After the second rebellion, the Capitol allowed Katniss and Peeta to live. However, after their children turned 18, and they could live on their own, the Capitol executed Katniss and Peeta. They started up the Hunger Games again, starting at the 76th.


  1. 8 tributes per person, at most. 
  2. If you are reading this, you must submit a tribute.
  3. There will be 4 victors!

Tribute Template





Weapon (1):

Strengths:(at most 2)

Weaknesses: (at least 1)

Volunteered or Reaped:

OPTIONAL (Your tribute might survive longer)

Tribute Token:



Name Age District Gender Weapon User
Candace Tarlington 17 Capitol F Bow and Arrow MissRandomStuff
Rayden Skyler 16 Capitol M Dagger ThePandaAssaain
Sara Stone 18 1 F Throwing Axe Misytmolla
John Shepard 18 1 M Sword Gurule2012
Farlom Reedon 17 2 F Knives YoungGuy5
Max Dean 16 2 M Sword Misytmolla
Luna Fern 13 3 F Electricity Misytmolla
Deenla Ablelle 15 3 M Explosives YoungGuy5
Marina Stafford 16 4 F Machete YoungGuy5
Dalton King 12 4 M trident Misytmolla
Power Hoarde 12 5 F Knives YoungGuy5
Elec Spike 15 5 M Wire YoungGuy5
Jessica Fly 16 6 F Hammer YoungGuy5
Oscar Lambart 13 6 M Crowbar YoungGuy5
Mandy Woods 16 7 F Axe YoungGuy5
Marcus Line 17 7 M Axe Misytmolla
Synch Cane 18 8 F Knives .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
Jason Lewis 14 8 M Mace Equestria Gurl
Cassi July 15 9 F Sword Misytmolla
Shen Seraph 16 9 M Sickle ThePandaAssaain
Revolution Militia 18 10 F Bow and Arrow .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
Peter Renix 18 10 M Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
TItanium Gold 15 11 F Throwing Knives .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
Caleb Stoll 12 11 M Machete Wikia Contributor A
Lindsay Tereen 16 12 F Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
Rydian Sowmoon 17 12 M Sickle ThePandaAssaain
Divergent Hai 18 13 F Knives .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
Lohan Treas 12 13 M Axe Equestria Gurl


Reaping- Girls C-6 and boys 7-13

Training- Girls from 7-13, boys C-6

Private Training Sessions- All

Chariot Rides- Third Person

Interviews- Third Person


Capitol- Candace Tarlington

I wake up, and realize it's 8 a.m. I only had about 2 hours until the reapings. Crap! I slept in. I undress and take a shower. I dry my hair and french braid it. I dress up and go downstairs for breakfast. "Sweetheart, you've escaped it for 6 years. But now your name is there 7 times and there is a high chance of you being reaped this year," my mom worries. "We live in the rich part of the Capitol, mom. We don't need tesserae. Others do need it. The Capitol still has poor people." She shakes her head and goes back to eating her scrambled eggs and toast. 

Later I get my finger pricked and walk to the square. "Welcome, everybody! Hello! File in here, everyone! Today we'll just cut to the chase and draw the names of the tributes that will be representing the Capitol in the Hunger Games this year!" Miss Sunshine Sparkle-Ugh, some people's names are so strange- picks a name from the bowl. "Candace Tarlington!" Shocked, I step forward. I walk up the steps. "Any volunteers for this young lady?" The only one who steps forward is the wind. My mother is in the back, tears in her eyes. They call the boy's name. "Rayden Skyler!" A boy about 16 walks up. He's a little cute... They don't even ask for volunteers. We are escorted into the Justice Building.

Sara Stone-District 1

After I get my finger pricked, I walk to the 18 year old section in the front. Our escort, late as always, spins onto the stage. "Hey, District 1! I'm Jazzy Zappoz, the escort for this year's victors!" He shows us the stupid film from the Capitol. "Okay, time to pick the victors!" He reaches into the bowl and picks a name. "Ana Kimara!" A 16 year old walks up. "I volunteer!" Me and other girls shout. "You, in the front!" He points to me. "What is your name, darling?" "I prefer to be called Panem's next victor, but I suppose you could call me Sara Stone!" Everybody cheers, especially the girl who was reaped. Jazzy then reaches into the bowl for the boys. "Jacob Moster!" "I volunteer!" A boy shouts. He walks up to the stage. "My name is John Shepard, the victor of the Hunger Games!" We get onto the train.

