These are a Roleplay games where you can be either you or a tribute!





Strengths/Weaknesses (optional, does not impact odds of winning)


  • Godmod=No
  • Mean=No
  • 1-2 Tributes=Yay
  • 0 or 3+ Tributes=No
  • Have Fun=Yay
Name Gender District Weapon
N/A F 1
Ray M 1 Axe, Wire
N/A F 2
N/A M 2
N/A F 3
Blake M 3 Sword
N/A F 4
Harvey M 4 Knives, Ranged Weapons
Haley F 5 Poisoned Throwing Knives
Samuel M 5 Bow
Lara F 6 Knife
World M 6 Dagger, Throwing Knives
Bee F 7 Axe, Throwing Knives, Spear
Hunter M 7 Axe, Tomahawk
N/A F 8
Jarvel M 8 Spear, Net
Sara F 9 Dagger, Throwing Knives
N/A M 9
N/A F 10
Eli M 10 Axe, Spear, Hands
N/A F 11
N/A M 11
N/A F 12
N/A M 12


Name Items
Ray (1) Throwing Knives (x18)
Blake (3) Trident, Spear, Sword, Throwing Knives (x4), First Aid Kit, Wire, Jerky, Wire, Iodine, Apple
Haley (5) Knives (x5), Bag, Plastic, Water Skin, Peach, Matches, Wire, Iodine
Samuel (5)
Lara (6) Medical Supplies
World (6)
Bee (7) Backpack, Axe (x2), Throwing Knives (x6)
Hunter (7) Backpack, Iodine, Axe, Tomahawk, Water, Rope, Crackers, Dagger
Jarvel (8) Cornucopia supplies; Food, Water, Medicine, Matches
Sara (9) Backpack, Throwing Knives (x6), Dagger
Eli (10) Cornucopia supplies; Axe, Sword, Bandages, Watter, Apples, Empty Flask


Day Killed Killer
N/A (D2M) 1 Blake (3)
N/A (D12F) 1 Tracker Jackers/Hunter (7)
N/A (D1F) 1 Bee (7)
N/A (D11M) 1 Eli (10)
N/A (D8F) 1 Eli (10)
N/A (D3F) 1 Eli (10)
N/A (D9M) 1 Hunter (7)
N/A (D10F) 1 Bee (7)
N/A (D11F) 1 Jarvel (8)
N/A (D12M) 1 Sara (9)
N/A (4F) 1 Ray (1)
N/A (2F) 1 Bee (7)
Harvey 1 Hunter (7)

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