Nick Male Mace, Trident
5 Haley Female Throwing Knives, Bow Danny Male Blowgun
6 Cass Female Trident Male
7 Female Mist Male Axe, Crossbow
8 Female Andy Male Throwing Knives, Axe
9 Female Male
10 Laura Female Knives (Melee & Ranged) Kaeghan Male Bow and Arrow
11 Female Male
12 Female Male

How you RP:

It's basically like in Joan's games. Anything below in italics would be a comment I would post.

The tributes rise and a minute later, they hear the gong.

Foxface quickly runs away. She doesn't bother to go the Bloodbath. "I can survive on my own," she says to herself.

Cato grabs a random tribute and twists their head in an attempt to snap their neck.

The male from ten has died at Cato's hands.

Glimmer grabs a sword and stabs a tribute multiple times, hoping they'll bleed out.

The female from eight, Kate, is injured by Glimmer with a sword.

Kate looks for some medicine. She finds a painkiller and puts on her stab wounds. She grabs the painkiller, a knife, and some food, and runs away.

Peeta runs away as fast as he can with only the things in front of his plate, a piece of plastic and a loaf of bread.

Clove throws a knife towards the boy from seven.

Kate's pain will be gone for one day.

Clove's knife misses the boy from seven.

NOTE: You can't post a comment twice in a row.

Death Chart

Place Name Killer Object
23rd 12F Cass (D6) Trident
22nd 12M Cass (D6) Trident
21st 11F Danny (5M) Blowgun
20th 6M Syanne (3F) Sword
19th 7F Andy (8M) Throwing Knife
18th 8F Nick (4M) Trident
17th 9F Nick (4M) Trident
16th 1M Nick (4M) Trident
15th 4F Mist (7M) Axe
14th 1F Mist (7M) Axe
13th 11M Mist/ Danny (7/5M) Sword/ Crossbow
12th 9M Syanne (3F) Throwing Knife
11th 2F Mist (7M) Axe
10th Sam Nick (4M) Trident
9th Joan Haley (5F) Throwing Knife
8th Kaeghan Nick (4M) Trident
7th Nick Danny (5M) Poison Dart
6th Andy Mist (7M) Crossbow
5th Cass Mist (7M) Axe
4th Haley Mist (7M) Axe
3rd Laura ----- Starvation

I hope these are a lot of fun!


It's basically like in the 74th Hunger Games.

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