Farlom Reedon- District 2

I look at myself in the mirror, making sure my outfit matches my jade eyes. While I do so, I remember that I have one more year to practice. But I want to win. Now. Sure, there's some weeks in the Capitol for preparation, but I still don't want to wait. Chances are they'll pick someone more deadly, someone younger. Older people may become too lazy or whatever. I don't know. I know that we have lost. A lot. But we have won. A lot. Many people have come close to winning. Others are so slow and dumb that they get killed in the Bloodbath. Or they don't join the Careers. I try on the new skirt my mother got imported from either the Capitol or 1. I eat my special breakfast, applesauce with extra sugar, pancakes with extra chocolate chips and powdered sugar. I go to the square and get my finger pricked. We watch a movie that's about 2 minutes long then our stupid, dizzy escort, Amber Lillington  picks the boy's name first. "Mr. Lucas Hinsley is our male tribute!" "I volunteer!" A boy calls. He is called up to the stage. "I am Max Dean, the victor of Panem's 655th Hunger Games!" Amber walks over to the ladies' reaping bowl. "Yasmina Hanx!" A shocked 12 year old walks up to the stage. 

"I volunteer!" a girl shouts, along with me. Amber points to me, but the other volunteer still walks up. "My name is Anja Clemente!" The escort says, "Pay attention, next time!" Anja falls to the ground and I see that a dart is in her arm. I think it's a tranquilizer dart. I walk up. "My name is Farlom Reedon!" A girl chuckles at my unusual name. How dumb is that? She asks through her expression. I send her a menacing look and she looks at me in terror. I bet she'll bid money on me. Or not. Depends if she's so scared that she'll do anything for me or if she's too scared to do anything for me. 

Luna Fern- District 3

A typical day in 3. Smoke fills the air. Factories have sprouted over time, some blooming right now. I cough then close my window. It's funny, District 3 basically makes electricity, but we have to buy it. We don't just get it. Even my little electronic piggy bank that counts my money cost a lot. I have almost no money in it. I go downstairs and my sister and brother are yelling at each other. I think they're fighting over the last cookie. "SHUT UP AND SHARE IT!" I scream. Usually my family is happier. But it's reaping day. "Oh, I'm sorry I made you mad," my sister, Celest says. "Yeah whatever. Not like I care. You guys are the dumb ones. I'm the smart one in the family." We live a somewhat calm life here, we're not as poor as 12 or 11. I mean, we were one of the richest districts. Then Katniss came along. She ruined it all. Then we hardly won when they started it again.We had a few victors, like Beetee, or Wiress. Anyways...

After getting my finger pricked- I mean stabbed- I walk to the 13 year old section. We watch the super old film and our escort, Hayley Gaget, picks the girl's name. "Luna Fern!" No. No. This can't be happening. I don't wanna die. I'm too young. I walk up the stairs. "And now, we shall pick the boy tribute!" She picks the name. "Deenla Ablelle!" I can see her smiling, but I can see that she might be puzzling. It sounds like a girl name. A guy walks up, strong, but nerdy. He looks like a good ally. I've seen him around when I go out to my friends' houses. He's always making something. He made a jetpack yesterday. He's a bit older than me. We go to the Justice Building. My family comes in first. My 10 year old sister comes in first and I roll my eyes. "Please win." "I will." But just for the food, I continue in my head. My family tells me I'll do great and stupid stuff. But I know that already. We get on the train to the Capitol.

Marina Stafford- District 4

Today I volunteer. I'm just 16, though. Well, I am beautiful, and that'll bring on sponsors. I practice diving, swimming, and holding my breath in my pool. I know that once I volunteer, I won't be able to practice. I don't think they have pools in training. My father told me that. I get out of my pool and take a shower and then dry off. I eat breakfast, our District bread, cheese, and fish. "Trout," I say. Trout is a delicacy, even though we live in 4. I dress in a turquoise gown and head to the square. Our escort walks onto the stage. She is logical and wants everything to be perfect. Maybe she should switch with the 3 escort. 

"Hello, residents of this lovely district. It is time to..." She switches notecards. "Pick the girl and boy tributes." She reads a notecard and plunges her hand into a bowl. I cross my fingers that it's not me. I don't want another chick volunteering. She reads the name. "Madison Raeder!" A 14 year old girl walks up. "Any volunteers?" she asks. 

"I VOLUNTEER!" I shout. The only one. Strange. She shifts her notecards. Then she opens a box that says 'Volunteer Speech' on it. Yep. She needs to go to 3. Nerds and neat freaks everywhere. "Well, come on up! What is your name?" While I answer and walk up the stage, she takes the opportunity to switch notecards. "Marina Stafford, this year's victor! Or, one of them anyways." I stand by her, flashing a smile at the cameras. "Now, the boy tribute," She says, and reaches into the bowl. "Eugene Cra-" 

"I VOLUNTEER!" someone interrupts from the crowd. "Well, er... come on up!" She wasn't looking at her notecards. Oh no. What a big deal that is. I chuckle then stop. It's that psycho 12 year old who killed his brother. "My name is Dalton King. I plan to win!" The crowd doesn't cheer at all. His parents, or the ones that he used to live with, cheer silently. They want him to die. "Shake hands, please! Then we'll go inside where it's nice and cool." His hand is freezing and my hand is warm. I feel a chill as we walk inside.

Power Hoarde- District 5

It was my first reaping. I doubt I'll be picked though. My name was in there once. We have had quite a few victors. Well, not like District 1, 2, or 4, but we've had enough. I get dressed and eat breakfast. After I walk to the square, they call the names. "The girl shall be... Power Hoarde!" Shocked, I walk up the steps. I can't believe that I will die in a few weeks. If I come out alive, I hear the tours are nightmares. Our escort walks over and picks the boy name. "Elec Spike!" A boy, about fifteen, walks up the stage. I've seen him a bit at school, but not a lot since he is older than me. We shake hands and go inside.

Jessica Fly- District 6

My dad, a former victor wakes me up. I don't want to awaken though. I want to stay asleep all day. But surely they would come and kill me. I slowly get ready and find myself holding my little sister's hand. It's her first reaping. But she won't get picked. 

The man with the orange and black hair from the Capitol shows us the film from his home. "The girl is..." He carefully picks up the paper on the very top. I link arms with my best friend, Lillian. "Jordan Fly!" Not this year. Not now. She won't die due to a spear in the head, a knife in her back. Not an arrow to the chest, a trident to the stomach. Not with her lungs missing air, her body floating in the water. And not with and empty stomach or a dry throat, gasping for food and water. I unlink arms with Lillian and shout, "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" I hug Lillian and walk up the steps. I cry, appearing mediocre. As if. I am strong for a sixteen year old and use hammers all the time. I know that they make the hammers specil for the games, the sharp end finishes with a point. The boy's name is called and a thirteen year old walks up the stairs. His name is Oscar Lambart. He and Jordan go to the same school, but Oscar was held back a year so they are in the same class. When we go to the Justice Building Jordan tells me that if I don't win and die she'll never be the same. But that won't happen.

The 655th Hunger Games!

Day One

Max Dean- District 2

"You will do great. Remember. You're a Career. Just grab yourself a sword and kill everybody you see," says my stylist as he puts on my jacket for the arena. I step into the tube and the door closes itself behind me. I rise up into the arena on the pedestal and I look into the arena. The Cornucopia's on an island, and I see boats on a small island about forty yards away. Then off in the distance I see a forest. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 655th Hunger Games begin!"

I see the numbers appearing on the Cornucopia and they're going down quickly.






I ready myself on my plate. To my left is Titanium (11) and to my right is Oscar (6). They are looking at the Cornucopia, so they should be easy kills. I smirk.








I've trained my whole life for this. As the countdown gets to the single digits, I put my hands into fists and the gong buzzes. I run to the Cornucopia and grab a sword, eager to find out who my first kill will be.

Jessica Fly- District 6

I run as fast as I can to the mouth of the Cornucopia, and I pick up a bag that looked full. This very bag is probably the key to my survival. I grab a hammer from the top of a crate on my way out, and I run into Dalton (4). He's only twelve, so I have the age and height advantage, however, coming from 4 Dalton (4) probably has training. 

I throw him to the ground, but he quickly gets up and he pushes me down with his trident. I look up at him and I see his token, a bloody head on a necklace. He's completely crazy. He stands over me and I cower in fear. But then I remember something important.

I have a weapon.

I grab my hammer and jab the sharp end into his leg. He falls down, clutching his leg and I have just enough time to look around. I see Revolution (10) shooting an arrow into Lohan's (13) skull. I see Marina (4) fighting with Peter (10). Marina (4) stabs Peter (10) in the stomach and he falls down, dead. 

I push Dalton (4) away from me and I run away from teh Cornucopia.


You have 1000 dollars to spend per tribute. You get $25 per kill, and $50 per day. You can sponsor other's tributes. Just comment to.

User 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Candace Tarlington

ThePandaAssaain Rayden Skyler Shen Seraph Rydian Sowmoon
Misytmolla Sara Stone Max Dean Luna Fern Dawson King Marcus Line Cassi July
Gurule2012 John Shepard
.:~*Golden Viper*~:. Synch Cane Revolution Militia Titanium Gold Divergent Hai
YoungGuy5 Farlom Reedon Deenia Ablelle Marina Stafford Power Hoarde Elec Spike Jessica Fly Oscar Lambart Mandy Woods
Wikia Contributor A Caleb Stoll
Equestria Gurl Jason Lewis Peter Renix Lindsay Tereen Lohan Treas



  • Sword: 200
  • Knife: 100
  • Dagger: 160
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 200
  • Spear: 220
  • Mace: 170
  • Axe: 190
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 220
  • Crossbow: 320
  • Bow: 240
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 150
  • Trident: 250
  • Rocks (x12): 50
  • Blowgun: 100
  • Darts (x12): 50
  • Machete: 160
  • Whip: 170
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 50
  • Shurikens (5): 250
  • Sickle: 300

Food & Water

  • Water: 120
  • Milk: 80
  • Bread: 80
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 220
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 200
  • Soup: 160
  • Dried Meat: 180
  • Raw Meat: 100
  • Complete Refection: 600


  • Instant Relief: 800
  • Burn Cream: 190
  • Freeze Cream: 180
  • Bandages: 160
  • Pain Killer: 230
  • Antidote (for poison): 190
  • Band Aid (x10): 100
  • Sleep Spray: 190
  • Iodine: 100


  • Sleeping Bag: 240
  • Blanket: 220
  • Parka: 500
  • Fan: 200
  • Capitol Jacket
  • Capitol Pants
  • Capitol Socks
  • Capitol Shoes
  • Eamuffs

Special Items

  • Night-vision Glasses: 500
  • Lighter: 200
  • Snowshoes: 200
  • Wooden Shield: 220
  • Arrow Armor: 180
  • Map of Arena: 1200
  • Tribute Localizator: 1400


  • Camouflage Paints: 200
  • Net: 100
  • Wire: 150
  • Full Backpack: Small (200); Medium (400); Large (850)
  • Plastic of piece: 40
  • Rope: 60
  • Empty Backpack: 100
  • Raft: 550
  • Paddles: 200
  • Poison: 150
  • Matches:90

When it says Capitol it means it will adjust to the temperature. Ex: It will keep your tribute super warm, even if it was in Antartica.


The Cornucopia is on an island. It is an enormous island, and there are boats about a mile away from it. The tributes can stay on the island, but there are perils. There is a forest on a seperate island. Inbetween the islands there are sharks. 


Mutts- Monkeys like in the 75th Hunger Games- eat your flesh and only can be killed by drowning them.

Water- unsafe to drink unless you have iodine

Freezing at night


Mutts- Wolves and gators mixed to make an "Alli-wolf"

Water is unsafe to drink alone.

Freezing at night

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